Skip Montello Magic Ice

Hi Joey,

Winter is waning and the warm winds are closing in on the remaining thin ice at Flat ledge producing a magical quarry wall reflection on the wet ice and as well, a view of the granite blocks just beneath the surface…here today and gone tomorrow.


PS. Nice work with the Dodge Ball competition!

North Coast Angler

Skip Montello Photos


100 year Old Gloucester Postcards From Peter Dorsey

Peter writes-


I have a big box of old postcards, and I realize that a few of them are from Gloucester, Mass.  Perhaps your readers would like to see some of them. I’ll send you a few here. Maybe I can find some more in my big box. I’ll send them from time to time; if you like.  My father was born in a house near the cut in 1919, and his father worked as a scientist for Mr. Hammond (of the castle);so I have a historical attachment to Gloucester.

I always think its amazing to see the changes that occur in just 100 years, and am glad to have the chance to study old pictures and share them when I can.

I really enjoy Good Morning Gloucester!

Peter Dorsey


Tacos Lupita: One more reason never to leave the island.

The food. As Joey is fond of saying, Cape Ann is blessed with great restaurants and it keeps on getting better. I have been trying out Tacos Lupita and will have a full review once I make it back up the right side of the menu after already eating my way down the left.

(Click image for menu). From the start I can see why Joey has been ecstatic about this place. The mirror shiny ceramic tables to the open kitchen showing fresh ingredients being chopped up. You can tell just by walking in it’s going to be good.

OK, I have had the Mulita (wow, homemade corn tortillas bursting with cheese and in my case I tried pork sausage), huaraches, burritos, tacos, and the Mexican Bistec Plate. All great I’ll just point out two. The lowly taco and the bistec plate. I’ve been to Mexico five times, once for two months back in 1973. I am always looking for that non-Americanized Mexican food without having to go to Mexico. Lupita serves authentic versions of the taco and bistec. The fresh onions and other stuff in the taco and the seasoning of the bistec (a very decent portion of thin grilled steak) are killer. I don’t need to go to Cuernavaca again. I can stay on the island.

Before I write a full review I have to have the fish taco (this being Gloucester and all), as well as the Tortilla soup. The last time I was in Cuernavaca I had tortilla soup every afternoon for ten days straight. It was an addiction. A good one. Post a comment if you have had it because dang, although open 11AM to 9PM daily they are not open on Sunday. I’ll have to wait.

Fun Fact: Lupita is a girl’s name. The shortened form of Guadalupe which refers to the Virgin Mary as she miraculously appeared to a peasant boy in Guadalupe, Mexico.

Since I ate everything before I was able to photograph it, just click on the screaming Homie and Rubber Duck for photos on the Tacos Lupita website.

One last tip: Try the Fanta Orange soda in the bottle. It is made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. Sodas tasted better when we were kids. They still sell them but you have to read the side of the bottle.

[edit] One more very last tip. The salsa verde. Make sure to get the red and green salsa on the side and that green one, (that would be salsa verde in español), is the real deal. The red is too but as in Mexico, it is the green one that will sneak up on you.

Open House Today at C.B. Fisk!

Reminder: Open House today from 2 to 6 PM to celebrate the completion of Opus 143, a two-manual, 21-stop organ. C.B. Fisk is a premiere and internationally recognized builder of organs. Their workshop and headquarters are located in Gloucester. If you have never been to an open house at the C.B. Fisk workshop, you are in for a very special treat. Delightful music provided by guest organists trying out the new instrument may be heard throughout the afternoon and refreshments are typically served. Opus 143 will then be dismantled, shipped to it’s new home in China Grove, North Carolina, and then installed there.

The photo is of the 1/16 scale model for Opus 143

C.B. Fisk is the first (and I believe only) American company to have ever been awarded the commission to design and build an organ for a European cathedral.

Cathedrale de Lausanne, Switzerland

C.B. Fisk is located at 21 Kondelin Road, Gloucester. Phone number: 978.283.1909

“I never knew the thief in me, ’till I took what was not mine”

Looks like Megan may already be a bit more edgy than she thinks.  Watch this video and see what we mean.  If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, watch yesterday’s video and all your questions will be answered by Megan’s very funny intro to her song Pay It Now.

Lots of music posters adorn Gloucester windows and websites and we think this is the best one we’ve seen in a while.

Bandit Kings are always fun and their sound is becoming known as the Gloucester sound.

No reason to stay home tonight with all the good live music about town from Celtic to Zydeco to good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll — see full lineup here.


From Nancy Gaines, The GDT.

“Preliminary plans for the Beauport Gloucester hotel at the former Birdseye site on Pavilion Beach call for a four-story structure, containing 102 mid-priced rooms, a restaurant, meeting center and parking under the building.

With the developers, Beauport Gloucester LLC, already having given “perpetual use” of the beach to the community, they now promise to create a public walkway from Commercial Street to the beach.

Another special local feature, said the hotel project’s managing director, Sheree DeLorenzo, will be retaining or rebuilding the Birdseye white tower, “because it’s a local landmark,” she said.

The plans will be brought before City Council Monday in the first in a series of public meetings by the city Planning Board and the council’s Planning and Development Subcommittee.

The project, financed by Jim Davis — the owner and founder of New Balance shoes, who has a home in Bay View — could cost $75 million, industry experts say.

The plan entails amending — but not dropping — the marine industrial zoning of Fort Square to accommodate a hotel that would be subject to stiff special permitting. The proposed rezoning — with a hotel overlay district — is the subject of Monday’s hearing, which is set for 7 p.m. in City Hall’s Kyrouz Auditorium.

“We listened to the community,” said DeLorenzo, who manages Cruiseport and the Seaport Grille and who will make a presentation to the council Monday.

“We heard that people wanted friends, family, visitors or business colleagues to be able to stay in the city, in a type of accommodation they were accustomed to,” she said. “We will make Birdseye a beautiful property.”

DeLorenzo said the project may well bring up to 100 new jobs to the city, with positions in all ranges of income. A trickle-down effect, she said, would also expand business for providers of local goods like fish, cakes, candies, beer and spirits, florists.”

For much more on this story, look to tomorrow’s print and online editions of the Gloucester Daily Times and

To have text updates regarding this story and other local Breaking News coverage, just sign up for the Times’ free text-alert service on the homepage. For more up-to-date coverage, follow the Times news and sports teams on Twitter at or gdtsports.

Nancy Gaines is a regular Times correspondent and an editor of Boston and national publications.

Wicked Tuna

Hey Joe,

                I got a feeling that wicked Tuna is goanna be a big hit,Have you checked it out yet.I think like the Deadliest Catch or anything to do with commercial fishing more people want to see more.I hope it will help promote Gloucester as the Bluefin Capital of the world and bring more people to town to charter fish.

I hope you give it some space on your blog.


Mike Parisi

Fundraiser for Magnolia Historical Society, from Lisa Ramos


Scrap metal drive

Kevin Hunt of North Shore Scrap Steel has agreed to give the Magnolia Historical Society 100% of the money we raise in collecting scrap metal! A North Shore Scrap Steel trailer will be parked at the Blynman School on Magnolia Ave. the weeks of April 7th through the 21th for you to dump your scrap metal in.  Not sure what consists of scrap metal,  anything that is at least 70% metal. Washing machines, silverware, pots and pans, fans, vases, dryers, motorcycles, bikes, file cabinets,tools and toolboxes, anvil, shovel heads, railings, tables, shelving, cast iron tubs, wheelbarrows, nails, bells, scissors, lamps, lawnmower, wagon, cars, plumbing pipes,aluminum house siding, gutters, anvil. If it’s metal we’ll take it!!! The heavier the better! Every little bit counts! 

NEED PICK UP? GOT A CAR TO DONATE?  Call Lisa Ramos at 978-290-3005 for pick up/towing schedule & scrap and/or tax receipt.

The Rabbit’s Team Photos and More From The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

My boy The Rabbit posted over 8 pages of photos from our event which benefitted Click here to see all the photos


Community Stuff

Pathways for Children will be hosting Parent & Child Drop-In Playgroups on Monday mornings from 10:00- 11:30 am, at their Cape Ann Families playspace located at 28 Emerson Ave.( across the street from Pathways) in Gloucester. On Monday March 12th Martha Morgan will be our featured guest reader. Martha is an early educator and children’s librarian. “Please join us for stories, songs, fingerplays and FUN”. Play group is open to all parents and children ages birth- five. For further information please contact Amy Larsen at 978 281-2400 x 120 or