2012 Marino Family Saint Joseph’s Novena

Video and slide show below


Thank you so much for inviting us into your home and keeping the tradition alive.

Brianmoc Video- Blue Fin Tuna Fishing off Gloucester MA 9/28/11 bluefin tuna 76 inch giant & two fish in two days.

I dare you to watch this video and not get emotionally invested in the outcome!

Brian writes-

Fishing Off Gloucester MA for blue fin tuna is becoming fun. This is the second Fish out of three trips but its not easy. The captain of this boat has been a quick study and thanks to that we got this 275 pound Blue fin that only took 50 min to get in. This shows the how to fish for blue fin tuna are way so in enjoy.

Check out Brian’s site here- www.brianmoc.com

2012 Burnham’s Field Community Garden Announcement for GMG

Gina Briguglio writes-

Hello Community Gardeners!
Spring is upon us! March 20th marks the official first day of the 2012 spring season and I am sure you are as excited as I am about our 2nd year out at Burnham’s Field. All this sunshine and 70+ degree weather should have you pondering your planting plan 🙂
I need to review my notes from the last meeting but I do believe we have one, possibly 2 plots, open in the garden. In fairness to the many folks who are currently interested, we will hold a ‘lottery’ to determine who will be joining our current gardeners. If you or someone you know is interested please email or message me the name and contact details so I can toss any new names into the ‘hat.’ My personal email is ginabeantown@gmail.com. Deadline of April 1st on submissions.
If you haven’t turned in your dues for the new season ($25 per plot) please mail or drop a check by 57 Prospect Street, Apt 2, Gloucester MA 01930. Checks should be made out to "Burnham’s Field Community Garden." If you have submitted a check that has yet to be cashed…I will be opening a BFCG checking account at Cape Ann Savings Bank this week – sorry for the delay.
Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces very soon!
Gina Briguglio
2012 Garden Manager
Burnham’s Field Community Garden

For all past GMG Coverage of The Burnham’s Field Community Garden click here

Happy Birthday to my Son Alex

My beautiful son, born on the first day of spring, during a snow storm, March 20, 1993.

Alex, on his first day of college this past September. I don’t have too many recent photos of Alex; he was in the camera shy stage for all his high school years–although lately I am getting the feeling he doesn’t mind so much his Mom with her cameras.

Best friends favorite breakfast of bacon and chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry smoothies ~  Shaffy, Alex, Sam, Mike, Cam, and Andrew

Alex and Liv August 2006

Brad, Brandon & Brie ~ Casting Call

Here’s the third of our series on the making of Brad Byrd’s music video Zero to the 101 directed by gimmesound Artist of the Week, Brandon Rose.  This video shows the casting call last week at Minglewood Tavern and ends with Brad Byrd and Brianna Hobbs (who was cast as the female lead) doing a bit of improv.

It’s Tuesday in Gloucester.  You know what that means: 7pm at Jalapenos and 10pm at Rhumb line.  See full music lineup here.

Mural: St. Ann’s Band from Gloucester in the Tournament of Roses

This is one of a series of murals that remain in the stairwells to the parish hall under St. Ann’s Church (Holy Family Parish).  I am told that there used to be more murals, but some have been removed (and maybe some painted over, I don’t know). The ones that remain are in lamentably poor condition, but they are still fascinating, as they portray historical events, people, and boats of Gloucester. I’ll post a few more photos of these murals over the next few days. If anyone can identify themselves or family members (or their boats) in these paintings, please speak out!

Regis College Premiers an Original Musical about Gloucester’s Fishermen’s Wives

Henry Allen writes-

Joey, advance tickets are on sale NOW!!
A Very Special Event: Regis College Premiers an Original Musical about Gloucester’s Fishermen’s Wives
SIX PAIRS OF HANDS, A MUSICAL by Wendy Lement and Students in the Fall 2011 Oral History and Performance Course. Directed by Wendy Lement
In 1969 Gloucester fishermen’s wives formed an association to fight federal regulations that favored large corporations and would have destroyed their local fishing industry. Since then, the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association has become an international model for conserving and protecting valuable fish stocks for future generations. Through their dedication, solidarity and faith, these remarkable women have endured numerous hardships, obstacles, and tragedies with strength of spirit and grace. Based on oral histories of fishermen’s wives, the Regis College Theatre Company presents an original musical that honors the extraordinary lives and the political battles waged and won by these courageous women.

The Annie is proud to welcome


Vernal Equinox Greetings From Thomas Philbrook


The Vernal Equinox arrives here in the Northern Hemisphere on Tuesday, March 20th, at 1:14 am (EDT) — bringing the earliest arrival of spring in 116 years. Wishing you and yours a very Buddha-ful season!

Tom Philbrook



Coming Soon- Three Lantern Marine and Fishing

(Don’t Call It Three Lanterns)

My buddy Tina Greel (who I still can’t wrap my mind around as being a grandmother) is part of the team that will be reopening and expanding the former Three Lantern Ship Supply store at 7 Parker Street.  Look for the interview tomorrow!


Community Stuff

Heidi Dallin writes-

Hi Joey,
Cape Ann Symphony continues 60th Season on Sunday March 25!
Also Saturday March 24 at 7:30 pm at Fuller is the Open Rehearsal for the concert. Public is invited. It is $10 for adults; Free for 12 and under.
A great way to get a behind the scenes look at the symphony and Conductor Yoichi Udagawa. At the rehearsal break Conductor Udagawa will takes questions from the audience.



At our first "listening post" on the city budget on Feb. 27, a number of solid ideas were put forward, including:

  • Ensuring that the budget advances the city’s and the citizens’ strategic goals.
  • Setting aside money from hotel and meals tax revenues to support the visitor-based economy.
  • Identifying how individuals and groups of citizens can have input into the crafting of the city budget.

Thank you to all who participated.
Our next session will be held next Monday, March 26, at St. John’s at 7 p.m.
The one topic on the agenda will be:

The preliminary school budget for Fiscal Year 2013.

The cost of education is nearly half of all that we spend as a city. 
School Committee chairman Jonathan Pope will be a guest speaker. Jonathan will outline the process by which the School Administration prepares its budget including the input from individual schools and the departments within the system.  
I will then talk about how the schools budget fits into the overall city spending and budget approval process. I will have a draft copy of the school budget with me. The School Committee’s formal budget hearing will be held on April 4.
This is a good opportunity to get an understanding of how we provide for the education of our children, and to see how we, as individuals, can participate in the process.
Some of Gloucester’s leading citizens are part of this effort. Our city depends on citizen involvement and creativity.

Please join us.

Monday March 26, 7 p.m.
St. John’s Episcopal Church  48 Middle St.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Paul McGeary
City Councilor, Ward 1
RSVP pmcgeary@gloucester-ma.gov, 978-283-8425



THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012, 8:30AM


The Essex Scenic Coastal Byway will positively impact your business. This is a great chance to learn about the Byway and why it is important to you as a part of our destination’s bigger picture. Find out how the Byway dovetails with the new Cultural Districts and see the actual Byway routes. Find out how you can become a Byway ambassador, and help usher visitors into your door.

This is also an exceptional opportunity to check out the Shalin Liu Center- another venue that will positively impact your business. If you haven’t been yet, you’ve really got to see it to believe it! All tourism related businesses need to support each other, and there’s no better way to learn about a place than seeing it yourself.

Thanks in advance to host Gregg Sorensen and his staff at the Shalin Liu Music Center for partnering to make this site visit and meeting possible.
Please RSVP to info@seaportgloucester.org  asap.