Novena Crawl The Brancaleone Family and Katherine & John Scola’s St Joseph’s Altars


Greg Cook also went to a bunch of houses and took some fantastic photos of the altars which you can see at his site- The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research check them out. 


Marble – Pet of the Week


Hi, my name is Marble and I am a three-month-old girl pup who is at the Cape Ann Animal Aid until I am adopted.          

There is so much going on here!  Overlooked Pet Adoption on the third Thursday of every month from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., Gloucester Pride Stride coming up on April 29, Sunset Dessert Cruise on July 21.   Could you help me out and visit: to learn about all our upcoming events just in case I forgot a few?

Remember to stop down to our current shelter located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester and visit me.   I am here with my siblings and I know it is difficult to believe, but they are all as cute as I am!

NASA Launching 5 Rockets in 5 Minutes Early Friday: How to Watch the light show

NASA Launching 5 Rockets in 5 Minutes Early Friday:

 How to Watch the light show


“NASA is once again hoping to launch five rockets in just over five minutes — a space barrage that promises to put on a spectacular midnight light show of luminescent vapor trails above the U.S. East Coast — but only if Mother Nature cooperates.

After a series of delays due to bad weather and a technical glitch, NASA is now aiming to launch the five-rocket barrage Friday (March 23) after weather concerns thwarted earlier attempts this week.

The sky display may puzzle and amaze some unsuspecting observers, so before you call your local news or police, here is why this is happening and when you may see it.”


nasa atrex mission five rockets:

This map shows the projected area in which the chemical tracers released by the ATREX rockets may be visible to the public. The clouds formed by the chemical tracers may be visible from the North Carolina/South Carolina border up to southern Vermont and New Hampshire and west to central West Virginia. Viewing is dependent on lighting in the area in which you are viewing, cloud cover and also the trajectory of the rocket. CREDIT: NASA/Wallops
Viewing Area Map;

WIN A F/V Midnight Sun T-shirt

Where else can you see photos of a “real” Gloucester fishing boat and interact with the crew of one? YOU CAN ALSO WIN A F/V Midnight Sun T-shirt. c’mon! let’s help them get to 200 likes so i can win it! 🙂!/lisatcorp

from the F/V MIDNIGHT SUN; Like our page on Facebook and be entered to win a Midnight Sun T-Shirt when we reach 200 likes! when we make 200 page likes we are gonna raffle one of these awesome T-Shirts.

Did You Know? (Allen Estes)

That in addition to being a great musician and foundation of the Gloucester music scene, Allen Estes is also a painter?  You can see him here working his paintbrush at one of the lovely old homes on River Road in Annisquam, while talking music on the phone with Peter VanNess of Gimmesound.

Hope you didn’t get sunburned Allen, you were starting to get a little pink.

E.J. Lefavour

Ted’s Big Adventure tomorrow night @ Cruiseport

It certainly looks like it is going to be an entertainment extravaganza indeed. Many friends and fellow musicians getting together to raise money so Ted can get his home all back together.

I can only imagine what it is like to lose your home and all your belongings in a fire. My heart goes out to Ted Hawkes and hope this event fulfills his every need.

Please come and join in and have some fun. I hear the music is going to be great. There will be many raffle items so generously donated by local businesses around Cape Ann  and beyond. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Pleas see the list below of all the wonderful items to be raffled.

This is a function so children are welcome to come and join the fun.

