So this is high tide #RockportMA and winter shoveling WINDY after super snow moon

Rockport, Mass.- Shoveling Windy just before high tide after the super snow moon

winter shoveling windy Rockport MA_20190221_© catherine ryan

And then the dinghy.

and then the dory_Winter Rockport Massachusetts Harbor just before morning high tide after big full moon_20190221_© cryan (1)

Just before high tide



just before high tide_Rockport Ma Motif 1_ after super snow moon_20190221_© catherine ryan
Feb 21
Winter Rockport Massachusetts Harbor just before morning high tide after big full moon_20190221_© cryan (2)
Feb 21 2019
Winter Rockport Massachusetts Harbor just before morning high tide after big full moon_20190221_© cryan (3)
Feb 21
Winter tide- Rockport Massachusetts Motif 1_February 18 2019 © catherine ryan
Feb 18 2019

shoveling windy GIF_Winter Rockport Massachusetts Harbor just before morning high tide after big full moon_20190221_© cryan (1)

President Lincoln appointed postmaster, abolitionist, Main Street proprietor, gold star dad, overseer of the poor, gardener: William H. Haskell house history 44 Pleasant St., Gloucester Mass

44 Pleasant Street Gloucester Mass_former home William H Haskell_20180817_©c ryan (2)
44 Pleasant Street 2018

44 Pleasant Street now (above); then (below)

William Humphrey Haskell

Dates: b.January 23, 1810 – d.August 26, 1902
Parents: Eli (b. 1776 Gloucester, MA) and Lydia (Woodbury Bray) Haskell
Brother: Epes
Grandfather: Elias Haskell
First Wife and two daughters:  Sarah Ann Bray (1811-1836) “died September 12, 1836 leaving two daughters* now deceased, one of whom (Sarah*) married a Mr. (Thomas*) Symonds of Reading and the other (Judith*) married Edwin Bradley of Rockport and was the mother of Mr. Edwin Archer Bradley* of Gloucester, Mass.” E Archer Bradley was Captain Sylvanus Smith son-in-law.  E Archer Bradley is listed in the 1913 Polk directory as Vice President of the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co and Director Rocky Neck Marine Railway Company.

Second Wife and six children: Mary S. Smith (died August 15, 1889) Married July 19, 1838. They had six children: “William G. Haskell of Washington, DC, Col. Edward H. Haskell and Charles A Haskell of Newton, Frank A. Haskell of California and Mrs. Saddie, wife of Samuel W. Brown of this city. One son, Asaph S. Haskell, laid his life on the altar of his country at Morehead City, N.C., September 28, 1863, of yellow fever while a member of Co. C, Twenty-third Regiment, where he had gone awaiting transportation home, his death occurring on the date of the expiration of his term of enlistment.”
Raised: West Gloucester, learned the trade of shoemaker according to obituary
Gloucester 250th Anniversary: served as Vice President of 250th celebration committee
Residences: 44 Pleasant Street (was between Dale and Pleasant streets and beyond where Carroll Steele is located now) formerly address 32 Pleasant Street, rear– either may have evidence Undergound Railroad. Haskell’s lots spread between Dale and Pleasant.* Another Haskell (Cpt. John Haskell) was associated with 34 Pleasant (former Moose Home) and Melvin Haskell with 136 Main Street.

*Biographical information supplemented August 29th-updated thanks to Sandy and Sarah with Gloucester Achives. I wanted to confirm Haskell’s address and home, because streets and numbers change on maps over time, and because I knew Sandy could help best with tracking down cemetery information about Haskell’s first wife. and the daughters’ names missing from records. Haskell’s first wife is buried in West Gloucester- historic Sumner St. Cemetery. Haskell and his first wife had two daughters. Sarah Ann Frances, born September 28, 1832 in Gloucester, died young, in December 1853. She married Thomas S. Symonds July 1851. (Haskell and his second wife named one of their daughters, Sarah “Seddie” Symonds Haskell, after his first child.)  The second daughter, Judith Goldsmith, born February 20, 1836, married Edwin Archer Bradley on November 8, 1854. 


“OLDEST MALE RESIDENT DEAD: William H. Haskell Closes Life at Age of 92 years- An Original Abolitionist and Life-long Republican

Willilam H Haskell Gloucester Mass front page article obituary

Continue reading “President Lincoln appointed postmaster, abolitionist, Main Street proprietor, gold star dad, overseer of the poor, gardener: William H. Haskell house history 44 Pleasant St., Gloucester Mass”

Got a high five from Jim Cantore

He saw the name on the side of the tow truck, “Tally’s Hookers” and he did a SMDH.

Oh, if you are parked on T-Wharf in Rockport you might want to move your car. Or give Tally a call and negotiate. Looks like they took a pass on these last few that were lifting up. How do you get a chain on a floater?
This … may get wetter later.


Photos from an early morning walk all around Rockport Harbor (sub0zero walk I should add). My technique for photographing when it’s 10 degrees out is to snap away until my fingers can’t stand it any more, run back to the car, which has been left running, warm up, and then try again. Repeat in ten to fifteen minute intervals. I have the utmost respect for the fishermen; I don’t understand how they can work on the water when the air temperature is so cold.

rockport-congregational-church-sun-rays-copyright-kim-smithRockport Congregational Church and Shalin Liu Sunrays

Double-crested cormorant-juvenile-sleeping-rockport-harbor-copyright-kim-smithOne of a sleeping pair of juvenile Double-crested Cormorants

Rubber Duck Hears Her Echo!

Rubber Duck! Get off that ice or your next port o’ call is Portugal!
Where did Kiwi Cow go? RD: “Last I saw her she was huffing on the car defrost.”
RD: “My Limbago is kicking up can we go back to the car now?”
RD: “You see that sea smoke heading to Spain? That means the hike back to the car is into the wind!”
RD: “Where is my helmet?”
This was running water three days ago? Polar Vortex? We used to call it a “Cold Snap”.
“Can you see the moon RD? RD: “I can hear my ass crack in two under the arch and I did hear an echo. Home James, to the Superglue!”

To all the people (Skip Montello et al) who got up at the crispy crack of dawn (see what I did there?) and took photos of the sea smoke when it was wild and crazy I thank you. Better you than me and you take better photos anyway. Find them on Facebook in “Rockport Stuff”. Skip takes some of them in Infrared which are mind boggling.

nb. There is an old wive’s tale about the noise a duck makes, the quack, does not echo. Glad we cleared that nonsense up.

Commencing Countdown, Major Sean

That was my little tribute to Major Tom…in case you missed it.  Bygones.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Curtis Family…Sean, Erin, Lydia, Brityn, and baby Henry for the excellent public service announcement they are kind enough to bestow upon the town of Rockport during the holiday season.

While, ahem ahem, it was a bit later than usual this year…it did not disappoint once finally arriving. Contrary to disappointing, actually, it is new and improved and really quite fantastic!

You see, the Curtis family has been helping to spread the holiday joy in the children of Rockport….and pure panic in the hearts of the grown-ups…for the past several years.

Formally, a giant snowman helped to count down the days, hours, minutes…and even seconds…until Christmas.  After taking an unfortunate tumble, the large cold one was placed on the DL (that’s the disabled list).  And, yes, I’m talking to you….the one who thought the World Series Trophy on our Christmas Card several years ago was a menorah.  (see below)

At any rate, with Frosty down and out, an even better (in my opinion) countdown clock has taken his place!  My boys get such joy out of seeing it each afternoon on the way home from school/work!  It is pretty awesome…even if it does cause me some major anxiety.

Image 2 Image 3


Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It

Hmmm.   There’s something different about Rockport Harbor these days.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Could it possibly be the massive marine crane that is resting alongside our sleepy and iconic Motif 1?

It has taken me by surprise several days in a row upon coming to the end of Broadway to turn up South Street to head home.

The equipment, for the record, is in town to work on the Rockport Breakwater.

IMG_0284 IMG_0287 IMG_0290 IMG_0291

Gloucester & Cape Ann Featured on Chronicle Tonight

Last month, we previewed Chronicle star Ted Reinstein’s new book (see post here) with Motif #1 on the cover.

Tonight’s Chronicle at 7:30pm on Channel 5 previews his book for the first time on TV — and it features a segment on Gloucester & Cape Ann.  Don’t Miss it!

After the show, take advantage of this gorgeous weather and check out over a dozen artists playing live tonight around Cape Ann tonight.  See the full schedule here.

Chronicle producer’s new book cover is Motif #1

You may know Ted Reinstein from the award-winning TV show Chronicle on Channel 5.

I’ve been a fan for years and  was lucky enough to meet Ted when he produced Chronicle’s feature of Gloucester in 2007 right after Celebrate Gloucester and the opening of Cruiseport.

After covering every corner of New England for 16 years, Ted has made good on his claim, “I have enough stories to fill a book!” Now he’s about to release what National Geographic Traveler has named one of “The Best Travel Books of Spring.”  And look at what’s on the cover!

Ted sent me a pre-release copy of his chapter on Cape Ann, which he aptly titled The Other Cape.  Here’s how it begins:

ReinsteinObviously written from the heart, Ted describes Gloucester as “America’s most authentic, enduring working waterfront.”  The chapter is filled with quotes by–and stories about–local fishermen, artists, photographers and others along with some excellent photos.

This captivating, well-written book isn’t just a travelogue.  It’s a gem that everyone who lives here and cares about this place would want to own.  New England Notebook hasn’t been released yet, but you can pre-order a copy now — right here.

Ted tells me he’s planning to come to The Other Cape to do a reading at some point.  We’ll be sure to let you know when and where as soon as it’s scheduled.  Perhaps you can get your book signed!

Burnham House and Motif # 1 Questions from Claire Higgins

Hi, Joey. Do you happen to know what year the Rockport Fishing Shack (aka Motif No. 1) was built? Also, do you know when the Burnham house

(aka Motif #2), on Route 133, was built? Also, I’ve seen it referred to as both the Mary Burnham House and the Mabel Burnham House. Do you know which is correct?

 Please let me know. Thank you very much.


 Clare Higgins

Coast Guard Blaine Gallagher proposes to his girlfriend, Sarah Morris, in front of Motif #1 in Rockport Harbor- Photos From Brianna Moore

“Coast Guard Blaine Gallagher proposes to his girlfriend, Sarah Morris, in front of Motif #1 in Rockport Harbor. Gallagher pulled his boat up behind Bearskin Neck to surprise Morris at work. When she came out to say hello, Gallagher got down on one knee and pulled out the ring in front of her friends and Gallagher’s crew.”

Check Out more on Brianna’s facebook page , professional page and blog.

Rockport? Yeah, We Got That- The Motif #1 Webcam From The Bluefish Property Group Goes Live

Oh yeah and in the midst of all this I decided to do a complete redesign from top to bottom of the Smile

Thanks to John McElhenny from Matter Communications and Bill O’Connor from North Shore Kid on the feedback and suggestions about ver 1.1

Check out the Bluefish Property Group Motif #1 Webcam at the new site


Tim from  installed another one yesterday in Rockport The view of Motif # 1 from Bradley Wharf!


Short Film and Twin Lights soda TONIGHT in Rockport!

A free event to kick off the  Motif No. 1 Day festival!

7 o’clock tonight at the Old Firehouse in Dock Square, downtown Rockport. A short film, Twin Lights soda…a great way to start the celebration of the arts in Rockport!

Motif #1 back in the 70’s Photo Number 2 From Len Burgess

Here’s a 35mm shot of the original Motif #1 back in the 70’s.
You can see it was a patched-up rugged old building.
Also, thanks Joey for including the information of the Digital Photo Workshop at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum,
It filled up very quickly.
Len Burgess


Motif #1 in 1971 Photo From Len Burgess

Motif #1 in 1971

From my 35mm archives this was the original Motif #1 before it was destroyed by a storm in Feb. 1978. That’s my old 1968 wooden Carver.

No crowded harbors in those days. Just tie up anywhere and stay overnight.
A long way up the ladder when the tide was out.

Len Burgess