cape ann olive oil cooking event from fred bodin

fred writes-

Just returned from the cooking demonstration at Cape Ann Olive Oil Company. Two chefs from What’s Cooking, Brian Rice and Christian Collins, made two appetizers, two entree’s, and used tasty CAOO olive oils and balsamic vinegars as ingredients. Loved it. If they do this again – anywhere – you gotta go!

Do You Know? (For the Birders Out There)

A flock of my favorite early spring arrivals descended on Annisquam today with their wonderful call.  I didn’t see them, hence no photo, but the call they make is distinctly them and goes:  conk-a-reeee, conk-a-reeee!  Who can identify these birds?  You see them along marshes, clinging to cattails and reeds.

E.J. Lefavour

thanks at sawyer free

thankful mom at the library writes-

Thank you to the sweet couple who helped me with my stroller at the library. I could have taken the elevator but was in a big rush. The young man first asked and then took the front of the stroller, while his girlfriend held the door. Really made my day–again, thank you!!

Loch Lomond sung for Joe Garland

In this video, gimmesound artist of the week Michael O’Leary sings one of Joe Garland’s favorite songs with Janice Fullman .  This was part of the special tribute to Joe Garland produced by Local Music Seen with Allen Estes that showed on the large screen at the October 1, 2011 ceremony celebrating Joe’s life at I4-C2.  A longer version of this tribute special is in the works and will air on Cape Ann TV once it’s finished.

Michael O’Leary is also featured in today’s Gloucester Daily Times story (see here).

Don’t wait for St. Patrick, get out and dance tonight.  There’s Reggae DJ, Blues, Jazz/hip hop and more.  See complete music lineup here.

pro-bicycling Gloucester bumper stickers

From Kathleen of Big Mike’s Bikes;

We recently ordered some pro-bicycling Gloucester bumper stickers and would love to put the word out to anyone who wants one to email us at or call us at 978-222-3737. I think they came out pretty awesome!

We can ship them out with an SASE to Big Mike’s Bikes, 25 Addison St, Gloucester MA 01930, or $1 by paypal for an envelope/stamp, or you can pick them up at our home shop when we’re around.
We also have our rentals up and ready to go on our website, and deliver to anywhere on Cape Ann and Manchester/Essex as well!

A big thanks to Fisherman’s Outfitter…


Adam Bolonsky writes-

A big thanks to Fisherman’s Outfitter who contributed 250-yards of bluefin tuna monofilament line to the upcoming aerial video project Ed Collard, Bill Whiting, the National Fish and Wildlife Service, the Thacher Island Organization and I are planning at Thacher Island this spring!
Watch GMG for the footage….


The Gloucester High School Class of 82 is planning our 30th reunion for August 11, 2012 Looking for Peeps

We are looking for the following people:

Tim Ahearn, Cynthia Andrews, Claire Beauparlant, Jennifer Beck, Lynn Becker, Douglas Bedell, Anthony Bertolino, Katherine Burns, Judy Chiancola, Maria DaRosa, Kimberly Dion, Jennifer Fortado, Tina Foss, Kathy Ann Frashier, Carlton Geary, Cheryl Giammanco, Chris Grover, David Haselgard, Robert Hinckley, Tricia Hull, Will Kilmer, Daniel MacDonald, Russell MacDougall, David Maranhas, Beth Miller, Joseph Mitchell, Allison Mondello, Heather Mugford, Stephen Muise, Paul Muller, Paula Melanson, Mariangela Nicolosi, Joy Orlando, Ronald Perrene, Kim Porter, Daniel Place, Scott Place, Scott Reed, Andrew Repyak, Antonio Silva, Pamela Silva, Christopher Sova, Sal Tarantino, Brian Tognazzi, Dan Whitten, Jennifer Williams, John Griffin, Debbie Taylor, Kevin Silva, Scott Williams

Thanks Geri R. Parisi