Video- Scenes From The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon 15th Birthday Sail

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Alexander Graham Bell Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

June 21, 2012
"When one door closes another one opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us."


Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)
Born in Scotland, Bell spent a lifetime researching the acoustical properties of the human voice, perhaps influenced by his mother’s increasing deafness. His family moved to Ontario, he then moved to Massachusetts as a professor of speech pathology at Boston University, where his research eventually led him to the invention of the “acoustical telegraph”. Initially dismissed as a toy, the success of the telephone made him very wealthy and funded what he considered his real scientific work, further research on aircraft and hydrofoil boats. He founded the journal Science, was a charter member and president of the National Geographic Society and a Regent of the Smithsonian Institution. The bel and decibel, units of sound energy, were named in his honor by Bell Laboratories, which he established. He steadfastly refused to have a telephone in his study, saying it interrupted his thinking.

Greg Bover

First ARDELLE Sunset Music Cruise of the Season

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The first sunset music cruise of the season by the pinky schooner ARDELLE was perfect. A warm evening on the breezy harbor (and a little beyond) with music by The Everly Sisters (Sheila Shrank and Elaine Persons) along with Ron Shrank on guitar and Barry O’Brien on mandolin made for a memorable cruise. Locals as well as visitors from Texas.  Ireland and elsewhere enjoyed the warm hospitality offered by the ARDELLE’s builder  and captain Harold Burnham and his crew.

All on board offered a lusty version of Happy Birthday to the schooner THOMAS E. LANNON, also built by Harold Burnham, as she passed close abeam on ARDELLE’s port side on the LANNON’s fifteenth birthday. The Lannon acknowledged the good wishes with a full throated canon salute.

Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

row crew 003

Captain: Joanne Frontiero

Scuttler: Joe Balbo


1. Cayle DaSilva( Grandaughter of Joanne)

2. Amanda Mohan (Amandacakes)

3. Ally Gentile

4. Caitlyn Parisi

5. Caity O’Leary

6. Melanie LaBelle

7. Alicia Toye

8. Sophia Black

9. Hannah Del Torchio(not in photo)

10.Sammie Lodge(not in photo)

Sunset Swim

We’re having a heat wave,

A tropical heat wave,

The temperature’s rising,

It isn’t surprising,

She certainly can-can.

View Across the Harbor from Niles Beach

First day of summer and first swim of the season!  Last night we packed a picnic and went for a swim–the perfect antidote to a heat wave. Tonight, more of the same. We’re so fortunate to live in Gloucester, moments away from any number of beautiful beaches!

Snowy Egret at Niles Beach

“Heat Wave” ~ Irving Berlin, from the musical “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

Meet Chelsea Berry’s New Band

L-R: Mike Moschetto, Renee Dupuis, Chelsea Berry, Michael Thomas Doyle, Ann Marie, Pete Iannitto

Monday you got a sneak peek at Chelsea Berry’s new band rehearsing — and Yesterday you heard the acoustic vs electric versions of one of Chelsea’s new songs, so we figured today would be a good day to introduce the band, whose debut will be next Thursday 6/28 at North Shore Music Theatre opening for Chris Isaak.  Here are brief profiles of Chelsea’s band members (Chelsea, of course, needs no introduction):

Michael Thomas Doyle – Lead Guitar
Michael is currently a senior at Berklee College of Music, and multi-instrumentalist. He is known for his high-energy performances and ecclectic style of playing. He is currently working on a jazz/post-rock instrumental album called “Kind King” with fellow bandmate Mike Moschetto. He continues to perform with various acts such as The Gary Backstrom Band, The Runaround, and many others across the area while being being a full-time student at Berklee.

Mike Moschetto – Drums
Mike Moschetto is a graduate of Emerson College from North Andover, MA. Aside from being a drummer, Mike is the owner and engineer of the Office Recording in North Andover, MA. and has worked with many local acts in the New England area. Mike is also the bassist of the experimental-rock band Aviator, as performing a variety of different instruments for singer/songwriter Amory Sivertson. 

Pete Iannitto  – Bass
Recent graduate at Berklee College of Music, Pete is a studio teacher in the North Shore Area, as well as being a freelance musician in support of many local acts in the Cape Ann and Boston Area. Pete is currently working on a solo album expected to be out by the end of the year. (see newspaper story on Pete here)

Ann Marie ShimanoskiBacking Vocals
Ann Marie Shimanoski performs and writes with two Gloucester based bands: SAFETY and The Bandit Kings. She’s studied performance arts at both The University Of London at Goldsmiths and Salem State College. Recently, her passion has led her to mentor young teens at The Cape Ann Theater.

Renee Dupuis – Backing Vocals
Renee Dupuis is a A graduate of the Hartt School (voice performance) Renee Dupuis is a vocalist/pianist for the Bandit Kings, Renee & Joe, Bling Cherry, and the Gaudy Baubles. Recently she sang lead vocals in “A Merry Funny New England Christmas” featuring Comedy Central Comedian Juston McKinney (New Hampshire Music Hall) and completed her second series of west coast performances (Los Angeles) as a member of the Bandit Kings. Renee is honored to be a part of Chelsea Berry’s band! For more information visit
It’s summer.  It’s hot.  And so is Cape Ann’s music scene (see full live music lineup here).  You have 30 performers to choose from on Cape Ann just tonight and tomorrow!  If you’ve never seen What Time Is It Mr. Fox?, here’s your chance — don’t pass it up.  They’re at the Dog Bar tonight.  Here’s a video of one of my favorite Brian King songs, Cold Rain (starts about 1 minute into the video and it gets louder too).

In case you didn’t know, Cold Rain was covered brilliantly by New Orleans Soul Queen, Irma Thomas (listen here).


In response to the extended heat advisory and continued high temperatures expected today, Friday, June 22nd, the City of Gloucester will continue to provide a cooling shelter for Gloucester Residents. The cooling shelter is the Rose Baker Senior Center, located on the corner of Rogers and Manuel F. Lewis streets. The hours of operation are from 8 AM to 7 PM.

Please help us help others by informing those who may be in need of this opportunity, especially elderly residents or those with medical conditions.

For more information on how to be prepared for heat emergencies, please visit the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s website at:

Dennis Poirier Artist Workshop Opportunity

Dennis Poirier Artist Workshop Opportunity

“Painting Gloucester”

Dennis Poirier – August 24, 25, 26 –
“Painting Gloucester on Location”
Oil and Acrylic

A resident of Maine, but native of Gloucester, Dennis looks forward to returning to Cape Ann to paint in all of his favorite locations.  In this workshop, he will demonstrate his style of “broken” color painting techniques and teach the basics of picture making on location.  A demonstration will be given prior to the first class.  Subjects will include: marshes, harbor scenes and street scenes around Gloucester.  Students may take one or all three days.  All ages and levels of ability welcome.

To View Dennis’ work click on the Links Below


Update: You can’t drink out of anything better

Here’s my plan to stay hydrated today.

Sista Felicia and The Mrs made these drinking receptacles from mason jars, a rubber grommet and a straw.  Load up the mason jar with ice, add water, repeat.  All Day Long Baby!

Round Two- just brewed up a pot of coffee.  filled up my jar with ice and #Boom! Iced Coffee

2012-06-22 11.08.05

Opening night at The Cave!

Last night was the Grand Opening of The Cave – purveyors of fine wine, cheese, and chocolate at 44 Main Street in Gloucester.  GMG was well represented, so I am sure that other photos will appear on the blog, but here a few shots I took:

Because wine was being served, they had to check our ages at the door:

Alexander Thompson was on hand with some of his delectable tomato marmalade, which being sold on site:

It went really well with these crackers and cheese, but it’s also good on toast (I can vouch for that, having bought a jar a short time ago), and I’m sure it’s great in any other context where fruit spreads are used.

They also sell fig spread, local honey… “tastefully” arranged on the mantlepiece.

They have a variety of chocolate too, of course, as their tagline indicates:

Unlike the classic cheese shop sketch by Monty Python, this cheese shop is well stocked:

Plenty of wine also grace the shelves. I was told that the emphasis is on Italian wine, although there is also some from California.

There were lots of smiles from behind the counter…

…and in front as well, as the visitors enjoyed the samples of wine, cheese, chocolate, etc.

Among the visitors was Fred Bodin (at the right below), at whose shop I had sampled The Cave’s merchandise last week.

He got a good shot of me being carded at the door

The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon’s 15th Birthday Sail

If you come to Gloucester or if you’ve lived in Gloucester and you haven’t experienced a sail on the most beautiful ship in Gloucester harbor, The Thomas E. Lannon then I really feel sorry for you.

It’s beyond just bouncing along on a pretty boat, it’s the warmth and friendly hospitality of the Ellis family, Kay, Tom and Heath.  It’s experiencing Gloucester harbor without the blaring of a diesel engine or the exhaust fumes.   It’s the peace, it’s the sunset, it is the friendships forged.

I’m telling you right now you just gotta go.  You have friends coming in from out of town?  Take them on the Lannon, you’ll love it,and they will thank you.






more pictures and video coming

Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary To The McKechnie’s

…and what a way to spend it- Aboard the Most Beautiful Boat In Gloucester- The Thomas E Lannon on the Lannon’s 15th Birthday. 


Dave is our Financial guy.  In my lifetime I’ve had I think 4 financial planners that I’ve worked with.  Every other one tells you everything you want to hear about personal service and how they are going to look out for you and every one except for Dave and his team at Beauport Financial let me down.

Dave will call me and say hey, it’s time to sit down and talk about your long term goals, where you’re at and how we can help get you where you need to be.  They take personal service to the next level and I can’t recommend them highly enough and without any reservation. 

It’s not just Dave you’re getting at Beauport either, my boy Kevin who works with Dave gets me the answers that I have questions to every single time and quickly and even the secretary is super nice and helpful.

So you know how I am with my recommendations, Dave McKechnie’s Beauport Financial gets my unequivocal without reservation top gold exemplary recommendation for your financial needs.

I receive no special treatment or financial gain by this endorsement I just want to share when I have great luck and experiences with someone or thing and Beauport Financial definitely falls into the category of great in my book.

Call them up or check out their website- they’re not just like every other financial planner that just wants to sign you aboard and then they forget your name.

3 Heritage Way, Ste. 2  Gloucester, MA 01930

(978) 283-0748

IDRC Race Day


The International Dory Races will be held this Saturday June 24th in the North Chanel of Gloucester’s inner harbor (best seen from Jodrey State Fish Pier) at 10 AM.  Teams from the US will compete against teams from Canada in 5 divisions: Mixed Doubles, Junior Men, Women, Master, and Men Open.  The event will be preceded by a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at the Head of the Harbor Park (at the end of the North Chanel) starting at 8 AM to support our organization.  Please join us on this exciting day of competition and camaraderie on the waterfront in Gloucester .

Other dates/times to remember.

Thursday Night Canadian Reception at St. Peter’s Club 6:30 PM

Saturday Afternoon Awards Banquet at Maritime Heritage Center 1 PM

If you have time to help, we are looking for a few volunteers to help with the Pancake breakfast and the Awards banquet…let me know!

See you there,

Erik Dombrowski