Want a Kiss on the Neck!

Richard Bell has opened Kiss on the Neck Ice Cream on Rocky Neck.  With warm sunny weather in the forecast, a trip to Rocky Neck on the water shuttle, an ice cream and a walkabout is the perfect afternoon or evening treat. 

Richard is a real sweetheart, and maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a kiss on the neck from him.

E.J. Lefavour

Mary McCarthy’s Opening

Last night I was only very briefly able to stop in to say hello and wish fiber artist Mary McCarthy well on her first Gloucester opening, held at her summer gallery on Rocky Neck, 77 Rocky Neck Avenue.

Mary and Wendie

Make time to go see Mary’s array of improvised and wonderfully eccentric hats, quilts, and monsters. Mary combines her keen eye for art and design with the highly personal style of Gees Bend quilt- making. Welcome to Gloucester Mary!

Corey and Mary’s granddaughter Dahlia

Zip Line Kid shows you how to chop wood and use a socket set to fix a wagon

When we built the zip line (See those videos here), we had to chop down some trees and since yesterday wasn’t much of a beach day, John decided to chop them up and fix his wagon so he could haul the wood into the garage to store until it gets really cold.  In this video he shows you how to chop wood with an ax and use a socket wrench to repair a wagon (red wagon, of course).

Lots of great live music going on RIGHT NOW on this beautiful Father’s Day (click here for some ideas we gave you yesterday).  If you play your cards right, you could take Dad to see 8 shows between now and 9 tonight!  See full live music lineup here.

So I Head Over To Deliver Lobsters At Cruiseport

2012-06-17 11.11.44

It’s 11:00AM, and there’s only a handful of restaurant patrons but the kitchen is buzzing with about 5 chefs and 10 servers in anticipation of a busy afternoon ahead.  I poke my head into the back prep room and there’s Sheree DeLorenzo head down with her apron on shucking lobsters.  The woman doesn’t stop.  You’d think with a restaurant this big and with a staff that large the owner would be pointing fingers telling the chefs what to do or having her managers telling her chefs what to do, but no.  She’s out back at the sink shucking away with a smile on her face.  The American Workhorse defined.

This is part of what makes a great entrepreneur, a willingness to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes.  No job is beneath the American entrepreneur.

On my origami “drawing board”: a Gothic church

I am refining this design to teach it at an origami convention in a little over a week. This is a more complex version of the origami church I first invented two years ago:

The simple version is folded from a square. The more complex one is folded from a 2×1 rectangle.

I will be teaching an origami class at The Annie on July 3, at 7PM, as part of the “Beyond Imagine” series of art evenings.  Exactly what I will teach depends on who shows up; we’ll start with something very quick and simple and work our way from there.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Run Gloucester! is Off But YuKanRun Cape Ann Half Marathon and Triple Threat Road Race Series Is Still On!


Hey Joey –
I went by your place on an early morning training ride yesterday. I’ll have to stop in and shake hands when I see you on the dock.
Hopefully you’ll have a great Father’s Day tomorrow. If I’m lucky, I’ll score a couple of lobsters from my kids!

I saw the announcement about RunGloucester being cancelled. I was hoping you could remind everyone that the Building Center YuKanRun.com Triple Threat Road Race Series and Cape Ann Half Marathon are scheduled for Aug 5th. Registration is open and we’ve had a great response so far. This is going to be HUGE! The Building Center has very generously returned as the Premier Title Sponsor again this year and we are grateful for their support. A portion of race proceeds will benefit The Open Door Food Pantry. In fact, if you bring a jar of peanut butter as a donation for The Open Door Food Pantry on race day, we’ll reward you with 13.1 sticker! Runners can register for the 1-mile, 5K race of half marathon at www.YuKanRun.com.
Thanks, Joey. Again, have a great Father’s Day!
– Rich Morrell

Anne and Christopher Lewis Represent! at Yosemite National Park, CA


Anne and Christopher Lewis representing at Nevada falls on the Mist trail, Yosemite Park


Anne Lewis representing at the base of the "California Tunnel Tree" -a Sequoia tree in Mariposa grove, Yosemite. This 1800 year old sequoia is the larger living thing on the planet.


A few other shots from Yosemite:


Drinking a "Capitini" at the Awahnee Hotel, Yosemite after a great hike on the Mirror Lake Trail. The Capitini is named for "El Capitan" – the Vertical wall that has challenged great climbers in the park.


On the 4 mile trail with "Half Dome" in the background. This trail goes up 3000 feet from the valley floor to Glacier Point.


El Capitan

Community Stuff June 17, 2012


Eastern Point Day School, formerly St. Mel’s Independent Day School, celebrated the graduation of its first 8th class that  started Kindergarten in 2003 and has stayed at school through the 8th grade.  Charles Patrick McManus and James Maino Turner graduated from EPDS  last night, June 14th, on the front lawn of the school located across from Niles Beach in Gloucester.   The ceremony was highlighted by performances of EPDS alumni, Zachary Magee, who played Pomp and Circumstances on the violin during the procession, and Lily Armstrong, who sang a beautiful a cappella closing song.  Both Patrick and James will be attending St. John’s Prep starting in the fall. 

This celebration marked the culmination of 9 years of hard work by many educators, community members, and parents to transition this formerly independent Catholic school into a non-profit PreK-8th grade community based school utilizing Cape Ann’s and Massachusetts’s incredible resources to bring learning to  life daily with experiential  curriculum and teaching.  EPDS’s nurturing educational environment also emphasizes community service and involvement for all of its students and families.  The school has accomplished this transition during these very challenging economic times and kept it’s tuition much lower than most private school to give local families a private school option in Gloucester.   For more information about Eastern Point Day School’s full year, homeschool and summer programs, please call 978-283-1700 or visit www.easternpointdayschool.org.

WED, June 27:Fundraiser for the Cultural Center Building Fund

     All money goes to the Cultural Center Building fund

A Conversation/Crit for Artists, Led by Ruth Mordecai

Time:  4:45 to 6:45 pm at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

Where:  6 Wonson Street, Gloucester

Description: Bring some work and learn from one another. You will come away with fresh ways of looking at your work and the work of others by the end of 2 hours.

Limited to 8 participants. $30 per RNAC artist members; $50 for non-RNAC member.

Write one very short paragraph about your work, including what materials you use, the size(s), why you do it, what it is about? Is there a story (short) we should know? Also, bring a photo of a work of art (not yours) or a poem or music that for some reason has meaning for you. Don’t worry about this. Bring what you can. All levels.

Contact: Vicki Diez-Canseco

Email: jsjvldc@gmail.com