Will you write a letter to the editor?

Citizens for Positive Change is asking supporters to write a letter to the editor in support of a hotel in downtown Gloucester. We need to show that the small group of vocal opponents who want to hold Gloucester back does not represent the majority. Most of us want Gloucester to move forward, not backward, and create jobs and a healthy economy.

The new hotel will go on Pavilion Beach,  near where an earlier hotel stood for 65 years. It will:

• Create over 100 new full-time jobs.
• Attract visitors whose spending will strengthen our downtown businesses.
• Generate revenue for the City that can be spent on public safety and education.

To submit a letter to the Gloucester Daily Times, click here. Please write by this Wednesday, March 7,to be published before next Monday’s important public hearing.

Thank you. We need your help!
Citizens for Positive Change

Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail?

FOB Frank Ciolino brought down this old Visitor’s Guide map and I’ll be posting a different neighborhood photo each day this week.  Look for clues to tell you when you think it was first published.


Baby Clare Represents!

The youngest to ever hold the stickah is my Clare Ryan.  Clare is a week old and is my 3rd beautiful girl. An interesting fact is that her first public event out was Bikini Speedo Dodgeball. She is thankful for the players that shielded her from dodgeballs that flew into the crowd. From the way she held on to the stickah you can tell she already loves GMG.

I am open to any tips from mom and dads out there of 3 or more girls!

Thanks – Patrick Ryan




Nominations are open for the church’s awards honoring those whose volunteer work makes Gloucester a better place. Who do you know who deserves this recognition? The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is inviting nominations from the public for its 2012 Community Recognition Awards. The church annually seeks to recognize up to 10 individuals for contributions they voluntarily make to Gloucester, both large and small – people who do what they do without thought of any remuneration or recognition.

The men and women who receive these honors will come from all walks of life. Some are known for simple deeds they do for their neighbors. Others are honored for giving generously to the entire community. All will be people who have worked persistently and quietly to make a mark on Gloucester. They will be chosen because their actions embody the best of the spirit that guides Unitarian Universalism – open-hearted giving to others, solely for what those gifts mean, for no pay, and often with little or no public notice.  From young to old, there are no age limits

Nominations are due no later than Friday, April 13. They must be in writing and include the name and address of the nominee, why this person should be honored, and the name and contact information of the person making the nomination. Nominations may be sent to the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Church St., Gloucester MA 01930, or emailed to gloucesteruu@earthlink.net.

Final choices will be made by the church’s Social Justice Committee. The awards will be made at a public event at the church on Sunday, May 20. 

Previous Recipients of Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church Community Recognition Awards

Shep Abbott     David Benjamin     Sherry Borge     David Brooks     Stephanie Buck    Thomas Byers

Joey Ciaramitaro     Daniel Connell      John Crowningshield      Sarah Dunlap      Carolyn Edwards      Bob French    

 Bob Gillis       Renee Gross-Nutbrown      Phil Hadley      Patricia Hadley      Sewell Hayes     Vilma Hunt       Barbara Koen     Marty Morgan    Carolyn O’Connor     SooHwa Ono    Loretta Peres    Dolores Perrin    Joshua Perrine    Geoffrey Richon      Donald Riley      Rick Roth     Janis Stelluto     Jane Walsh      Mary Weissblum     Bob Williams      Dick Wilson

Hi, Joey,

Could you please post the news that nominations are now open for the 2012 Community Recognition Awards given by the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church.  See the attached press release. 

Sorry – but only one award to a customer per lifetime!  (when you come back as a turtle or maybe a goosefish we can try again.)

Thanks for your consideration— 

You Heard it First on GMG (We Love Love)

George and Julie got hitched!  Their engagement was announced on GMG on July 3, after George came to Rocky Neck to ask Eric Kaplan for his daughter Julie’s hand in marriage.  https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/did-you-know-love-and-wedding-bells-in-the-air/

They were  married last week in Newport, RI at the Ocean Cliff Hotel.  Eric sent in this photo and update.  Congratulations Julie and George.  Look forward to seeing you on Rocky Neck this summer as Mr. & Mrs. Tzortzis.