Click text for larger print

More info >

Donor Gift Value
HarborView Inn with Gift Certificate to Two Sisters’ Restaurant Gift Certificates $170.00
Winchester Fishing Co. Gift Certificate $25.00
Turner’s Seafood Gift Certificate $25.00
Maplewood Car Wash  Book of 5 car exterior car washes $40.00
Maplewood Car Wash  Book of 5 car exterior car washes $40.00
Cape Ann Motor Inn with Gift Certificate to Two Sisters’ Restaurant Gift Certificate  ~  One Night Stay
Glenny’s Caribbean Fish Wooden fish carving $25.00
Sugar Magnolias Gift Certificate $25.00
Cape Ann Liquor Bottle of Merlot $16.00
Five Guys Burgers Gift Certificate $25.00
Jim’s Bagel & Bake Shoppe 10″ Cake $23.95
Subway Gift Certificate $5.00
Sharon Lowe 16″ x 20″ Scenic Gloucester Framed Print $50.00
Gloucester Music Gift Certificate $18.00
Alchemy Gift Certificate $50.00
Magic Scarf Ruana $40.00
Palazolas Sporting Goods Gift Certificate $25.00
Rockport Publishing 2 Hardcover Books $57.00
Jalapeno’s Restaurant Gift Certificate $50.00
Passports Restaurant Gift Certificate $25.00
Gloucester Depot Restaurant 2 Large Cheese Pizzas $20.00
Gloucester Depot Restaurant 2 Large Cheese Pizzas $20.00
Mystery Train Records Gift Certificate $20.00
Latitude 43 Gift Certificate $25.00
Animal Krackers Gift Certificate $20.00
Keurig Coffee Maker $120.00
Rhumbline (Fred & Jeff) Gift Certificate $30.00
Giuseppe’s Gift Certificate $25.00
Gloucester Cinema 2 Free Passes
Wendy 1 Hour Massage $95.00
InsideOut Health & Wellness One Acupuncture Treatment $65.00
InsideOut Health & Wellness 1/2 Hour Massage with Vicki $50.00
Shawsheen Luncheonette, Andover, MA Gift Certificate $25.00
John’s Alignment Gift Certificate $65.00
Marie ~ Facial                     Marblehead Gift Certificate
Ryan & Wood Distilleries Vodka and Gin Basket
Frank & Thad’s Computer Computer Service
Total $1,314.95

Free Passes to the ICA at the Sawyer Free Library!!!

Thank you Sawyer Free for letting GMG know about the promo passes! The ICA is great fun for an afternoon and this is a terrific deal–especially when you total the cost of parking and meals after spending the day in Boston.


Tribute To Amelia’s From Loretta Ligor

Tribute to Amelia’s

After 20 plus years of service, Amelia’s Restaurant has closed. To have known Amelia and Ernie is to know very fine people. They served the freshest of fish and had the cleanest restaurant in town. One day during a terrible snow storm as I was driving home from work in Cambridge, and feeling very sick, I called Amelia’s to order her "wonderful" chicken soup. Unfortunately, the girl indicated that they were out of chicken soup and suggested other soups and chowder…but I HAD to have chicken soup, so I declined. As I was trying to think of another restaurant in town who might serve chicken soup, the phone rang and it was the girl from Amelia’s. She said, "If you can wait about an hour, Amelia will cook you chicken soup." Can you believe it? Of course, I said YES and an hour later I picked up the fresh soup. During the summer, when my friends visited and went fishing, if they caught a fish, Amelia would cook it for them! If I were expecting guests and I needed special dishes, Amelia would make them for me and would open early, just to accommodate my schedule. Needless to say, Amelia and Ernie will be sorely missed….and I (and others) take this opportunity to thank them for service "above and beyond", whenever needed. We shall miss you!!

Loretta Ligor

Hollywood @ Minglewood ~ Behind the Scenes w/ Brad Byrd, Brandon Rose & Joey C

You’ve met the director (gimmesound Artist of the Week, Brandon Rose), seen the casting call and learned about editing & hate mail.  (Click here if you missed any of these.)

Watch the video and answer the questions: Which mic? Why doesn’t it matter for the shot? What kind of cameras? Who gets to be up front? What did the audience get? … Plus a special appearance by our boy Joey C, who came out for the shoot and, best of all, a taste of the song.  Tomorrow you get to the whole song.

It’s your choice of open miscs, DJs, rock, blues and lots more tonight.  See the full music lineup here.

Home made paint, “Rusty Anchor”

Deb Clarke recently made some paint from rust off an Anchor. She calls the pigment “Rusty Anchor”.

Check out her FB photo album here; “Rusty Anchor”

From: deb Clarke;

Here’s the orange jellyfish in process.  reverse glass with silver, aluminum, rusty egg tempera, etc.  in process.  if you click the pic you can see the grains of rust.  my friend Paul Frontiero reminds me that “rust never sleeps”.  I wonder if this will develop a rust bloom.  very excited about this.  19×20″.
ps: this will be one of the works in progress that i will bring to the Cape Ann Museum for my demonstrations on March 31 and April 1.

