Devils Island From Shaun Goulart


Hello Joe,

Devils Island is Gloucester High School history teacher Shaun Goulart’s second film he has written which is the sophomore film to his 2009 effort, romantic comedy "In a Weeks Time". Devils Island began being written in February of 2009 and was ready to begin shooting in July 2010. This is Goulart’s second film but his directorial debut as the director of the first film could not direct due to a scheduling conflict. The shooting was on and off for a year and a half until the final scenes were shot at Cape Ann TV studios in January 2012. The film was shot all around Cape Ann most notably on Thachers Island which is the main setting for the film and fictitious "Devils Island".
Goulart’s film resume includes acting in many independent films as well as being an extra in such films as "Mall Cop", "Grown Ups", and "The Proposal" to name a few.
Devils Island was inspired by such films as Heat and Public Enemies which has the direct good vs. evil premise. The plot of Devils Island is based on a character named Jeffrey Taylor (played by Danvers native Nick Decoulos) an unemployed writer who is trying to save his relationship with Brianna (Caralyne Fondulis). Taylor takes a job on Devils Island as an assistant caretaker working alongside Trent (Shaun Goulart). All is fine until a life threatening discovery leaves Jeff in danger and fearing for his life stranded on the island.
The film has a laundry list of characters many played by local actors. Notable people include YMCA’s Rick Doucette, Gloucester High School teachers Rich Francis and Ed Reid, a handful of high school students and the late Mitch Cohen.
Cohen who passed away in October 2010 (2 months after shooting his footage) was an integral part of the film, playing a substantial character as well as lending his personal office for a scene. Mitch was very sick during the shooting of the film (unknowingly to himself or anyone else) and truly put a lot of effort into his role. He traveled out to the island in rainy rocky seas, spent the day in the raw weather and never once complained even while being asked to climb ladders and lay on the rocks.
After a three year journey, the film was finished with special thanks to many but most notably Andrew Love, Lisa Smith and all of the great folks at Cape Ann TV. They supplied all of the equipment, editing space and training. This film truly could not be completed without the tireless efforts of Love and Smith; they were a true joy to work with. The Thachers Island Association also was very accommodating while we were shooting on the island. It’s a beautiful place and really a hidden gem. This film really highlights how picturesque the island really is. Essex native and musician Jeff Fraser lent music to the film, and Ralph Oliver Jr was the necessary transportation of the cast and crew to get back and forth to the Rockport island everyday of shooting.

The film opened at the Gloucester Cinema to a packed house on Wednesday May 9th  warranting a second showing of the film. The second showing is on Wednesday June 6, 2012 at 7:30pm at the Cape Community Cinema on 21 Main Street in Gloucester above the Mystery Train. Half the door will go to the upstart Gloucester High School filmmakers club that GHS history teachers Shaun Goulart and Rich Francis are establishing.

For tickets go to

Beauport Makes Lonely Planet Top 10 World’s Greatest Mansion and Home List

Making it to the uber cool “Flipboard Picks”:  the latest Lonely Planet Top 10 world’s greatest mansion and home list

…and Gloucester ’s Beauport is on it!  Congratulations Sleeper-McCann.

Here’s the list

Lonely Planet : Live it up! The greatest mansions and grand houses.

1. Marble Palace Mansion , Kolkata , India
2. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion , Malaysia
3. Werribee Mansion , Australia
4. Villa d’Este, Italy
5. Castle Howard , England
6. Fallingwater , Pennsylvania , USA
7. Château de Chambord , France
8. Catherine Palace , Russia
9. Sleeper-McCann House , Massachusetts , USA

The lavish ‘summer cottage’ of interior designer Henry Davis Sleeper has over 40 rooms and is also known as the Beauport House. Sleeper toured New England in search of houses about to be demolished and bought up selected elements from each: wood panelling, furniture, wallpaper, coloured glass and china.  In place of unity, Sleeper created a wildly eclectic but artistically surprising – and satisfying – place to live. The mansion sits on rocks overlooking Gloucester Harbor and has Arts-and-Crafts-style terraces leading down into a series of garden ‘rooms’.

The house is in Gloucester, Massachusetts. You can visit the house between June and October, Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. The last hourly tour begins at 4pm.

10. Powerscourt , Ireland #lp #travel

Sugar Magnolias Knocks it out of Park with Fresh

Just getting back from a successful fishing trip to the other Cape, Sue and I were walking down Main Street Gloucester on a rainy Saturday, hungry. Since I had a cooler of striped bass, bluefish, and fluke, we were not interested in fish since that was all we would be eating this weekend. So when we looked at the Sugar Magnolia’s menu we skipped over the haddock and fries and the crab cakes and other tasty seafood which would have been our first choices. Instead we decided to split the Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap and the Mediterranean Steak Tips with hummus and tabouli served in lavash with side orders of cous cous and quinoa.