E.J. Lefavour


Rising star shines on Gloucester this week

Chelsea Berry introduced us to her good friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Megan Burtt at a house concert last night.  The fact that Chelsea has excellent taste in friends and musicians is proven by Megan.  She and Chelsea rocked the crowd.  We captured much of the concert on video.  Here’s one song and a captivating story.  Watch it and see why we chose this rising star as gimmesound’s Artist of the Week.

You can see Megan live at Alchemy on Wednesday (Chelsea will sit in too).  You may want to call ahead for reservations 978-281-3997.  The word is spreading fast that Megan and Chelsea are not to be missed!

Chorus North Shore in Gloucester

Yesterday, Chorus North Shore performed a concert at St. Ann’s Church of Holy Family Parish.  The concert celebrates “80 years of choral performances”, including a selection of works performed throughout their history. Here are some photos:

CBS Boston Covers TheGMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament And Huge Props Go Out!

Huge huge props to the players, the sponsors, the SPECTATORS, the Farm staff, to www.NextStepnet.org , to our photographers the Rabbit, Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni, Craig Kimberley and David Cox, to media coverage from Fox News, CBS and Desi Smith from The Gloucester Daily Times, to my boy Frankie Gwynne, fantastic organizer Rebecca Linquata, Ryan Cox, Noah Goldstein, THE MAN Matty K on the music and someone that worked somewhat silently throughout the whole day and deserves a lot of recognition as well, Brad Atkinson who made sure everything was handled professionally operations wise.

Honestly everyone worked in concert and without one single element of that whole equation the event wouldn’t have been half of what it was. The whole thing just spiraled toward the sky with positive energy throughout the day with the fans feeding off of the music feeding off of the players feeding off the smoothness of the awesome Farm Staff feeding off the backing by the sponsors feeding off Bill from Next Step who as the head of that organization steps up to the mike and proceeds to tear away his sweats to belt out the National Anthem wearing nothing but his speedo and tie.

Good on all of you who came out and supported it- each and every one of you played a major role in its success!

(anyone know if that cameraman from Fox got laid?)


click on the pic to check out the CBS Boston website-



These are the organizations who sponsored teams- Mamies Kitchen Muffin Tops, Passports Canadian Bacon, Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers, Sugar Magnolias Team Shameless, The Farm Bar and Grill Ass with Class, Saving Private Ryan and Wood, North Shore Cross Fit Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, , Ed Collard’s House Doctor’s Blinded By the White, Jungle Silkscreening Jungle Fever, Beverly Athletic Club Kiss Our BACsides, another Farm Team Swiss Farmy Knives, Maestranzi Brothers Red, White and Blue Balls, Muffy White Organizing and Manchester Athletic Club Hot Mess, Christina Sanchez’ Dirty Dodgers, Cape Ann brewing Nacho Libre, Cross Fit Cape Ann With Two Teams- Buns and Guns and Power Snatch, Dog Bar’ American Bacon and  Beach Gourmet’s Not In The Face

A message for all Gloucester folks from Doug Brendel, "The Outsidah" humor-columnist for the Ipswich Chronicle:

A message for all Gloucester folks from Doug Brendel, "The Outsidah" humor-columnist for the Ipswich Chronicle:

I know Ipswich isn’t Gloucester, but Joey will certify that I AM a longtime Friend of the Blog, so I hope all the good folks "back east" in Gloucester will come to our party on Thursday night!

We’re celebrating the release of my new cartoon-illustrated book, Only in Ipswich, poking fun at our fine little town, which people in Gloucester consider to be "out west." THE CARTOONS ARE FOR YOU, JOEY! I know you like the pictures more than the words. Hahaha!

The party is at Time & Tide Fine Art, 4 Market St., Ipswich, from 6 to 9 pm. Refreshments, lots of laughs, I’ll be reading some funny parts of the book, and autographing copies of the book until more sensible people make me stop. Yeah, you can buy the book that night if you want to, but you don’t have to.

Gloucester DOES get mentioned on page 83 of the book, in a bit about a friend of mine (an Ipswich town employee, no less!) who lived on Wingaersheek Beach until Hurricane Irene scared him away.

See ya Thursday night! Anyone can email me via unconventional@dougbrendel.com if they have any questions.

Doug Brendel