A 100th Birthday and the 1907 Stage Fort Park Dedication Connection


My grandmother, Ruth Hinderliter, will be celebrating her 100th birthday on March 20, 2012. Yes, the first day of Spring.   As she  points out, she was born the year the Titanic went down.  Her oldest great grandson, Robert Chermely, takes great pleasure in reminding her that she was born the same year Fenway Park was built;  and that she has a great,great grand son named Fenway!

     But the story that connects Ruth to Gloucester started in 1907: the  1907 dedication at the rock  in Stage Fort Park. Her parents were both there that day.   Her father, Robert Nygaard, was in port from a ship from Norway.  Her  mother, Lynetta Nowe, was from Gloucester.   Robert offered Lynetta a peanut and that is how the romance began.  They eventually married, moved to Norway and started their family.

      Ruth is the oldest of the couple’s 10 children. She and two of her siblings are still  living.   Ruth told her niece, Nancy Olson, of Gloucester that she  hoped to live to 100 years to fulfill Ruth’s sister and Nancy’s mother,  Elsie McCallum’s  dream of doing so.  Elsie passed on in 2002 at the age of 86.   I am sharing a photo  of Ruth and myself (Carolyn Benga) taken last year for her 99th birthday.   I will update everyone on Good Morning Gloucester with photos of the big 100th Celebration (would love to have a photo of her holding the Good Morning Gloucester sticker).  It will be in Pittsburgh PA surrounded by  6  generations of her family and many dear friends  .   I am enclosing her address if anyone wishes to send her cards:  Ruth Hinderliter,  21 Hickory St.  Apt 211  Pittsburgh PA 15223. 

Just a quick add  on:  many summers and holidays were spent in Gloucester by Ruth and her husband,  Jim who passed in 1990.  They both lived here after his retiremnt  in the 1960’s.  Ruth worked at Addison Gilbert Hospital as a cook.   Ruth has been a supporter of the Cape Ann Animal Aid  for many years.


Build Not For Today Alone, But For Tomorrow As Well

This is a photo from last night’s very well attended Planning Board and Planning and Development Committee meeting at City Hall on the Rezoning of Commercial Street #33 and #47 (Bird’s-Eye), Amend Gloucester Zoning Ordinance to create a Hotel Overlay District.  I didn’t stay for the whole meeting, but did hear Sheree Delorenzo’s as well as her attorney’s presentations, which answered any questions I had, and got to hear a number of the people who spoke out in favor of the proposal.  All those lined up along the right hand wall were waiting their turn to speak. 

I found the message under the mural very approriate for the meeting:  “Build Not For Today Alone, But For Tomorrow As Well”. 

E.J. Lefavour

What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes. Last year Fenway was full of snow but Sox were preseason favorites to win the World Series. This year it is sunny almost 70F and they are picked to inhabit the basement of the American League East.

I’ll take the this year, hands down. (This is me trying to pass as an official construction worker boss man so they would let me into the park. I got thrown out about five minutes later. Once I pulled Rubber Duck out of my pocket it was game over.)

Great Local Musicians Born on the Same Day!

gimmesound Artist of the week, Michael O’Leary packed the house for the Dog Bar’s re-opening on Sunday.  This video captures some of his truly acoustic music ~ no mics, no amps, “nothing to plug in” as Michael said in yesterday’s video.  Just gorgeous melodies, tight harmonies and a bit of Celtic love.

Did you know that J.B. Amero and Dave Mattacks were born on the same day, same year?  Check them out at Jalapenos tonight and find out what year it was …

Then bop down to Dog Bar for Steve Caraway’s excellent open mic, followed by Rhumb Line for Henley Douglas.  See full music lineup here.

Tuesdays At Jalapenos

Hola everyone!
A Mexican Birthday Extravaganza!
This week’s line-up:
J.B. Amero, Dan King, Wolf Ginandes & Dave Mattacks
Guess what… it’s J.B.’s birthday!  And guess what… it’s Dave Mattacks’ birthday, too!
Same day, same year.  Of course, you’ll have to ask them yourself if you want to know what
that particular year is!

Since there are no prior engagements, Sewell Hayes WILL INDEED be able to attend.

