Get the Water Shuttle at the Madfish Grill Restaurant this summer / seasonal passes now available

Sweet, people will be picked up and dropped off right at the dock where the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery and Khan Studios are located.  Harbor Shuttle To Mug up Next Sunday?

Hi Joey,

Nikki owner of The Madfish Grill Restaurant has confirmed that the Water Shuttle will be the pick-up / drop-off point on Rocky Neck this Summer.

A huge cheer to her.

Thank you Nikki .

A reminder to all $ 50.00 seasonal passes now available. Email : or call 978-283-1979 for more details.

Thank you.

Harbor Tours, Inc.   Gloucester, MA.

America’s Oldest Seaport

2012 Invention Awards: A Better Lobster Trap The Bait Savour

Do I know if it works?  Hell no, but I thought our readers would be entertained-

Forwarded by Eian Woodman-

2012 Invention Awards: A Better Lobster Trap

Invention Awards 2012

The Bait Savour adds the critical time dimension to crustacean catching

Bait Savour Riley Smith

During a regular fishing season, most lobstermen can afford to check and rebait their traps only every three or four days. Each run to the traps can cost as much as $600 for fuel and take 18 hours of work. But three or four days can be more than enough time for lobsters to eat the chunks of herring or mackerel that serve as bait. With no bait left, lobsters don’t enter the trap and fishermen are left with a smaller catch. Thus, the millions of traps that dot the Atlantic from Newfoundland to North Carolina remain empty about half the time.

Vince Stuart, the owner of a Nova Scotia company that makes winches, gantries and other fishing-boat rigging, first heard about the lobstermen’s problem from his clients on the docks in 2003. He soon began building the Bait Savour, a device that would release an extra supply of lobster bait a few days after a trap was laid. It allows the lobstermen to check their traps less frequently (about once every five days instead of every three or four), saving time, labor and fuel.



click here for the entire article

Baitin’ Up On a Rainy Day- The Degelyse

Yep, we’ll have lobsters for Fathers Day thanks to the hardworking lobstermen that head out in all conditions to make dads everywhere happy!  Be sure to place your order ahead of time if you want certain sizes.

Captain Joe and Sons 95 East Main Street, Gloucester





Bluefin Tuna Gonads Wanted!!

Bluefin Tuna Sampling Program

Project Goals:
• Collect Otoliths and Gonads from bluefin tuna to develop current age and growth profiles and to characterize size/ age at maturity. Currently, stock assessments utilize age data from purse seine fisheries collected in the 1970’s for fish ages 1-3. Growth for larger size classes of fish are estimated from a small number of individuals. Age at maturity has been estimated based on GOMex longline bycatch, not gonads!
• Identify the mixing rate (East vs. West Atlantic) and stock structure of Atlantic bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Maine, and to identify differences in rates across years and between cohorts. First studies showed high mixing rates in the mid-Atlantic Bight and low mixing in the Gulf of Maine. Gulf of Maine results so far are based on small numbers of fish sampled over short time periods. We seek to significantly expand this dataset to establish patterns across years.
How can you help? WE NEED TUNA HEADS and GONADS!

Contact Walt Golet 207/351-5413 ( or Molly Lutcavage 978/283-0269 with questions regarding this program
Otoliths are located towards the base of the skull. To ensure they stay with the head, remove the head about 4 inches back from the eye (see photo). This is where most dealers will make the cut.

Molly Lutcavage and Walt Golet need local fishermen’s help in collecting important samples of otoliths and gonads from bluefin tuna caught this season. These samples will aid in research that will help answer important questions about the bluefin stocks. Please go to the following link to find out how to help in this effort!

Click here for more info on how you can Help

Great Happenings on Rocky Neck Saturday

There are two side by side artist openings at 77 Rocky Neck Ave on Madfish Wharf.   At Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery #3, Carol McKenna will be having an opening from 7:00-9:00 pm for her exhibit of photography, paintings and haiku.

