marc anthony does it again

I gotta stop hating on this dude because he’s obviously got something going on.

when jlo finally got around to moving on I figured she woke up and took a look at what she had done and ran for the hills.  but mere months later he turns up with this broad who arguably some may say is even hotter than jlo.

you think he wears a size 15 shoe?


how is this possible?

Two $20 Tickets ($40 Value) To Hypnotist Frank Santos Jr Horribles Parade Fundraiser March 31st


Our Boy Ed Collard the Housedoctor is donating a ticket and I’m donating a ticket to a fun fun event.

How do you win?

Like the GMG Page on Facebook and we will randomly select one of the new folks that like it on the 28th of March for the pair of tickets.  The Tickets will be at the door.  I will announce the winner here and let the Horribles Committee to know for the winner to pick up at the event.

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Bowsprite and Will Represent! In NOLA


i hope you’re well.

christina and i explored nola last weekend, and here are some souvenir fotos for you/GMG.

cheers, will

My friends from NY represent!  Chistina (Bowsprite) I hope to see you get one of the residencies on Rocky Neck this summer.  I can only imagine what you would do with Gloucester’s boats and waterfront.

Check out her site Bowsprite

An example of some of Chistina’s working waterfront illustrations-

Uhm, something just doesn’t seem right here. Smile



Also pictured is Will (Tugster) who is obsessed with tugboats.  Chickity Check out Will’s waterblog here


Joey C Burgers & Fries Video ~ No limp dick here!

You saw the photo.  You read the rant.  (If you weren’t paying attention  click here.)  Well here’s the video.

Notice Ed in the foreground eating half of Joey’s fries.  Don’t you think Joey & Ed make a cute couple?

Ask Joey C- Concerned Mother Has Daughter Who Dates Losers – I Need Help On This One Folks

Concerned Mother writes-

My daughter really goes for the underdog (ie. losers). How can I gently encourage her to set her sights higher without seeming like the overbearing mother?

My advice?   Normally I can bang out relationship advice all day long but my two little girls aren’t to that dating stage yet and I really don’t know what to say.

Like I know you want to keep the lines of communication open between you and your daughter.  I know you could potentially say things to her, calling the guys she’s dating a loser when they have a fight and then they make up, she tells the guy what you said and then the guy spends the rest of his living days trying to convince your daughter what a terrible parent you’ve been.

I get all that but I just don’t know that I have what it takes to sit back and watch some douchebag take advantage of one of my girls.

So I’m throwing this one out there to our informed and brilliant readership.  What would you do?

MCC Designates State’s First Cultural Districts

MCC Designates State’s First Cultural Districts

Arts Centers in Boston, Gloucester, Lynn, Pittsfield & Rockport Launch New State Initiative

 (Boston, MA) – The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) today named five vibrant, diverse centers for arts and cultural activity across Massachusetts as the first state-designated Cultural  Districts. They are:

  • The Fenway Cultural District in Boston
  • Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District
  • The Central Exchange Cultural District in Lynn
  • The Upstreet Cultural District in Pittsfield
  • The Rockport Cultural District

MCC’s Board voted unanimously today to approve this first group of state-sponsored Cultural Districts during its meeting at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the Fenway.

“Our Cultural Districts Initiative shines a brand new spotlight on the breadth and depth of creative activity happening in every corner of Massachusetts,” said Anita Walker, MCC’s Executive Director. “Each of these communities has something very special to offer a visitor — whether they are coming from across town or across the globe. With this designation, these cities can now take their cultural life to a new level.”

A cultural district is a compact, walkable area of a community with a concentration of cultural facilities, activities, and assets. Districts attract visitors to enjoy and experience a range of cultural and commercial activities.

MCC’s Cultural Districts Initiative came out of an economic stimulus bill passed by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2010. It is designed to help communities attract artists and cultural enterprises, encourage business and job growth, expand tourism, preserve and reuse historic buildings, enhance property values, and foster local cultural development. Each district will have new signage, online profiles on the Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism and MCC websites, and other amenities.

The Initiative builds upon one of the great strengths of Massachusetts: the distinctiveness and authenticity of its communities. Cultural Districts will help cities and towns identify, support, and promote their unique identity and sense of place.

