Snoop Maddie Mad Earns Her First Trophy For Swimming The Length Of The Pool At The MAC Without Flippers

The swimming program at The MAC is stellar with patient caring instructors such as Mrs Violet and Mrs Beth.

Check Out The MAC, we go there and love it with convenient locations in Manchester and GTown!

Manchester Athletic Club Website


Woot!  Go Madpie!

Ask Joey C- Tired Of Waiting For A Ring

On Behalf of Tired of Waiting-

My good friend “Lisa” started dating someone named “Ted” a few years ago who was separated and estranged from his wife. Last summer Ted got his divorce, and now Lisa says she wants to marry him. Ted is dragging his feet, has yet to pop the question, but proclaims his love and spends quite a bit of time with Lisa. Now Lisa is losing interest and feels as though she may have wasted her time waiting for Ted to pop the question, and that maybe he will never be ready for another marriage. She is flirting with other men, but not cheating, yet. What should I tell Lisa?

What should you tell “Lisa”?  Seriously?  The handwriting isn’t flashing in large enough neon letters in enough intensity for you?

If “Lisa” feels like she is wasting time only because she doesn’t have a wedding ring and flirting with other men then is she really in love with “Ted” to begin with, or is she in love with the IDEA of being married?  I suggest it’s the latter.

If Ted isn’t ready to make a commitment to her then maybe she needs to back away a little and tell Ted that if he doesn’t think that he will ever be ready for marriage then she wants to be straight up with him that she may want to see other people.  She needs to be confident and happy enough with herself and not feel like a wedding ring is the thing that will complete her.  If her and Ted have a great time together then they can continue to hang out as close friends with benefits. If Ted isn’t willing to commit (and I’m not saying he should or shouldn’t be as he was still pretty recently divorced) then just be straight up with him.  I’m not a fan of playing games.

I will tell you this- when it’s time for marriage if a guy is dragging his feet, he’s not ready.

When a guy is ready for marriage there is no hesitation, there is no-one he would rather be with, talk on the phone with and he will have wished he had the girl on lock down yesterday.

Unfortunately society puts a ton of pressure on men and women to get married especially as they get older even if they may or may not be ready.   I think we all have seen how some elder aunts, mothers and married friends unfairly look at unmarried women in their thirties as if they should have pity on them.  It’s too bad because this can lead people to enter marriage or seek a mate not because they are truly in love, but because of some stupid number of an age by which they are led to believe is when “normal” people wed.  

Because “Lisa” is already flirting with other men then this leads me to believe she isn’t ready for marriage to “Ted”  Ever think of that?

A man, a woman, a ring or personal possessions should not define a person.  You have to love you first.  When you love yourself you are strong enough to realize that without any of these things you can still be happy.  Be independent, be strong and define yourself for you and I’m sure the man or woman that is right for you is going to love you all the more for that strength.

She would do them both a favor by taking my suggestion to either move on or agree to date other people.  “Ted” might not see it that way at first but he also probably doesn’t know she’s going around flirting with other guys.


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Denise Merlino and John Felock Represent! In Rio

Hello Joey,
GMG reaches Rio de Janeiro, we are here celebrating my husband John Felock’s
50th Birthday, here is a photo of us on Sugar Loaf with the GMG sticker, in
the way background is the famous Christ statue. We are sending a few more
Rio is a wonderful city, the hype about the bad crime is over blown, it is a
very friendly and if you are travel savvy very safe.
Denise Merlino  




A man walks on the narrow beach

up to the wall that blocks his path.

He turns, head bowed, to search some more

along the shore for bits of glass.


Above him on the Boulevard,

the walkers and the runners move

without a thought of searching for

a smooth and gleaming artifact.


But soon the man will climb the stairs

and place his treasure in the jar

high on the shelf up in his room

that overlooks the Boulevard.


Marty Luster

Up Jumped Spring ~ so Hello my Friends!

I heard Abbey Lincoln singing “Up Jumped Spring” on the radio while driving to Passports this morning to meet my friends for brunch–the lyrics couldn’t have been more perfect! Up jumped spring time – so Hello my friends!

Joey and Susan  -Fujifilm x100 photo

Susan and Paul -Fujifilm x100 photo

Ed and Rick  -iPhone 4S photo

Donna and Greg  -iPhone 4S photo

Greg and Joey  -iPhone 4S photo

New gimmesound Artist of the Week, Miranda Russell at Shalin Liu – Don’t miss your chance!

In this video, Miranda sings Edith Piaf exquisitely!

If you’ve never seen Miranda Russel in concert, you’re chance is coming up soon.  She’s at the Shalin Liu in Rockport on April 5 and 6. Best of all there are still good seats left and you can get them here, but don’t wait too long.  Her concerts sell out.

There is so much music today from Beethoven Symphonies to world to Celtic to jazz to acoustic that you’d think we lived in New York City!  Check out the full music schedule here.

My New Business Card

My New Business Card

These just came in from Vistaprint. I think they do a good job and have great prices. The business card is a painting of the road to Niles Beach at Sunrise. I used Sharon Lowe’s photo as a reference. I gave Sharon the painting for her birthday a couple of years ago. It was a 4″x6″ Acrylic on paper.

Community Stuff Sunday

Art Opening at the Rockport High School

My high school art teacher The Great Kathy Hilliard has allowed me to hang my work at the school in the art wing. The show will be this coming Monday the 26th from 7 to 9.  The school is located on Jerden’s lane in Rockport, Ma.  The idea behind the show is to expose the students to where Rockport Art Alumni go artistically. This show consists of just my pieces, but hopefully in the future many other alums will paste the walls with their work.

The works hanging are a large collection of my abstract watercolor and abstract latex house paint pieces. The works will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the art department.

Miss Hilliard’s art classes may have been one of the biggest influences in my life, so golly jeez it’s a treat to show my work there and give back a bit to the school. As many of you know the arts, theatre, and music departments are getting slammed with budget cuts time and again. I would argue that these three subjects may be one of the more important subjects to our cultural development as a country and simply as humans with a desire to express ourselves.
So come on out! There will be refreshments, great conversation, laughs, and plenty of of cool people(just like yourself).
Bring friends, family, grandma, pet goldfish, the kids, and anybody else that might be excited to see some abstract art.
I hope to see you all there.
Thanks and have a great day! 
Chris Wood
p.s. Happy Early Spring by the way.

Shifting Gears Driving Program

Driving a car may seem to be a necessary part of life, however, owning a vehicle and holding a driver’s license are privileges that come with a great deal of responsibility.

On Friday, March 30, at 10:00 a.m. the Council on Aging will offer a MassDot RMV program, at the Rose Baker Senior Center, which will bring information that is geared especially for the senior drivers.

We welcome guest speaker, Michele Ellicks, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Registry of Motor Vehicles to present the program entitled "Shifting Gears." In this three-section program, Ms. Ellicks will discuss issues facing senior drivers, the Commonwealth’s rules of the road, recent changes that have taken place at the RMV, as well as the warning signs of unsafe driving.

The first two segments will also include information about:

· Disability Placards and Plates: the requirements and how to apply for a handicap placard or plate and the laws governing handicap parking as well as a Massachusetts identification card, the most recent research concerning mature drivers and alternative forms of transportation available in our community.

· Road Scholar: this will instruct drivers on the rules of the road with an emphasis on safety and awareness.

The second part, also for family members and care-givers will include:

· Driving Decisions: Advice for elder drivers, caregivers, and family members on how to transition from driver seat to passenger seat.

Please join us on March 30, pre-registration is requested by calling 978 281-9765, light refreshments will be served.

FOB Kevin forwards-

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