Horses and Other Abstract Notions


The next guest artist exhibit at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery is by my lifelong favorite best artist, person and FOB, my sister, Judy Wilburn, and her friend Lyn Cardinal.  Their exhibit will run tomorrow, Friday, June 22 through Thursday, July 5, with an opening reception tomorrow night from 7:00-9:00pm.  Stop by and see the exhibit, have some refreshments and meet Judy and Lyn.  I would not be living in Gloucester or have known about Good Morning Gloucester if it weren’t for Judy, and she has taught me much, and encouraged and supported me over the years following my path as an artist.

E.J. Lefavour

Sunday Brunch at the Seaward Inn

What more could one ask for in a fine dining experience–inviting location and ambience, beautifully prepared food, and welcoming service. A recent trip to enjoy The Seaward Inn’s Sunday brunch provided all of the preceding, and then some.

The Seaward Inn is located on Marmion Way, which runs along Rockport’s picturesque shoreline. Sunday brunch is served from 10:30 to 1:30. The cost is 18.95 per person--really quite reasonable considering coffee,  juice, freshly baked breads and croissants, organic yogurt, and homemade granola are all included with the three course prixe fixe menu.

Savory Tart Tartin

Roasted Beet Salad

For starters my husband had the exquisite wild mushroom, caramelized onion, goat cheese, and watercress Savory Tart Tartin and I had the Roasted Beet Salad with spring greens, blue cheese, toasted walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette. We were both hard-pressed to decide which was the more fabulous. Cheese blintzes, with citrus ricotta and seasonal fruit, as well as the classic Caesar salad are also offered for the first course.

Omelet to Order

Eggs Florentine

The entrees were equally as difficult to chose between. Roasted breast of chicken, pan-seared salmon, grilled flank steak, waffles, French toast, and quiche of the day were the entrees to which we had to say no. Tom had the Omelet to Order with a wonderful medley of fresh veggies and I had their gorgeous Eggs Benedict with exquisitely creamy, lemony Hollandaise and perfectly cooked spinach. I am looking forward to another visit soon to the Seaward Inn for brunch as every item on the menu sounded irresitible.

Guinness Chocolate Cake

Tom loved the homemade basil ice cream with fresh strawberries and I had the simply divine Guinness chocolate cake–the cake’s texture was amazingly light and perfectly sweetened. Key Lime pie is another favorite offered–I guess the next visit won’t come soon enough!

John Lamarinde and Nancy Cameron-Gilsey

The Seaward Inn opened for its 68th year in business in May of this year, and has been continually in operation under the same family for all these many years. Nancy Cameron Gilsey, the youngest daughter of the original proprietors Roger and Ann Cameron, has partnered with the renowned chefs of Beach Gourmet Catering for their brunch menu, special events, and continental breakfast; their weekly continental breakfast is also open to the public.

See Joe’s GMG video posted earlier this year for a first look with John Lamarinde at the new Savour Wine and Cheese and Beach Gourmet Catering, opening very soon, and located at 76 Prospect Street, across from St. Ann’s School.


The Rockport Police Department and the Rockport Council On Aging are asking residents to check in on their elderly family members, friends, and neighbors throughout the warm summer months.

Residents should pay extra attention to homes that are exceptionally hot and to warning signs of dehydration, heat stroke and exhaustion, which includes lack of energy, nausea and high body temperature.

The Rockport Council On Aging will also be welcoming seniors to the town’s air-conditioned Senior Center in the Community House at 58 Broadway.

Any resident concerned about an elder may contact the police at 978-546-1212 or the Council on Aging at 978-546-2573.

“I can hear that one with the band” ~ OK, Allen, here it is!

A few weeks ago, we premiered Chelsea Berry‘s new song Lonely Being Lonely on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes (see the post here).  When she finished the song, Allen said, “Yeah, I can hear that one with the band.” to which Chelsea replied, “That’s the electric guitar song.”

This video shows part of the solo acoustic version aired on Local Music Seen followed by the electric version of that same part of the song shot at a rehearsal for the band’s debut on June 28 at North Shore Music Theatre opening for Chris Isaak.  Enjoy!

It’s another hot summer night with plenty of music by (and on) the water –or in air conditioned venues — from classic rock to string quartet to open mic to soul and blues.  Take your pick.  See the full live music lineup here.

