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Sacred Space

Sacred Space


Where we lived in New York, a stone path led to

a meditation garden that we designed and

built over the course of two summers.


A stone Japanese lantern marked a turn

in the path that took us to a wooden bench

that overlooked the smaller of our two ponds.


The pond was home to tadpoles and bullfrogs,

spring peepers, two mated mallards that

visited us each year, muskrats, deer and


an occasional blue heron, magnificent

dragonflies and a wide, colorful and

musical collection of birds and insects.


That garden was a place of perfect peace

where I went to pause and to free my mind

of wasteful and exhausting commotion.


It is the place where my daughter was married,

where Barbara’s mother daily came and

near where  our well-loved dog’s ashes were spread.


So, when we moved to Gloucester, we took with us

the lantern and the bench and the sacredness

of that space and put them in a new quiet place


that looks over the gardens, down the hill

to the salt marsh and the tidal river;

where I listen to the  hidden ocean


and the bell buoy off  the Annisquam Light

and watch the gulls, egrets and herons over

the marsh and feel peace wash over me again.


Marty Luster

Lots of People Walking The Boulevard- Watch On The Harborview Inn Webcam Live Now

Click Here to Check out The Boulevard Webcam Shooting The View From The Harborview Inn and Other Gloucester Webcams Here


You can also check out The Harborview Inn Website Here

St. Joseph Novena with the Orlando Family

So many thanks to the Orlando Family for again opening their home and hearts.

Joe, Maryann, and Grandma Orlando

The singing and prayers are beautiful. We recorded an entirely different selection of songs (compared to the previous evening), followed by a delicious and lovely spread of homemade pastries and cakes, with much laughing and joke telling in the family’s kitchen.

Rosalie and Maryann

Maryann’s Sister Vickie

Felicia’s Viva San Giuseppe Bread

Vintage angel figurine

To read the extensive GMG coverage and see Joey’s videos from last year’s Novenas, go to the GMG search box and type in Novena.

So you don’t think you need a music video? Think again.

Hollywood director Brandon Rose, of Mind Venture Pictures, came to Gloucester this weekend to shoot a music video for Brad Byrd, who was gimmesound Artist of the Week in January.  So we figured it fitting for Brandon to be Artist of the Week starting today.

In this video, Brandon has advice for all you musicians out there trying to get your music heard and seen.

The rest of the week you’ll get the very first glimpse at the making of Brad’s music video for his hit song, Zero to the 101 — footage you’ll only see on Good Morning Gloucester — so stay tuned!

It’s a big day for music with different choices every hour starting at 4pm this afternoon featuring last week’s Artist of the week Michael O’Leary at the Landing (especially for those of you who just don’t want St. Patrick’s Day to be over).

See full music lineup here.

And don’t forget our good friend Allen Estes at the Rhumb Line with Orville Giddings ~ Always a great show!

St Joseph’s Trolley Tonight at 3:45pm

We’ll be going! You should too!

Sefatia writes-

Good morning, remember today is the eve of St. Joseph when we go see the altars and experience the culture and faith of so many.. there will be a Trolley this year (no cost) it will be picking us up at Harbor Loop time 3:45 WE LEAVE AT 4.. we will only be going to 8 houses this year even thought there are over 20.. see the tradition of the homemade pasta and dishes that are made the preparing and the faith of these friends and family.. all are welcomed.. and those who come are also welcomed in any of the homes for St.Joesph feast celebration tomorrow to try the pasta all doors are opened.. come and enjoy a part of the other side of Gloucester. PS you do not have to be catholic to come and can be a friend who just wants to observe..

Cape Ann Chamber Business After Hours

Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours

Serving Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport

Elder Service Plan of the North Shore

Carol Pallazolla, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Event Information:

Business After Hours

Wednesday, March 21  Elder Service Plan of the North Shore                            

Hosted By:

29 Emerson Avenue Gloucester, MA 01930

5:00 – 7:00 pm

Members: $10  

Future-Members: $20

Register Here

About Us

Cape Ann Vacations

Rockport USA

Elder Service Plan of the North Shore

Ask Joey- Bartender crush

Bartender crush writes-

Hey Joey-Can you give me some advice-

I have a crush on a bartender here in town.

When I am there with my friends I am way to nervous to ask him out.  I’m sure he has plenty of girls that are into him and I don’t know of a way to stand out and get his attention.  What should I do?

OK, here you go.

I’m pretty sure we are living in the year 2012, right?  This isn’t 1950 where women were expected to be docile quiet home makers and wait to be asked out.

I’m assuming you are a female interested in a male bartender but even if you’re a woman interested in a female bartender or male interested in a female bartender, whatever.  It’s very simple- ask the person to hang out one day.

I’m not a fan of the stone cold “never met someone before and straight up ask them out for dinner routine” but the best way to ask someone out if you don’t really know them is to invite them to a party or an event where there will be a bunch of your friends, male and female there.

Perfect scenario is this-

A bunch of friends are going to a Sox game, you buy an extra ticket and ask the person you are interested in if they want to come along.  This way you set up a date but it’s not like you’re putting yourself out there for rejection as if you asked them to go out for dinner one night.  If they want to go, they go, you feel out the chemistry and if you hit it off you hit it off.  If the person isn’t into you they decline but it’s not as if you asked them out on an official date so it’s not as awkward.

If you’re not into sports the Cape Ann Museum has been holding Cape Ann After Hours events where they have wine and get together that would be a perfect event if you’re an artiste.  Get a bunch of your friends to go and then meet the bartender for coffee first at Pleasant Street for a cup of coffee.  You’re friends will make you look like the superstar you are and if you are not comfortable holding the conversation one on one you have your friends to play off of.

Point is you can ask someone out without risking a huge let down if the person isn’t interested.  If they are, believe me they will make the time to hang out with you and if the event you are going to interests them it provides a way for you to get together and feel each other out.

There you go.

If you have a Love Life or Etiquette question send it in to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com It will be answered by me and you will remain anonymous.

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Community Stuff

Lanesville March Madness Dance Party

March Madness Dance Party! Sat. March 31 – 7:30 to 11 PM at The Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan St, Gloucester. Live music by our fabulous local group: Mari Martin and The Dirty Little Secrets. Dance and/or listen to a variety of great music. Beer, wine and soft drinks for sale, pot luck snacks T-shirts and raffles. Admission by donation to the LCC, including for a boiler to heat our fabulous new floor. www.lanesvillecommunitycenter.org.

Cape Ann Museum Women’s Works Tour March 24th

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present a special tour, Women’s Works: 200
Years of Making Art on Cape Ann on Saturday, March 24 at 1:30 p.m. and 3:00
p.m. Cape Ann Museum docent Trina Smith will lead this special program in
honor of Women’s History Month. Through direct observation of their
paintings and sculpture, this museum tour will consider the challenges and
turning points for ten women artists who visited or resided on Cape Ann from
pre-photography days to the present.  Questions and personal reflections
from the audience are encouraged. This program is free with Museum
To make a reservation or for more information, please call Jeanette Smith at
978-283-0455, x11 or email jeanettesmith@capeannmuseum.org.

The 17th Annual Gloucester Health & Wellness Expo

The 17th Annual Gloucester Health & Wellness Expo will be held on Saturday, April 14 from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon at Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington Street, Gloucester.

Over 60 exhibits, food demonstrations and samples, free health screenings, Reiki Clinic, Andy-the-Ambulance and lots of giveaways!

Hosted by Addison Gilbert Hospital in partnership with the City of Gloucester Health Department.