What percentage of helicopter parents would ever admit to being helicopter parents?


You know those people who are up every teacher’s butt thinking their kid is 2000th percentile and their gifted child deserves special treatment and if the kid scrapes his knee have to take them to the hospital?

My guess is that less than 15% of helicopter parents would ever admit to being helicopter parents.

Over/Under, what do you think?


The Brilliance of Little Dehlias FROSTY COLLARS

I’m kind of astonished that these haven’t been made before but right here locally the brilliance that is Frosty Collars are being produced.

Check out Andrew and Annie Maniates Etsy shop where you can get one for your pup-


Gloucester, MA, United States

From the website-


little dehlias



I have worked in a hot kitchen for the past twenty-two years. I know what it’s like to be hot and miserable.

Last summer, I couldn’t help but notice, my dog was looking the way I felt at work; hot and miserable! I decided to try my chefs cooling collar on her, and sure enough, it worked. I spent the next several months researching, gathering materials, and working to develop a cooling collar just for pets. After a lot of trial and error and countless hours little dehlias FROSTY COLLARS were born.

FROSTY COLLARS are a non toxic water based cooling collar for your dog. Each collar is handmade in the USA of high quality fabric, durable nylon, and strong plastic clasps. Every FROSTY COLLAR is ajustable, so your pet is sure to have a comfortable fit.  little dehlias FROSTY COLLARS  are easy to use, simply toss them in the freezer bag and pop it in the freezer. In an hour or two it will be ready for your dog to enjoy. FROSTY COLLARS will provide cooling comfort for up to two hours.

Going for a walk in the mid-day sun? FROSTY COLLARS are right for you. Playing in the back yard with the children? FROSTY COLLARS are right for you. Relaxing on the front porch? FROSTY COLLARS are right for you. Young or old, large or small, FROSTY COLLARS will keep your hot dog feeling cold. Try a little dehlias FROSTY COLLARS today.



Gloucester folks complete Tough Mudder

Gloucester resident Chris Mangos and two Gloucester daytimers* Joanna Smart and Deb Fowler, completed the Tough Mudder over the weekend in Gilford, New Hampshire.  The Tough Mudder is a 12 mile obstacle course, up and down the steep terrain of Gunstock Mountain. Obstacles included diving into an ice pool (affectionately called the Artic Enema), crawling through dark muddy tunnels, lifting and carrying logs up hill, and running through mud pits with electrically charged wires hanging overhead. Why would anyone do this? To challenge themselves, to break out of their humdrum all-work-and-no-play lifestyle, and for the fun and camaraderie of the experience.  Most participants are part of a team, and with a motto of "no man left behind," any Mudder who needs a hand can count on one of their teammates to help. The Tough Mudder also donates a percentage of their profits to The Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that assists severely injured veterans.

Part of the training for Chris, Joanna and Deb included jumping in the cold waters of Magnolia Beach in April, and running the trails around Goose Cove Reservoir and Ravenswood Park. Although they are suffering sore muscles, all completed the course in good condition!  Job well done!

*Gloucester daytimers = anyone who is employed in Gloucester but does not live here.

1 before the mudder2 over the first wall3 after the mudder

Opening Reception Inside and Outside

announcement_inside and outside_Judith Monteferrante 2013 copy

This Friday, June 7th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, don’t miss the Opening Reception for Inside and Outside, exhibit of works by Judith Monteferrante and Roger Salisbury.  Exhibit runs through June 14th at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3.

E.J. Lefavour

Andrew is Leaving Cape Ann TV

Andrew Love has been hired away by a neighboring TV station. I am so happy for Andrew’s new job opportunity but think I speak for the entire community when I say we are so sorry to see him leave CATV.  Andrew will be sorely, sorely missed by all.

Andrew will continue to live on Cape Ann, and remains available to hire as a freelance producer, videographer, editor, director–Andrew’s skills are many–and as I said before, Andrew is a genius! Seriously!

The following is a short film Andrew made for the company videoimpacts. It is a story that highlights the dangers of texting and driving. Beautiful work and great job Andrew!

Special Treat Tonight

7:00 pm – 9 pm Listen to The Wilkins Noise THE WILKINS NOISE
Filling in for John Rockwel
Alchemy Cafe and Bistro
3 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978.281.3997

9:00 pm Listen to The Bandit Kings THE BANDIT KINGS
on the Monagle Sessions supporting our newest recording, “III”, THE BANDIT KINGS!!
Minglewood Tavern
25 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-281-0223


See the complete listing of live shows

The End Of An Era- Last Gloucester MA Eastern Rigged Dragger The Little Sandra Sunk

Check Out The Story On The Gloucester Daily Times Website

June 5, 2013

End of the Little Sandra
Last of city’s iconic trawlers put to rest

By James Niedzinski Staff Writer

and photos from our Paul Frontiero-

“Little Sandra” from Glenn AKA “Swimdad”

Posted on May 16, 2011 by Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Last of the Wooden Eastern Rigged Side Draggers

Posted on April 1, 2011 by Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Last of the Old Timers

Posted on May 14, 2011 by Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Little Sandra

Posted on February 28, 2010 by Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Joe Wilkins filling in for John Rockwell tonight @ Ladies night ~ Alchemy Bistro 7-9

joe wilkins aehttp://www.reverbnation.com/thewilkinsnoise

Women, Wine & Chocolate


5-5-5 SPECIALS: Tapas, Wine, Dessert $15 For Women only, and those who admire them.

Joe Wilkins 7-9 PM

You may have seen Joe Wilkins of The Wilkins Noise and also playing solo, duo, trio events with Chris Langathianos and Ken Cleveland. Joe Recently opened for Meg Hutchinson at The Crowell Chapel in Manchester by The Sea. He has also join Chelsea Berry at some of her shows as well. He has played at  many of Gloucester’s local music venues and has a great collection of originals to share as well as good mix of covers from Neil Young to the Grateful Dead.

Check out the video below recorded at Localmusicseen with Allen Estes




Ricky “King” Russell to join the Dave Sag’s Blues Party Thursday night @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm-11:30pm

dave sag

 We’re back on “summer” hours, that is  we’re starting at 8:30 and flailing till 11:30. Make a note of it!
And I’m so happy to have back my all-time favorite nose-tweaking band: The Three Stooges. That’s the dynamic trio of Mr. Rikky “King” Russell, on gootar, Mr. Edd “Duodenum” Scheer on drummbs, and Mr. Mario “Cutie-pie” Perrett on foghorn. And me, of course, on bass. These guys could break the land speed record if they wanted to. I’m just happy they could find the place. Every session is riddled with bad jokes, frothy ripostes, and the most curious collection of self-stolen songs. Think Philip Marlow meets L’il Richard. Everybody sings, everybody plays and we all get inspired. Don’t miss it!

rkr2Rick “King” Russell


Rocky Neck Art Colony’s Teaching Artist Partnership Program TOMORROW!

A noteworthy new program is being celebrated tomorrow, Thursday, June 6, from 5-7 pm at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center (lower level gallery).  It is the Art Colony’s Teaching Artist Partnership, a two-year pilot program funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council through the 2013-14 academic year. The program brings professional artist members of the Rocky Neck Art Colony into O’Maley Innovation Middle School as artists in residence, to enhance teaching objectives through the visual arts.  The works on display tomorrow, presented by artists Gigi Mederos and teacher Brett Dunton, are papyrus made from celery, then painted in hieroglyphics to link with the students’ study of Egyptian culture.