Leon Poindexter declares the Tea Party Ships finished. From Kathy Chapman

Leon Poindexter declares the Tea Party Ships finished. On board both vessels is a mix of robots and actors reenacting life at sea in colonial times.

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012



Tea Party Ship Museum Opens Tonight From Kathy Chapman

Getting ready for the big public opening tonight 6-8pm. Blogging on event with fireworks, etc. tomorrow.

Hard to believe it was just a couple of months ago that she was launched from East Gloucester Marine Railways where Leon Poindexter did most of the building of her-



Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012



The Brig Beaver arrives in Boston

Kathy Chapman writes-

Yesterday I had the privilege to ride on the Tea Party Ship Beaver in the parade to its new berth at the Tea Party Ship Museum in Fort Point Channel, Boston. Once in place the masts will be stepped and the rigging will be completed.

It was a perfect day, hundreds of people welcomed us.

What a great accomplishment for master shipwright Leon Poindexter (shown close up) and his crew at the Gloucester Marine Railways. Mr. Poindexter is known for his artistry and has worked on many vessels on the National Register of Historic Places as well as serving as the master shipwright for 20th Century Fox to retrofit the tall ship Rose for the Academy Award Winning motion picture Master and Commander starring Russell Crowe.

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012


For Kathy Chapman’s incredible slideshow of the morning’s events click on the picture below to view-


Live Blogging: The Beaver Passing the Northern Avenue Bridge In Boston On Way To The Tea Party Museum Leon Poindexter Looks On Video from Kathy Chapman and photo Michael Avery

In honor of the anniversary of the start of the American Revolution on April 19th, the new Boston Tea Party Ships Museum welcomes the arrival of the historically accurate vessel the Brig Beaver.

She will be returning to the waters where the Boston Tea Party, "the single most important event leading up to the American Revolution" occurred on the night of December 16, 1773.

The Beaver made the voyage from Gloucester where it received complete renovations at the Gloucester Marine Railways.

Photograph © Michael Avery 2012


Tea Party Ships to leave Gloucester soon Photos Kathy Chapman

Master shipwright Leon Poindexter, prepares the Tea Party Ships to leave Gloucester later this month, for their new berth in Boston at the Boston Tea Party Museum. http://www.bostonteapartyship.com/

Photos ©Kathy Chapman 2012



Leon Poindexter Installs helm on Eleanor Photos From Kathy Chapman

Gloucester Marine Railways

Master Shipwright Leon Poindexter installs the helm on the Tea Party Ship Eleanor, with help from carpenter and boat builder Matt Billey.



Lovely Bones- Leon Poindexter’s Labor Of Love

I’m really looking forward to seeing this boat take progress.

Here’s the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum website where Leon is credited.