Preparations are Under Way For The 2012 GMG Horribles Day Float and Props To Our Sponsors!

Sista Felicia and Ed are 100% in charge of building the float but are looking for FOB’s to come help make this the best GMG Horribles Float to date!  Huge thanks to our sponsors listed below the pics!

GMG 2012 floar 004GMG 2012 floar 017GMG 2012 floar 018

Props to our awesome sponsors!!!!

Please patronize these GMG Approved Community Minded Businesses

gimmesound_final — local live music listings.  Find every live music show in Gloucester and Cape Ann — listen to music on-line & download — all for free.


The Lone Gull is a family owned coffeehouse located on Main Street in historic downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our ideal location makes us a great place to stop for a drink or a bite to eat, to chat with friends, or to have a business meeting. We offer free wi-fi to our customers, extremely comfortable couches and chairs, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.


Stones Pub

Stones is a small comfortable neighborhood pub in Gloucester, MA, America’s oldest seaport! We offer homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts all made on premises before your eyes in the open kitchen. The delicious smells welcome when you come in the door to a warm greeting.

Ed Collard House Doctors Handyman Services

Passports Restaurant


Noble Electricians


Steve Noble who does so much community work donating his time toward many great causes.

Robert Heidt

The new executive director of the Chamber of Commerce says that Good Morning Gloucester does so much for the community that he wanted to personally be a sponsor of the 2012 GMG horribles parade float

Circle Consulting

Donna Ardizzoni and Rick Moore

With Circle Consulting, small and mid-size companies can cost-effectively leverage world-class technology experience. We keep up with the latest developments in the rapidly changing technology sector, so you can focus on your core business. Let us do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.


Greg Harris Brierwood Landscaping (978) 281-7564

for letting us use his trailer

It’s Giveback Time- Sean Sends This One Out To All His Gay Fans

In honor of the upcoming Gay Pride parade in Salem this weekend Sean wanted to give back a little something to  his legion of  fans.

For more info on the parade-

For more information visit or




4th Annual Farm at Sea Featuring $1 Sam Summer Summer draughts all day and night


This is a 21+ Event
Farm at Sea 2012 will not disappoint! This year we only have 100 tickets to sell for the boat, they are only $55 each and include the following:

Cookout all afternoon in the farm backyard with all you can eat Farm food and a 300lbs pig roast.
Volleyball and horse shoes in the back yard
$1 Sam Summer Summer draughts all day and night
Event t-shirt
Bus ride to and from the boat in Gloucester Harbor
Gloucester harbor cruise under the fireworks with live music on the boat.
Those who have been at this event in the past know that it is one of our can’t miss productions.
To get your tickets (they will sell out), stop by the farm in Essex, or call 978 768 0000 (just not during lunch or dinner times). Just replying as Attending to this event can’t guarantee you a spot, so don’t procrastinate!

FAS2012 poster v1

Polyphemus Moth

Perhaps you may recall the photo of the wild silkworm cocoon posted back in April. I was becoming a little discouraged at the lack of activity and wondered if we should place the cocoon, which was housed in a terrarium and protected from the sun by our shaded porch, into full sun. My worries were for nothing because during the heat wave Thursday, sometime in the mid-morning hours, a gorgeous female Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus) emerged from her cocoon.Female Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus)

The Polyphemus Moth is so named because of the giant eyespots ringed with yellow, blue, and black on the hindwings. In Greek mythology Polyphemus is the one-eyed Cyclopes and son of Poseidon and Thoosa; the name means “much spoken of” or “famous.”

The Polyphemus Moth also has a pair of transparent spots on the forewings. Antheraea polyphemus is one of North America’s largest moths with a wingspan of four to six inches. Like the Luna Moth and Cecropia Moth, the Polyphemus Moth belongs to the Giant Silkworm Family or Saturniidae.

Male Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus). Note the comb-like feathery antennae of the male, which are nearly double the size of the female. The large antennae can more easily detect pheromones released by the female. 

