Calico Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons 6/1/12 One In 30 Million? Really?

A couple of weeks ago the New England Aquarium took possession of a calico lobster and was touting it through their marketing efforts as a one in 30 million lobster.


Either the numbers they are using are off or we here at the dock are the luckiest lobster dealers on the planet and should be stocking up on megabucks tickets because we get 2-5 a year.

Click here for pictures of the Calico Lobster at The New England Aquarium

I’m pegging the over/under on number of speckled lobsters that are landed at our dock this year at 3.

Here’s the first one I’ve seen this year landed June 1st by our Fisherman Mark Davis aboard the Holy Mackerel-





Just another mutant to add to the gallery of blue, marbled, albino, speckled, yellow, double clawed, triple clawed and other odd lobsters landed here at our dock, Captain Joe and Sons.

Click below to see the pictures I’ve taken over the years of mutant lobsters landed at our dock.


JJ Jinglenuts Week

This coming Saturday marks two years since the passing of the most famous GMG cat and internet phenom (besides lolcat), JJ Jinglenuts. Joey on 6/9/2010.

So this week we can post our favorite Jinglenuts story. One that I have is that Joey posted several times how JJ liked to clean his junk. Several times.

And then just a few minutes later JJ is wishing everyone a Happy Easter by licking Easter cookies.

My dog Stella is scratching her head on this one.

What is Donna Ardizzoni So Shocked By?

Could it be Joey’s uncensored display of his true feelings about R. Duck at Mug Up?  Even the unflappable Ed looks a little dismayed.  And poor visiting Goettemann Residency artist, Katerina Smirnova from Siberia, doesn’t know what to think.  After all, it is only an innocent little rubber duck. 

Inquiring minds want to know:  What has R. Duck done to make Joey dislike her so much?

Butterfly Garden Tour at Willowdale Estate

Reminder to save the date ~ A week from Tuesday, on the evening of  June 12th, I am giving a tour of the butterfly gardens at Willowdale Estate.  We will be showing my short film about the gardens at Willowdale and Briar’s delicious refreshments will be served. I am very excited to share the gardens and show how to translate this information to your own garden. I hope you can join us for what promises to be a lovely evening!

R.S.V.P. to


Blues Festival Performer Preview

On August 11, Paul Benjamin & Bob Hastings bring some of the world’s best blues artists to Gloucester for what we hope will be an annual event, the Gloucester Blues Festival.  In this video (the first of our week-long Blues Festival Series) the producers give you a preview of some of the music you’ll hear and artists you’ll see.  Remember, you can save $12 if you buy tickets in advance ~ Get tickets here.

It’s a great week for music on Cape Ann with 22 artists performing between now and Thursday alone!  See the full music lineup here.

Surfside Subs Doing The Lobster Roll the Right Way

Notice the lack of celery and lettuce?  Notice the split top butter and grilled bun?

This is what’s up!

Surfsidelb Surfside Subs on twitter writes-

@Joey_C Here’s the Surfside lobster roll. Made with avocado and served on focaccia. Kidding!

Surfside Subs gets my lobster roll seal of approval.

Surfside Subs
147 Thatcher Rd
Long Beach, Gloucester, MA  01930
(978) 281-1700

Surfside subs website here

Portuguese Crowning Procession

Yesterday, I was caught off guard by the sound of a marching band. I ran to the window and saw something I’d never seen before: a procession with a marching band (that part I had seen before) with a series of couples and young women in elaborate gowns carrying crowns (that was new to me!).  Naturally, I grabbed my camera and hurried to get photos. I inquired what the occasion was, and got a brief explanation. In essence, it’s a tradition of our Portuguese-speaking community (from Portugal and the Azores, not Brazil), related to Pentecost, celebrated by the parish of Our Lady of Good Voyage.   I found a more detailed explanation here in an old article of the Gloucester daily Times.  [Update: a fellow GMG blogger gave a great explanation just before I posted this!] So, here are some photos, for those who, like me, have never seen it before!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Celebration of the Feast of the Holy Spirit

D.E.S. – “Divino Espírito Santo”