Last Chance Trophy Gallery #2 next door features the collection of a lifetime of work by citizen of the world, Mary Mccarthy, including one of a kind tapestries and wall hangings, quilts, hats and more.  The Grand Opening celebration for her gallery will be from 6:00-8:00 pm

The awesome video above entitled Mary McCarthy: Journey of Gloucester was created by Lily Gray, Mary’s 14 year old granddaughter.  Check it out, it really is excellent.

Come by Madfish Wharf Saturday night to meet Carol and Mary, have some refreshments and enjoy their unique and beautiful work.

Then stop by Madfish Grille at 9:00 for a little rock n roll with THE JACKLEG PREACHERS, with Dave Balin and The Bailouts.

E.J. Lefavour

Keith Richards to co-produce Aaron Neville’s new CD on Blue Note Records with Don Was

Imagine the new CD that Aaron Neville, Don Was and Keith Richards will create for Blue Note Records, the most famous jazz record label of all time (think Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Norah Jones, etc., etc.)

Oh, did I mention — Keith Richards will play guitar on this new CD too!

In two weeks we may hear some of the music slated for this new CD at North Shore Music Theatre.  Tickets are still available here.

8 live music choices tonight, 11 tomorrow and 13 on Saturday.  Whew …  what a weekend we’ve got comin’ to the Live Music Capital of the World!  See the full weekend music lineup here.

Discover Gloucester Weekly from Linn Parisi

Gloucester is getting a lot of exposure from all the familiarization tours (FAMs) that have been here lately-and they’re still arriving! Some of them are sent here by MOTT- the MA Office of Travel & Tourism- via the North of Boston CVB (Convention & Visitor Bureau), and some are generated by PR for Gloucester, via Matter Communication – thanks John McElhenney!

The week before last we had a the UK Travel Channel crew here filming for their show, and last Sunday an Italian TV RAI 3 crew was here.

This coming mid-week, there will be four different FAMs here- and it’s all good for Gloucester.

Thanks to all the accommodations, attractions and dining establishments who host and welcome these valuable FAMs!

You’re probably wondering why the re-run of your fabulous photo of lobsters?

Because tomorrow, June 15, is NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY!


Over 40 restaurants on the island to get your lobster fix…. and if you want to cook ’em and  have your own feast at home like my Father in Law will as our gift on Father’s Day, then you get ’em at Capt. Joe & Sons!

13 Year Old McKenzie Plante Recyled Lobster Rope Mac’s Mats


HI Joey!!
My mom Marcy told me that I should send you pictures of my business, Macs
Mats. I am 13 and I am going into 8th grade. You can find my story on I have my mats in many stores in Gloucester like Willow
Rest, Cape Ann Marina, Emerson Inn in Rockport and the Island hobby art Shop
on Maine Street. Can I answer any questions for you? Thank you again for
helping promote my business.
Saving Whales One Mat At a Time

Here’s the Story-


Off the coast of Maine, Northern Right Whales were getting entangled  in lobsterman’s rope. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) enacted a regulation mandating that fishermen use sinking rope in order to prevent right whales and other marine life from dieing. At the same time, the regulation provides a “buyback” of the floating rope, giving the fishermen a voucher to purchase new sinking rope.

Every piece of rope used in the dog leashes and the mats is part of the recycle effort!

Contact us You can contact me or 978-758-8825

Gloucester Family roots? Arnold, Arundel, Alcot, Curley, Olcut

Rich Bean writes-

Hello Fellow Friends of the Blog! 

After moving here last year, I discovered I have family roots here.  My Mom has been doing some research and the folks at the archives at City hall are amazing.  I thought I’d also give a try here and see if anybody thinks they are related.  I know there are a lot of great resources connected to this blog.  Thanks for the time and positive thoughts!


Rich Bean,

Hugh Curley
Mary Alcott

Daughter: Nellie M Curley   1871 (Gloucester)  – 1948, Married Michael Foley in 1894, split at some point, not sure how.  Married Robert Arundel (when?), Moved to Lynn, had 2 kids,  Moved to Somerville, Buried in Gloucester.