Thursday Night Blues Party to Host John Keegan of Madhouse @ The Rhumb Line Tonight @ 9:00pm sharp!

Dave says,

I’m really eggcited this week! I have a coupla good shows goin’ on, so let’s get movin’!
Firstly, this Thursday at the Rumblind sees the return of that mayhem inspiring mover of the hips: Mr. John Keegan©, the man who practically invented the hangover! Erstwhile leader of that rocking’ outfit known as Madhouse, Johnny K. is sure to raise your blood pressure to alarming new levels as he gargles his way thru the entire soul music catalog. He’ll be backed up by that palpitating pianist and general keyboard wizard; Mr. John Cameron. We’ll also be tapping our canes to the boogie beat with our own Irish Ace of Pace: Mr. Benny Benson on eggbeaters. Of course, Mr. Greg T. and myself  will be there, too, monitoring the Richter Scale. Wear helmets!

Thursday night sunset sail on the Schooner Ardelle ~ music 6/21/12

Hi friends, artists, gardeners and Honky Tonk Women fans…..
If you enjoy sailing out on the water…..
A new music, sunset cruise is being offered by Harold Burnham of the Schooner Ardelle
beginning Thursday, June 21st from 5:30 to 8:30. The Everly Sisters (Sheila Schrank & Elaine Persons)along
with Mr. Ron Schrank on guitar and Mr. Barry O’Brien on mandolin will be joining us.
It promises to be a very, very hot night so the water will be a beautiful place especially
at sunset.   Beer and wine, snacks, are available. Bring your own flask !
If you are interested, join us at the dock at 5:45 pm behind the Maritime
Gloucester / Heritage Center (next dock over from the Gloucester harbormaster) off Harbor Loop.
to purchase a ticket (trunnel) and come sail with us.
I believe if you are a museum member there is a substantial discount, as well as students, seniors,
children, etc.   More information is available at: (special for the Schooner Ardelle)
You can even call Ron & I if you want to reserve a space last minute 281-3451(before 5pm).
Looking forward to a nice sail tomorrow.
Sheila & Ron Schrank
Capt. Harold Burnham will be onboard, now an internationally known shipbuilder from Essex.
He built the Schooners Thomas E. Lannon, and several others gracing the Gloucester waterfront.
Just sayin’……
More news from The Everly Sisters,
More news,
The Everly Sisters are also playing at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse this Saturday, June 23 at 7:30 pm.    Doors open at 7 
The Everly Brothers harmonies are our specialty, but we play many popular styles and only the # 1,
classic hits, so you will know just about every melody.  SHOW starts at 7:30 as we are opening for KBMG,
Dan King and his notorious boys are on next – and they are awesome.  THey all have played with many
 famous artists too numerous to mention.   Donations are taken at the door & reservations can be made
 via phone .    It’s a Coffeehouse, so save room for dessert for $1.00.
LOOK at this   !!!
We’ll be singing aboard this Schooner Ardelle this Thursday night (the 21st) for their new sunset cruise series!
Mr. Ron Schrank and Mr. Barry O’Brien will be joining us on guitar and mandolin.
 I’m very surprised at this new special price too.  We should let your friends know that with the warm weather
coming, Thursday night will be perfect for sailing.   See you Thursday at Maritime Gloucester dock.
Bye for now,   Sheila
Check out this deal from TravelZoo too!

What a deal.

KBMG is The Boston Globe North Shore Best Bet…

Globe North Best Bets

Rockport: KBMG is a thought-provoking folk rock band whose members have performed with big names in rock, folk, and country music, including Paul McCartney, Simon and Garfunkel, George Harrison, Roseanne Cash, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Jethro Tull. Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Old Sloop Coffeehouse, First Congregational Church. $12, $10 advance, $7 seniors, $5 under 18, $24 family. 978-546-3551,


This is my all time favorite done by KBMG

JD Perry Infuriated By Good Harbor Trash This Morning

Hi Joe,

I set out for an invigorating walk along Good Harbor Beach with my friend this morning but upon approaching the beach from Beach Road was assaulted by the pile of trash at the entrance to the footbridge.  As I neared the pile I thought, well at least the trash was carried out.  But then I started across the bridge and saw the carnage left behind from yesterday.  I was disheartened to realize our city is hosting a significant number of people who simply don’t care to keep the beach beautiful for the next wave of beach-goers.  The obvious solution is for everyone who enjoys this gem to actually carry out what they carry in; to be responsible for one’s own mess (we put a small dent in the mess by carrying out — all the way home — what we could when we left).  Also, it seems that the footbridge at Nautilus Road would be a good spot for one of the new-to-the-city BigBelly Solar Compactors (, though I’m not sure if there are plans in place to do this.  Sorry to start the day with such an unsavory topic, but with the entire summer ahead of us, I thought some awareness of this scourge might help to stem the problem.