Tuesday, March 13… 7 to 9pm
86 Main Street
Gloucester, MA  01930-5710

Wednesdays at The Rhumb Line with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: Pete Lindberg.

Prime Rib Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, March 14th
This week:

A Rhumb Line first: This gifted young songwriter and I finally
get to do a show together.  It’s been a long time coming and
it’s something you definitely should not miss! ~ Fly
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –
 $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!


Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

We can all use some hope…

…which is represented by an anchor in Christian iconography.  Nice nautical imagery for a stained glass window in Gloucester. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot about hope as this election year goes forward.

"Spes" means "Hope" in Latin

Wherever you find your hope, share it with someone who needs it.  Hope grows when we share it, and the more people are inspired by it, the better chance it has of coming true.

Historical Photos of Rockport, Then & Now ~ Program at the Rockport Senior Center

Freda Collins, Meal Coordinator for SeniorCare and Gil McCarthy, Rockport Council on Aging board member look review photos for upcoming program at the Rockport Senior Center.


Gil McCarthy is preparing a video of photos to be show on Friday, April 20, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Rockport Senior Center.

"Historical Photos of Rockport, Then & Now."

The evening will be a comparison of historical photographs with current photos for all to enjoy. There is no fee, refreshments will be provided.  Pre-registration is requested by calling the Rockport Senior Center at 978-546-2573.

The Rockport Council on Aging is extending an invitation to all area residents to attend.  Guests are welcome to bring photos!  The evening will also be an opportunity to view the recently renovated oil paintings that were place in the Community Center around the boarder of the ceilings in the late 30’s. The beautiful paintings have been restored and placed back in the Community Center.

Michelle Talisman, Chairman of the Rockport Council on Aging said, "this will be an excellent opportunity for Cape Ann residents to attend an enjoyable evening with friends and to share refreshment and exchange experiences of living in the beautiful town of Rockport."

The Rockport Senior Center is now housed in the Rockport Community Center, located at 58 Broadway.

To learn more about this program or upcoming programs at the Rockport Senior Center, please contact the Center’s director, Diane Bertolino at rockportcoa@rockportma.org

Rockport’s own Brad Byrd is looking to cast an attractive female lead for his upcoming music video for his song "Zero to the 101"

Rockport’s own Brad Byrd is looking to cast an attractive female lead for his upcoming music video for his song "Zero to the 101". Brad’s music has been featured on  MTV, VH1 ABC’s Happy Endings, as well as others. 

The video shoot is going to be on Sat. March 17th, and Sun. March 18th, so you must be available both days.

The video is going to help promote the musician’s newest album so the video will be getting a large amount of exposure.

The casting call is going to be held on Thursday, March 15th, from 1pm to 5 pm in the Gloucester / Rockport area.

All those interested please send:
1) A Head shot or photo
2) Your age
3) Best way to contact you
4) Preferred time of audition on Thursday
to brandon@mindventurepictures.com
***Also, if you are interested in being the female lead and are free the 17th and 18th but not free for the casting call you may still submit the above information***
All those who respond will receive an email with:
1) their time of audition
2) the location of the casting call
3) the contact info for the production.
For compensation, the lead will be reimbursed for gas, and will receive a DVD copy of the video upon completion.
Thank you everyone.

Ravenswood Woodpecker From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

My son and I took a walk through The Trustees of Reservations’ Ravenswood Park today and we came across this woodpecker that was eating the snow.  I thought it was pretty funny because I’ve never seen this behavior from a bird, but it makes better sense than having to fly to the nearest water supply to have a drink!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Community Stuff Tuesday

Skeptics in the Pub

The March Cape Ann Skeptics in the Pub, will be on the 20th, at La Trattoria, 64, Main St, Gloucester. The program will be presented by Mary Kingsley and is called 1,001 Ways to Lie, Cheat and Steal: An overview of the ways in which consumers don’t get what they bargained for including outright lies, half-truths, deceptions, unsubstantiated claims, and con games. Mary will show that skepticism is essential in the marketplace but isn’t enough!

As usual, we will meet at 6:00 to order food & drink and greet each other. The program begins at 6:45. We meet in the back room at La Trattoria.

We hope to see you there for this informative program.

For more information go to www.capeannskeptics.com