Frankie "The Liberty Bullet" Gwynne Is Ready To Lead Team Red, White and Blue Balls Deep Into This Year’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament!

You may remember this Dodgeball phenom from last year’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball tournament when our boy Frankie debuted as “The Silver Bullet” but came up short in his quest for Dodgeball immortality.

But this year Frankie has re-focused and “re-branded” if you will as “The Liberty Bullet” and vows to lead his “Red White and Blue Balls” DEEP into the tournament.

Come on Down To The Farm Bar and Grille Sunday For What Will Be The Funnest Day You’ll Have All Year. 

Ryan Cox has already put together a reduced price outdoor menu featuring the Farm’s incredible pulled pork sandwiches and more!

Check out The 2nd Annual Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Event Page Here

Lauren Mears From Jungle Silkscreening Quote: “Our Balls Will Be Coming At You Hard And Fast”








Not one to mince words Lauren Mears From Team “Jungle Fever” representing Jungle Screen Printing in Ipswich MA has never been one to mince words.

Her quote to her opponents:

“Our Balls Will Be Coming At You Hard And Fast”

Lauren sends in these pics hot off the presses at Jungle of the printed TShirts Jungle donated for all 100 players in the 2012 GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament.



Spooky ~ Pet of the Week!

Spooky ~ Pet of the Week!


I am a young cat who is handsome with a short brown-and-blacktiger coat which I keep immaculate.  My eyes are so green, it’s thefirst thing you notice about me.   I think I am almost perfect!

Why don’t you stop by the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA) in Gloucester and see for yourself!   The CAAA is a non-profit shelter dedicated to finding loving homes for homeless cats and dogs.

Check our website ( and see a listing of all adoptable pets, upcoming events and someday I hope to be on the Happy Tails section!  Happy Tails is when pets are adopted and their families writes a story about them. Someday I hope to be featured in the Happy Tails section!  The shelter is located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester. When you stop by, ask for Spooky, but you know what…there is nothing Spooky about me at all!

When the Lobster Goes Mainstream

I was in the Gap the other day and saw this t-shirt. My initial thought was this is a horrible play on  “Rock Lobster”.  I pictured the GAP Management team with their khakis and Joey C black frame glasses saying “Lobsters are so in this year, we need to tap that market”. I have an idea “How about lobsters with a guitar head and call it Rock Lobster”.

I did a little more digging and this t-shirt made it to the GAP from a contest on an indie t-shirt website called Threadless. Am I brainwashed by this being in the mainstream at the gap? If I saw in an indie store would I have said how awesome I need that?  What do people think of this?

Thanks – Patrick “post so often” Ryan

The Land of Later On

Noted writer Anthony Weller gave a reading from his latest novel, THE LAND OF LATER ON, on February 25, 2012, in the Annisquam Village Library.  It is a compelling journey into the author’s imagined view of the after-life, engagingly and masterfully written.   Published by Amazon and available from them online and in paperback, it is also available at the Annisquam Library for $15.


Photos by E.J. Lefavour

Solutions for Protecting Birds from Hitting Windows

Every year, in the United States alone, over 1,000,000,000—yes, that is one billon—birds are killed from flying into windows. Chris Leahy quoted this statistic at the talk he gave last week at the Sawyer Free Library. Coincidentally, earlier that day I had been speaking with my friend Kate who has this very problem of birds hitting her windows as her home is sited on a beautiful seaside meadow in Tiverton, Rhode Island. She wanted to share with my readers about spider web decals for glass windows.

I found a website that offers a range of innovative solutions to protect birds, for both the residential home and the commercial property, TONI Bird Control Solutions. Although based in Germany, the solutions are universal.

Spider webs reflect light in the UV spectrum and are a visible barrier to birds. When you think about it, we don’t often see birds entangled in a spider’s web. Taking cues from nature, the spider’s web is the basis for TONI’s ultraviolet bird pen, bird glass, and UV decals. TONI’s solution #2, the ultraviolet Bird Pen, is well suited for residential properties. Also, check with the Essex Bird Shop. I believe they carry ultraviolet decals, not visible to the human eye.

