Night Life Apparel-Outta Gloucester

If you’ve been to the North Shore Mall recently you may have noticed the Night Life Apparel kiosk with all the fun sound activated light up t-shirts. I interviewed owner, Mike Lorenzana from Gloucester,to learn more about Night Life Apparel and their shirts:

If you can’t see the video above click this link: Night Life Apparel Boston-Mike Lorenzana

They have lots of t-shirts designs and sizes for kids and adults. Prices are very reasonable and range from $25-$35. It’s also great that they can do custom orders. I can definitely see a Good Morning Gloucester shirt selling like hot cakes.  Here’s a look at some of their designs:

If you can’t see the video above click this link: Night Life Apparel Boston-Designs

These are the perfect party shirts. I suggest you run to the mall to pick one up for the GMG Spring Fling on Saturday night!


Ask Joey C- Active Widow Asks About Dating

Active Widow asks-

I am a 65 year old widow. I am still active and live on Cape Ann. I am not sure how to go about dating these days, or how to start. Or should I even start?

While I feel very confident in how to answer many questions that come in, there are questions where I don’t feel qualified to answer.  This is one of these questions.

On one hand even reaching out to ask about how to go about starting to date makes me think she is interesting in getting out there.  On the other hand “Active Widow” ends asking if she should even start.  This leads me to believe that there is a certain hesitation. So perhaps our older readers can give some advice here from personal experience.

I like the idea of older folks dating and not just ending their romantic lives once their spouses pass but I imagine it has to be a very personal thing and there can’t be one answer that’s right for everyone.

I often wonder if people in their sixties lose their spouses and then start dating and end up having great sex lives.  Like are people in their sixties getting all freaky in these retirement communities?  Can’t you just see Wilford Brimley on the set of the classic 1985 movie Cocoon just drilling all the old broads in his trailer in between scenes?


While I like the idea of older folks getting their groove on I don’t really even want to picture it to be honest.  Like the most gruesome thing any kid can ever encounter- “the dreaded walking in on your parents having sex horror”  it’s the same type of thing.  You’re happy if it’s happening but you  don’t want to know under any circumstances.

If anyone has been in this situation or knows people that have gone through this please chime in in the comments below this post.  If you can’t find the comment section because you subscribe to the GMG evening email, click the title of the post and you will see the comment section below the post.

Please send in your advice questions to they will sure to be kept anonymous.

David Anderson Represents! from Alyeska, Alaska

Hi Joey,

  David Anderson representing from Alyeska, Alaska! The most snow in the whole world this past season! over 800 inches since last October.




I dare say I think that may be our first from Alaska

One Hour at Time Gang

It is time to get the brooms and bags out to clean,  by the way we should clean up all year-long so here is your opportunity to make our city shine. I will get the bags from the DPW

When:         Saturday,  March 31, 2012

Where:         St. Peter’s Square

Time:           8:00 am

Thank you and see you there


Let the Games Begin

Call for Mug Up Competition Suggestions

This season we will be continuing the Sunday morning Mug Up tradition started last year at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck.  Last year everyone who came to our Sunday morning version of church (fellowship, breaking of bread and reverence tinged with joyous fun) really enjoyed themselves, and many returned every Sunday.  We held three competitions last year: The Deviled Egg Competition, The Bloody Mary Competition and the Grand Finale Lobster Roll Competition. 

This year we are planning to do 4 competitions, one each month in June, July, August and September and would like your input as to the types of competitions we could have.  We can repeat some of last year’s competitions or come up with 4 new ones.  So send your suggestions of the types of competitions you would like to see this year.  Obviously suggest things you are really good at making or are a connoisseur of eating/drinking, so you can enter or be a judge of that competition, if it is chosen. 

Let the games begin.

E.J. Lefavour

Carolina Wren

 That Chipmunk Bird

Come-to-me, come-to-me, come-to-me, repeated from sun up to sundown. Mellow and sweet—though loud enough to attract my attention—what was this new-to-my-ears birdsong coming from the thicket of shrubs? Occasionally we would catch a quicksilver glimpse of a petite sparrow-sized songbird singing energetically atop the fence wall or rapidly pecking at the chinks of bark on our aged pear tree. But this was definitely not a sparrow. His is a rounded little body with tail held upward. He has pale orangey-buff underparts and rich russet plumage, with white and black barred accents on the wings, and long white eye-stripes. Because his coloring is so similar to, my husband took to calling it “that chipmunk bird.”