It also advances MCC’s long-term effort to harness the power of the nonprofit arts, humanities, and sciences to improve quality of life in Massachusetts cities and towns. Recent data from MassINC showed that using the arts and culture to enhance the quality of life enjoys broad public support in eleven major Massachusetts cities, and that residents who participate in cultural activities develop more positive perceptions about their community. More than 100 communities statewide have expressed interest in establishing a cultural district since the guidelines went public last year.

Supporters from each of the newly designated Cultural Districts successfully petitioned their local governments to endorse their plans, and then worked with the MCC and local partners to define

the objectives and geographical contours of their district. Hundreds of nonprofit leaders, local business and civic groups, working artists, and citizen activists contributed to this process. The result is five distinct, well defined creative hubs. Descriptions of each of the first Mass. Cultural Districts follow:

Designated Massachusetts Cultural Districts

Fenway Cultural District, Boston
A walk through the Fenway Cultural District in Boston puts you at the doorstep of the world’s most acclaimed cultural destinations:

the Museum of Fine Arts with its new Art of the Americas wing; the incomparable Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and its new performance venue where every seat is in the front row; and Symphony Hall, home of America’s favorite orchestra, the Boston Symphony. And you haven’t even scratched the surface. Art and history lovers will feast on the best of American culture and still come back for more. Dine in a museum courtyard, or duck into an authentic ethnic restaurant. Other top destinations include Fenway Studios, the New England Conservatory, the Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, Massachusetts College of Art, Simmons College, and the Massachusetts Historical Society. All are easily accessible by public transportation.

Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District 
There’s something special about the light here. Find out why artists from around the world are drawn to one of America’s first artist colonies: Gloucester’s Rocky Neck. Stroll through artist galleries and studios nestled on this Cape Ann peninsula. Talk to the artists and watch them work. Grab lunch on the water overlooking a working fishing harbor. Rocky Neck is one of America’s oldest art colonies, supporting an impressive number of year-round working artists. The district is home to numerous galleries and restaurants as well as the critically acclaimed Gloucester Theatre Company. Venues offer a calendar of special events like Nights on the Neck and the Rocky Neck Artist Ball. A dynamic new cultural and visitor center is also in the works.

Lynn’s Central Exchange Cultural District 
The core of this city may be one of Massachusetts’ best-kept secrets — a fusion of contemporary artists and multicultural cuisine and the authentic bricks and mortar of a city steeped in a history at the forefront of America’s industrial history. Mingle with the artists and entrepreneurs who are drawn to the myriad of street activities, performances, and museums. Lynn’s Central Exchange Cultural District includes historic museums, multiple performance spaces (like LynnArts’ Neal Rantoul Black Box Theater), galleries like RAW

showcasing young artists, numerous artist studios, WFNX Radio, ethnic restaurants and marketplaces reflecting the city’s diverse population, and a resurgence of new restaurants like the Turbine Wine Bar.

Upstreet Cultural District, Pittsfield 
How do you decide among the 50 restaurants, wine bars, and cafes that populate the Upstreet Cultural District? A calendar chock full of events and celebrations that regularly fill the street with vendors and artists that will tempt your aesthetic and culinary taste buds. This vibrant district will lure you into its amazing theater scene and to its family-friendly Berkshire Museum. Upstreet is home to dozens of visual, performing, and literary artists and numerous cultural

institutions, including the Barrington Stage Company and its Musical Theatre Lab, the Hancock Shaker Village, and the beautifully restored Colonial Theatre. The district also boasts a number of locally-run retail shops, art galleries, a diverse selection of ethnic restaurants, and a year-round calendar of events and celebrations like 3rd Thursdays and the WordXWord Festival.

Rockport Cultural District 
From the tip of Bearskin Neck and the iconic Motif #1, to Rockport Music’s world-class Shalin Liu Performance Center with its stage overlooking the Atlantic, you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience in Rockport. Shop in more than 40 art galleries. Grab a cup of coffee while watching the waves. Find out why international visitors make this a regular destination. Rockport’s district boasts over 40 individual artist galleries and studios, as well as cultural institutions like the Rockport Art Association, one of the oldest active art associations in the nation.

You may not realize it, but this speaks volumes for Cape Ann that out of the whole state, we received two of the first five cultural district designations.  Congratulations to all those who worked so hard in Gloucester and Rockport to make this happen.  There is also work underway for a third Downtown Gloucester Cultural District, which will ultimately give us three Cultural Districts in this one little slice of Heaven called Cape Ann.  Pretty amazing.