So how do you make a crispy buffalo chicken wrap amazing? Everything was fresh down to the lettuce but especially the homade buffalo sauce. This was not a shot of Frank’s Hot Sauce but a fresh made mystery that was tangy and with the crispy of the chicken was over the top. Same goes for everything else. It’s obvious that Sugar Mags makes all their food fresh. How can you get wild about hummus and cous cous? When it’s fresh that’s when. I don’t get out much so I had to ask Sue what quinoa was. Some type of grain but when mixed up with some other stuff it is wicked pissah. Get that side. Oh, and whatever they did to that lavash is sinful. It had to have been on a grill with a little butter and it made the steak tips with whatever the secret sauce just sing.

Sorry, no photos as I was too hungry and by the time I thought of it I had trashed both plates. So I’ll stick in a photo of what happened to the fluke. An 18 inch fish pulled out of the fast moving rip off Martha’s Vineyard.  Sue did a flour dredge, then egg, then panko, then into hot oil. The tortillas got the same hot oil treatment then some fresh salsa and some hot sauce for some tasty fish tacos.

The bluefish is already in a soy, sugar, salt, bay leaf, brining away, and will make it into the smoker then into the Cuisinart for the ever popular Rubber Duck Smoked Bluefish paté in time for next Sunday’s GMG Mug-Up.

When I Visit The Docks at Night

When I Visit The Docks at Night


When I visit the docks at night I enter a mystical realm;

what’s familiar in the daylight becomes a stage for a

pageant  from another age –a reminder of what has been

and a plea from the past for us not to forget.


Work for the day has ended, the docks are empty.

The boats are all secured and the gulls are quiet.

It’s night and our vision is limited, but small sounds,

as from an unseen wind chime, render accompaniment.


The stage is set as the yellow glare from the tethered boats

is diffused in the mist that has descended across the harbor.

It offers a comforting aura to an audience of one

and a mellow atmosphere that softens the chill night air.


At night in the shadows cast by the pilings and the rigging

and the nearby buildings on the wharf, unseen and unheard,

I listen to the hubbub of the ancient crews as they gather

on these docks to lay in stores and ice and their very lives.


I see their dories nested on deck, the trawl tubs loaded

and the buoys and anchors assembled.

They await their voyage to the Banks and their

deployment at the proper time and place.


I see hope in those faces that their dories may

be filled with hundreds of thousands of pounds

of fish; that their payday is generous and their

return to this good port is swift and safe.


And, as I listen and watch this pageant unfold,

my wish is that all those whose voices I hear

and whose faces I see and whose hopes  I feel, will return

to perform for me when I again visit the docks at night.


© Marty Luster 2012

Roger Scores at Mug Up

Roger Gould is a FOB who has been living in Gloucester for 12 years and came to his first Mug Up this morning.  Not only did he get to meet a bunch of the GMG crew and have great coffee and low cal deviled eggs, he also scores having the opportunity to represent flanked by two lovely Rocky Neck artists. 

On his left:  Ekaterina Smirnova, a Brooklyn based artist who started painting in a russian art school in Siberia in 1991. Her style has been further developed at The Art Students League of New York, where Ekaterina has been a member since first moving to the United States in 2006. Watercolor, her main media, and etchings are often exhibited at art shows around New York and the Northeast. In the past 3 years, Ekaterina has received various awards in juried shows including from The Salmagundi Club and Allied Artists of America. Currently she getting ready for her Solo show at the Adirondack Lakes Art Center, NY and her solo show in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. This year Ekaterina is scheduled to visit three art residencies in Gloucester, MA (where she is now for the month of June at the Goettemann Residency); Nayak, NY, and Salzburg, Austria.  Ekaterina will be having an Introductory Slide Presentation at 7:00 pm Monday, June 4 at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street.  You can check out Katerina’s work at  Her work is exceptional and she is really lovely, so come out Monday night and welcome her to Rocky Neck. 

and on Roger’s right:  Caroline Kwas, new Rocky Neck artist on Madfish Wharf this summer at 77 Rocky Neck, G5 (where Ben McAdam and Jeff Cluett were last year).  Her gallery is Intimate Landscapes.  Caroline is a painter of photorealistic intimate landscapes that must be seen.  You can see her work at, but come on down to Madfish Wharf and see it in person and welcome her to Cape Ann.

E.J. Lefavour

Zip Line Update ~ Neighborhood Friends Pick Up the Speed.

Here’s a zip line update for all of you who have asked about it.  You may remember last week we showed you John’s improved zip line (see here if you missed it).  Well the neighborhood kids decided they wanted to see how fast they could go.  Wow!  It helps to be a gymnast.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll have a week-long preview of Gloucester’s first Blues Festival on August 11.  We’re all hoping this will become a tradition as Gloucester welcomes some of the world’s best Blues musicians to Stage Fort Park.  Stay tuned for some great music and video of blues musicians young and old.

There’s music going on right now all over town (11 choices today and tonight).   If you missed Orville Giddings last Thursday or Allen Estes last Sunday, you can see them together tonight at the Rhumbline — and that’s a great show!   Check out the full Sunday music lineup here.

