Brad Byrd’s New Single

This just in from Brad Byrd.

Brad Byrd New Single
“It Just Goes On”
Now available on iTunes
(and at all digital retailers)


Hey Friends,As we approach year end, we wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season with the debut of Brad’s new single”It Just Goes On”

Preview the full song via SoundCloud here

Brad had the pleasure of collaborating with Grammy Award winning production team Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray) and Phil Allen (Adele) earlier this fall in Los Angeles and mastered at the legendary Gateway Studios in Portland, Maine.

This new single marks the first official release since Brad’s second full length LP,

Mental PhotographClick Here to Purchase
Also, as a special holiday treat, download the free unreleased track/demo…The Stars Are Out Tonight, Boy
Stay tuned for info on upcoming 2014 Spring/Summer appearances…TBA
Lastly, check out the brand new sounds of teen/rock/pop sensation James & JakeBrad had the unique opportunity to work with the boys on their debut EP “Blue” with the above mentioned production team.

Is Rockport trying to steal you away from Fiesta?

Generally speaking, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  But now that we know the N.S.A. is reading our emails and listening to our phone calls, I’ve begun to look at things with a slightly more suspicious eye.

So when I go to the gimmesound live music listings for Cape Ann tomorrow and notice that the first 2 shows are both in Rockport — and both Free, it’s got me wondering, “Just what’s going on here?”  They’ve got David Coffin at Shalin Liu at 1o am.  And they’re not really pushing that show either.  It’s buried on a page featuring a number of community concerts and events.  To look at it you’d think Rockport Music was giving back to the community — being a good citizen.

Brad ByrdBut then I see the Rockport Farmer’s Market has local rock star Brad Byrd performing at 11:30.  Now what’s that all about?  What’s an award-winning indie rock star like Brad Byrd doing at a farmer’s market?  You’re probably gonna say it’s because he’s from Rockport and he likes to give back to the community.  But wait.  Don’t you see a pattern here?  Do see what I’m seeing?

Under the guise of appearing like good citizens, the “good people” of Rockport are really up to no good.  They’re trying to steal the crowds away from Fiesta.  They want you in Rockport early and think they’re gonna keep you all day so you can see Bob Allison on the Grand Piano at the Emerson at 6pm — also free .  Don’t be fooled.  It’s Fiesta.  You live in Gloucester.  Know what I mean?

brad byrd and band ~ Madfish Grille ~ Saturday 9:30-12:00

brad byrd madfish

Brad Byrd and band will bring in the SUMMER! Madfish Grille, 77 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester, Saturday, June 15th 9:30pm-Midnight.

 Brad Byrd, Leo Ciaramitaro, Donnie Knowels and Jimmy Clarizia


Brad Byrd tonight @ The SingerSongwriterShuffle and The Dog Bar Cape Ann

Brad Byrd dbExcited to be playing again @ Giuseppe’s Ristorante, Gloucester, Ma tonight from 8:25-45pm, some amazing singer/songwriters on the bill tonight including ex Velvet Underground member Willie Loco Alexander, and local superstar Chelsea Berry among others… speaking of Chelsea, she’s also our featured artist tonight at 10pm at the Dogbar Capeann. It’s gonna be a BIG night in Gloucester….come early for the DJDK dinner set.

Brad Byrd

Brad Byrd at The Landing @ 7 Central

brad byrd landing


It’s been almost a year since Brad last performed in Manchester by the Sea, but this Saturday at 9pm, he returns to The Landing at 7 Central.

Performing originals and covers from 9pm to midnight, guests are guaranteed a great night of live music when Brad Byrd performs.

Reservations are suggested.

Rising Star Brad Byrd on TV and Live @ Dog Bar this week

Brad Byrd (R) w/ Allen Estes on the set of Local Music Seen

We see one of our roles, here at GMG, as making sure you know who’s on the way to making it big.  Rockport native, Brad Byrd is one of those local musicians.  Some day, when Brad’s playing stadiums and you can’t get a ticket for under 200 bucks, you’ll be saying, “I saw him at the Dog Bar in Gloucester, Mass!”  But only if you get down to the Dog Bar tomorrow (THURSDAY) where he’s on at 9pm.