One of the pictures is similar to the GMG masthead picture except the foreground shows many hundreds of sparkling empty bottles littering the sand.

Thanks for helping to keep the city beautiful.

JD Perry

Good Harbor Beach near footbridge 5:40ish a.m. -- good place for a BigBelly Solar Compactor?

Good Harbor Beach 5:40 a.m., June 21, 2012 -- sparklers on sand are hundreds of discarded plastic bottles.  Sad.

Good Harbor Beach, a little after 6:00 a.m., June 21, 2012 -- disrespect for this natural beauty, people just don't care

Special Benefit Screening for THE LOVE PART OF THIS

Lya Guerra writes-

Hi John and Joey,
I met the two of you at Pleasant Street Tea last year and told you a little about the film I was working on
called THE LOVE PART OF THIS. I can’t believe it, but it’s almost done.
I wanted to let you know that it will be screening at the Cape Ann Community Cinema on July 21st!  – So I better be done with it.
The website is . Any chance of the site going up on GoodMorningGloucester would be more than great.
Let  me know if I can get you any more information.
I hope I’ll see you guys there. I’m really excited about it.
All the best from Oslo!


Cape Ann Community Cinema
July 21st


Proceeds will go to The Open Door Food Pantry and Cape Ann Community Cinema

In the early 1970’s, Grace Schrafft and Grace Moceri left their respective husbands with their infant children in tow to be together. Grace Moceri is the responsible one, the one who makes sure the bills are paid and the doors are locked. Grace Schrafft is the free spirit that everyone in town knows and loves. The two Graces are deeply rooted in their hometown of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Grace and Grace made a life together for 37 years. The Love Part of This explores their meeting, their ensuing love and their struggles being a couple. The Graces share their stories, both separately and together. We also hear from an ex-husband, their two children, the town pastor and a family friend.

After the unexpected death of one of the Graces, the footage becomes an uncanny document. Suddenly, all the words about their lives together take on a finite quality, as the remaining Grace goes through the process of grief. It is heartbreaking, funny and extremely moving.

Jim Teal Shares Ocean Classroom Link

Jim Teal writes-

Of the Ardelle and the Harvey Gamage. My son Zack, worked on the building of the Ardelle with Harold and the entire team, and was the one on deck when she was launched. He is currently crew on the Ardelle as well. The tie-in with he Gamage is that Zack just returned from a High School semester at sea on the Harvey Gamage with Ocean Classroom on May 20th after sailing nearly 5000 nautical miles. If you are interested visit you will find blog postings about the trip along with a photo gallery of the adventure. 


Community Stuff June 21, 2012

Jon Goodhue @ CAB, Gloucester gets love in San Diego!


Hey Joey, so I’ll be performing with my band at the Cape Ann Brewery along with The Runaround on Saturday June 30th, Fiesta weekend. Also, Gloucester got some love in an article in the San Diego Weekly Reader about my work. Check it out.


A lot of people are sick of the warnings about Lyme disease, but I want to share an experience that I hope will make you all take them seriously.  Sunday night we admitted a patient to cardiac intensive care who was on life support because of a tick bite he received on Memorial Day weekend. He didn’t recognize the bulls-eye rash that appeared last week. The disease attacked the electric conduction system in his heart and he may well need a permanent pacemaker for the rest of his life, if he survives.  We called a med-evac team to take him to a Boston hospital where he is now in serious but stable condition.  The saddest part is that Monday was his 16th birthday.  His Mom sat outside his room crying while we did compressions, cardioverted him 3 times, administered multiple drugs and inserted the pacemaker.  PLEASE dress appropriately when going outside anywhere, not just in the woods, and examine yourself, your kids and pets carefully to look for ticks.  If you see the red, circular rash, call a doctor immediately.  If this boy had gotten antibiotic therapy a week ago he could have celebrated his birthday at home with his family and friends instead of fighting for his life in ICU.