Remember a Couple Weeks Back When Chandler Evans From BuzzFeed Out In LA Came Down the Dock?

20 Reasons Why Massachusetts Is Wicked Awesome Shot By Chandler Evans For BuzzFeed

Featuring many different scenes from Gloucester and Cape Ann. How many different locations can you identify?

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Chandler Evans From BuzzFeed Swings By The Dock To Do A Segment

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Joey C

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Pomatomus saltatrix: Won’t be long now!

Adam Bolonsky submits-

They’re in thick down on the Cape and headed up this way.  Meanwhile, they’re $7.99 a pound down at the supermarket. 

BTW, if you say they’re "oily", that means you’ve never tasted one!

Call them what you like:

γοφάρι (gofari) or  λουφάρι (loufari) in modern Greek

"lufer" in Turkish

or луфарь/lufar in Russian

because these guys live and feed worldwide.

If you had one bite you, you can call them snappers or choppers.

Or just call them what they are:



Thank you to the Coast Guard

The Change of Command Ceremony is a time-honored naval tradition without an equivalent counterpart in any other service. Custom has established that this ceremony be formal and dignified-designed to strengthen the respect for authority which is vital to any military organization. Parading All Hands at Quarters and public reading of official orders stem from those days when movement of mail and persons was a very slow process. The procedure was designed to ensure that only duly authorized officers held command and that all aboard were aware of an order’s authenticity. The heart of the ceremony is the formal reading of official orders by the relieving officer and the officer being relieved. The Change of Command transfers total responsibility and authority from one individual to another. The simple ceremony, passing authority and responsibility, reflects the dedication of free men and women serving their nation proudly.

Captain John C.O’Connor III, Ed.D. Commander, Sector Boston, MA
Lieutenant Christjan C. Gaudio,        Commanding Officer, USCGC Grand Isle. His next assignment he is going to Saudi Arabia for a year.
Lieutenant Nolan J. Cuevas, Prospective Commanding Officer, USCGC Grand Isle

The Grand Isle is 110 feet and was built in Lockport, LA and was officially commissioned on 19 April 1991 in Gloucester, MA

On a personal note, I was very impressed with this ceremony and the dignity of our Coast Guard.

after presenting colors Coast Guard First Lieutenant Thomas Pease Gaudio and family Gaudio, O'Connor, Cuevas June 18, 2013 014 Mayor Kirk USCGC Grand Isle

Coywolf Stalking Me

coywolf on Eastern Point

The other morning I went for a walk out Eastern Point.  I had my awesome new/used camera that Paul Frontiero gave me and decided to walk around Niles Pond and see if the turtles were basking on the rocks.  As I rounded the corner on Niles Pond Road, there in the middle of the road stood a coywolf.  We stared at each other for a few seconds and I slowly started to raise my camera, at which point he bolted into the woods.  I started to follow but then thought better of it and headed back to Eastern Point Road, looking over my shoulder every now and then to make sure he wasn’t following me.  I walked a little further up Eastern Point and decided to go up Fort Hill Road, which I’d never walked before.  As I started up, there again was the coywolf staring at me.  This time he was further away so I raised my camera, zoomed in on him and quickly grabbed a shot before he disappeared again.  Zoomed too much and too fast, so a little blurry.

I think he probably thought I was stalking him as much as I thought he was stalking me.  First I’ve seen one, so it was exciting, but a little unnerving.

E.J. Lefavour

New Butterfly Garden for the Children’s Campus at Philips Andover

SHED Children's Campus chicks © Kim Smith 2013Native Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) for the Hummingbirds

This week I, along with a wonderful group of volunteers, am installing the new butterfly and hummingbird garden that I designed for the Children’s Campus at Philips Academy Andover. We also got lots of help with planting from children and chickens. Chickens in the garden are lots of fun for the kids and I especially love them for the always excellent chicken poop fertilizer provided. The chicks were running freely around the new garden however, we were all watching out for them because the hungry mama hawk hovering in a neighboring tree was also very interested in the chickens.

SHED Children's Campus chickens and kids ©Kim Smith 2013

Linda Shottes-Bouchard, the director of the children’s program, and I met this past spring at one of the lectures I gave in Andover. Linda is a true dynamo and wonderfully hands-on director–she practically hired me on the spot, and then organized the planting to coincide with this particular week, when 100 volunteers from Liberty Mutual are arriving throughout the week to lend a hand with campus improvements. More from the new gardens, including a Fairy Garden, coming soon!

SHED Children's Campus kids & chickens ©Kim Smith 2013

Cape Ann TV Annual Special tonight 10:30 on Channel 12

Last month we told you about Cape Ann TV’s Annual Meeting, which they filmed and it airs as a special tonight at 10:30 p.m. Channel 12.

“Why would I want to watch an annual meeting?” you ask.  Well, this is not your average annual meeting.  It’s fun.  Allen Estes and I were among 4 producers who talked briefly about our experiences and showed clips from our shows (Local Music Seen in our case).  The other producers were Kim Smith who wowed us with clips from her spectacular butterfly movie that premieres Friday at Cape Ann Community Cinema (more on that here); Shaun Goulart, who’s tale of how he came to make his thriller is almost a thrilling as the movie itself; and John Ronan, who has the longest running show on Cape Ann TV and offered us a wonderful surprise in his clips.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll see:

If you miss it tonight, you can catch it again Saturday 6/22 at 5pm and Monday 6/24 at 9pm.