Fatima and Manuel Silva  Honored with the Holy Crown


Harold Ercolani –President of the DES


Taylor Benttencourt –Carries the New DES Crown

The History of the Holy Ghost Feast
The original Holy Ghost Feast was held during the reign of Elizabeth (Isabel) of Portugal, who lived from 1271 to 1336. She was known as a peacemaker and as “The Holy Queen” who was devoted to the Holy Spirit. She built a church dedicated to the name of the Holy Spirit in Lisbon and often demonstrated her devotion to her people and their well-being. There are many stories of the Queen’s piety and service, but the dearest to the Portuguese people of the Azores is the one explaining their devotion to Queen Elizabeth and the Holy Ghost. In the 13th century, the Azores Islands suffered from many violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The most seriously hit was the Island of Pico. The people of these Azores Islands could not survive the drought, crop failures, and famine that now plagued them. They gathered together in prayer to the Holy Ghost for help. On the morning of Pentecost Sunday, there was a great rising sun, and the people of these islands saw in the sunrise a ship coming into the Port of Fayal. This ship was laden with necessities of life. The food was distributed among the people of the various islands, and they were very grateful that their prayers had been answered. When their Queen heard of this providence, she organized a solemn procession in honor of the Holy Ghost. Accompanied by her maids she carried her Crown through the streets of Lisbon to the cathedral, where she left it on the altar as an offering of thanksgiving for the favors the Holy Ghost had given her people. In addition, she began a tradition of feeding the poor at Pentecost. Each year she chose twelve people to whom she gave a new suit of clothing and personally served them a meal at her table. The people of the Azores vowed that they and their children and their children’s children would commemorate the day by giving thanks to their Queen for the sacrifice she made. Since then, many Portuguese churches have displayed replicas of her eight-sided crown in remembrance of her goodness and God’s grace. Later, in the 16th century, the church canonized this holy queen in recognition of the miracles that were attributed to her pious life

The DJ Rant

I’ve kept this one bottled up for far too long.

Much like The How To #U@& UP A Lobster Roll Rant, The Broads Out In California Lobster Roll Rant, The Note To Restaurant Owners Rant, The Follow Up To The Note To Restaurant Owners Rant, The Bluetooth Headset Rant , The Soggy French Fry Rant, The Pensive Pose Rant, these are more like Public Service Announcements.  I’m just trying to make the world a better place.

This one goes out to the DJ’s of the world.


It is time to retire Celebrate, We Are Family and YMCA from your music library.

I will go so far to say that if the DJ you hire plays any of these songs you should fire him on the spot and take over the wheels of steel, iPod, or whatever else is driving the music.-YOU CAN DO A MUCH BETTER JOB!

We went to a benefit a couple of months ago and this DJ who was much younger than me started doing his thing.  I swear he didn’t play a single song from this decade or last decade.  We’re talking straight 80’s.  From start to finish.   Not a single person danced to a single song except the party organizers who were obviously embarrassed by the DJ selection.

There was hope when I saw this particular DJ was 30ish.  Nope- he may have been the worst DJ of ALL TIME.

I like lots of classics, I really do, but really there is a music catalog beyond those same old tired tracks that you hear at every wedding or fundraiser since 1982.


My advice either these old DJ’s either better get current or the young kids running their equipment from iPad’s are gonna eat your lunch.


and any of you that tell me that the new music all sucks, you just haven’t listened, there are some great new artists out there.

I want to give these older DJ’s a chance to update their libraries but honestly in the past three years I’ve probably been to 20 events where there was a DJ and you know what the trend is?

The trend is that the high school kids who are buying equipment are doing a bazillion times better job than the older DJ’s around that rehash the same old playlists from the 80’s.

Get with it or step aside and let the youngsters take over.

My Boy Matty K from the Farm Bar and Grille is IMO the greatest DJ around these parts.  Sista Felicia had a youngster spinning at BJ and Amanda’s Graduation party last night and he killed it.


Cecropia Moth emerges at Long Beach from Christine Morey

Look what emerged from it’s crysalis last week!!  Amazing, and I understand they are nocturnal, so few people ever see them!

The video is grainy – I haven’t used that function before – but worth watching him stretch out after getting out of his tiny pod!

Wingspan of over 5", covered in a beautiful orange fur!

Stayed, stretched, and rested for the day, gone in the morning!

Research I found:


from Christine Morey at Annabelle’s Pet Care

Weak Eye from Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

I had to change some chains for our docks recently and was mortified when I dug up the stem of one of the 150lb. mushroom anchors that hold them in place to find this.  I’m pretty sure I was one storm away from disaster!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid