How to make Special Joey Smoked Paté

1) Catch a fresh Sea Robin off the coast of Gay Head.

2) Prepare the Sea Robin. (You may have to double-click to see animation, NSFW).

3) Get Stella. Hey come back here! Wait, hold that pose.

Stella prepares special ingredient.

The rest is standard paté making except for extra zing just leave the bowl out where Stella can admire it like she is doing with these muffins.

International Dory Race Eliminations Final Results From Damon Cummings

The men’s open division final, which was whittled from 9 teams to 3 teams on Saturday, ran tonight off Niles Beach. 1. Mick Cote/John Swift 9:05 2. Ray D’Amico/Joe Cominelli 9:07 3. Erik Dombrowski/Glenn Harrington 9:09

The race was the most exciting I have ever seen with the boats neck and neck all the way out and making the turn all together at 4:38. Conditions were difficult with 12 – 15 winds from a little East of South and serious chop. An unattended power boat was anchored in the couse making navigation difficult particularly for the Dombrowski/Harrington crew. The lead changed several times on the way back to the beach with all three boats overlapped at the finish. The New Jersey team of Mick Cote/John Swift will be going to Lunenburg. Well done everybody!

Just Added A New Location To My Interactive Cape Ann Free WiFi Map-Sailor Stan’s

Click the map to go interactive, zoom in, get directions from wherever you are, see descriptions and more.  If you know of a joint I don’t have listed once you check out the map, let me know and I’ll add it!

Joey C’s Interactive Cape Ann Free WiFi Map


Correction- Basking Shark Jason Bolcome Photographs Great White Shark Off Of Rockport and GMG Has The Pics

I am Jason Bolcome, I was flying around Gloucester in my piper warrior when I heard over the radios information about a great white shark off rockport. I went back to beverly airport and picked up my friend Paul Beaulieuj who had a good camera and we decided to head off the cost of Rockport at 4pm and look for it. About 8 miles east off the coast of Rockport we started spotting large schools of fish and whales when Paul spotted a fin in the water. We then flew to investigate the fin when we had realized it was the great white shark everyone was talking about. I am no expert however comparing the size of it to the fishing boats my educated guess is that it is about 20ft long. Paul then began to take pictures as I flew the plane.




reportage about gloucester….published in italy in the may 2012 on "vivere club3"

i send you our reportage about gloucester….published in italy in the may 2012 on "vivere club3"
best regards
gianni attalmi

p h o t o g r a p h e r

click on the photo for the full size


Susan and Christian Derobert Represent! at Blackbird Caye

Hi Joe,

Some pics from our trip to Blackbird Caye 25 miles of the coast of Belize.

1: Great Blue Hole GMG was there

GMG Down

2: They have the guts to call that lobsters

langouste 3

Susan and Christian on the dock water temperature 85 F

Susan and Christian

What to do with Round Rocks? Make Art.

The backyard came with a bunch of round rocks. Sort of out of place. The cut granite left over from quarrying is cool but these round ones want to be back on a beach. But at 80 to 180 pounds they aren’t going anywhere fast. Sue wanted them to be sprinkled past a garden so it would look like a dry riverbed but that didn’t work. Now she wanted them out.

What to do? 30 yards was as far as I was going so Ted and I rolled them out of the way into a nice pile. They still looked kind of stupid but then a lightbulb went off.

Why not make some art? What do you think? Ted is taking the under that they won’t be upright next weekend. I’m taking the over because I think they will last forever.

ps. If you bet the under and then sneak over and push them over Rubber Duck may have a webcam set to record motion. Great for the Cat Birds. Are the Cat Birds more funny then usual this year? They are acting like they got into some ripe catnip.

Did You Know? (Capt. Joe & Sons)

Everyone who reads Good Morning Gloucester knows Joey C., but not everyone knows the Joey C. of Capt. Joe & Sons, and even less people know his cousin and partner, Frankie.  So here are a couple of shots of the guys hard at work grading and counting incoming lobsters.  Below that is a shot of “the dock” from the side.  Also, here are two shots of the approach to Capt. Joe & Sons at 95 E. Main Street from both directions.  Many people tell me they don’t know where the dock is or how to find Joey, or that he sells lobsters.  Now no one can say they don’t know. 

E.J. Lefavour

Willowdale Estate Peacock

I never know what interesting species I am going to encounter when at Willowdale– usually tending to find more of the native variety—-

From wiki: Indian Peafowl, Pavo cristatus, is a resident breeder in South Asia. The peacock is designated as the national bird of India and the provincial bird of the Punjab. The term peafowl can refer to the two species of bird in the genus Pavo of the pheasant family, Phasianidae. Peafowl are best known for the male’s extravagant tail, which it displays as part of courtship. The male is called a peacock, and the female a peahen. The female peafowl is brown or toned grey and brown.

Come join us tomorrow evening in the garden at Willowdale.

Wednesday’s with Fly Amero at The Rhumb Line

Prime Rib Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, June 13th
Special Guest:

A rare talent and true original. Rocky never fails to “wow”
his audience with brilliant arrangements and shrewd, creative
interpretations. This is an artist who answers only to his own
heart and imagination. I love this guy! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –
(while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
June 20: TBD

June 27: Jake Pardee (having just turned 21!!!)

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there! 🙂 ~ Fly

ESSEX FLOATILLA Opportunity With Jimmy T June 16, 2012


With Jimmy T

June 16, 2012

There are 3 Premium Seats available in the Dory Boat being rowed by International Dory Boat Racer James Tarantino. If you can’t or don’t or won’t SUP or Kayak down the Essex River, then get in touch with us quick to reserve your’ seat. $80 Round Trip. This offer can be divided among 2 people as well, in case you want a bit of both!! Soak up some sun and some stories about the Historic Dory Boats on the River.

Contact SUP at;

Phone: 978-233-1SUP

or email:

Would you eat this?

Click the picture and take a good look at it.


Say someone dropped this off for you on your desk.  Would you take the chance that maybe their dog licked it or there was kitty litter mixed in?

They tell me it’s bluefish pate.  I got as far as to bring it inches from my mouth but as I was looking at that grey mound of goop, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

So how bout you?

If someone you know and like dropped this off for you and told you it was Bluefish Pate, would you try it?

“The Immigrants Speak” – and very eloquently, too!

On Saturday night, The Annie hosted a great performance called “The Immigrants Speak”. It is a part of Jacqueline Cooper’s project titled “Follow the Thread”, which focuses on “America’s Jewish immigrants and the birth of the garment industry.”

The presentation combined period photos projected on a screen, with live actors narrating in first person the experiences of early 20th century immigrants and workers in the garment industry.   Also part of this project was the Vintage Fashion Show held at The Annie back on May 20, the community workshop presentation “Gloucester Garment Industry” held at the Cape Ann Museum on June 8, and the ongoing FIT Exhibit at the Sawyer Free Library (May 18 – June 30).

Here are a few photos from Saturday night’s performance.

The performances were really enthralling. Kudos to all those involved!

“Follow the Thread” in Gloucester is hosted by the Sawyer Free Library. Sponsored by the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires, and supported in part by grants from the Cultural Councils of Gloucester, Essex, and Rockport, and Mass Humanities.

Good Morning Gloucester Series: Tips For PR Professionals Part II

The stuff you didn’t learn in PR school from your boy Joey C

You want to get that story placed?  Food.

Sounds too easy, right?

But there’s something about food that is primal, that hits people in subconscious places that I can’t really describe.  Personally I’m hard pressed to say no to someone that shows up here with a cannoli or a cup of coffee and a pastry and pitches a story.  Or a restaurant that occasionally tunes me up.   I never ask for anything and lots of times I turn down an offer for some free grub but it’s more the gesture of the offer and then if I’m hungry and someone puts food in front of me- I remember that.

To be clear, I would never give a glowing recommendation for a restaurant that sucks ass.  I wouldn’t trade in my credibility for that. If I’m raving about something, believe me it is rave worthy.

I’m just saying that for a little gesture like a cannoli, a story that I might phone in gets a little extra special attention, whether it be a heavy web traffic time placement or the amount of time I’ll devote toward editing some shitty copy, whatever.  Let’s just say it’s a good investment to show up with something tasty.

I know you want to try to work with the tools you learned at college in books or from your time at a newspaper where you were supposed to have journalistic integrity, but this is 2012 baby and you’re in PR.   You’ve already sold out, you’ve got a job to do, you’ve got a story to place, you want results.  Get that story pitched with a nice big goddamned cannoli and I guarantee your success rate jumps up by at least 50%.

Of course the best pitch is for something that truly is a great story with mass appeal for a reporter or media outlet but if you’re working with a dogshit story to begin you gotta think like that old school adage- “The fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach”  So picture your crappy story like the chubby pimply 33 year old broad that can’t find a mate to spend their life with but figures out how to cook up a storm and suddenly finds the man of her dreams because she feeds him like a king.

It sounds so primal, right?  Well you can overcomplicate things and talk PR acronyms all day long from your PR how-to guide book or you can show up with a cannoli and make things happen. #Boom!

Thank you, I’m here to help

Joey C

You can read the first installment in the series here

Going Strong at 60 By Tim Oakes- International Dory Race Eliminations Round-Up From Timmy Oakes

First Race

The International Dory Racing Committee kicked off its 60th season on Saturday with a loaded field of accomplished and determined veteran rowers looking to represent the city against rowers from Lunenberg, Nova Scotia on June 23rd.

The field of rowers that will represent the City against their Canadian counterparts in the North Channel of the Inner Harbor of the semi-annual international rowing event is almost set.  Representing the City will be Lenny Billante/Jay Prince (Master), Denise Desautels/Edie Wald-Smith (Women), Randy Parisi/LJ Robertson (Junior) and Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino (Mixed).  The winning tandem from Monday night’s Men’s Division final will complete the field.

Counter to recent rends, the Men’s Division kicked off the day’s races with nine crews looking to secure a spot in Monday’s final heat. Each of the three-boat elimination heats were filled with past international dory champions.

While the rowers and the races usually provide the highlights for the day, Mother Nature certainly played a role as the day’s races were made more difficult by strong winds and a running tide.  The conditions tested the skill and technique of all of the rowers that participated in each of the elimination races.

At the conclusion of the Men’s elimination races, the dory tandems of Erik Dombrowski/Glenn Harrington, Mick Cote/John Swift and Ray D’Amico/Joe Cominelli overcame difficult race conditions and strong competition, pulling their way clear of the field and earning a spot in the final heat.

In the first heat, Erik Dombrowski/Glenn Harrington steered clear of a tightly packed, wind blown field on the way out to their half-mile turning buoy and powered through the course in a time of 8 minutes and 56 seconds, outpacing the crews of Steve Goodick/Alan Morrissey (9:14) and Jeff Muise/Len Robertson (9:17).

The second heat of the morning, which was the closest of the Men’s Division races, went to New Jersey rowers Mick Cote/John Swift.  In a high risk, high reward decision, Cote/Swift elected to start the race in the far corner of the start line, a distance from their fellow competitors, hoping to minimize the impact of the strong winds on their course out to the turning buoys.  The strategy paid off as Cote/Swift (8:56) edged out a hard fought victory over Mark Duval/Joe Sanfillipo (9:00) and Chris and Vito Giacalone (9:05).

The final Men’s Division elimination heat of the morning, which not only featured rowers with tons of international racing experience and success, but also the son of one of the first rowers to represent the US in the very first international dory race in 1952.  In worsening conditions, Ray D’Amico/Joe Cominelli (9:11) overcame a nearly disastrous course to the finish line to clip hard charging Jimmy Tarantino/Tom Jarvis (9:12) and Jerry Ciarametaro/Zack Morrissey (9:33). 

It is worth noting that D’Amico is the son of Steven D’Amico, who paired with Jerry Nicastro in the first race against legendary Canadian rowers Lloyd Heisler and Russell Langille in 1952.  D’Amico is looking to represent the US sixty years after his father rowed in the same race. 

The Master’s Division (Over-40) race continued the trend of close finishes.  Lenny Billante/Jay Prince (6:09) earned a measure of revenge over Mike Harmon/John Scola (6:10) when they made one final push and crossed the finish line just ahead of their closest challengers, in the exact same manner they lost to Harmon/Scola in last August’s elimination races.  The tandem of Bill Edmonds/Mike Frontiera (6:26), who lead the race approaching the quarter-mile turning buoys, finished third.

The Junior Division races, which were won handily by Randy Parisi/LJ Robertson (6:06), were marked by the entrance of a new tandem of brothers Ben and Ian Sewell, who hail from Amesbury.  The Sewall’s, who normally row on the Merrimac River, were not accustomed to the nuances of the open water course and were further hampered by the difficult conditions which challenged even the more experienced rowers throughout the day.  Undaunted, the tandem finished the course, picking up valuable race experience.

The last races of the day featured three tandems in the mixed doubles division.  The rowers did not disappoint as the race, like all of the other heats, was not decided until the crews were on their way back to the finish line.  The husband and wife tandem of Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino (6:24) defeated Tom Jarvis/Denise Desautels (6:33) and Jeff Muise/Edie Wald-Smith (6:42).

There were no Women’s Division elimination races.  The tandem of Denise Desautels/Edie Wald-Smith were unopposed and elected not to row the course. Desautels and Wald-Smith will automatically advance to the international races on the 23rd.