One of the things Allen talked about is how the music scene in Gloucester and Cape Ann is growing.  Proof that he’s right can be witnessed this weekend with over 50 live shows to choose from starting tomorrow.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Local Twitterati Report 6/19/13

Dennis Brennan, Matt Stubbs and Dave Mattacks join Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line – 8:30-11:30

Thursday June 20th  8:30-11:30

Dave says,

  Our unsub this week is none other than the fabulous Dennis Brennan, noted vocal meister, and master of the GeeWhiz clef. He’s got to be the most interesting and talented singer around these parts. Plus, he’s a walking musical encyclopedia of all styles and tunes. He’ll clean your ears out! And the chicks dig him! So do I!
He’ll be backed up by the fabulous Matt Stubbs on glitar. No slouch, he. Makes things come alive. And then there’s Dave Mattacks, on drums.  The Atomic Clock needs no introduction, unless you’ve been in a coma for many years. I might slip into one just trying to keep up.. I feel really honored to play with these guys. Pretty lucky, too. Don’t miss it. Remember we start at 8:30 now.
And thank you again for your continued support. We’re nothing without you.

Brian King & Nathan Cohen ~ Giuseppe’s By Request 7-10 this evening

Brian and Nathan g's

Starting June 19th, 7-10pm, our Wednesdays will be filled with just a small handful of our most requested musicians who have performed at Giuseppe’s. We are thrilled to have them featured throughout the summer! Stay tuned for the full schedule…

June 19th: Brian King and Nathan Cohen from What Time is it Mr. Fox?
June 26th: Chris Langathianos and Joe Wilkins
July 3rd: Sturdy Trees Bluegrass
July 10th: Allen Estes and Dylan Estes
July 17th: William James
July 24th: Mike O’Connell
July 31st: Jake Pardee
August 7th: Marina Evans
August 14th: Sandi Bedrosian and John Hyde
August 21st: Michael Thomas Doyle & Kara Nally
August 28th: Alexandra Valenti and Fia James

North of Boston CVB’s Sail into Summer

North of Boston CVB’s Sail into Summer

Thursday, June 20, 2013 at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort, Mile Marker One-Waterfront Restaurant & Bar, 75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930, 6pm to 10pm.

The North of Boston CVB invites all to Sail into Summer with us.  This event will be held at the beautiful Cape Ann’s Marina Resort at the Mile Marker One-Waterfront Bar & Grill.  Throughout the evening, enjoy a fun beach-themed networking event with silent auction and raffles.  And as an added bonus, each attendee will receive a grab bag with a ticket to one of our region’s water-based attractions to enjoy whenever with whomever you wish!  All are welcome to this event, so bring your friends, family, and staff. Tickets: $25 per person. Call 978-465-6555 or email e-mail to purchase tickets!

image003 (1)

Dogtown Book Shop

So far, I’ve reviewed second-hand stores that were either antique stores or thrift stores, all of which carried a variety of items, even if they had their areas of greater focus.  Here’s one of our stores that specializes in only one item: books!

_Dogtown books façadeBob Ritchie, the proprietor of Dogtown Books (132 Main St.), has stocked an incredible amount of books, “used and unusual”, as the sign says. He is selective – he tries to avoid cheap mass-distribution paperbacks, for example – but even so he has books representing a wide variety of genres, periods, etc.  See for yourself:

As with the vast majority of the people I have dealt with in these stores, Bob is also a really nice person (he let me take a photo of him with Flat Stanley for the child of friends of mine in New York…), and is very competent in his field.  He has helped me find some great books, and bought some from me to resell.

So if you love books, this is a great place to go to peruse the stacks and to look for treasures in print from the past or the present. And, if you have interesting books (in good condition) that you don’t need any more, bring them in, and maybe you can help keep the shelves stocked with quality content!  It’s just a couple of doors down from Main Street Arts and Antiques, so it’s easy to visit both stores without moving your car or walking too far.

His posted hours are Monday-Saturday, 10-6, summer Sundays 1-5, with the note that “actual hours may be sooner or later”.

Matthew Green

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And we’re not even half-way through my list of second-hand stores to review…

Pet of the Week- Henry

adopt, cat, henry

Happy, Happy, Happy – that’s me Henry.  I have a sweet, mild and mellow disposition and I love attention.  I am at the shelter here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cuter Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.

The staff and volunteers are so nice.  The shelter is so beautiful – it is more like a hotel.  Lots of windows so I can look out and see birds, tree and some of the volunteers taking the dogs for walks.  My needs are that I need to have a prescription food, which isn’t that expensive.  I hope you might want to meet me.  I am three-years-old and a pretty good size cat with a handsome orange-and-white coat.  If you have a computer, please visit: and learn more about our upcoming programs and me.  If you adopt me, I will be Happy Henry!


2013 International Dory Races Set For Saturday June 22nd, 10 AM


After some exciting elimination races last week the stage is  set for Gloucester to host our Canadian challengers in the 61st annual International Dory Races.  This is an exciting week for dory racing enthusiasts, dory committee members, and the general public to witness tradition, skill and athleticism wrapped up in the friendly competition of dory racing between 2 nations.  Saturday’s festivities will start with a pancake breakfast at 8AM followed by the dory races at 10AM.  Competitors from Nova Scotia , Canada will come to Gloucester to compete in 5 divisions of 2 person team dory racing:  Juniors (18 & under), Mixed Doubles, Women, Men Over 40, and Men Open.  This is a great family event unique to Gloucester and Lunenburg NS that shouldn’t be missed.  The 2013 IDRC Races will be dedicated to 3 members who recently passed away.  Robert “Woody” Greeke, Fred Purdy Jr., and George Dearborn were all involved in the IDRC in different ways, but shared a passion for dory rowing that will live on in dory rowers for years to come.

Please find attached a schedule of events for the upcoming week.  I hope all of our members and friends will make every effort to attend this week!  Those who would like to volunteer to help out Gina Lampasi with the Awards Banquet, please email .