So much to do tonight ~ How do I choose?

Don’t choose.  Do it all!  OK, all might be a tad ambitious, but you can do a lot because the first show starts at 6:30 and the last one at 9:30.  See the complete music lineup here.

Tonight is your last chance to see Inge Berge at Giuseppe’s (8pm).  He’s one of our favorites and if you haven’t heard his new song with ever-so-slightly-tragic, but perfectly insightful lyrics set to a catchy, lyrical tune that is signature Inge, check it out here (you can read the lyrics too, but you don’t have to because Inge actually sings clearly, so you can understand them!)  You might want to request this song tonight, too.

At 6:30 you can see former gimmesound Artist of the Week Orville Giddings with Mark Earley at Captain Carlos.  Here’s a video of Orville at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem.  Notice how he quiets the crowd with his captivating performance

“I can hardly stand to buy anything I can make myself” ~ Greg Bover

In this final video of our gimmesound Artists of the Week series featuring Greg Bover and Frances Fitch, the two of them talk about their inspiration and reveal some of the things that make this harpsichord so special ~ all with a smattering of music thrown in.

Your mom has a choice of a dozen live shows this evening on Cape Ann.  Don’t wait ’till tomorrow to treat her right.  Take her out tonight.  See the full lineup here.

Frances Rocks Greg’s Harpsichord

Didn’t think the harpsichord could ROCK?  Check out this video of gimmesound Artist of the Week, Frances Fitch performing a piece written in 2005 by American composer Edwin McLean, who lives in the South.  Listen carefully and you’ll hear a rhythm similar to Big Chief performed here by Henri Smith.  And don’t miss her performance of the full piece next Tuesday 5/15 at 7:30pm at Shalin Liu.  It’s FREE!

Speaking of Henri Smith, he’ll be opening for the Aaron Neville Quintet featuring Charles Neville at North Shore Music Theatre on June 30  ~ GET TICKETS HERE.  There’s still time for you to enter to win 2 FREE VIP UPGRADES to that show.  Just sign up for the gimmeLIVE Concert Club (click here, it’s free).

Tonight you’ve got 9 choices for live music and they’re all free.  See the full music lineup here.

Sneak Peek Inside the Harpsichord

You’ve heard Frances Fitch play her new harpsichord (see here or here if you missed either of those videos).  In this video, her husband and gimmesound co-artist of the week, Greg Bover, takes us under the hood (literally — he takes off the jackrail to reveal plectra and then shows us how they pluck the strings).

You won’t see the plectra Next Tuesday, May 15, but you should go to Shalin Liu  at 7:30pm anyhow to hear his masterpiece played in one of the most perfect acoustic settings on Earth — and it’s right down the street — and it’s FREE.

Inge Berge is back at Giuseppe’s tonight for his 2nd of 5 Thursdays.  If you go, request his gorgeous new song and ask him if it’s the sequel to this song.

Let’s not take Gloucester’s tremendous talent base for granted.  Get out and support them.    It’s fun!  See the full music lineup here.

1650s Improv. Bet you’ve never seen music that looks like this!

Yesterday we introduced you to gimmesound artists of the week, Frances Fitch & Greg Bover (click here if you missed it — people asked what time is next Tuesday’s concert at Shalin Liu.  Answer: 7:30pm).

Today we have a special treat as Frances Fitch show us some Harpsichord music written in the 1650s and then plays it for us.  You can hear the entire piece next Tuesday night.

Plenty of music tonight starting at 7pm at six excellent Gloucester venues — all FREE.  See the full music lineup here.

Quick do the math: How long is 1000 Sunday Mornings?

It’s how long it took master craftsman Greg Bover to build a harpsichord for his equally talented wife Frances Fitch, who plays it magnificently in this video.  Frances & Greg are the gimmesound artists of the week and all week long we’ll have videos featuring Frances, Greg and this extraordinary instrument.

Next Tuesday, May 15, you can see Frances play this masterpiece live at Shalin Liu — and Greg will talk about the process of building it over the past 25 years.  Just in case you’re not convinced it’s where you want to be next Tuesday, think about this:  Shalin Liu was built specifically for instruments like this.  No mics, no amps, just perfect acoustics.  This could be your only chance EVER to hear a harpsichord of this quality, played by a master in an acoustically perfect room.  Oh, and it’s FREE.

Since yesterday’s post we’ve added several new shows.  Cape Ann’s music scene is just exploding.  Click here and see what we mean.

What you never saw & What to watch for in Brad Byrd’s New Video

Yesterday former gimmesound Artist of the Week Brad Byrd released his new video on GMG (see here) directed by another former gimmesound Artist of the Week Brandon Rose.  Excellent job, Brandon, Brad, Brie and everyone who made this happen!

Part of this video was shot at Minglewood Tavern on St. Pat’s day, so we thought we’d piece together some of the behind-the-scenes footage of the making of that video for you to see today.  You’ll see actresses Brie Hobbs trying out for the part of Brad’s girl-friend at the casting call and Stacey Iwanicki, who played one of the fans.  And of course you’ll see our boy Joey C, who was there for the entire shoot.  In the final video, there’s a good shot of Joey in the audience.  Welcome to the big time, Joey!

Brad will be shooting another video at Minglewood next Saturday, May 5, so you’ve got another chance to be in the audience and get on screen!  Stay tuned to GMG for details.

You know summer is on the way when there are 8 venues with music on a Wednesday night in Gloucester alone!  See the full music lineup here.

Horns on Robert Palmer & Talking Heads Techno Tunes?

That’s right, folks.  In this video gimmesound Artist of the week, Orville Giddings gives us a hint about some new material we’ll hear at Castle Hill later this summer.  And he explains why he no longer plays in a trio, but prefers either solo acoustic or his big band.

Beautiful day, gorgeous night and lots to do starting at 7.  See tonight’s complete music lineup here.

Orville Giddings ~ Poor Boy @ Pig’s Eye

Peter shot this video on Patriot’s Day of gimmesound Artist of the week, Orville Giddings singing one of his most popular songs, Poor Boy, at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem.  Notice how the crowd gets quieter as  Orville captivates them.  You can see Orville at the Rhumb Line tonight with Dave Sag’s Blues party at 9pm.

But before that, check out our good friend Brad Byrd at Giuseppe’s at 8pm.

And there’s plenty more to choose from.  See tonight’s complete music lineup here.

Orville Giddings ~ thin man FAT sound!

In this video gimmesound Artist of the week, Orville Giddings talks about his excellent band (sorry about the wind noise).  You can see them next Saturday at Stone Soup in Ipswich.  And you can see Orville with tomorrow at the Rhumb Line with Dave Sag.

It’s Wednesday, which means a new show on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.  Bradley Royds is Allen’s guest tonight on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  The show premieres at 6:30.

After the show, there’s plenty to do in town tonight.  Check out the full music lineup here.

Double dose of Orville & Allen today

Tonight is your last chance to catch Orville Giddings, the newest gimmesound Artist of the Week on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes at 6pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  Then you can see the two of them live at the Rhumb Line starting at 7:30.

Whether he’s solo, duo with Allen or fronting his excellent band, Orville Giddings ROCKS!  You’ll be smiling as much as he is.

Remember, it’s Sunday on Cape Ann and that means you don’t have to wait until the evening to get out and take in music.  It’s already going on!

See today’s full music lineup here.

How fast does Orville usually play this song?

In this video from Local Music Seen (watch it tomorrow at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Cable Channel 12  — see all air times here), Orville Giddings reveals that he plays this song at different tempos depending on who’s accompanying him.  Does he play it faster or slower with host Allen Estes?

You can see Allen & Orville on Sunday at the Rhumb Line.  But don’t wait until Sunday to go out.  There’s great music all week long!  See this week’s full music lineup here.

Why is he so happy singing the blues?

Allen Estes‘ friend Orville Giddings just always seems so happy even when he’s singing sad songs.  Orville is Allen’s guest on Local Music Seen this week.  If you have cable you can see them on Channel 12 Wednesday, Friday & Sunday (see schedule here).  And you can see them perform on Sunday at the Rhumb Line.

This is a big week for Gloucester.  Captain Carlo’s opens on Friday the 13th with Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents!

See this week’s full music lineup here.

It’s not TV, it’s the Web. So don’t worry if you missed an Artist of the Week video

gimmesound Artists of the Week

People are asking what they can do if they miss an Artist of the Week video.  First, relax.  At, we don’t just broadcast once and forget about it.    All of our Artist of the Week videos are available all the time.

Here’s how to find them:  Click on the picture, above and you’ll see 2 Artist of the Week videos that you can watch right now (they rotate, so you may see different videos than are in this photo).  Below the two big ones are thumbnails of more artists.  Click on any of those thumbnails and you will see all the videos we produced for that artist during that week.  BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN.  The last video is on top and the first video is at the bottom of that page.

Not all Artist of the Week Thumbnails fit, so we also have a drop down selection that says, “See more Artist of the Week Videos”.  Just click on it and you can select any artist we’ve featured.  Happy now?

Excellent music choices tonight and lots of it is perfect for dancing, from Ska/Reggae, to Blues, funk and latin.  So get up off the couch and get your arse out the door!  See full music lineup here.

Surprise guest at Shalin Liu last night ~ another surprise at the Brew Pub tonight

Surprise guest at Shalin Liu last night

Miranda Russell at Shalin Liu last night with surprise guest Inge Berge on guitar (L-R: John Hyde, Joe Kessler, Miranda Russell, Vincent Briguglio, Inge Berge, Leo Ciaramitaro)

Justin Piper’s wife was in labor so Miranda called Inge at about 4pm to ask if he could sit in.  Inge was excellent with some great solos, which proves just how versatile he is (in case anyone ever doubted).  See Inge’s new hit video here.  Very different style indeed!

As of this morning there were 5 tickets left for Miranda’s show tonight.  You can see if they’re still available here.

For the rest of you, there are plenty of other choices tonight (full music lineup here).  Our good friend Allen Estes will be with Dan King & Friends at Cape Ann Brewery starting at 9pm.  He’s just finished a new song.  Ask him to play it.

Two Artists of the Week Opening Tonight

Brad Byrd with Brandon Rose at MinglewoodYou may remember that Brad Byrd shot a video at Minglewood on St. Pat’s day.  (Here he is with Hollywood director Brandon Rose).  If you missed it, check out this post.)  TONIGHT, Brad is starting his Thursday Night Music Series at Giuseppe’s at 8pm.

Last week, we featured Miranda Russell (listen to her great version of Graceland in the video above).  There are still good seats left for her concert tonight at Shalin Liu in Rockport.  Get tickets here.

Plus there are plenty of other choices for tonight too.  Check out the full music lineup here.

Join a Zombie Pub Crawl in Gloucester tomorrow & get $25 to drink with

Our friend Jen Amero is organizing a Zombie Pub Crawl with teams, which sounds like a blast.  Here’s what she says:

The first 6 people on each crawl team get $25 each drinking money. We will meet at Amesbury Sports Park so that one person from each team can be made up as a zombie – if you cannot make it to ASP, we will meet in town at 8pm at Jalapenos for our first drink.  There will be a designated driver from ASP to Gloucester.

Then, in order we will visit Cape Ann Brewing, Dogbar and end at Minglewood. Anyone wanting to be part of the first paid core team (and get the $25pp drinking money) should email or call me 978-325-0606.  

There are only 2 spaces left for paid crawler.  Otherwise, folks can just join us on their own dime as we roll from venue to venue.

Now, if you’re not inclined to zombies, you might check out last week’s gimmesound artist of the week, Miranda Russell at Shalin Liu tomorrow.

And tonight you’ve got 7 great music choices starting at 6:30.  No matter what you like you’ll find it on Cape Ann tonight!  See full music lineup here.

Who will be Miranda Russell’s Celebrity Guest at her Shalin Liu Concert this week?

Watch the video and find out.  Miranda also talks about some new music you’ll hear at her concert this week.  There are still tickets left for Miranda’s Thursday show.  Get them here.

It’s a new month with new music this week on Cape Ann.  Check out the full music lineup here.

Miranda Russell takes Graceland to her heart

This video features gimmesound Artist of the Week Miranda Russell’s wonderful cover of Paul Simon’s Graceland.  She and her band really make this song their own.  Watch and see what we mean.  You can catch her at Shalin Liu, where this was filmed, with the same band next week.  Get tickets here.

Eight great music choices tonight.  See full music lineup here.

If you’re not sure what to do, come down to the Gloucester House for the Berklee Jazz & Roots concert featuring Ed Saindon on vibes and Berklee’s Dean of Performance Matt Marvuglio on flute .  It’s only $10 and supports the new scholarship fund that will send a Gloucester student to music school.  See more details here.

“Although he’s not well known for his work in children’s music or lullabies, he was brilliant playing, arranging & producing on this CD” ~ Miranda Russell

Who is gimmesound Artist of the Week Miranda Russell talking about?  Watch the video and find out.

About 10 years ago, she and her collaborator (who, in addition to arranging and producing performs on guitar, percussion, whistle, piano and backing vocals) released a beautiful lullaby collection CD (listen to one of those lullabies here).  This is not your usual lullaby CD for baby only.  The excellent musicianship, harmonies and arrangements will captivate an adult audience as well — and it might just instill good musical taste in your little one.

Plenty of music to choose from tonight.  If YOU want to be the DJ, bob on down to Minglewood at 9pm and choose a song.  See full music lineup here.