Art in the Barn

This weekend the grounds at the Cox Reservation will be transformed into a sculpture park and the barn overflowing with paintings, pottery, prints, and jewelry. I stopped in last Friday to photograph sculptor Kim Radochia’s works that had earlier that day been installed along the trails and fields overlooking the Essex River.

Listen Up ~ Aluminum 7′ x 5′ x 3′

Listen Up is a delightful form, and without knowing its name, all at once reminded me of my grandfather’s victrola and a futuristic sensory receptor.

Listen Up detail

“Some are able to support Greenbelt with large gifts of land or funds, others give their artistic talent and enthusiastically volunteer their time and energy,” said Committee Chairperson, Nathalie Meyfarth.

Branching Out 

“Sculpture in any environment gives those of us participating in that experience a different perspective.  After seeing and connecting to something new your viewpoint will forever change and as an artist this is my ultimate goal,” said Kim Radoccia.

J-Birds Nest

Schedule for Art in the Barn 2012

Friday, June 15, 9:30 am to 4 pm

Wine & Cheese Reception: Friday, June 15, 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Saturday, June 16, 9:30 am to 6 pm

Sunday, June 17, 10 am to 4 pm

J-Bird’s Nest

Proceeds from the sale of all items directly support Greenbelt’s land conservation effort.

Amadee Castenell from HBO’s hit series Treme Joins Henri Smith on June 30 at North Shore Music Theatre

Yesterday we featured Stanton Davis and Les Lumley from Ghetto Mysticism.  Today it’s Amadee Castenell, who has recorded and toured with Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint — with whom he appears in the HBO hit series Treme (Amadee is to Irma Thomason’s left in this video) and many others.  Amadee joins Henri Smith’s band on sax & flute June 30 opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre (get tickets here).  At about 3 minutes into the video below you get an idea of Amadee’s virtuosity — starts out slow and subtle, then wows the audience!

Now that it’s summer, there’s more to do on a Wednesday night in Gloucester.  Lots of good people playing (see full music lineup here), but we just have to mention the first solo appearance by Dylan Estes (Allen’s son) at Giuseppe’s tonight.  He’ll start about 8:30.  We’ll be there with John, the Zip Line Kid.

Thursday night blues party @ The Rhumb Line to host The Geezers

Thursday – 9:00 to 12:00 ~ Dave Sag’s Blues Party


 Dave says,

It’s another harrowing experience this week as we aim that elephant gun and bring you down with the magnificent combination of Mr. Dave Brown and Dave Mattacks. Yes, yes, the Geezerz® are back in town and ready to mulch your mind with the grooviest of toons. With the systolic sliiideman and the atomic clock on board, it’s a new record every day. With the available Greg Tower option ,it’s pedal to the metal time. See your dealer for details. No salesman will visit your home. Wear safety glasses!
And remember, next Monday, The good old Salty Jazz Band hits it again at the Rose baker Senior Center downtown from 1 to 3 p.m. It’s free and diapers are available at the door! These cats swing! Even if you don’t come, you’ll be there sooner than you know!
And future heads up: Friday nite June 22 I’ll be opening up the Summer season at a new venue in town. The Manor Inn on Essex Ave. is opening under new management and I’ll be there with an all-star lineup to crank out some serious dancing music. Hours are 7 to 10, so you have no excuse not to show up! Come cheer us and them on! We need this!

Sparkling Wine Dinner June 21st 7:00pm with Kathleen Erickson The Wine PHD


Passports Restaurant
110 main street Gloucester, Ma. 01930
Seating is limited!!!  $50 per person
Start Time 7:00 pm
1st course – Thai Chicken lettuce wraps
Wine pairing – Brut Champagne, Cordon Rouge, G.H. Mumm – France
2nd course – Jill’s Lobster Roll
Wine pairing – Brut Prestige, Napa Sparkling, Mumm Napa – USA
3rd course – Jerk Tuna w/ papaya salsa, purple potato salad and kale chips
Wine pairing – Brut Rose, Cremant d’ Alsace – France
4th course – Local Strawberry Tart w/ pastry cream and sugar short crust
Wine pairing – Zonin Prosecco Bellini – Italy

Another origami sighting in Gloucester!

The other day I stopped in to the Lone Gull Coffeehouse for the first time, and to my surprise and delight, saw origami!  Not stand-alone origami, but origami cranes used very creatively as part of a type of collage, by artist Kate Dagle.  Here is a sampling:

She has a a variety of different works on display – beautifully combining the cranes in different colors, patterns, and compositions.

While you admire the artwork, I highly recommend trying out one of the Lone Gull’s incredible variety of soda or lemonade. They have quite a list of different flavors they can mix into your beverage.  I had a “white peach lemonade”, which was delicious.

Brendan Pike’s art is on the wall in the background. It looks very nice, but I must admit, all my attention was focused on the origami…

The Lone Gull Coffee House is located at 146 Main Street.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Pet of the Week-Big Sur

Oh my!  I am on GoodMorningGloucester and everyone visits this site.
I bet I will be adopted in no time!

Pet of the Week Big Sur Cape Ann Animal Aid

My name is Big Sur and I am loveable kitten who is residing at the beautiful Cape Ann Animal Aid, which is now housed at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter at Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.

I am a sweet boy who is light black-and-white with a pink nose.  I am a small cat, but I have a warm and large personality.  If you would like to see more photos of me, check our web site at:

We do have a wish list here at the shelter – you will see when you visit our site.  We are in need of dustpan broom combos, wall mounted broom/mop holders, cat litter scoopers, Staples gift cards (for assorted office supplies and furniture items)

Please save July 21 for our Sunset Dessert Cruise from Captain Bill’s at Harbor Loop at 7 p.m. Tickets will go on sale in a few weeks.

This new shelter is so fantastic, I am climbing on the play tree and it is so much fun.   If you haven’t seen our new shelter, plan to visit us.  Remember, don’t forget, I repeat, don’t forget, it is okay to bring toys for shelter dogs and cats!

 I wonder if Joey might be interested in adopting me or another nice person at GMG?

Kettle Cove Fish Market, circa 1900

Kettle Cove Fish Market, circa 1900 Anonymous/©Fredrik D. Bodin
The Kettle Cove Fish Market was located on Ocean Street in Manchester, on Kettle Cove marsh and near Black Beach. Coolidge Point is in the distance. Proprietor John Heath is on the right, John Gardner in the middle, and the other man is unidentified. It is probable that the market bought lobsters from Civil War veteran Jacob Dow, who I wrote about in Good Morning Gloucester about a year ago. The building, which was built over the marsh, was demolished and removed in the early 1970s.
Scanned from a vintage print provided by Warren Heath. Image #AD04-001
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Apple’s Next Generation MacBook Pro is a Hardware Beast at a Price

The hardware apple pumps out is without parallel.  The specs on the new MacBook Pro makes it a dream machine.


I am a fan of the iPhone, I am a HUGE fan of the iPad, I am a ginormous fan of Apple hardware.  What I know though is that for editing my blog quickly and for creating video clips with titles and credits and transitions and getting them published to the web I can do all of this faster on my windows 7 based PC for 1/4 of the price of the MacBook Pro.

I’ll challenge anyone, anywhere to a blog content creating competition- them using the new MacBook Pro and me using my 3 year old Gateway with an Intel i3 processor and Windows 7 with the free Windows Live Essentials suite of software which includes Live Writer and Live Movie Maker.

Keep in mind that I paid $550 for my gateway and the new MacBook Pro starts at $2200.

from Gizmodo

The "MacBook pro with Retina Display," the starship’s official name, starts at $2200 with a 2.3 GHz Ivy Bridge processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256 SSD. Ships today. If you want to max it out—2.7 GHz processor, 16 GB of RAM, and the 768 GB SSD, it’ll hit you $3750.

The pricetag is a whole lot of dough and you get what you pay for if you are only concerned about having the very best hardware available.  But I believe when Microsoft introduced Windows 7 it introduced for my uses an operating system that allows me to do things way faster.  Ask Kim Smith when she needs to render a movie on her iMac and it takes half a day what would take me 30minutes on my PC.

Hardware is only part of the equation.  if you don’t have the software for what you want to do because they don’t make it for Apple it’s tough luck for you.

So if you have money to burn (and I mean if you have the kind of money where you light your cigars with $100 bills) and are already happy with Apple’s operating system and basically use your computer for surfing the web 99% of the time, knock yourself out and buy one of these gorgeous, powerful machines.

But if you want something to blog on and do a fair amount of power using, save your money and buy a slick windows based Ultrabook which might be spec’d out  a little less but will cost you anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 of the price and will allow you to create content much quicker.

I wish that MacBook Pro was introduced a little cheaper, not so I could buy one, but just so the Windows based Ultrabook which it competes with and will be the next family computer would come down in price as a competitor.  At that outrageous price of $2200 I think the Ultrabooks won’t even budge down in price a little and actually might have a little better pricing power.

7 Ways Ultrabooks Beat the New MacBook Air

At This Point I Think They Are Messing With Me. Bike Riding 101 Violations On My Way Home Last Night

10 minutes of this last night on my way home.  I couldn’t photoshop photos this bad.

Isn’t this Bike Riding 101 that you ride single file?  This isn’t the Tour de France where you’re trying to get around other bike riders to win the race.  This is out for a goddamn bike ride practice.  There are no sponsorships for getting around the guy in front of you.  You are training and you are supposed to ride single file.  So while I’m behind you for 10 minutes and the cars are piling up behind me why is it that you continue to ride side by side holding conversations?  In what inconsiderate city state or town is it considered polite to take up the whole lane and make the motor vehicles pile up behind you?

Didn’t I call it yesterday in the Obnoxious Bike Rider Rant that the more stupid the bike riding outfit the more they hog the road?  Maybe it’s the spandex cutting off the oxygen to their brains.

Or maybe what is more likely, they read my Obnoxious Bike Rider Rant and now they are just out to fuck with me.



Community Stuff June 13, 2012

Whale Center of New England to Continue Operations


The Whale Center of New England based in Gloucester, Massachusetts is very pleased to announce that it will continue operations and work to further its mission. Following the initial announcement of the closing of the Whale Center, many caring friends, partners and members came forward to offer their support for the program. A dedicated group of these individuals have partnered with the Board of Directors of the Whale Center to form a new Board that will work to ensure the future of the organization.

The Whale Center was founded in 1980 by Mason Weinrich, then a Cornell University sophomore, by using work study money to get a placement from the College of the Atlantic to gather data on whales seen on whale watches. Originally formed as The Cetacean Research Unit (CRU) of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Museum, the Whale Center has achieved many significant accomplishments over the past 30 plus years for which Mason Weinrich, the naturalists, interns, staff and all the previous board members should be proud.   

Clifford Merchant, the newly elected President of the Board, stated that “The years of dedication and service by Weinrich, the previous members of the Board, and staff of the Whale Center of New England is very much appreciated.”  And as the new president, Merchant thanked the most recent Board of Directors “for entrusting both the Whale Center and the advocacy for the whales to the new Board members.”  The new Board would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dale Brown and attorney Meredith Fine for their hard work and commitment over the past several months and their assistance during this transition.

The Board’s initial goals are to raise the funds necessary to position the Whale Center to be able to continue the  mission started by Weinrich to actively engage education, marine conservation and research on whales and their habitat, .  The initial focus will be on education programs at the WCNE Visitors Center and whale watch boats, and continuing to gather research data through our partneships with whale watch companies.  The Board also plans on strengthening relationships with similar organizations and creating partnerships that will benefit the whales first and increase our knowledge of these amazing marine mammals.

Stephan Gersh, outgoing Board President told the Board members, “I wish the new board success in the future of the Center.  It is unique in its value to help protect our wonderful fellow beings. Remember always it is for them that we do what we do."

The members of the Board of Directors are all deeply grateful for the concern and support offered by our loyal members, staff and interns, scientific colleagues, and interested friends. They recognize the financial challenges facing not-for-profit organizations, but are committed to keeping the Whale Center of New England in the forefront of marine mammal education, research and conservation.  The board believes that with the financial assistance of our members and partners we can achieve that goal.  Anyone who would like to help should contact us on our website or on Facebook “The Whale Center of New England”. 

The Whale Center of New England is a not for profit corporation dedicated to engaging in scientific research on marine mammals and their environment in the southern Gulf of Maine; to educating the public and the scientific community about marine mammals and their environment; and to aiding in the survival of endangered whales and other marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine with special emphasis on the Massachusetts Bay and Cape Ann area.

For further information, contact us at 978-281-6351, or
Whale Center of New England, PO Box 159, Gloucester, MA 01931-0159

Fundraiser Holy Family Parish.

Hi Joey this is the last fundraiser until we meet in august.  The ladies of the Guild decided to have an easy not much work in other words a fun fundraiser.  Could this get in sometime this week or before wednesday June 20th, you have been wonderful in the past.  Just to let you know the Plant Sale/Strawberry Festival took in over $3,000.00 for the Parish the ladies work hard.  So if you could put in the Jalepenos night it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You Hilary

Holy Family Parish is having a fundraiser at Jalapeno’s Resturant June 20th, from 4p.m. to close.All one has to do is order dinner or take out between the hours from 4pm. to close and the Parish will recieve 10 % from the food reciepts.  Thats a wednesday night, 4p.m. to close. that includes all take out orders.  So if the kids have a game and you need a quick meal call in a take out order from Jalapeno’s Mexican Resturant or if you and a group would like to enjoy an evening of great food and great margarita’s come to the resturant.  So come and join us for a fun night, there will be a raffle, great food, see some old friends and make some new ones.  This is open to all

Hey Joey
Just wanted to let you know my latest TV documentary will be premiering this Wednesday on channel 38 at 10:30pm and then Sunday on channel 4 at 11:30am. It’s about the rise and fall and rise again of Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall–politics, entertainment (for some, that’s a redundancy) and food! It’s hosted by another Boston institution, Joyce Kulhawik. We packed a lot into a half-hour, and hope you can tune in. Here’s a link to the promo for it:

Ted Reed