"Life is the Poem" party, in honor of Gloucester poet Vincent Ferrini From Terry Weber

Hi Joey,

Last Sunday was the “Life is the Poem” party, in honor of Gloucester poet Vincent Ferrini. It was a beautiful day on the harbor, and guests celebrated the life and works of Ferrini by reading poetry, performing skits, sipping on wine and champagne, and nibbling on fresh sushi. The party was hosted by the Gloucester Writers Center. Among the entertainers were Captain Tom Ellis reading poetry, singer Charlee Bianchini providing lovely background music, and actors Rick Gadbois & Heidi Pulkkinen bringing a special guest– ‘Marilyn Monroe’.

In case you missed it, click on this link for a slideshow:

marilyn monroe

EJ is close to 50% being funded for her book

Update #4: Nearly at 50% with 13 days to go!


Posted 1 day ago

There are 13 days to go and the project is now just under 50% funded.  A very exciting pledge was made today for $1,500 with the reward of being the character to return to Bong Tree Island with Martine Bates in the sequel to save the inhabitants of Bong Tree Island.  The identify of this backer will remain a secret until the campaign is successfully completed (although they may have to remain unidentified until the sequel is complete).

Again, if you have friends that you think would like to help back the Tales of Bong Tree Island project, please forward to them with your most excited, effusive endorsement, like: “This project is amazing and incredibly creative, I backed it and I think you should consider backing it too”.  The time is getting close now and we’ve come too far to not succeed. 


Thanks for all your help and support.  Best, EJ, Martine and everyone on Bong Tree Island

Bike Riders and the Horribles Parade From John McElhenny

The Legendary Head of Hair, Skinny Jeans Wearing, King of The YMCA Basketball Courts, HUGELY INFLUENTIAL  John McElhenny writes-

I heard some bike riders are going to have a posse riding in the Horribles Parade (see below). I’m going to pull some strings to get them riding in the middle of the road right in front of your GMG float, just to mess with you.

image001I want YOU!
To ride a bike.
July 3rd Horribles parade
GHS Parking lot * 5:00 pm
Wear a cape or a mask!
be a hero!

Raw Footage Preview of Chelsea Berry at North Shore Music Theatre last night

Local photographer / filmmaker Brendan Pike shot some excellent video last night of the Chelsea Berry Band rocking the North Shore Music Theatre “like nobody has ever done before,” as one long-time theatre-goer exclaimed after the show.

Of course you are among the very first people to see this raw footage because you’re an FOB!  And as soon as we have more to share (Brendan shot Chelsea’s entire set), you’ll be first to see that video too.

Tomorrow will rock with a New Orleans flavor when Aaron Neville takes the stage with Henri Smith opening — There are still tickets left (get them here), and, as you can tell by this video, which was shot from behind the LAST ROW, all seats are good seats.  No; make that GREAT seats.  And the sound is spectacular!

Weather is clear and looks perfect for the evening, so get out to Fiesta and party!  Over a dozen great choices for live music in town tonight.  Check out the full live music schedule here.

Lepidopterologist Wanted – That Means You, Kim Smith!

What is this?  It came flying into the gallery last night.  At first I thought it was a hummingbird, although it moved slow for a hummingbird and fast for a moth.  It eventually landed and I was able to capture it and put it back outside.   Anyone know what it is?

E.J. Lefavour


15 Days Until Blackburn Challenge

This has snuck up on the Rubber Duck so she is doubling her work outs.

And a One and a TWO, OK all done. As always if you are tracking Blackburn, the timer to the starting gun is here. And a map to track Rubber Duck is here.

Rubber Duck promises to have a real time Rubber Duck tracker so you can track her progress around Cape Ann and meet her at the Greasy Pole. She promises to be there before the beer runs out.

Of course, to check out the names of the 224 plus paddlers just go to the Cape Ann Rowing Club website or go to their page here and the link is in the middle of the page.

Registration is still open but do it today or else you might have to settle for just cold beer, the pulled pork and the massage but not get the uber cool T-Shirt. If the Rubber Duck can do it …

Greasy Pole Fall Classic Fundraiser 2011

In the autumn of 2011 the platform rigged in the harbor that supported the greasy pole was damaged first by Hurricane Irene, and then destroyed by a subsequent ‘noreaster. Roughly eighty thousand dollars was needed to reconstruct the platform. The Greasy Pole Fall Classic Fundraiser was held at Newell Stadium, and is a one time only re-creation of the annual event that is taking place this weekend. Gloucester’s St. Peter’s Fiesta is attended by tens of thousands and it is a beautiful celebration of St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen. The Greasy Pole is a highlight of the fiesta, and just one of many religious and celebratory events.