Carolina Wren

After much running to the window and out the back door at his first few notes I was able to identify our resident Carolina Wren. All summer long and through the fall we were treated to his beautiful and sundry melodies. Here it is late winter and he is again calling me to the window. We can have a longer look through bare trees and shrubs. Much to our joy there is not one wren, but a pair!

The Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) is common throughout the southeast; so populous it is the state bird of South Carolina. When found on Cape Ann it is at its most northern edge of its territory. Gradually, as the climate has warmed over the past century, its range has expanded. They are sensitive to cold and will perish during severe weather. The Carolina Wren is a highly adaptable creature, dwelling in swamps, forests, farms, and tree-filled urban and suburban communities. They hop around leaf litter and dense brush, using their elongated bills to forage for food close to the ground. A pair may bond any time of the year and will stay together for life. It is the ardent male who sings the loud song and he is apt to anytime and anywhere. Carolina Wrens work together to construct their nests and feed their young. Their nesting sites are varied, built in both man-made and natural nooks and crannies; tree holes and stumps, and just as frequently, windowsills, mailboxes, tin cans, garage shelves, and holes found in porches, fence posts, and barns.

During the breeding season they have a voracious appetite for insects, supplemented with fruit, nuts and seeds. Hoping to keep our pair healthy and in residence, and worried that they would not have enough fat in their diet, I made a peanut butter feeder. It took under an hour and cost less than five dollars. I am experimenting with different recipes and will let you know which songbirds are attracted to what mixture and whether or not the squirrels become intolerable.

How to make a Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Materials and tools needed: Portion of driftwood or fallen branch, approximately 4 to 6 inches in diameter; one dowel, approximately 1⁄4 inch diameter; one 1-inch open S hook; one size 12 screw eye; approximately six feet of chain; saw; drill, with one large bit, and one small bit that is slightly larger than the dowel; sandpaper; wood glue.

It took several tries to find driftwood that was not soft, wet, and mushy inside. Look for wood from hardwood. The driftwood in the photograph was cut to eight inches in length, after determining where the center hole and holes for the perches should be drilled. Mark, with a pencil, a two- to three-inch diameter hole, depending on the diameter of the wood. Mark the two spots for the perches, about 1 and 1⁄2 inches below the hole. Drill the side holes for the perches one inch deep. Drill the center hole, approximately two to three inches deep, again depending on the diameter of the log. Smooth the center hole with sandpaper. Cut two perches from the dowel, 4 inches in length, and glue into the drilled perch holes. Allow to dry overnight. Center and screw the screw eye into the top of the feeder and add the S-hook. Loop the chain around a tree limb so that it hangs five to six feet off the ground. Attach the S hook through the screw eye and chain. With pliers, close the upper end of the S-hook firmly around the chain and the opposite end just enough to hold the screw eye firmly in place, but not too tight that the feeder cannot be removed for easy filling and cleaning. Fill with peanut butter mixture.

Peanut Butter and Fruit Recipe ~

Basic recipe: Mix one or two tablespoons of peanut butter with an apple slice that has been finely diced. Add a teaspoon of raisins, coarsely chopped. This makes a perfectly appetizing and healthy mix. For variety, add dried cranberries, currants, chopped almonds, sunflower seeds, millet, and/or crumbled whole grain crackers.

What to do at the GMG Party on Saturday night?

Guess which one I caught and ate?

The big one of course. The small one I would have had to throw back but since I caught that one at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo she is still hanging on the wall and does not smell at all since she is ceramic.

She hangs above another find from Fred’s which is an 1888 map of our neighborhood. Is the significant other still glaring at you because you bought a fishing rod for her Valentine’s gift? Just buy something off the wall for her on Saturday and you’ll be able to use that pole if you know what I mean.

Miranda Delivers

How can you get gimmesound Artist of the Week Miranda Russell to deliver her 2 CD/DVD set to your house personally?  Watch this video and find out.

Notice the spectacular backdrop from the Shalin Liu stage where we filmed this morning.  You can see Miranda live on this same stage next Thursday or Friday with her excellent band (Miranda tells us who’s performing with her next week).  Get tickets here.

This week, there’s excellent music all over Cape Ann all week long.  Check out this week’s complete music lineup here.

Wednesday’s With Fly Amero Special Guest ~ Rocky Kramm

Wednesday – 8:30-11:00 – Special Guests ~ Rocky Kramm

Rocky is one of my all-time favorite Rhumb Line guests.  In
addition to his brilliant original material, he never fails to
wow the crowd with clever, unique arrangements that
make each and every cover song his and his alone. ~ Fly

Prime Rib Specials!

Wednesdays Only!

Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest

Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner – $9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

A Gloucester Random Act Of Kindness- Jamie the Animal Control Officer

Jeffrey B French writes-

Hi Joey, i enjoy your blog, especially the photos, we live in such a beautiful place.You show me places I have not seen yet after living here 47 years. Last week, in broad daylight, someone tied a 9 year old Husky to the front stairs of my office, the Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital on Essex Ave, and took off. The person left an envelope tied to his collar containing $20 and a note saying they could no longer take care of "King". I called Jamie the Animal Control Officer, who came right away, and has been caring for the dog, walking him and spending time getting him to trust people again. He also comes on his day off. I know some people may think being an Animal Control Officer is kind of a heartless job, but I wanted you to know that the one we have in Gloucester is a special kind of person, and has gone out of his way to try to turn a bad situation into something good. As far as I know, "King" will be available for adoption at the end of a ten day confinement period.

Jeffrey B French, D.V.M.

Horribles Parade Fundraiser Update

I hope everyone goes to the Fishtown Horribles Parade Fundraiser saturday night.  Go, make a few bids and then pop on over to the GMG Spring Fling at Bodin Historic Photo on Main Street after.  Both events are going to be great times!

Here’s the latest update-

Please join us for the Fishtown Horribles Parade Fundraiser with Frank Santos, Jr. Saturday March 31 @ Cruiseport Gloucester.  Doors open at 7pm for the silent auction and the show starts at 8pm!!  Tickets are still available. Contact us at or 978-631-9015.

Basket from Ryan & Wood-includes a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Gin
$50 gift certificate to Coveted Yarn
$25 gift certificate to Topside Grill
Hat & Sweater from House of the Raven
Angle statue from The Weathervane
Necklace-Natual stone and sterling silver
Baked goods from Laurie Lufkin

One week at Camp Spindrift 2012-YMCA

This is Gloucester DVD-Good Morning Gloucester
Birthday party for 10 at the Firehouse- Gloucester Fire Dept. 
Family fun pack to Topsfield Fair

2-Four packs to the Shriners Circus in April

4 passes to each of the Boston Derby Dames Roller Derby 2012 games. These will be auctioned off by date, there are 6 dates.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!   Thanks Joey for helping us promote the fundraiser. Fishtown Horribles Parade Committee

Video- Shakespeare is coming to East Gloucester Elementary!

Martin DelVecchio forwards-

Shakespeare is coming to East Gloucester Elementary School!
The 5th-grade class presents three performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream:
Thursday, March 29th at 7:00p (Stratford cast)
Friday, March 30th at 7:00p (London cast)
Saturday, March 31st at 2:00p (Stratford cast)
Tickets are $5.00 each; contact for details.
And bring a food donation for The Open Door!


Community Stuff Tuesday


Cape Ann Animal Aid is J.M. Walsh Oil Company’s February "Pick of the Litter" in its Community Choice Campaign.

Barbara Ellis of Rockport (right – holding kitten "Ratatouille") cast the winning ballot, and Cape Ann Animal Aid’s general manager Brenda Brancaleone accepts a $100 gift from J.M. Walsh Oil president Janelle Favaloro. The company is giving away $100 every month in its 30th anniversary "Community Choice Campaign" where anyone can vote for their favorite cause. A winner is drawn monthly. Votes can be cast on-line at www.jmwalshoilcom or ballots can be obtained by contacting the company at 978-283-4815,


Discover the Warrior Within — Meditation for Those Who Don’t But Want To


Fridays, 5:30 — 7 PM, April 6th – June 8th

Drop-ins Welcome. Come to all classes or just one!

Designed to Help Beginners Get Started & Help Others Jump Start a Languishing Practice.

The point of meditation is to learn to be happy but how do we create a beautiful life, filled with happiness, in the face of family troubles, illness, violence, poverty or fear? Look around. Do you know anyone who doesn’t face some of these "troubles" to some extent?

Through meditation, we can discover a warrior within. One of Joey’s favorite people, Lama Marut, a Buddhist teacher who has been regularly visiting Cape Ann for the past 7 years, calls this "…the big rage-in-the-cage smack-down with … the demons that undermine the happiness we all seek."

Explore how meditation can calm the mind & ease some medical conditions. Learn how to meditate & create mindfulness. Generate a consistent meditation practice. Learn to be happy. Take on what it means to be a spiritual warrior.

Classes will include short meditations and the opportunity to share your experiences – and get some help with your practice.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn meditation from a secular and a spiritual point of view.

Please arrive on time so that you don’t run the risk of disturbing others during guided meditations, which may be in progress.

You do NOT have to be Buddhist to attend. Everyone is welcome.

ACI-Cape Ann 154 Granite St.

Rockport for more info: