Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy Birthday  to my boyfriend, Mike!  I picked up a wonderful strawberry shortcake cake  to celebrate from Jim’s Bake Shop.  Delicious! Very fresh and tastes just like strawberry shortcake.

jim's bakeshop cake

jim's strawberry shortcake

We also had a wonderful dinner at Azorean with tapas and sangria. Unfortunately for you, the food was all gone by the time I thought of taking out my camera.  We sat at the bar and Jacquie served us. Such friendly service and a great atmosphere! A perfect way to celebrate Mike’s birthday.


You Can Now Pin Us! Pinterest Share Button Under Each Post

With the huge success of Pinterest I and many others wrote WordPress asking for a Pin It! button under each post as a sharing option.  Well the folks at WordPress came through and it is now an option for those of you who use Pinterest to collect and share ideas.

I hear it’s very addictive.

So under each post (or if you don’t see it if you click on the title of that post) you will now have a Pinterest share button in addition to the Facebook, Twitter, email, Google +, Linked In and Press this buttons.

Here is a screen shot of what those options look like when you are viewing the blog on the website http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com as opposed to the nightly feed in your email.  Even if you subscribe and get the daily posts emailed to you at the end of the night you really ought to bookmark us as we update every hour on the hour from 6AM-8PM on the blog itself.


Petition to support the new hotel is taking off: Over 300 signatures and counting!

Our group is growing at lightning speed!  Only 3 days ago, Citizens for Positive Change in Gloucester created a petition to support a new hotel on Pavilion Beach, near where a hotel stood for 65 years. (Click here to see that hotel). Our petition has touched a nerve, with over 100 people a day signing up to support the hotel and help Gloucester’s economy grow. Click here to sign our petition and see over 300 people who’ve already signed it.

Gloucester needs to move forward, not backward, and create jobs and a healthy economy that will give our young people a reason to stay and visitors a reason to come here. The hotel will create over 100 new full-time jobs, attract visitors whose spending will strengthen our downtown businesses, and generate revenue for the City from Meals, Rooms, and Property Taxes.  Let’s take the tax burden off the homeowner!

It’s time to say “Enough is enough” to those who’ve held Gloucester back. The tide is turning. Positive change is coming to Gloucester!

Join the movement. Visit us at www.WeLoveGloucester.org. You can share the petition with your friends on Facebook by clicking here.

Citizens for Positive Change in Gloucester

The Light in Gloucester

The Light in Gloucester


The light in Gloucester continues to awe me.

I saw it on my first visit a few years ago

and it has enraptured me ever since.


It’s not a single color, hue or cast-

more a unique quality of clarity

that allows the colors to show their best.


This magical light allows us to swim in

whatever tone happens to be present

at the moment, as we go about our lives.


It may be the soft pink of a late summer

afternoon at Smith’s Cove, the glow of sunrise

above Thacher Island, the lavender dusk


hugging the tidal river, the deep blue of the

sea and the sky on a crisp winter day or

the breathtaking golden aura of autumn

when the marshes explode.


It is always enchanting, even now; even

home on a winter morning, mystical light

floods my room through the large glass doors that allow

me to look out over this wonderland.


Marty Luster

Call For Performers for Nights on the Neck

I am helping coordinate performers for Nights on the Neck this season.  We are going to try to have the season scheduled by the end of April, so we can get posters and publicity ready and out early this year.  Nights on the Neck are the first Thursday of the month, June-September.  The dates this year are June 7, July 5, August 2 and September 6, and the event runs from 5:30-9:30.  We expect to have about 8 performances along Rocky Neck each of the nights, with performance durations from 45 minutes to 1-1/2 hours.  Those of you who have performed here in the past already know how well attended and fun Nights on the Neck are.  This will be our first season as a newly designated Massachusetts Cultural District, so we are looking to really amp things up and offer a first class cultural event for the community and visitors to Cape Ann.  If you would like to perform, please email me at khanstudio@comcast.net with the date(s) you are available and the time that works best for you, as well as what you do, your performance duration, and specific needs.  Also, if you have a preference as to the gallery or location where you would like to perform, please let me know.  Some locations may also specifically request performers who have performed at their locations in the past, so we want to try to accommodate everyone as best we can.  Also email me with any other questions you might have. 

So as to create a well-rounded cultural event, and not upset our Rocky Neck neighbors, we are looking for performers that have something fun, thought provoking, unique, exciting, all ages appropriate, and not overly loud to offer.  If you are a musician, spoken word poet, juggler, dancer, comedian, writer, puppeteer, mentalist, hypnotist, storyteller, etc. who would like to be a part of creating a great Nights on the Neck experience, step forward.

E.J. Lefavour

First performance ever of Allen Estes’ new song

Allen Estes sings his brand new song Be Safe My Son for the first time on his show Local Music Seen, which will air in April.  Here’s a preview.  He literally finished the song last week, so this is the very first time it’s been heard by anyone outside the studio (except his son, Dylan, of course).

Lots of music today starting at noon.  Our friend, Inge Berge, comes out of hibernation tonight at 8pm to appear at Giusseppe’s!

See full lineup here.

Gloucester Sea Serpent, in dollar bill origami

The infamous Gloucester Sea Serpent attacking some schooners.  In my dollar-bill-origami rendition, I further enhance the already fanciful descriptions of the sea monster, giving it four horns instead of just one…

No dollar bills were cut, glued, or otherwise damaged (beyond folding) in this production.  All models designed and folded by me.

Do you think I might have an overactive imagination?

Pullling the masts out of Schooner Adventure From Barry O’Brien

This last Wednesday down at The Gloucester Marine Railways, Dan Mayer or Mayer Tree Service drove his 125’ crane down from Essex and pulled the masts out of the Schooner Adventure. The plan is to inspect, repair and replace whatever is needed in preparation for sailing.

The folks behind the Schooner Adventure are hell-bent and determined to have her sailing again for the Schooner Festival. It’s has been a huge undertaking, and it’s not over, yet, but this short video gives you a little insight into the quality of the people who are bringing the Adventure back to sailing condition and the heritage of fishing under sail alive.

Best regards to you and your whole Good Morning Gloucester team! It’s wonderful what you folks do.

Barry O’Brien

Game Day! Bikini Speedo Dodgeball At The Farm Bar and Grille Noon Start Come Cheer On Your Favorite Team

Muffy’ White Organizing and Styling’s Hot Mess Team Mascot Wants You There-


First Round Opponent Mamie’s Kitchen Muffintops Are Looking To Mop Up Muffy’s Hot Mess-


A Holy War For The Ages As the Battle Lines Have Been Drawn!

Hope To See Our FOB’s there to cheer on Our Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers!






Event Details Including Directions To The farm Bar and Grille Here

Young Artist of the week!

This young artist of the week is a very talented 14-year-old photographer  named Sarah. Sarah does digital and darkroom photography, and did a great series of graffiti photography last fall for the TAG gallery opening [one pictured below]. Above are some of her photos on display at Nights on the Neck last summer, but you can see more of her work at the TAG gallery at 180B Main St.

If you know of a young artist that should be featured here, email dawn.gadow@gmail.com  with a short description and a photo of some of their work!