I was hoping a female would emerge, knowing that she would release pheromones, which would attract a male. Thursday night we set up the terrarium outside in a sheltered area around back. The following morning, sure enough, I discovered a perfect male specimen clinging to the back door. They don’t fly very well when their wings are not warmed sufficiently so he was easy to capture. I placed him into the terrarium with the female. Her abdomen is bursting with eggs and she had already begun to deposit unfertilized eggs everywhere—on leaves, her old cocoon, and the glass walls of the terrarium. That night I woke up every hour on the hour to try to photograph their mating, but I don’t think a pairing took place.

Female Polyphemus Moth with abdomen swollen with eggs.

She is continuing to deposit eggs each evening. Her abdomen is still quite swollen. I am keeping my hopes up that they will get it together so the male will fertilize her eggs and we can then rear the caterpillars! Both male and female emerge without mouthparts; they do all their eating in the caterpillar stage.

Polyphemus Moth Cocoon found on White Birch tree (Betula papyrifera) April 1, 2012.

3 Answers: Where will the Zip Line Kid be tonight? Where can you get Fiesta Coupons? & Why is Chelsea Berry in the news in LYNN?

Today’s Daily Item of Lynn story about Chris Isaak’s concert tomorrow at North Shore Music Theatre includes an interview with Chelsea Berry (see Lynn Item Story Here).  Now, for some reason she told the reporter how old she is (I thought women never did that — she never told me).  More importantly, read the story and find out how she’s taking her  music in a new direction, which you can experience for yourself tomorrow night when Chelsea and her new band open for Chris Isaak (whose birthday is today).  VIP is sold out, but seats are still left — and all seats at the Music Theatre are good seats.  Get tickets here.

OK, where do you think the Zip Line Kid will be tonight?  It’s wrist band night at Fiesta.  That means your kids (and you too if you can handle it) get unlimited rides for one price.   So our family will be at Fiesta — rain or shine.  And we will save $5 with a coupon.  You can get one too here.

Just in case you’d rather be inside tonight (see full live music lineup here), check out Fly Amero with guitar virtuoso Jake Pardee at Rhumb Line.  Here’s part of Jake’s appearance on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, where he talks about guitar playing, lessons, listening, neighbors, Berklee and says, “Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane to me are very similar.”  Then he proves my point about his virtuosity!

Good Morning Gloucester Will Be Your Source For Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage–Fiesta Webcams and More

We’ve already posted dozens of 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Reports and it just kicked off last night.

Here is your link if you want the feed of straight up GMG Fiesta Posts, always updated

save that link and you can go straight to the coverage

Here is a Webcam which will be switch between the Rides and Birdseye Building and The Greasy Pole and Harbor for the Sporting Events Throughout the weekend (keep checking back)image

Brought to you by DiscoverGloucester

Pet of the Week-Seabreeze

Pet of the week, cape ann animal aid, seabreeze

I just love Good Morning Gloucester!  I look forward to looking at this site because I learn so much!  I love the photos, everything that is going on and I keep thinking how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

My name is Seabreeze and I am a six-month-old female kitten.  Everyone compliments me on the my beautiful coat.   I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid now located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.  Visit: to see how lovely it is here.  We feel so grateful to the businesses and friends on Cape Ann who support us.

The rooms are big and there is plenty of light where I can look out to the woods. I see the dogs going out for walks with the volunteers on the trails.

Please attend the Sunset Dessert Cruise on July 21 at Capt. Bill’s at harbor Loop at 7 p.m. Rain date on the 22.Tickets on sale soon.

If you would like to help us with needed items, we can use wet cat and kitten food any brand including EVO wet for some of our pickier kittens.

Small plastic or stainless steel litter boxes for the kittens, large kitchen brooms, micro fiber wash cloths and of course, toys, toys, toys.  If you arrive with toys and there is a cat waiting to greet you, it will be, Seabreeze, VP of toys!!!