E.J. Lefavour

Recording Simple Gifts

In looking for music for my butterfly documentary film I heard a very beautiful folk version of “Simple Gifts,” then found the John William’s recording, “Air and Simple Gifts,”  with YoYo Ma and Itzhak Perlman created for Obama’s inauguration, which led to discovering Aaron Copland’s score for Martha Graham’s Applachian Spring (1944). The melody is perfect for my film. I then fortuitously ran into Kathleen Adams, the music director of the Annisquam Village Church, and Liv’s former teacher and mentor, at a cocktail party, and asked her advice. Kathleen graciously volunteered to share her talents and offered she and the church to record “Simple Gifts.” While Liv was home over spring break she very sweetly offered to sing.

Finding copyright free music is difficult and costly. I am eternally grateful for Kathleen and Liv’s gifts and generosity. Kathleen recommended Phil Davis, who is an expert in recording classical music and artist in his own right.

Kathleen Adams and Liv standing next to the gorgeous organ that Jeremy Adams, Kathleen’s husband, built for the Annisquam Village Church

I can’t wait for you to hear Liv and Kathleen’s rendition,  played as written and with their beautiful improvising!

Although many people think that the tune of ‘Simple Gifts” is a traditional Celtic song, “Simple Gifts” was an American Shaker dance song written in 1848 by Elder Joseph Brackett. The song has been widely adapted. Perhaps the best known example is “Lord of the Dance,” published in 1963, which was then used without coyright permission for Michale Flatley’s dance musical Lord of the Dance.

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free

‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,

‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gain’d,

To bow and to bend we shan’t be asham’d,

To turn, turn will be our delight,

Till by turning, turning we come ’round right.

Random Business Tweet of The Day- Laurie Fullerton Tweets About The Schooner Ardelle and Harold Burnham


Part of the random local business tweet initiative I’ve started to encourage more local businesses to engage people through social media.  Every day a different tweet selected as an example to put a brand in front of people while offering some type of payoff.  Whether it be a laugh, a deal or something that leaves the end user glad they clicked through (the proper use of twitter)

Here’s the random local tweet of the day.  Click it!-


“If you can get good hate mail, it means you’re actually doing very well.” ~ Brad Byrd

That’s right, folks.  In this video Hollywood director Brandon Rose (gimmesound Artist of the Week) and local musician Brad Byrd sing the praises of getting hate mail and give 4 reasons why it’s a good thing.  Watch the video and see all the reasons why Brad & Brandon love hate mail!

It feels like summer and Gloucester’s music scene is heating up too:  7@7 ~ SEVEN great music choices tonight beginning at 7pm.  See full music lineup here.

Tim Tebow Just Got Traded To The Jets! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

Greatest News Of The Offseason for Pats Fans Yet!!!!

Can you only imagine how brutal the New York Sports media is going to incessantly hammer the entire team about Quarterback controversy?  It will be relentless.

Oh My Lord, how stupid could that GM be?????

Possibly the only worse whinebag sports media that could drive good players out of a city more than Boston is  New York sports media!!!!!

It’s a great day to be a Pats Fan!!!!!


Oh the infighting, oh the laughter, hilarious really.

The New York Jets GMG Mike Tannenbaum- March 21,2012 Day New England Patriots MVP-

What a stiff Bwahahahahaahaha!!!!!!!!


Fishing Boat mural in St. Ann’s Church

The Carole & Gary and the Sunlight

Continuing my series of posts of murals from the stairwells of St. Ann’s Church, here’s one of two fishing boats.  The names (updated thanks to a reader’s comment) are “Carole & Gary” and “Sunlight”. Anybody know to whom these vessels belonged?

Spring Outing at Cressys Beach, 1914

Cressys Beach, 1914 Alice M. Curtis/@Fredrik D. Bodin
Spring has arrived, and  spring photos are in order. In this photograph, a school outing is underway at Cressys Beach. Young boys in ties and girls in long dresses and bonnets bask in the sun, explore the rocks, and cautiously wade into the water. Only a few brave lads have ventured out to the rock. All the while, teachers keep watch on their flock. In the photo below, photographer Alice Curtis has moved her 5″x7″ (film size) view camera with heavy glass film and wooden tripod up the hill for an overall shot. On the left, players man the outfield for a baseball game. We’re fortunate to have Stage Fort Park, a public park owned by the City of Gloucester and located on the city’s first settlement site (1623). In addition to two beaches, the park offers athletic fields, picnicking, grilling, and exceptionally dramatic views.
Cressys Beach, 1914 Alice M. Curtis/@Fredrik D. Bodin

