Different Point of View Greasy Pole and Seine Boats last Friday

Some shots of the activities from a different perspective. Looking at Pavilion Beach area from Stacy Boulevard. From past the Fisherman..

Looking for Seine Boat Rowers

The Gloucester Gig Rowers are starting a new intense race and conditioning program and we are looking to reach out to the Seine boat rowers who might want to train with us this season. Could you introduce me to folks in the Seine boat community?

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Junior Women’s Seine Boat Vine From John McElhenny

Uhm, Yeah, Case You Didn’t Recognize, Fiesta Week Is Here!!!!!!!!

Joanne Frontiero and Crew Head Out For Seine Boat Practice

Props To The Men and Women That Keep Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions Alive

Sista Felicia sent me a bunch of pictures from the junior girls Seine Boat practice yesterday and there was something that hit me when looking through the photos.  It was the love and dedication that certain people put in to keeping the tradition alive.  In this case it happened to be Joanne Frontiero, Joe Balbo,Tim Oakes, Mike Frontiero and Julie Geary but there are many others woven throughout the community that show up year after year to make it all happen.

Every year if you are a lover of Fiesta you recognize the same faces in the Seine Boats, on the Greasy Pole, at The Novena, On the Altar, Walking in the Parade.

When you look through the pictures you will see Joanne climbing over the seats, tying down the oars in place and coaching up the girls.  This is not just a tiny bit of work, believe me.  and without even speaking to Joanne I know she does it as a labor of love, but it is because of people like Joanne that dedicate to bringing the youngsters into the traditions through patience and love that the rest of us get to enjoy it so very much year after year after year.

The list of people dedicating time, passion and love to our greatest of Gloucester traditions could fill up a page, hopefully throughout the week I’ll get to bring you some of those faces and stories and make you glad you are a subscriber to GMG.

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Here’s some pictures from Sista Felicia 2012 Junior Girls Seine Boat Practice-


2012 Jr Seine Boat Practice 4:50AM 6/25/12 Pics and Video

Y’all do realize it’s Fiesta week, right?  The greatest week of the entire year.  Our Superbowl.  Let’s Do This!

click below for video of the scene at the town landing at 4:50this morning-




Please Welcome New GMG Contributor Craig Kimberly- St Peter’s Fiesta Parade Video and More

I have a feeling you’re really gonna like his stuff.

Born in Salem, Craig Kimberley is a director, cinematographer, editor, photographer. His family moved to Virginia in the late 70’s where he’s lived for the last 30 years. With hopes of moving to here soon, he’s vacationing in Gloucester with his sweet aunt, Joan Kimberley, on Washington street.  The St. Peter’s Fiesta was a great welcome back weekend!
Look for his videos over the next few weeks sharing his return to Massachusetts. With a couple of photos mixed in, it should make for some fun content. Craig notes, “So far, everyone I’ve met has lived up to my greatest expectations of true New England character and class. Thanks to Joey, and Good Morning Gloucester, I’ve been given a fantastic venue to share my vacation adventures.” So stay tuned for more videos in the coming days!


Patricia Osborn 2010 KAOS Seine Boat Crew Picture

Hi Joey-  I have a pretty great shot of the KAOS boat from the seine boat race at Fiesta 2010- and was wondering if you would be interested in posting it. I planned on printing it, etc. for a gift but then decided to share with the rest of Gloucester. If you decide to post it I assume my name will be associated with it? It’s a keeper.


Patricia Osborn