Don’t let your dad down with yet another LAMO Father’s Day present like a Tie, a Weed Whacker, a Rake or something else that by all rights he should beat you over the head with it after all he’s done for you. Or better yet if you know you’ve got a rotten son and/or daughter who would by you a lamo Father’s Day present then call up and order up some of Our Local Boat’s Finest Lobsters for yourself and spend their inheritance!

We will be open at 5AM just like every other day of the summer except 4th of July. I highly suggest that you call in today though and place your order to get exactly the sizes you want.

Right now lobsters are way down in price so help kick up the demand and support your local lobstermen and benefit by being a hero to your dad at the same time. Right now you can buy 1 lb lobsters for cheaper than the price of a large submarine sandwich.

Think about that.

Let’s see- submarine sandwich or lobster…… if you have to think about that for more than 3 seconds you are a dope. It’s lobster baby!

It’s what your Dad wants trust me on this one.

And to all you dads out there- if your son or daughter show up to the house with a weed whacker on Father’s Day- seriously beat them over the head with it and then call the cops. When the cops come to investigate the domestic assault case just explain how brutally out to lunch said offspring was and show them the weed whacker which hopefully at this point is broken in half with the bow still wrapped around it from the force of it coming down on your undeserving offspring’s head.

Call 978-283-1454 and order your lobsters today for Sunday Morning Pickup.

95 East Main Street Gloucester MA

Capytain Joe and Sons

Check out our blog from the dock here-

Good Egg Report From Terry Weber and a Lost Wallet Poll

Terry Weber writes-

Hi Joey,

Just wanted to send a “shout out” to a security guard at the Addison Gilbert Hospital. I don’t know his name but he turned in my wallet which I had left there on Tuesday. He was an older gentleman and friendly. I am very grateful. Some might think it’s not big deal or that’s his job, but not everyone does their job. My wallet didn’t have a lot of cash in it, but replacing credit cards and my license would have been a pain.  Thank you! A ‘little’ deed means a lot.


Terry also suggested I run a poll with thisand although I unquestionably would return the wallet I doubt anyone scummy enough to not return it would bother answering that they wouldn’t on the poll  so my guess it would be skewed.

Great turnout for the first ever New England Beach Soccer Cup

Check out the New England Beach Soccer website for the complete results of today’s games, with lots of photos. Click here for Joey’s Interview with Joe La Rocca and Mike Torres.

 Joe LaRocca, David Esposito, Mike Torres, Anthony LaRocca, Noah Curtis

Greasy Pole Hats

Roby and Linda Dolan are Gloucesterites adding even more color to St. Peter’s Fiesta’s Greasy Pole Event. Linda’s embroidery work — inspired by another local artist and executed under her small business, R & L Embroidery — is gracing hats this June as we prepare for everyone’s favorite summer weekend. A number of local stores have recently started carrying the Dolan’s work, which comes in red, lime green, light blue, light tan, white, and pink. The back embroidery reads: "Gloucester 2012." The General Store in front of The Gloucester House has twelve in stock and will be ordering a bunch more in a variety of colors throughout the month. If you’d like to reserve a few hats or if you have a special request for colors, shoot Lily an email ( or a Tweet (@lilylinqs).

Magnolia Historical Society Walk

On June 16, 2012, took the historical society’s walk.  Very interesting, especially the fact that West Pond was used to make ice and the house across the street was the Ice House.  Did you know to keep the ice frozen they used sawdust and unfortunately that is why so many Ice Houses would burn down.  Here are a few pictures…  Please click to see pictures. Thanks Donna

Mug Up – Sunday 9:00 am – No Lobster, but there will be Deviled Eggs

There is a vicious rumor going around saying that Joey C. is a slavedriver that locks his contributors in a cell below the dock and makes us write posts all day with no food or water.  These photos will put that rumor to rest once and for all.   He actually is the nicest, most generous and thoughtful man.  Here are many of the contributors being treated to a lobster feast on Madfish Wharf outside the gallery, which also included corn on the cob, salad, fruit salad, carrot cake, smoke bluefish, chicken liver pate, cheese and crackers, as well as Folly Cove Rum and an awesome punch, and Alecia’s famous jello shots (which you can see us doing in the first photo) provided by contributors, as well as some incredible (I ate 5 – diet be damned!) pastries courtesy of Alecia Cox of Maime’s Kitchen.  Photos by Wendie Demuth.

