Cape Ann Cuisine From Ann Kennedy

Ann Writes-

Hi Joey.  In case you have a slow news day–unlikely, I realize.  Here are a week’s worth of reasons to get back to Cape Ann asap.  While Kansas City is a fabulous restaurant town, there are some things that must be eaten only on Cape Ann!  I know you’ll recognize the food from your terrific local eateries.

How many of the dishes can you recognize where they were served?

Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail? Gloucester Inner Harbor Part IV

FOB Frank Ciolino brought down this old Visitor’s Guide map and I’ll be posting a different neighborhood photo each day this week.  Look for clues to tell you when you think it was first published.


Radio Show Appearance in Which I Give a Shout-out to Rockport’s Dump!

The Craftsman brand of tools has an online channel featuring a show with host Frank Fontana (formerly of HGTV’s Design on a Dime) in which he discusses DIY Disasters. His producer found my blog and asked me to be on Frank’s show for a brief segment. I mostly rambled about nothing but I did go on and on about how great Rockport’s transfer station is. I don’t know if the DPW guys would be excited about yet another advertisement for Rockport’s Swap Shop but it’s hard to talk about great finds, etc. and not bring up the dump. The clip from the show is found  below. Oh, and before my interview, George Takei from Star Trek (?) and Kathy Ireland the model (??) are on, so if you might want to check out the whole show to hear their interviews. The part where I come in (and Rockport) is at the 44 minute mark.

Dory Fishing on Schooner Adventure

Dory Fishing on Schooner Adventure – a presentation by Ron Gilson


Essex, MA – On Wednesday, March 28th at 7:00 pm the Essex Shipbuilding Museum and Schooner Adventure will join forces and present Ron Gilson, author of “An Island No More”, who will relate his experiences about going out on the last American dory fishing schooner, Adventure – an Essex-built vessel, while a young man of 17 years of age.

Ryan & Wood Distilleries will also be joining us for the evening and presenting a rum tasting.

Admission: $10

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7:00 pm

Essex Shipbuilding Museum

Waterline Center

66 Main Street

Essex, MA  01929

For further information or to purchase tickets in advance, please visit

Friday, February 15, 2013 Asteroid Near Miss

Remember in November I posted about an asteroid near miss? I used a 24 foot Aquasport as an analogy. Basketball sized earth at the bow, tennis ball moon sitting on the Mercury engine at the stern. The asteroid missed the moon by just four feet but well clear of the bow.

But on Friday February 15, 2013 the Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be much closer to the basketball in the bow. If you lined up three basketballs on the bow the asteroid would hit the outermost one!  That is pretty close. And we just found this asteroid this year (hence the name.) This asteroid will be within the orbits of some of our satellites circling the earth.

There will be a lot of hype that day but it won’t get us, at least this time. And this asteroid is only 150 feet across. The impact on earth would only be equivalent to a thermonuclear bomb but shoot, lots of water to hit. They will get better tracking info in 2013 so when it again plays dodgeball with earth in 2020 we will have Bruce Willis ready to go push it out of the way.

Come to think of it, that weekend might be a good time to schedule the next Dodgeball Tournament with an Armageddon theme.

Look at all the Buds!

I am glued to my office hour upon hour editing footage for butterfly film as well as photographs for upcoming lectures, though longing to get out and photograph on this gorgeous day. My goal is to have all accomplished before the garden design season is full underway. Fortunately I have our sweet dog and cat to keep me company and they are curled up in their individual and jealously-guarded-chairs. Making work even more enjoyable is the epiphyllum, which is in full, intoxicatingly fragrant, bloom.

Happy Gorgeous Day!

Epiphyllum ~ I am unable to share the name of this species because it was obtained without an identifying tag from a plant sale.

Brute force string recovery @ Alchemy

Chelsea Berry broke two strings last night at Alchemy.  That’s unusual for her — she must have been excited by the packed house.

In this video, her good friend Megan Burtt’s brute force helps Chelsea recover and continue the song.

Also notice how they tease Andrew & Clayton.  A splendid time was had by all!

Lots to do tonight: folk, rock, blues, DJ Dancing and open mic.  See full lineup here.

I’m Looking for used bluefin tuna monofilament‏

From Adam Bolonsky:

Does anyone on the waterfront have 600′ to 800′ of used tuna mono or swordfish line they need to get rid of?

I’m working with the

Thachers Island Association and the National Fish and Wildlife Service to suspend a videocamera from the catwalk of the 102′ north lighthouse tower at Thachers, and need the line to raise and lower the camera.

Vids get submitted to GMG, of course!

Ed Collard is already on board. He made a mount for the camera. Now w need non-braided, non-stretch line to raise and lower the video camera.

No-braid line is the key: otherwise the camera will vibrate excessively.

Contact me through GMG or via email

Thanks, Adam

International Dory Racing Committee News

As I’ve said in the past, the paltry amount of money it costs to join the International Dorys is the best value to get yourself on Gloucester Harbor all year long.  There is nothing like the oneness with the harbor that you feel once you pull away from the berth and all you hear is the woosh of your oars in the water. Check out the website here for more info


Hope your offseason workouts are going well!

It has been a great winter for rowing enthusiasts with the weather offering little cold, snow or ice to deal with.  The dates are set and the schedule is posted for the 2012 Season with our first boat maintenance date on March 31st.  We have also planned a 60th Anniversary dory fundraiser & Season kick-off party at the Legion on Saturday, May 12th, so save the date!

Dues letters will be going out soon, but you can save us a stamp by logging on to our, printing the membership application and sending it in.  While on the website, check out our virtual store link for dory apparel and our new facebook page that is also linked.  We are trying to organize a youth/novice program for the Spring for any new rowers that you know.  And, we are always looking for volunteers to help man our events and programs, so please let us know if you would be interested in helping out!

Gloucester IDRC

Board of Directors

Check out the Dory Slide Show-


Main Street in the snow

The snow we got last Wednesday was just enough to make things look pretty on Main Street:

Main Street in the snow

Alchemy’s already cool sign is made even cooler by the snowflakes and snowy branches around it, which make it look warm and inviting.  I’ve only eaten there once so far, but it was on a cold winter evening, and it really was cozy inside – and the food was great too.