American Robin 

If so many birds are killed, why don’t we see the dead bodies? The answer is simply, scavengers. Migrant songbirds fly at night, hitting the glass in the dark and the very early morning hours. Scavengers like gulls, vultures, crows, magpies, rats, and cats know where to look for injured and dead birds. At city skyscrapers, building maintenance daily sweep up bags of, and sometimes during peak migration, barrels full of, dead birds every morning at dawn. The high death rate around skyscrapers is also due in part to the bright lights left burning all night.

Another solution is perhaps not wash your windows quite as frequently, or wait to wash until after the spring and fall migrations. Fortunately, we do not have the problem of birds hitting our windows because of our many weathered and wavy window panes dating back to 1851. We have a different problem. During warmer months, I like to take advantage of the harbor breezes and usually have the windows wide open, and without screens (until mosquito season begins). We’ve had finches and sparrows and hummingbirds flying around my home office, but then again, none fatally injured.

Performing Live or Recording ~ Which is better?

Watch the video and see Marina Evans talk about recording, live performing and touring.  Plus she compares Gloucester with Florence, Italy.

Six wonderful musical choices tonight on Cape Ann: chamber music, Chelsea, Loco, Fly, Toni, sing, indie/soul/funk — All FREE!  See the full lineup here.

Get your shopping done



Photo and story From;

Giant asteroid might smash into earth

 in 28 years

Put it on your calendar: February 5, 2040 may be the end of the world. It turns out that there’s a giant asteroid hurtling through space, and there’s one chance in 625 that it will smash into the Earth, which isn’t high, but isn’t zero, either. It’s 460 feet wide, and scientists are already talking about “how to deflect it,” including possibly with a nuclear weapon, a la “Deep Impact.” “The international community may be faced with the difficult decision of choosing between an expensive multikinetic impactor or a nuclear explosive,” Near Earth Object expert Russell Schweickart tells the Christian Science Monitor.

The Stone Sloop Albert Baldwin

Stone Sloop Albert Baldwin, 1934 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
I’ve been waiting fruitlessly for a Nor’easter snowstorm to post a winter photograph. It looks like tomorrow’s little storm could be my last opportunity, so I’m taking it. This is the Sloop Albert Baldwin, iced in off Rocky Neck. The 90 foot long Baldwin was built in 1890 at the James and Tarr shipyard in Essex. She was designed with extra reinforcement for transporting granite along the New England coast. The pilings in the photo are remnants of the Rocky Neck ferry pier, which was at the present public parking lot. Abandoned and derelict, the sloop was still rotting away when I came to Gloucester in 1980. About ten years later, the Sloop Albert Baldwin was cut up and hauled away.
Printed from the original 5×7 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image #A8857-149
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Chickity Check It! Tacos Lupita Has A New Website

Menus, Food Photos, Directions and More.


I built it for them when they asked.  Hope you like it.

Probably the most useful thing on there is the pictures of food which weren’t prepared special for the website, they were just photos of dishes they made for customers while I was there.  Allso the menu with prices on it gives you an idea of just how affordable it is.

Last time there Dee Noble was there with 3 kids and the whole bill for sit down lunch was $20 and change.  Seriously?  How do you beat that?

Here’s the link-

United States Coast Guard Video Of The Plan B Sinking

Click Here For The Many Pictures and Videos of The Plan B We’ve Taken Here at Good Morning Gloucester

BOSTON — The 81-foot fishing vessel Plan B sank approximately eight miles east of Kennebunkport, Maine, after taking on water, Tuesday.

The two fishermen aboard were unable to control flooding and were rescued by a good Samaritan before the vessel sank about three and a half hours after it began taking on water in approximately 286 feet of water. A ruptured pipe may have caused the flooding.

Because the Plan B was listing on its port side, Coast Guard crews determined the boat wasn’t safe to board the vessel to pump the water out of the boat.

U.S. Coast Guard Station South Portland recovered the boat’s emergency beacon, life raft and several pieces of large debris.

The boat produced a diesel fuel sheen approximately 200-feet by 200-feet when it sank. The Coast Guard will continue to monitor the area for pollution, including a scheduled trip to the site by a Station South Portland boatcrew in the morning.

The Coast Guard protects the maritime ecosystems and natural resources important to our national economy and
essential to the livelihood and way of life for coastal communities.