Tonight you can see Brad on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, which airs at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  In this show, Brad’s hypnotic voice draws you into his world where you’ll notice that every one of his lyrics is perfectly placed and there isn’t a single extra word. This is some of the best songwriting you’ll hear.

When this show premiered last June, Allen introduced an excellent new song, “The Trouble with Me”.  Here’s a taste:

Almost exactly a year ago, Brad shot a music video for his hit, Zero to the 101 at Minglewood.  Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from that video shoot.

More behind-the-scenes footage here.  And more Brad Byrd videos here.

Brad Byrd this past Thursday @ The Dog Bar Cape Ann 4.18.2013


bb rr DSC08993

bb 3

Brad Byrd with Donnie (Sheldon) Knowles and Ricky Rocket…


9-12 pm

I heard some of the most beautiful music from this band. The kind that makes you heart swell…When I walked into the room and saw the soft lighting and Brad singing solo it gave me the best feeling…Brad Byrd is one that I could listen to for forever. They are going to be at the Dog Bar for four more weeks. That’s if I heard correctly. Must see must hear.

The season is on!

36 performers on Cape Ann this weekend — remember, by my definition, the weekend starts on Thursdays.  Tonight we’ve got the Singer/Songwriter Shuffle starting at 7, featuring some of the area’s best, including Inge Berge, whose new children’s album (see this post for more info) was featured in today’s Gloucester Times (see article here).

After the shuffle, you can catch award winning Indie Rocker, Bray Byrd at Dog Bar starting at 9.  Music starts at 7pm tomorrow, 10:30 AM on Saturday and 11:30 AM on Sunday, so plenty of opportunities to get the kids out to listen.  See the full schedule here.

To get you in the weekend mood, here’s a video Brad shot at Minglewood about a year ago of one of my favorite songs from his award-winning album Mental Photograph.

More Brad Byrd videos here.

Music helps us heal this week

More than likely you know someone who was at the Marathon.  Here’s a small-world example: Vickie’s brother-in-law works for a medical device company in Cedar Falls, Iowa and his boss is the father of the eight-year-old boy who died.  Even if you don’t know someone who was there, you’re probably reeling from the shock that terrorism has struck so close to home.  I know I am.

Music has a way of healing wounds of all kinds.  And musicians have known this since humans began making music (when ever that was).

I was Speaking with T Max today about this and he gave me a quote perfect for this week from Leonard Bernstein, one of my musical heroes — I watched his Young People’s Concerts on TV as a kid (see them on YouTube here).   He says,

“This will be our reply to violence:
to make music more intensely,
more beautifully,
more devotedly than ever before.”

Maestro Bernstein’s healing words ring true as local musicians carry his reply to over a dozen venues in Gloucester and Cape Ann this week.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Tonight T Max is Fly Amero’s guest at The Rhumb Line. (Fly’s on the cover of T Max’s  Noise Magazine this month — read the story here).  Both T Max and Fly are tuned into the power of music to heal (here’s one example of how Fly transformed a dark day).

Tomorrow there’s another Singer/Songwriter Shuffle at Giuseppe’s with top local stars, including Inge Berge, Satch Kerans, Steve Caraway, Will Hunt, Randy Black, Brian O’Connor & Jake Pardee.  And just like last week you will still have time to catch rising star Brad Byrd at The Dog Bar after the Shuffle.  Currently I’m under an intense deadline that is forcing me to work late, but one way or the other, we’ll try to get to at least one local live music show over the next week or so.  And I’m sure it will help us heal.

Here’s a video that may seem a bit idealistic and hippy-dippy-trippy, but I find wisdom appropriate for our time in it’s simple, haunting lyrics especially this stanza:

Nothing you can know that isn’t known.
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.
It’s easy.

Remember Avenging Annie ~ Andy Pratt’s 1973 top 40 hit? You can see him perform it live tomorrow (Thursday)

Only in Gloucester.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the Singer / Songwriter Shuffle at Giuseppe’s features a number of local favorites including Noise Magazine founder T Max, Joe Wilkins and Andy Pratt, who’s hit “Avenging Annie” reached #15 on Boston’s WRKO.  Here’s a video of the original:

After the shuffle, you can shuffle on down to the Dog Bar to see Brad Byrd, another local about to make it big.  Here’s his latest video:

More Brad Byrd videos here.