“Let the Music Take You!” Photos and video of the student concert at St. Ann School

On Thursday, May 31, St. Ann School had it’s “Celebration of Art”, which included both a show of visual artwork produced by the students (which I covered yesterday) and a concert in which all the students participated. Here are some photos and video!

Some excerpts:

Some students waiting for their turn…

Several students also read essays they had written about what the American flag means to them.

The patriotic grand finale:

For all my photos of the event, in a slideshow, click here!

-Fr. Matthew Green


Sally Benjamin writes-

Hi Joey,
I’m hoping you can help me to get the word out on Good Morning Gloucester about a retirement party we are having for my husband, David Benjamin. He is the O’Maley School and Gloucester Elementary School Band Director. He is retiring after thirty years with the Gloucester Public Schools and we would like to let his former students and their families know that there is going to be a send-off reception on Tuesday, June 12, from 7-9pm at the Gloucester High School cafeteria. The Cape Ann Big Band will perform and refreshments will be served. I have attached the invitation I sent to some of his friends and colleagues. I can be reached by email (this address) or home telephone: 978-281-2286.
Thanks for your consideration.
Sally Benjamin


Wicked Tuna Season Finale Party At Topside Grille Tonight


Listen to Captain Dave Marciano on Greg and The Morning Buzz Podcast:



Hey everyone! Tonight (Sunday June 3rd) is the season finale of Wicked Tuna. Anyone that doesn’t know, it’s the reality show on National Geographic about Tuna Fishermen out of Gloucester. We have been airing it every Sunday at 10:00pm at The Topside. Portions of the show were actually shot here during the filming. The stars of the show will all be at The Topside tomorrow night along with some film crews, National Geographic, and press!! Photo opps will be available and of course the show will be aired at 10:00. Get there early to claim a good seat, meet the captains and maybe even end up on TV 🙂 hope to see you there!

Doug Silva General Manager
Topside Grill
50 Rogers St.
Gloucester, MA
(978) 281-1399

Wanna buy some Wicked Tuna Swag from the fishermen themselves check out their websites here-

Hard Merchandise



Community Stuff June 3, 2012

Good Morning Joey,

I have had 3 different customers suggest that I email you regarding my newly opened business on Washington Street.

I have had an Antique/Collectibles Multi-Dealer shop in Ipswich for 5 years, and just this month (May), moved it to 57 Washington Street here in Gloucester.  I have changed the name from Rose Cottage, TO…


I’m very happy with my new space and I’m even happier to be in Gloucester.  I moved from Wakefield  to Gloucester exactly 2 years ago, so it’s a pleasure to have my business so close to home now.

I would love to get the word out that my business "exists" in Gloucester.

Best Regards, Cheryl Conly JUNQUE & DISORDERLY

Sarah Slifer Dance Happenings Summer 2012


Sarah Slifer and Olivia Powell in Serenade, photo by Ziggy Hartfelder

Hello friends of dance,

I’ve got a bunch of dance happenings this summer, and they seem to be tidily thematic around dance heritage. It’s as if I planned my year before hand, but in fact it’s because ideas are sticky.  From preparing to teach dance history last semester, to drafting ideas for a residency investigating the role of legacy in the creation of new work, to making a new piece that honors my deep dance roots in ballet, 2012 has been a year of looking back, and forging ahead.

The new piece is a duet for myself and Olivia Powell, recent Tisch graduate and new member of Atlanta Ballet. Serenade, yes, to Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings  (first movement), is a giving-in to the beauty and power of the music, the memory of the Balanchine choreography that I watched on videotape 1,000 times when I was growing up, and the depth and transformation of the ballet vocabulary in my choreographic work. The piece is romantic without the schlock, and packs surprises within the classical underpinnings.  We hope to also present the piece with live music from two pianists – stay tuned for details!

AND this Saturday I will be performing in some dances by Ina Hahn, a former dancer with Doris Humphrey among other big names in American Modern Dance, in program of her work at the Cape Ann Museum.  Watch me steal fire from the God as Prometheus, and play basketball.  Not at the same time, of course.

Hope to see you at a performance or two!



June 2
The Artists of Folly Cove, choreography by Ina Hahn, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, 11AM performance, free.

June 16
Debut of Serenade at the Third Life Studios Choreographer’s Showcase, curated by Kelley Donovan, in Somerville, MA in an informal shared program. 8PM, tickets $15 in advance / $20 at door.

July 7
Panelist at the Gloucester Writers Center for a discussion on Proprioception, instigated by Kate Tarlow Morgan. 7PM, free.

August 16
Improvisation performance through the Cape Ann Museum for their CAMafterhours event, with local divo Brian King and his lustrous voice. We are finding inspiration in the museum’s collection from Victorian paintings of children and the contrasting powerful female nude sculptures. Cape Ann Museum, doors 6PM, $ donation

August 28 – September 1   
“Movement and Method: A Collaborative Forum” is a residency in which Kate Tarlow Morgan, Vincent Cacialano, and I will be sharing ideas on legacy and dance-making, and creating a performance on the picturesque compound of Windhover in Rockport, MA. Performance info TBA, with discussion and party to follow. Tickets $10.