Joseph Arundel
Mary Olcut
Son: Robert J. Arundel  1863   -  1948  Married Nellie Curley (when?), Moved to Lynn, had Two Kids, Moved to Somerville. Buried in Gloucester.

Robert J. Arundel
Nellie M Arundel
Born in Gloucester, Lived in Lynn at some point, then Somerville. Two Kids. Helen Arnold   1906 -  2001,  Robert Arnold ? – ?

There was a name change of Arundel to Arnold.  We dont know why.
Helen had 9 kids and over 35 grandkids, including me. :- )  Thanks to all the names above I am breathing and writing this email :- )

Sir George Savile Quote of The Week from Greg Bover

June 11, 2012
"Popularity is a crime from the moment it is sought; it is only a virtue where men have it whether they will or no."
Sir George Savile, First Marques of Halifax (1633-1695)


Among the foremost intellectuals of his era, Halifax was the son of minor nobility. He served in the House of Commons, and later, the House of Lords, after being raised to the peerage in recognition of his service to the King. A centrist in an age of extremists, he navigated between Catholic and Protestant interests, eventually siding with William and Mary during the revolution of 1688, and urged them to follow a path of toleration. During their reign he was elected Speaker of the House of Lords and eventually rose to Lord Privy Seal. An early advocate of publicly funded education, Halifax is among the most quotable of English statesmen, having written numerous essays on the moral and ethical place of the state in the everyday lives of men and women.

Greg Bover

Community Stuff June 14, 2012

Father’s Day Special At Maimie’s Kitchen

Hey Joey
Just incase you do a community segment on what’s going on in the city for Fathers Day
here’s what we are doin!
Join us on Father’s Day where Dad’s get FREE Coffee!
We have a special brunch menu that’s DAD FRIENDLY!
Mudiga Steak and Eggs, Homemade Linguica Scramble, Meat Lovers Omelet and More!
Parties of 5 or more call and reserve 978-283-0474


Thacher Island Association Annual Meeting.


The public is invited on Monday June 18, at the newly restored Rockport Community House, Broadway, Rockport, 7:30pm.

Learn more about both Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands, how you can come for a visit, become a member or a volunteer. We will have a special presentation on the past year’s accomplishments and our future plans. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free!

Paul St.Germain President
Thacher Island Association
web site

GHS Class 1947 65th Reunion

Gloucester High School Class of 1947 will celebrate their 65th Reunion on July 14th from 2-6 pm at the Gloucester House, 7 Seas Wharf. Classmates are reminded to send their check now for $45.

GHS Class 1947 Class and indicate haddock, chicken or steak on the check. Send to Virginia   McKinnon, 2 Stanwood Terrace, Gloucester MA 01930. Souvenir engraved pens, notebooks  and booklets will be distributed. Classmates are coming from Texas and Georgia. Anyone who  started with the class is welcome, even if they did not graduate. St. Ann’s Class of 1947 is welcome. 

Submitted by Virginia McKinnon, 2 Stanwood Terrace, Gloucester,  MA  978-283-3968

"Just, one word…" upcoming performances from Karen Ristuben

Greetings friends & family!
I will be presenting "Just, one word…", a performance/lecture on the
issue of marine plastic pollution, plastics toxicity, and public health on
the following dates:
*Thursday June 28*, 10:15 am, National Marine Educators Association annual
conference, Univ. of Alaska, Anchorage AK
*Monday July 16*, 7 pm, at Seabrook Beach Civic Association, 210 Ocean
Boulevard, Seabrook Beach, NH
*Wednesday July 25*, 7 pm, at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson
St., Gloucester MA (former Christian Science Church).
Future performances are scheduled for the Boston Harbor Islands (Aug),
Maine Maritime Academy (Oct), and American Cetacean Society’s Annual
Meeting in San Diego (Nov).
Hope to see you soon!