The art of Leon Doucette

This distinguished, brooding portrait almost seems to depict some Spanish caballero of the type painted by Velázquez or El Greco. However, I met a cheerier version of this same face on Wednesday at the Cape Ann Museum.  It belongs to Leon Doucette, who was our docent for the regular 11AM guided tour.  He grew up in Gloucester, moved away for a few years (including college), and then moved back recently and started working at the Cape Ann Museum.  His local knowledge and love of art was evident in the tour he gave us.

Besides being a really nice person, he is a very talented painter. When he said he is an artist, I looked him up right away on my iPhone and found his blog.  My first thought when I saw his painting was, “why is this guy not 24/7 behind an easel?”  I guess it’s hard for an artist – especially a young man who is relatively new on the scene – to get enough work painting to do that full-time.  At least he has a job in an art museum!  But honestly, his work is really good, worth checking out. Here’s another image from his website:

The artist's father
The artist's father

Great, isn’t it?  There is a lot more on his blog.

Sadly, he doesn’t have any work on display right now in Gloucester. I am going to follow his blog in the hopes he announces a local show sometime soon.

I wonder how many other talented young artists like Leon are hidden in our midst…  They are the future of the art community here on Cape Ann.  I hope they get the support and recognition they deserve.

Fortunately, we have initiatives like the The Cape Ann Painter and Photographer Group, which meets the second Monday of each month from 9:00 to 10:30 at the Annie.  In general, from what I’ve seen, the Cape Ann art community is very welcoming and encouraging for artists who are new to the area.

On which side of the road do we choose to live? From Janet Rice

Hi Joey-

     These are pictures that I snapped of two opposite sides of Grapevine Road today.

     I work for Annabelles PetCare and I enjoy taking (and sharing!) photos as I dog walk. There is so much beauty that surrounds us on Cape Ann that I wonder if we often take it for granted. You see, this has been the absolute worse year I can remember for the amount of litter (and dog poop) strewn along our streets, in our marshes and woods and on our beaches.

     I find the lack of civic pride in the cleanliness of our City to be upsetting. Since I believe that change begins with yourself, I have made a personal pledge to pick up litter as I walk every day until April 22, Earth Day.  I can’t help but wonder what the City would look like if every able Citizen in Gloucester pledged to fill just one purple Barney Bag with litter over the next few weeks. If anyone needs suggestions of where to find the litter, I have a long list.   At the very least, maybe people could simply pick up around their own property as well as secure their trash/recycling in a responsible manner so that it is not blowing down the street. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.   

     In the meantime, I plan to get busy and do my part.  If you see me on the street walking dogs (and picking up litter) give me a friendly toot as you drive by. That way, I will know I am not alone in this Quest!

Best- Janet Rice


Community Stuff

Hi Joey,
Would you mind sharing about MacKid Hamilton’s Summer Camps 2012 issue?  It features 14 great summer camp options…from sea kayaking to photography…from communities such as Beverly, Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, and Topsfield…for kids ages 3-18!!
Lorraine Miller


Check out what’s happening at Maritime Gloucester by clicking the banner below-


Discover Gloucester Weekly


From Linn Parisi, Discover Gloucester Director, with thanks to Joey!

Joey generously asked if I’d want to share info about Discover Gloucester (aka Seaport Gloucester DMO or Destination Marketing Organization) in a weekly post. After a second of thought, I decided to tell readers some of what the volunteer based organization has been doing: Outreach beyond Gloucester to get visitors to come here and spend money while enjoying all the cool things we have here to see, do, eat, and buy.

The most recent Discover Gloucester outreach adventure:

  • 3/2-4/2012: Co-op booth at the 3 day AAA Marketplace consumer show at Gillette Stadium’s Putnam East.
  • 12 wonderful and enthusiastic partners helped man the booth in shifts.
  • 18 local tourism businesses partnered with Discover Gloucester in the booth.
  • 800 whale watch pins were handed out.
  • 1937 consumers entered our raffle for 2 Discover Gloucester weekend packages and sets of whale watch tickets.
  • 2200 Discover Gloucester Visitor Guides were handed out with partner brochures and an incentive offer flier.
  • 17,000 consumers who can easily drive here for a day or more, attended the show.
  • 2013: A double booth!

Next week: Report on attending The 3/25-28/12 Discover New England Summit, an International trade show.

Linn Parisi

Discover Gloucester, The Seaport Gloucester DMO

PO Box 6103  Gloucester, MA  01930 978-290-9723

Twitter: @DscvrGlstr   FB: Discover Gloucester