E.J. Lefavour

Jewel of the Night ~ The Luna Moth

The Luna Moth, one of the most stunning and easily recognized moths, belongs to the Giant Silkworm Family or Saturniidae. Moths in the Sautrniidae are generally medium to large, with bulky bodies, dense, fur-like scales, and eyespot patterns on the wing. There are roughly forty species of Saturniidae in North America, including the Promethea Moth, often seen at twilight, and the giant Cercropia Moth, with a wingspan of a half-foot or more! The caterpillars of the Luna Moth feed on many trees including alders, beech, cherries, sweet gum and willows.

Actias LunaLuna Moth ~ Actias luna

Male Luna Moth found at Willowdale Estate early Thursday morning. Photo courtesy Dale Resca.

Customers at Surfside Subs At Long Beach Prepare To Dig Into Lobster Rolls Made With The Mrs’ Recipe

Stuff you won’t find on a Surfside Subs Lobster Roll- Anything green including lettuce or celery- or some kind of frou frou baguette roll.

Stuff you will find- Captain Joe and Sons Lobster, Old School Split Top Roll, Buttah and a dab of mayo.  Owner Matt Olson knows the key to the perfect lobster roll is the simplicity and not complicating a good thing.

They do it right!

Follow Surfside Subs on twitter – @Surfsidelb



Go get one and tell ‘em Joey sent ya.

Have you figured out what to do for Father’s Day? (It’s Sunday)

Ok here are some great ideas:

  1. Stuff the kids in the car and take a Sunday drive to Latitude43 for their Classic Car Meet and Honky Tonk BBQ.  They are having pulled pork in the smoker and smokin’ hot Johnny Carwash beating out classic 60’s surf songs and rockabilly.
  2. Linda Amero Trio at Captain Carlo’s
  3. Brunch at Alchemy with Flynn Cohen & Friends
  4. Brunch at Seaward Inn with Julie Dougherty

That’s 4 ideas from 11am – 3pm.  10 more choices after 3pm and 14 choices TODAY (Sat)! Check out the full list here.

Get out and enjoy family, friends, and some great music on Cape Ann.

Rockin’ The Boat For Alzheimer’s

Mark your calendar.

Wes says,

Hello to my family, friends and various other business contacts,I’m writing to you all today in hopes I can convince you to participate in this very, very worthwhile fundraiser. Deb worked very hard to acquire some awesome prizes. We know people will be pleasantly surprised.As you know this is a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Disease and we are asking you to please help us by purchasing a ticket and to perhaps persuade your family and friends to attend also. Deb and I would really like to make this a huge success and sell out this event. It’s actually a great deal for what we promise will be a great time for everyone! For $20.00 per ticket you will be entertained by the classic rock band Full Circle. That’s 2 hours and 50 Minutes of awesome music for your dancing pleasure and also included in the ticket price is a Hot & Cold Buffet, not to mention the beautiful 3 hour boat trip on one of Gloucesters most popular Whale Watch Boats, The Privateer IV. That’s more than worth the ticket price right there, but what’s more is there will be a cash bar, 50/50 cash raffle & also prize raffles with what we promise will be some fantastic prizes…There’s one in particular that I would really love to have, but as one of the organizers, I can’t be involved in the raffle’s :`(. Like I said, there are many prizes going up for raffle and you could end up doing well for yourself all while helping this most important cause.

Deb and I are hoping to sell all the tickets in advance so we can take care of expenses and have an idea of what we will be starting with before the raffles begin. Please, we cannot hold ticket for anyone as this can run into myriad problems, but if you want tickets, either Deb or myself will deliver them to you if you need us to. I urge you all to please contact either Deborah Lattof at 978-239-2887 or call me, Wes Thibodeau at 978-491-8101 or you can contact Wes at to place your ticket order. We appreciate any and all help in fighting this debilitating and dreadful disease. On behalf of Deb and myself we thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
Friday, July 13th aboard The Privateer IV out of 7-Sea’s Wharf
Right next to The Gloucester House Restaurant on Rogers St., Gloucester, Ma.
Tickets are $20.00 each, which includes Hot/Cold Buffet & entertainment by Full Circle
There will also be a cash bar, 50/50 raffle and prize raffle’s.

The Privateer IV departs promptly at 7:00 p.m. and returns at 10:00 p.m.

Photos from the Relay for Life “Luminaria” Ceremony

To jump straight to a slideshow, click here.

Last night I stopped down for the Luminaria ceremony of the Relay for Life at Gloucester High School in the Newell Stadium.  On one hand, I wanted to be there in memory of friend and family members who have died from cancer (including my maternal grandmother and a high school classmate). On the other, I knew it would be a great opportunity for some inspirational photography…

Here’s an explanation from the Relay for Life website (with my photos from yesterday):

“Simple white luminaria bags are transformed and illuminated after dark at every local Relay For Life event. Each one is personalized with the name, photo, message or drawing in memory or honor of a friend or loved one who has been affected by cancer.  Each luminaria candle represents a person.  They are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, coworkers and so much more!

As the sun sets at a Relay For Life event, luminaria lining the track illuminate the night and a hush falls over the event that had been filled with the sounds of celebration. Relay For Life participants, survivors and caregivers then gather together for the Luminaria Ceremony to remember loved ones lost to cancer and to honor those who have battled the disease.

As participants walk the track lined with luminara bags in reflection, a caregiver who has lost a loved one may find comfort from a fellow caregiver who has faced a similar loss. Meanwhile, a survivor gains hope and strength from others who have followed the same journey and survived. All resolve to keep fighting to save more lives so no more luminaria bear the names of those lost to the disease.”

I don’t know the details of how the relay works, but there are clearly different teams who are camping out.  They set up campsites with different themes and decorations. Here are a couple:

Click here for the full-size slideshow. There are a few pics not included elsewhere this post.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Ocean Alliance – Gulf of Mexico report from Iain Kerr

Hi Joey,
Its been too long since we have spoken.
We have been pretty busy at this end – moving business and home from Acton to Gloucester.  Good news to report is that we are now Gloucester residents.
I know that a lot of people follow the work we are doing at the Paint Factory but I am not sure how many people follow my real job – ocean research.
The Research vessel Odyssey is now on her 23rd day at sea for our 3rd summer expedition in the Gulf of Mexico looking at the effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster on wildlife.
Every day the crew post logs on our website about the days happenings, these are more personal logs as against scientific but I think that they are good windows into life aboard a research vessel, the html is:
I have attached a photo of the Odyssey working in over 5,000 ft of water – with an oil rig right behind her.
I have also copied a bit more information about our work in the Gulf below if you think that it might be of interest to your readers.
Gulf of Mexico Odyssey Expedition Goals
·      Observe any chronic effects of the oil crisis on whales and the ecosystem
·      Collect biological samples from whales to determine a baseline of exposure to petroleum products, chemical dispersants and metals
·      Develop cell lines to determine impact of oil, chemical dispersants, mixed dispersant and oil, and metals on whale DNA
·      Collect samples from food chain, air and water to determine routes of exposure
·      Put Gulf sperm whales in global toxicological context with previous Odyssey Expedition data
Year 1 & 2 Gulf of Mexico Research Expedition Highlights

·      Ocean Alliance (OA) in partnership with the Wise Laboratory conducted two summer research expeditions in the Gulf of Mexico from aboard the Odyssey, our 93-foot, steel-hull ketch, equipped with a state of the art cell-culture laboratory.
·      More than 340 educational and scientific blogs posted on line by educators, scientists and crew from the ‘High Seas’
·      Over the 2010 & 2011 expedition, 132 whale biopsies from Humpback, fin, sperm, and Bryde’s whales were collected
·      130+ DNA, skin, and blubber samples were obtained from the whales
·      55 whale cell lines, grown from 3 whale species in year 2 – taking the total # of whale cell lines developed in 2 years to 88
·      We also collected 270 fish samples, 154 invertebrate samples, 14 dolphin blows, 200+ hours of acoustic recordings, 235 liters of seawater (from 2 depths) at 35 sites and 6.3 kilograms of sediment from 10 sites (one from 3,000 ft)
·      Established the first known culture of Bryde’s whale cells

·      Success in establishing critical baseline pollutant exposure data set for whales in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic

·      Scientific breakthroughs
§  First-ever mammalian cell culture laboratory on a sailboat—and possibly first at sea – 2 years in a row
§  Became first laboratory to culture whale cells at sea (88 cell lines developed from 3 species during 2010 & 2011 field season)
§  Became first laboratory to culture Bryde’s whale cells
·      Chronic toxicological exposure and impact evaluation initiated
§  Baseline exposure data samples collected
§  Baseline DNA damage assessment underway
§  Chemical dispersant, oil & metal toxicity testing begun
·      Ocean Alliance/USM marine toxicological research program established in field
§  Presence established as unique research program in Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic
§  Gulf of Mexico established as long-term ongoing toxicological research site
§  The Odyssey optimized as unique deepwater marine research platform for engaged student learning opportunities
All the best

all lama marut all the time!

lama marut will be at woodman’s function hall next wednesday, june 20. his presentation is entitled, The Buddha was Not a Buddhist. very compelling topic dealing with how the message of a visionary, whether it be buddha, christ or someone else, becomes institutionalized (not in the sanitarium way) and how people hold on to it as the only truth as they start to separate themselves from those who don’t believe in the same things they do. you can see how this might lead to problems. lama marut’s talk will show how we can ditch the dogma and get down to the beautiful core of a spiritual practice. he loves this stuff and will most likely be on fire! you should try to come to this one, i think you’d like it! you might also find this interesting: lama marut’s inspiration and lineage
book tour:

lama marut has a new book, the spiritual renegade’s guide to the good life. he’s touring internationally with the book and will have three official signing events on the north shore next week and two in boston in august. it would be awesome if you could make it to the annie.


