The iPhone Chronicles by @CraigShoots: Snow day 2-6-14

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Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary 1/13/13 Black and White

What a treasure.  If you haven’t been you’re missing out on a great adventure outdoors in your own back yard.


Incredible Black and White Saint Peter’s Fiesta Altars 1939 and ??? From Hilary McKinnon

Hilary writes-

These were probably taken by my mother’s side of the family Vigrinia Frontiero (nee Piscatello) daughter of Michael and Mary Frontiero the larger one may be by her as she always had a camera glued to her hand and the one from ’39 I couldn’t say I don’t think she’s quite that old and won’t tell me anyways. She lived on Gould court most all of her life until she got married in ’53 and I came along in ’54. My bedroom widow faced the church, that we were forbidden to enter but I saw it about 3 years ago during a my granddaughter’s christening. On your video of the Sargent house you can see it off to the left on the opening shot, although you mentioned it being a stones throw away. Great video, another place they never let me in, steps like that can be seen at the library too I think.

Altar date unknownFiesta altar 1939

This Is Gloucester Joey C Black and White Series Ten Pound Island

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This would make a beautiful 16×20 canvas print.  If you would like to order any of my photos in 8×10 or 16×20 canvas I can have them made for you. Great for gifts for the person that loves Gloucester.  The canvas frame ones I think are best because they are substantial and you can avoid having to pay for expensive framing.  They come ready to hang.   Just write me at