Where is the Fiesta Ferris Wheel?

Last year I overcame my Fear-of-Carnival-Equipment and took my first ride ever on the Fiesta ferris wheel. When I was a child I loved amusement parks. Fear-of-Carnival- Equipment is an affliction that strikes one upon becoming a mother. Nevertheless, at this time last year my camera was brand new and I was determined to take photos from the ferris wheel vantage point (and both kids had left for college and grad school).

I was disappointed to see that this year the ferris wheel was not set up along Pavilion Beach. According to carnival employee Bones, the ferris wheel was recently sold to a permanent park in Mexico because it was becoming too old for the frequent moves demanded of it from a traveling company. Although I will miss the gorgeous view of Gloucester from atop the ferris wheel I am glad they made this safety call. The good news is that the company is planning to purchase a new ferris wheel and hopefully it will be here next year!

Snapshots from St. Peter’s Square this morning.

“The Savages” Seine Boat Team

Dog Park News From Christopher Lewis


Anne and Christopher Lewis held a party for major donors to the Dog Park along with the Dog Park Construction Team. Everyone was updated on the significant progress that has been made this Spring.We would very much appreciate some space in GMG to tell people about the progress and that we only need to raise a further $65,000 to complete the project.

Rev View copy



June 24, 2012,   Dog Park News 

On Sunday, June 24, 2012, Anne and Christopher Lewis hosted a party, at their home in East Gloucester for major donors to the Dog Park along with the Dog Park Construction team. Among the attendees were: John Dugger, Chair of the Dog Park committee along with construction team member, Nikki Bach of Inside Edge Builders together with major donors, who included Jason and Shelly Sevinor of Salem Plumbing in Gloucester, Anne Lewis, ‘The Cat Doctor of Gloucester,” and Beth and Linzee Coolidge of the Dusky Foundation.” Major donations totaling $151,500 have been committed by seven individuals, three corporations and one foundation. Completion of the project will require further donations of $65,000. The Dusky Foundation will match the first $25,000. If you would like to help us finish the project , please call 978 879 9283

Construction is under way at Stage Fort Park. The foundation has been built and the sheds, which were built by the Gloucester High School carpentry shop students under the guidance of Dana Griffin, are in place on the foundation of the entryway. This has all come about thanks to the donated services of the building committee working on a landscape plan by Hugh J. Collins Associates of Wenham.

Entryway and Dog Shelters
The Landscape designer is currently working on a detailed plan for the tree and plant layout and water needs. As soon as a trench is made for the water line, the entryway will be completed. All materials for the entryway pergola will be donated by Precision Roofing and Timberline. Two anonymous donations have been received for the large dog area and small dog area shelters.

Water Station and Solar power
Arrangements have been made with the City of Gloucester to tap the City water main. After this is completed it will then be possible to install the water stations in the large dog and small dog areas. These stations have been donated by Shelly & Jason Sevinor of Salem Plumbing Supply in Gloucester and Dr. Ray Cahill of Seaport Veterinary Hospital. The building committee is working with a potential donor on the installation of solar panels.

The best estimate for the grand opening of the Dog Park is late fall 2012 or early spring 2013.  This depends on how the transplanted trees grow, which will determine when the final grading can be done and the fence installed.


Jason Sevinor of Salem Plumbing in Gloucester, Dr. Ray Cahill of Seaport Veterinary Hospital, Shelly Sevinor, John Dugger, Chair of the   Dog Park Committee, Chef Kim Johnson and Dr. Anne Lewis of the "Cat Doctor of Gloucester" at the major donor event in East Gloucester


Linzee Coolidge of the Dusky Foundation and Maggie Cahill


Suzyn Ornstein and B.J. Wayne, the artist and  musician, with "Thank you" dog Biscuits by Chef Kim


Chef Kim Johnson, Shelly and Jason Sevinor of Salem Plumbing in Gloucester with Dr. Anne’s dogs, Sangha and Kami

Take care — Christopher Lewis