June 19–21: Cape Ann, Massachusetts

  • June 19th (Tuesday) 3–3:30 pm
    “Turning Problems into Opportunities”
    The Annie, 1 Washington St., Gloucester
    Book signing to follow.
  • June 19th (Tuesday) 7:30–9:30 pm
    “Inciting Happiness: A Spiritual Renegade’s Revolutionary Manifesto”
    In the “Function Room” at Kitty’s Restaurant, N. Reading
    (On the intersection of Rt 28 and Rt 62)
    Info: 978-664-4541
  • June 21st (Thursday) 7:30 pm
    “Radical Contentment: The Most Revolutionary Idea of All”
    City Hall Auditorium, 60 Pleasant St., Newburyport
    (Parking is one block away, behind the Unitarian church)
    Info: 978-465-4413

August 13-14: Boston, Massachusetts

  • August 13th (Monday) 7–10 pm
    “How to Change the Past, Control the Future, and Turn Problems into Opportunities.”
    Unity Boston, 70 Dorcester Street, Brookline, MA
  • August 14th (Tuesday) 7:30–10 pm
    “Inciting Happiness: A Spiritual Renegade’s Revolutionary Manifesto”
    Newton Unitarian Church, 1326 Washington St, West Newton, MA
  • Spiritual_Renegade_Poster_FOR_PRINT2

Community Stuff June 16, 2012

Eastern Point Day School
Scholarship Programs

Eastern Point Day School is pleased to offer both full and partial scholarships for new and continuing students for the 2012-2013 school year. 
For more information:
Phone: (978) 283-1700
Location: 8 Farrington Avenue, Gloucester, MA

Eastern Point Day School
Summer Adventure Program

Join us this summer by the beach for some fun under the sun … along with our Book Making Program, Summer Adventures is back by popular demand for the month of July. This year we are bringing in local artists, theater arts, mad scientists, and don’t forget the ‘green thumbs!’
For program descriptions and information please visit:

Phone: (978) 283-1700
Location: 8 Farrington Avenue, Gloucester, MA 

Calling all host families !

Eastern Point Day School has partnered once again with Boston School of Modern Language, inviting children from Spain and France to join us for a summer on the island!

For families interested … even for those who are considering, hosting a child is a great way to plan a family vacation without having to pack! Travel to Spain or France with the help of a student from the Boston School of Modern Languages. Learn a new language and understand a different culture by becoming a host. EPDS is proud to have BSML as a partner in education, and hopes to continue the trend this summer. Become a host family and watch as relationships evolve into lifelong friendships.

How old will the students be?
8-13 years old
What about child care and cost?
International students will be attending "English by the Sea" as well as "Summer Adventures" here at Eastern Point Day School, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm. Host families will also be allotted a small stipend to help with spending and expenses. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the gifts of your family and Gloucester with a student who is far from home and eager to learn. 
What is the date for student arrival and departure?
estimation June 29th – July 27th
More questions?
Contact Kathi Turner for more information… or contact the school at

Blood Pressure Screening at
Addison Gilbert Hospital


On Monday, June 18 a free blood pressure screening will be held from 1-3 p.m. at Addison Gilbert Hospital,
298 Washington Street, Gloucester.



Healthcare Reform and
What It Means For Your Business

Presented by:
Leslie Sebba, M.D., Medical Director
Northeast Physician Hospital Organization (PHO)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Community Room
BankGloucester, 160 Main Street, Gloucester

Seating is limited to fifty people, please RSVP to the
HealthConnection at 1-888-253-0800.

Dr. Sebba will provide an overview of healthcare reform and how it might affect local businesses.

Dr. Sebba is the Medical Director of the PHO.  He is a board certified internist and pulmonologist who practiced on the North Shore for over 18 years.  He has served as Medical Director at Tufts Health Plan and as Chief Medical Officer at Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport.  At his current position, his primary involvement is working to insure quality and efficiency within our healthcare system.