Doug Brendel Represents! in Minsk

Greetings, Joey, from #8 Karl Marx Street in Minsk, Belarus, former USSR! The top-floor corner apartment is ours. Come see us! 🙂 I’ll be here for a week and a half with our “” ministry, now the biggest humanitarian operation in the country. FOBs can follow our adventures thru our photo reports — free signup at Dasvidanya, baby!

Doug Brendel


Keving Berrigan Represents! At The Great Wall of China

Hi Joey,
Just wanted to share our representation of GMG at The Great Wall in Beijing, China on a recent business trip I took………these were taken on the Jiankou section. We lucked out and had a pretty clear day when we were here!!
Thanks! Kevin


Ryan Russell Represents! In Minnesota (Don’t Ya Know)


Hey Joey, 

On a recent road trip (totaling over 3,300 miles round trip) to Minnesota, I thought I could shed some light on this little known fact about a widely know river.

The Mississippi River starts from Lake Itasca, MN when it simply flows over a merely 12 foot wide rock barrier to my left in the picture. From there, “THE MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI BEGINS TO FLOW ON IT’S WINDING WAY 2552 MILES TO THE GULF OF MEXICO.”


Stone’s Pub

P.S. Also learned that rescue pups can grow up to be brave dogs! Caroline got up to 40mph on the Jet Ski!


Peg Dillon of Gloucester Represents! in Ullapool, Scotland

Peg Dillon of Gloucester represents in Ullapool, Scotland, where she participated in the World Skiff Championships July 8-13. Peg, who is a member of the Gloucester Gig Rowers, competed as part of a New England team from Lake Champlain, VT.


Pat Conant, alias Cammygrammy Represents! in Tuscon AZ

Pat Conant, alias Cammygrammy, represents while visiting her daughter in Tucson, Arizona. Woke this morning to snow on the mountains in the desert. Nothing to compare to the storm in Gloucester. Bring on spring!!

photo (9)

Ward 3 Councilor Represents! On Top Of The Green Monsta!

Joey, I was on top of the green monsta yesterday afternoon with the band Fun. I tried to get them to hold the sticker but had no luck. This is the best I could do to represent GMG.

I should of stuck it to one of their backs and snaped a photo.


Steve LeBlanc

Ward 3 Councilor

fun 025fun 028

Here’s the band singing their hit “We Are Young”

Brian Carlson Represents! in Turks and Caicos


Hey Joey,
Was that you on the flight from Boston to TCI behind those Foster Grants? Brian and I rented a scooter and drove to Long Beach where all the kite surfers hang out. Since we didn’t have our own gear, Brian (being the good ex Gloucester Coast Guard guy that he is)
Improvised with, you guessed it, his GMG t shirt.

We bought Red Snapper from some fisherman working off the back of a red pick up truck (note: he did come recommended by manager of Horse Eye Jack’s, great place next to Da Conch Shack). Cooked it on our grill and It was delish,

As Buffett would say, “The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful” – wait, you are Beautiful (or at least the Mrs. Is).

Brian says, “Keep the dry side up, and the wet side down.” I think that means don’t flip your boat over.

Signing off from Paradise,
Cindy H.

Jessica Represents! from Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Hi Joey,

Got to spend the past week sailing around the BVIs.  Almost caught a lobster, too.  Here’s some pictures of The Baths at Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda.  Time for a new sticker, I think.  This one is showing its age. 



Rick Terselic Represents! At The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Competition in Bridgeville, Delaware

Hi Joey:

Visited with you at Capt. Joe’s during Fiesta last summer.  I’m so thankful for all you do which allows me to keep current with happenings in Glosta.  Big shout out to Tom P. in The Fort & Erik H. in Annisquam! 

I’m fortunate to have joined the "Chunkin Up" team, and I brought my GMG sticker to World Championship Punkin Chunkin Competition in Bridgeville, Delaware this past weekend. 

Discovery Channel was there in force, so everyone will be able to see what happened later this month — usually around Thanksgiving.

Couldn’t help myself from yelling  "Chi Samiou Dute Mute? Viva San Pietro!" a few times, which lead to puzzled looks from team members… and later thinking that a pumpkin cannon built to resemble the Greasy Pole with a crew of costumed Sicilians could be a great idea for a future team?  Perhaps that deserves some consideration from Gloucester based Chunker engineers?

All the best, and keep on building the best blog on the planet!  We really do appreciate it.

Rick, Louise & Anthony Terselic in North Potomac, MD


Note to self: Road trip to the Punkin Chunkin Competition in Bridgeville, Delaware next year!  That looks like a whole lot of fun!!!!

Sem Sutter Represents! in Friedrichstadt Germany

I’m an avid follower of GMG.  Here’s a pic of me representing in Friedrichstadt, a North German port city that was active in the 17th c. and is now quiet and picturesque.


Sem C. Sutter
Head of Collection Development
and Interim Associate University Librarian     for Scholarly Resources & Services
Georgetown University Library

Nov 2012 pics JQE 765

We Got Germany Baby!  Thanks Sem!

As an aside- this may be the first time I’ve ever heard the name “Sem”.

I wonder if Sem’s partner when first laying eyes on Sem way back in the day said “Oh I gotta get me Sem o’ dat!”


Roger Torre Represents! In Yellowstone

Hi Joey,

Just returned from a trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons with my brother (one of the pics) – the place is incredible – and just makes you respect the power of Mother Nature. Attached are just some of photos taken. There are pictures of bison, elk and a bear in their natural environment – along with landscapes and geysers and thermal pool – with a short video of a geyser. Hopefully you will post them on GMG

Roger Torre


Jim Clyde Represents! In Scotland

Hi Joey!

Good morning Gloucester !…. from Perth , Scotland … standing w’ ma noo trusty fiere, Gordon Munro, in front of Elcho Castle , overlooking the River Tay …..

(If you have a chance to explore the Highlands of Scotland, you will find them breathtaking!)

Jim Clyde, Essex

Perth 04-10-2012 006