Props To The Men and Women That Keep Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions Alive

Sista Felicia sent me a bunch of pictures from the junior girls Seine Boat practice yesterday and there was something that hit me when looking through the photos.  It was the love and dedication that certain people put in to keeping the tradition alive.  In this case it happened to be Joanne Frontiero, Joe Balbo,Tim Oakes, Mike Frontiero and Julie Geary but there are many others woven throughout the community that show up year after year to make it all happen.

Every year if you are a lover of Fiesta you recognize the same faces in the Seine Boats, on the Greasy Pole, at The Novena, On the Altar, Walking in the Parade.

When you look through the pictures you will see Joanne climbing over the seats, tying down the oars in place and coaching up the girls.  This is not just a tiny bit of work, believe me.  and without even speaking to Joanne I know she does it as a labor of love, but it is because of people like Joanne that dedicate to bringing the youngsters into the traditions through patience and love that the rest of us get to enjoy it so very much year after year after year.

The list of people dedicating time, passion and love to our greatest of Gloucester traditions could fill up a page, hopefully throughout the week I’ll get to bring you some of those faces and stories and make you glad you are a subscriber to GMG.

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Here’s some pictures from Sista Felicia 2012 Junior Girls Seine Boat Practice-


Chickity Check It! Black Pearl Charters Website


Richard Aprans is one of Gloucester’s premiere fishermen/lobstermen.  He’s been at it from way back.  His boat always immaculate, his crew friendly he just does things right and because of that he is one of the highliners of the fleet.

Richard’s charter business is doing well because as you know when people go out and consistently catch fish, word gets around.

Check out his website here-

Call for rates-

Phone Number:
978-546-6043 or 978-502-8001

Here are some pictures from last week’s charters-

2012-06-22 16.08.532012-06-22 16.09.272012-06-22 16.10.36

and there are way more on his website-

Alanna Magovern and Nicholas Regester from Colorado

This nice couple from Colorado, who love Gloucester and Good Morning Gloucester, were part of the crew who sailed the Schooner Westward here to be hauled out at the Marine Railways.  She is presently downrigged at the Heritage Center until this week when she will move over to the Railways.

E.J. Lefavour

Rockport Lattof Farms Open: and That Means Monkey Bread

Lattof Farms is open and I was able to obtain the first Monkey Bread of the season for the Mug-Up on Sunday.

Up Close and Personal:

Lattof has all sorts of healthy fruits and vegetables but for buttery decadence you cannot beat Monkey Bread.  Now here is the trick. They have a new glassed in cabinet in the same spot right hand side as you look at the Farm Stand. (To the right of RD in photo.) Monkey Bread is snapped up shortly after exiting the oven so you might find me trolling back and forth up and down the hill going to the dump, visiting the police station, back to Broadway. The Monkey Bread arrives somewhere between 9AM and 10AM on Saturday and Sunday morning. But can you see it in the glass cabinet as you drive by? I think so. Top Shelf. Drive slow and get someone else to scope it out as you go by.

Rubber Duck: Extra Credit for the first person to identify where the placemat came from.

Chasing Rainbows (and Storm Clouds)

The beautiful double rainbow that Bill and Paul captured late Saturday afternoon had faded, but I did see this on my way home.

Rainbow over Bass Rocks

The sky was so gorgeous I next stopped at Smith’s Cove to catch the end of the setting sun. The hues quickly changed from vivid yellow-orange to orange-violet-pink.

Smith’s Cove East Gloucester

Click photos to view larger-more dramatic looking!

5th Annual Runaround Fireworks Extravaganza CORRECTION

The Runaround Sound on Gloucester’s Boulevard ~ July 3, 2011

We just corrected the Chamber’s listing for July 3, which had incorrectly listed Henri Smith as a performer.  (He’s opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre this Saturday.)

This year is the Runaround’s 5th anniversary performing FOR FREE on the Boulevard July 3.  Every year it gets better.  This year, we’ll be treated to the Cape Ann Big Band as well.  Check out this video of them at Shalin Liu:

John Goodhue will open the show at 5pm.  Don’t miss this year’s extravaganza.  The Horribles Parade goes right by the Boulevard.  It’s the ONLY place to be on July 3!

Tonight, Nelson Bragg (of the Brian Wilson Band) is hosting a listening party for his 2nd CD, We Get What We Want at Rhumbline tonight at 7pm.  Another chance to see a real rock star for free in Gloucester.  See him on tambourine & percussion with KMBG at Celebrate Gloucester in the video below:

Well Looky Which Local Museum Just Stepped Into The 21st Century With A Twitter Account- Cape Ann Museum- Follow ‘Em Suckas

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times- if you have a local business or organization and you aren’t doing the social media thing- you are neglecting your business or organization.  Twitter is 140 characters for post.  Can you really not type 140 characters and hit the send button each day?  Don’t be a dope.  Get with the program.



Follow them here-!/CapeAnnMuseum

Thanks for the heads up Johnnycakes.

Let the follows roll in.

(A Very Special) Wednesday at the Rhumb Line with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest Jake Pardee

Prime Rib Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, June 27th
Special Guest:

Words cannot possibly express how excited I am to have this
young talent as my invited musical guest. Jake Pardee turned
21 just last Wednesday (I tried to get him on his actual b-day,
but he said, “No chance, my friend. I have OTHER plans for
THAT night!” 🙂 Still, this Wednesday will mark Jake’s first
legal nightclub/bar performance! For that, I’m truly honored.
Plus… he’s planning on showcasing some brand new material
for the first time ever! A “very special” Wednesday at the
Rhumb Line INDEED! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –
(while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

July 11: J.B. Amero & David Brown

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there! 🙂 ~ Fly

Tea Party Ship Museum Opens Tonight From Kathy Chapman

Getting ready for the big public opening tonight 6-8pm. Blogging on event with fireworks, etc. tomorrow.

Hard to believe it was just a couple of months ago that she was launched from East Gloucester Marine Railways where Leon Poindexter did most of the building of her-



Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012


Tasty Healthy Snack Idea- Dannon Light and Fit Strawberry Yogurt Mixed With Roasted Almonds


Tasty, Light, Packed with Protein.

Trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you can only eat bland tasteless textureless food.  This is very tasty.

Just throwin’ it out there for you if you’re looking for options.

Playing Hooky

Well I guess I wasn’t the only one playing hooky from mug up on Sunday morning. Look who I ran into at Todd Farm…

Sarah Kelly, The Roving Home at Todd Farm

Our very own Sarah Kelly!  (and her very cool Elton John shades)

Sarah Kelly, The Roving Home, Todd Farm

She had her beautiful Roving Home booth set up with her newest addition; Francie.  Francie was quietly sleeping in the shade and enjoying the fresh air.

Francie, The Roving Home, Sarah Kelly, Todd Farm

I have to say sorry to my fellow GMG peeps. I miss mug up a lot because I have this vintage addiction and feel lost without my Sunday Todd Farm adventures! It’s kinda like crack. 🙂


Sandy Chadwick Has Some Nice Things To Say


I love GoodMorningGloucester and look forward every day to reading it.  I get my O.F. (Ocean Fix) from it.  I took a photo yesterday right before sunset and after the thunderstorms had passed from my mom’s place on Rust Island.

Keep up the wonderful work.  I stopped by the General Store on Friday and bought 2 Greasy Pole hats.  Would not have known about the store without GMG.

You’re welcome to use the photo if you want.

Sandy Chadwick