Note: The United States Board of Geographic Names (US BGN) defines the official names of everything geographic. Officially the name is  is Cressy Beach, with the variant of Cressys Beach. See my GMG post from last November:
Both photographs printed archivally from the original 5×7 inch glass negatives in my darkroom. Image # A8457-086 (top) and A8657-087 (bottom).
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Boston Derby Dames Home Opener Saturday March 24th


Check out Our Past Coverage and The Official Website for more info

The Boston Derby Dames, Massachusetts only WFTDA sanctioned flat track roller derby team, announces details of their 2012 season schedule this month, with all games to be played at their home base of Shriners Auditorium, Wilmington, MA.

In this their 7th year, BDD has more than 65 skaters on five teams: the Cosmonaughties, Nutcrackers and Wicked Pissahs; a B level team aptly called the Boston B Party and the all-star travel team, the Boston Massacre. As founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (, BDD has worked to build and represent the sport on an international level.

As the 2012 national season begins, the Boston Massacre is ranked 7th in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Eastern Region ( Plus, Derby News Network Power Rankings put Boston in the number 20 spot overall in the country (

Our 2012 season (March–October) is poised to be another heated season with the home teams vying for supremacy—  the four-time champs Wicked Pissahs try to hold on to the Championship Fez Cup from the graceful grip of second-place finishers and 2010 champions the Nutcrackers, while the Cosmonaughties battle for their first-ever trophy.

The Boston Massacre has experienced major transition in players, losing several to retirement but gaining a track full of fresh young blood anxious to prove their mettle in this season’s tough schedule. Training harder than ever before, the Massacre are up to facing a challenging season as they welcome Pennsylvania’s Dutchland, Indy’s Naptown, Cincinnati’s Black Sheep, Maine’s Port Authorities and the ever-popular Montreal New Skids on the Block.

Hoping to make the 2012 WFTDA Championships in Atlanta this fall, a feat they accomplished in 2008, this may be a break out year for Boston’s all-star team as the sport continues to grow in athleticism and its fan base continues to broaden.

Our season opening games in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 broke attendance records. Last year’s 2011 opener sold out and once again left a line of anxious fans buying tickets for the next bout in advance, plus, BDD sold out the first four games of the 2011 season. For 2012, the injection of fresh meat blood combined with the inspiration of dedicated vets promises a season like none other.

MARCH 24th
Cosmonaughties v. Nutcrackers
Boston B Party v. Maine Calamity Janes (Portland, ME)


2012 Saint Joseph’s Novena Home of Franco and Margherita Pelliccia

Thank you for keeping up the tradition and inviting us in your home

Video and Slide Show Below

Out My Work Window- EJ

Hi Joey, If you don’t have something to put up from someone else.

As you know I have two work places, Annisquam in the winter and Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck in the summer.  I feel really blessed to be at both of them, and they each have wonderful views and their own unique characteristics.  Out my studio window in Annisquam I look at Lobster Cove and the footbridge.  There are no windows to look out of at the Gallery on Madfish Wharf, but out the back door, the view is great.  Out the front door, the view is great.  And even inside, the view isn’t too shabby.   EJ

Ellen Lefavour
Khan Studio

annisquam studio viewrocky neck gallery insiderocky neck gallery view backrocky neck gallery view front

Send in your story with pics with what’s out your work window and we will post them.

Community Stuff Wednesday




The Chamber will tee off at the 23rd Annual Golf Tournament at Bass Rocks Golf Club on Monday, May 7 at 1:00 pm. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Business Education Collaborative and Scholarship Fund.

Tee time is at 1:00 pm and is a shotgun start scramble. Golfer registration is $200 and includes carts, green fees, clubhouse facilities, awards dinner, a gift bag, and chowder donated by The Causeway Restaurant. Prizes will be awarded at various holes for low gross, longest drive and closest to the line. The grand prize for the first hole-in-one on the 13th hole is a car, compliments of Sudbay Motors Group.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at five levels to area businesses from $100 to $2,000. For a list of sponsorships opportunities, please visit our website at

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities or to play in the tournament, please

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