Community Stuff

Karen Pischke writes-

I, like many others really miss seeing local personalities Dave and Lorre Anderson and their sweet and beautiful dog Chloe and newest family member, Kenzie at the Black Swan!  It was a sad day when they closed their doors, but I hear they have ‘new beginnings’ happening soon!! A reminder that     “when one door closes…, another opens.”  I wonder if GMG readers remember the ‘Buddha of Main Street’ Gloucester that rested outside their lovely store??! I am interested in hearing of the experiences they may have enjoyed when they encountered this lovely Buddha Statuary, and look forward to what GMG readers have to share. I am hoping to compile readers responses as a ‘gift’ to Lorre and Dave for their many years working in Gloucester and for ‘sharing’ their amazing ‘Thai Reflecting Buddha’ with all of us. Also, if you liked them before be sure to ‘Like’ again and give them a Shout on Facebook!     ~  Karen Pischke

Resting Buddha from Main Street Glosta GMG

Post 3 Legion Registration

Registration for the 2012 Jr. and Sr. Legion Baseball team(s) will be held on March 10 and March 17 from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. at the Captain Lester S. Wass American Legion Post 3 on 8 Washington Street in Gloucester. Registration will be held on the ground floor, please use the bar entrance. To be eligible to play legion baseball you must be 13 years of age on or before January 1, 2012 and cannot have a birthday in the entire year of 1992. Gloucester will have both a Jr. and Sr. program for the 2012 season. For more information please email Gerald MacKillop, Jr. at . To be eligible for tryouts you must register at one of the registration sessions. Players from Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester and Essex are eligible to register.

Medication Disposal Day in Gloucester

The Gloucester Medication Disposal program sponsored by Healthy Gloucester Collaborative is once again hosting a community medication disposal event in conjunction with the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Annual Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.  The Medication Disposal Day will take place on Saturday April 28th from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Rose Baker Senior Center, Six Manuel F. Lewis Street, Gloucester.

Items Accepted: Prescription and over-the-counter medications, Medication Samples, Vitamins, Narcotics, Liquid Medications

Items NOT Accepted, Sharps (sharps can be disposed of 24-7 in the main entrance of Addison Gilbert Hospital at the Sharps Kiosk).

Thermometers, IV Bags, Bloody or Infectious Waste,, Inhalers, Hydrogen Peroxide, Personal Care Products

Video- Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Canadian Bacon Captain Hozer Practice Session Down the Dock

Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!

The Tournament will start promptly at noon on Sunday March 4th at the Farm Bar and Grille in Essex MA

click below for video







Passports Restaurant Canadian Bacon Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Squad Models Just Arrived Speedos For Sunday’s Tournament










Shown Modeling The Canadian Bacon Speedo is Co-Captain “Party Favor”


When asked how he got his nickname “Party Favor” he replied “That’s what all my bitches call me down in P-Town.”

Erik Lorden AKA “Hozar” has complete faith in his lead dodgeballer “Party Favor” who will be running a ten mile road race just prior to the tournament on the Morning of March 4th.

One things for sure, team Canadian Bacon is coming to play!


Bullzeye carries two Dodgeballs with her at all times as part of her training regimen.

Passports Canadian Bacon Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament Co-Captain Hozar

Passports Canadian Bacon Will Be Facing Arch-Nemesis Dog Bar’s “American Bacon” Team in First Round Action.  Be sure to come out Sunday at Noon to catch all the action!


Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!



These are the organizations- Mamies Kitchen Muffin Tops, Passports Canadian Bacon, Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers, Sugar Magnolias Team Shameless, The Farm Bar and Grill Ass with Class, Saving Private Ryan and Wood, North Shore Cross Fit Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, , Ed Collard’s House Doctor’s Blinded By the White, Jungle Silkscreening Jungle Fever, Beverly Athletic Club Kiss Our BACsides, another Farm Team Swiss Farmy Knives, Maestranzi Brothers Red, White and Blue Balls, Muffy White Organizings Hot mess, Cape Ann brewing Nacho Libre, Cross Fit Cape Ann With Two Teams- Buns and Guns and Power Snatch, Dog Bar’ American Bacon and  Beach Gourmet’s Drop It like It’s Hot.

If any other teams have pre tourney pictures they want to submit I’ll run ‘em ASAP!

All of the profits from the sign-ups of the Tournament are going to Next Step, an organization that provides support, education and resources for teens and young adults coping with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.