Award-winning local songwriter/producer wants to help you take your songs to the next level

Check this out from  Brad Byrd, whose songs have appeared on TV shows, including ABC’s Happy Endings, MTV’s Teen Mom, The Challenge, Downtown Girls, VH1’s The TO Show, E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and in TV commercials and films, including Bloodline.

Brad says,
Hi there, are you a songwriter!??  Have you ever thought about working with a “producer” to make them, as they say in the biz “fully realized”?? Well, aside from developing my own songs, I LOVE working (and developing relationships) w/other artists/songwriters on their SONGS as a producer, songwriter, arranger, music director, songwriting teacher, drummer, vocalist, and/or guitar player (teacher).  I work out of my home studio, do skype sessions, travel to client’s homes, and have had the unique opportunity of working out of various amazing studios around the country for over 10 years!  If you have songs, and think that working with a producer could help get them (YOU) to next level in your music career, well, I think I can help…  

See more here along with a long (shortlist) of musicians you’ve heard of, for whom he’s produced .  If you’re not sure what a “fully realized” song is like, check out his new video, below (more Brad Byrd videos here).

Unusually wide choice of music in Gloucester, Rockport & Manchester on Saturday

Every once in a while it’s worth reminding ourselves that Gloucester is a hub of music, which is one good reason to live here (and to visit).  This weekend proves it.  As usual, you have excellent live music choices in Gloucester (see complete schedule here).  Plus on Saturday, the Rockport HarvestFest, the Old Sloop and the Landing 9 hour acoustic festival add about 20 artists to your choices.  Here are two of our favorites, whom you don’t get to see very often:

Satch Kerans 7:30pm at The Old Sloop with Red House recording artist Drew Nelson.  Here’s what Jonathan Perry of the Boston Globe says about Satch, “reemerges  with some of the best songs he has ever written, at the collection’s core is a  clutch of sturdy melodies and classic pop structures…Kerans gets better and surer with age.”

Brad Byrd is in Dock Square at 3:30pm with his excellent band, who are in this video shot at Minglewood back in May.  See more Brad Byrd videos here.

Something Big that Chronicle Missed

Gloucester has been featured on Chronicle once again and this time they focus on tourism, art, fishing & Fiesta — mostly the greasy pole.  And while the show sheds a fairly good light on Gloucester, it misses one of the our City’s main attractions  — Gloucester’s burgeoning music scene (see tonight’s live music lineup here).

That’s why we’re so lucky to have lured T Max here — publisher of The Noise (New England’s longest running music magazine).  The new issue features stories about music on Cape Ann as well as music on that shark-infested cape named after a fish.  (On the web, the stories are after the features on Brad Byrd from Cape Ann and The Parkington Sisters from Cape Cod).

I was going to thank T Max for the honor of being chosen to write the story about Cape Ann (read it here), but instead I’ll  complain that what I had feared has come to pass: good musicians whom I neglected to mention are asking me why I left them out.  There’s no good answer to that question.  My only excuse is that with limited space and time to write I simply couldn’t include everyone who’s good.  Lame, isn’t it.  Sorry.

Perhaps the next Chronicle story on Gloucester will include at least one segment on Gloucester’s music.  I keep that hope alive given that they referred to Fiesta as Gloucester’s own Mardi Gras, which is, of course, a musical metaphor.

Are you in this video? Depends on were you were on May 5 …

If you were at Minglewood Tavern on May 5, you just might be in Brad Byrd‘s new video On My Way Down shot by Hollywood Director Brandon Rose that night.  If you can’t remember May 5, perhaps you’re the one dancing, singing the words and pointing in the air at 1:24 seconds into this video.

You may remember our series on Brad’s hit video Zero to the 101 shot by Brandon on St. Pat’s day (here’s some behind the scenes footage of that shoot).

Brad is Allen Estes‘ guest on this week’s Local Music Seen, which premieres tonight at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  It’s a half hour of excellent music and fascinating dialogue between two of Cape Ann’s best songwriters.  Plus you’ll get to hear three songs by Brad and Allen’s new song The Trouble with Me.

When the show is over, you can choose from half a dozen live music venues tonight with music for every taste you could imagine.   See the full live music schedule here.

Have you seen the sun today?  It’s coming back and will be here in full force soon enough, which is a good reminder to save $12 by getting your tickets now for the Gloucester Blues Festival on Saturday August 11 at Stage Fort Park.  See you there!

