gavin and bill doyle Represent! at townsends inlet, sea isle city

Stacey Fisher writes-

hi joey,
so, i practically blinded my only child to get a pic for gmg. that doesn’t make me a bad mom, does it?
if you’re in south jersey, hank sauce is a great place for fresh, straight forward, yummy tacos. the restaurant is brand new and their website is still in the works, but don’t be fooled. the food is fab and the four flavors of hot sauce are all spicylicious.
gavin and bill doyle help gmg invade townsends inlet, sea isle city.
jersey, baby!


Castle Manor Inn for two nights $199 With $50 dinner credit and $20 Breakfast credit- No Brainer

click the pic for the deal


I had the opportunity to get a look at the completely renovated Castle Manor Inn at 141 Essex Ave, Gloucester MA. the rooms are fresh with plenty of light, new linens individual bathrooms and the charm that only a 100 year old inn can retain. It’s beautiful. look for upcoming video tours of the property.

Grand Opening May 18th- 5/18 from 6-10pm there will be food & wine tastings, musicians and tours.

check out their website for more info-

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Greasy Pole and Seine Boat Races Webcam Live Now!

Click the picture to view the webcam


Webcam courtesy Discover Gloucester and

St. Peter’s Fiesta 2012

Saturday, June 30

4:45 p.m…… Sports Events… Pavilion Beach – Seine Boat Races & Greasy Pole Contest
8:00–11:30 pm. Musical Entertainment…St. Peter’s Square….
Aaron Caruso with Musicians, Vocalist
And  Comedian.

July 3 Correction ~ Runaround Headlines FREE Boulevard Concert

The Runaround at the Boulevard July 3, 2010

Many local papers and websites say that Henri Smith will perform at the Boulevard on July 3.  That is incorrect.  Henri Smith is performing tonight opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre — and believe it or not you can still get tickets.  Get them here or call 978-232-7200.  All Seats are Good Seats at Northshore Music Theatre.  Plus it’s air conditioned.

July 3 features Gloucester’s best high energy band, The Runaround Sound with Cape Ann Big Band and Jon Goodhue.  See details here.  This will be a great party.  Don’t miss it!

Just a taste of some of the Music Around Town. Buona Fiesta!

Just in case you would like to hear some pretty awesome music or go to a show even. It is all with in walking distance of the Saint Peter’s Fiesta. Sit back relax maybe have a bite to eat or a drink.

Please note that some place are asking a 5.00 dollar cover charge.

Poster by Louise

Here the link to the Saint Peter’s Fiesta activities.  Enjoy!

The best Fiesta T-shirts (especially for geeks)

The new geek-oriented shop (G33K) at 130 Main Street has opened! They don’t have their full line of items in stock yet, but among the things they do have are T-shirts. Among their many prints are these great Fiesta-themed designs, held here by the store owner, Allen Chamberlain:

Let’s look at those closer up. The one on the left is for those of us who are nostalgic for the good old video games like Mario Brothers:

The other appeals more to the Italian spirit:

But the coolness of these shirts isn’t just in their design.  They are actually printed right in the store while you wait, so you can choose the color and size of the shirt, and if you are lucky you might even get to look behind the scenes and watch the shirt get printed and then “cooked” to make the colors last. Here are some shots of one of the Greasy Pole shirts being printed:

Then it gets “baked” to fix the pigments:

All of this in a matter of maybe 15 minutes.  And he can print custom T-shirts with the same process, although getting your home-made computer art ready to print can take a bit longer, apparently.

They also sell other things related to video games, role-playing games, etc., but I was told one of our other blog contributors is preparing a post about the store in general, so I won’t go into detail.  However, I couldn’t help wanting to highlight these great shirts this weekend, and the high-tech in-store process behind them!

-Fr. Matthew Green

Nice Flotsam! From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

This floated into the cove (the tube is sealed) and it seems like an expensive piece of something.  It’s made of stainless and I was thinking it might be a stern ladder.  Can you post the photo to see if anybody lost it overboard?  The wind was blowing from the SW when it floated in so it could be from Cohasset for all I know. If this is yours contact me through the comments…

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


E.B. White Quote of the Week From Greg Bover

From the deck of the sloop Linnet in Biddeford Pool ME.

“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”
E.B. White (1899-1985)


A graduate of Cornell University, White joined the staff of the New Yorker magazine in 1927 and spent the rest of his working life there writing almost innumerable essays, short features and the humorous “Block that metaphor!” fillers for what is often described, in literary circles at least, as the best magazine in the world. White also wrote children’s books in the forties and fifties, including Stuart Little, The Trumpet of the Swan, and the much beloved Charlotte’s Web, some of the best reading aloud material ever published. White’s 1959 update of William Strunk’s Elements of Style continues to be must reading for anyone who hopes to write clearly. E. B. White was step-father to the baseball writer Roger Angell and the father of famed wooden boat designer Joel White. E.B. won the Pulitzer Prize, the Wilder Medal, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Greg Bover

2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage, Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule of Events, Webcam and Fiesta Community Photos

SAINT PETER’S FIESTA WEBCAM- Click photo for live view


Webcam courtesy Discover Gloucester and

St. Peter’s Fiesta 2012

Saturday, June 30

9:30 a.m…….. Youth & Adult Soccer Games…. Newell Stadium
10:00 a.m……. Pavilion Beach…Military Seine Boat Race:
U.S. Coast Guard vs U.S. Navy… 
Gloucester Fire Department vs Gloucester Police Department
2:30 p.m.…… Championship Series – Youth Basketball Tournament….
Fort Playground (Rain Date Sunday, July 1)
3:00 p.m…… Children’s Games…. Beach Court
4:45 p.m…… Sports Events… Pavilion Beach – Seine Boat Races & Greasy Pole Contest
8:00–11:30 pm. Musical Entertainment…St. Peter’s Square….
Aaron Caruso with Musicians, Vocalist
And  Comedian.

Sunday, July 1

10:00 a.m…… Celebration of MASS OF ST. PETER….. at St. Peter’s Park
12:00 noon….. Procession following the Celebration of Outdoor Mass
3:00 p.m…… Blessing of the Fleet… Stacy Boulevard.
3:00 p.m… … Concert….United States Navy Band Northeast…St. Peter’s Park
4:45 p.m…… Sports Events…at Pavilion Beach
Seine Boat Races..&…Greasy Pole Contest
6:00 p.m…… Concert…..St. Alfio’s Band (One Hour) St. Peter’s Park
6:30 p.m…… Children’s Pinata Contest – Pascucci Court
7:15 p.m……. Awards Ceremony – Trophies awarded to winners of the Sports Events
8:30 p.m……  Musical Entertainment –  St. Peter’s Park
featuring Gianni Faraone w/ Ray Cavichio &
his mini Big Band & Natalie Pinto

11:00 p.m…… Raffle Drawings and Closing Procession

GMG Straight Up Crushing The Fiesta Coverage

Friday Night Saint Peter’s Fiesta 2012 Photos From Alice Gardner

Video 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Friday Greasy Pole Winning Walk Ross Carlson

Ross Carlson Your Friday Greasy Pole Champ Live posting from The Beach

St. Peter’s Fiesta and Blessing of The Fleet in the ’40s Pic From Ron Gilson

Greasy Pole Fall Classic Fundraiser 2011

Fiesta 2012 – Thursday and 5KRace – Cox Photos

Fiesta 5K

Fiesta 5K Race |(Start Photos) – 2012 St Peter’s Fiesta

2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage, Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule of Events, Webcam and The Infamous Fred Buck Submits Fiesta 5K Photos

FIESTA: Thursday Evening
Almost Live Blogging from the Fiesta 5K 6/28/2012 9:33PM
Video and Pics 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta 5K Start Filmed At Half Speed- See Anyone You Know?
2012 Jr Girls Seine Boat Practice 6/28/12 Pics From Sista Felicia
Faces of Fiesta
Mamie’s Kitchen To Feature Arancini,Trupiano’s Sausage Subs, Homemade Linguica Rolls and Mudiga Steak Sandwiches
Fiesta Can Begin! Ambie Is Serving Sazzitza Sandwiches On Commercial Street!
Good Morning Gloucester Will Be Your Source For Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage–Fiesta Webcams and More
Wednesday Seine Boat Races
2012 St Peter’s Novena, Mass and Procession to the Club Video
The Greasy Pole. A Look Back 09/30/2012
Where is the Fiesta Ferris Wheel?
2012 Saint Peter’s Mass At The American Legion Photos From Alice Gardner
St. Peter Fiesta Preparations Well Underway!
Props To The Men and Women That Keep Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions Alive
2012 Jr Seine Boat Practice 4:50AM 6/25/12 Pics and Video
Need I remind you? Tick Tock Baby- 2012 Greasy Pole Approaches!
Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

Craig Kimberley submits-


St. Peter and Joan of Arc From Anthony Marks


Fr. Matthew Green and St. Peter

Special 10pm showing of Greasy Pole, The Musical! TONIGHT

Hey, Joey –
Come celebrate the last night of Fiesta at The Annie with a special 10pm showing of Greasy Pole, The Musical! in our deliciously air-conditioned theatre! We also have a matinee at 2pm.
The show is less than an hour long and has everything audiences loved from last year’s show, plus two new songs, new scenes, new dances choreographed by Sarah Fader, live music from our house band The Pole Cats featuring Italian music performed by Carlo Cicala, and a special animation of the rise and fall and rise of the Greasy Pole by Ben Wickey!
After the show, we will join the procession down the Fort to bring St. Peter home. There are still tickets available online at, or reserve them by calling 978-381-HERE (4373).
Adults $20, Students & Seniors (65+) $15.
Also, we have a very special performance of The Unadulterated Cabaret by the young creative talent of The Conservatory at The Annie, at 7pm tonight. Adults $10, Students and Seniors $5