Pleasant Street Tea Company art reception

Last Friday, there was a very nice art reception at the Pleasant Street Tea Company. Here are some photos of the event.

The location of the Pleasant St. Tea Co.
Artist Rocky Delforge with some of his work on display
Donna Marie Therrien with some of her wrok
Donna Marie Therrien with fellow artist Ramani Rangan
Ben MacAdam stands by his work
A good number of people turned out right from the start
Brad Byrd creates ambiance
It’s great to be able to meet the artists and find out more about their artistic history.

The exhibit will be up until the end of June.  You can also check their work out on line:

Rocky Delforge:

Ben MacAdam:

Donna Therrien:

Had to take a picture, but had to take a bite first

Doesn’t this quiche look good?  You see why I had to take a bite before I got out my phone.  It tastes as good as it looks and is one reason why I’m very happy that Atlantis opened their Cafe today!

Peter had the Fish Cakes Benedict.

Wow!  Some of the best fish cakes we’ve ever had.  Too bad they don’t serve dinner.  These would make a super appetizer.  Jessica the chef uses a secret ingredient.  She wouldn’t let me say what it is, but you could always try to guess.  The Atlantis Oceanfront Cafe is now open to the public (you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel) 7 days a week from 7:30-11:00am.  I’d recommend going before the season gets crazy busy.

You can work up a good breakfast appetite by dancing tonight and there are plenty of opportunities for that.  Peter and I will be at Minglewood to see our friend Brad Byrd with his “A” Band (but we’ll do our best to stay out of the video shoot).  Now if you’d prefer to be on camera (see the folks from last time), put on something you want to be photographed in and come on down.  Music starts at 9.

But if you’d rather not take the chance on ending up in a video directed by Hollywood’s Brandon Rose, check out the other more anonymous opportunities for dancing in the full music lineup here.

Tomorrow we’ve got a major announcement and a very special Artist of the week (actually 2 in 1).  Stay tuned  . . .

Mayday, Mayday

No I’m not about to crash.  That’s M’Aidez, M’Aidez (French for “Help me”).

It’s May Day, which is a holiday in many foreign countries (including New York City), so I figured we’d think about how to celebrate it here, in Gloucester.  Dancing around a May Pole outside today doesn’t seem all that attractive.  But dancing indoors?  Oh yeah!

You can start by hearing some of Cape Ann’s best musicians at Jalapenos during dinner (in the Video, above, they’re at Berklee) then over to the Dog Bar’s open mic at 9 and end the night dancing to Henley Douglas Jr. at the Rhumb Line.  And it’s only Tuesday.  Think how much fun we’ll have as the week goes on . . . (See the full music lineup here.)

And mark your calendar NOW so you don’t forget to go to Minglewood on Saturday to hear Brad Byrd’s full band (they’re awesome) and you might just end up in his next music video (see his recently release video here.)

This is one Save the Date you MUST pay attention to

OK, I know this is a blog and we’re supposed to post about what’s happening right now — especially while our fearless leader is on vacation.  But I just can’t resist telling people to save next Tuesday, May 15 at 7:30 for something you really don’t want to miss.

I’m going to bet there are people reading this who have never been to Shalin Liu.  Here’s your chance.  It’s FREE.  And I’ll bet there are people reading who’ve never heard a harpsichord played live.  You’re in for a treat.  Shalin Liu is probably one of the best places on Earth to hear one — and it’s right down the street.

Then there’s the fact that Greg Bover, who lives in Magnolia and works at C.B. Fisk, built the harpsichord that his wife Frances Fitch, one of the area’s most accomplished musicians, will be playing.  And the harpsichord is as beautiful to look at is it is to hear.  So save the date, come on out and enjoy the talent that’s right in our own back yard.

Now for the immediate.  This is a big week on Cape Ann:

  • Inge Berge starts his month-long residency at Giuseppe’s on Thursday
  • Brad Byrd brings his band to Minglewood for another video shoot on Saturday — and you can be in the video if you’re there.
  • Allen Estes is guest host at Rhumb Line Wednesday night while Fly is touring.
  • Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents are at the Rhumb Line on Friday

See the week’s full music lineup here (updates will be added as we find out about them)