Pet Peeve # 21

Right around number 21 of my biggest pet peeves is when you order a bagel to go and order it with butter or cream cheese and the jointg doeswnt spread it on for you.

Is it really that hard to have the tub of butter or cream cheese and smear it on for me in two swoops rather than make me open an individual package in the car and fumble around with a flimsy knife and get the crumbs all over the car.

You take a process that should take the server all of 3 seconds and turn it into a minute long awkward process.

Perhaps it doesn’t annoy others but it’s one of mine.

What are some little things that bug the hell out of you.
(and I’ll preemptively write out Paulie Walnuts pet peeve-
I hate it when Joey whines about little annoyances)

Memories Of The Oceanside Hotel, Magnolia MA In 1931 From George Krewson III

My Dad purchased the Oceanside Hotel at Magnolia in 1931. I was 6 at the time. He kept it until 1946. Dad had no idea how to operate a hotel, having most previous experience in the building business. When the 1929 depression hit he was out of building and just happened to acquire the Oceanside by what he called “trading cats for dogs.” He and Mom learned quickly, and within a few years a guest suggested that they journey down to Thomasville, GA and have a look a winter resort inn there. They liked what they saw and purchased the inn. Each year for the next 11 years they thrived on the resort hotel business–the Oceanside at Magnolia in the summer, and the Three Toms Inn at Thomasville in the winter, Needless to say I cam to really love growing up in the business. Then came WW II and changes in all family’s lives.

Magnolia and the Oceanside, in particular, will always remain as a fond memory.

George Krewson III


Northern Lights Tonight!!

Cape Ann Alert!!! Let me explain what the following GIF image means. The sun has shot out an X Class Flare rocking the geomagnetic field up to “Storm” level. This is sort of like the band Spinal Tap turning their amps up to Eleven!

The left hand gif shows the central sun puking out a giant burst of color heading towards that little yellow dot. That’s earth.

Tonight, get to a northern exposure and check out the Northern Lights. Halibut Point, hike out there. Or for the lazy just park in the Lobster Pool parking lot and look to the north. One can never predict how these flares will actually impact earth but tonight and maybe even Thursday night might be a good show.

You can always enjoy the full moon if there is nothing going on and the bummer is that the full moon will dampen the view of the Northern Lights. But if you do see them imagine these charged particles slamming into us at 4 million miles per hour.

“You think that it is a safe place to hide – But I’ve already been there”

Lyrics like that are why this song will be a HIT.  Then there’s the haunting melody, full of gorgeous melismas, sung perfectly by rising star Megan Burtt, who’s visiting her friend Chelsea Berry in Gloucester this week.

You can see the two of them at Alchemy tonight at 7pm.  Might be your last chance to catch this Denver native for a while, unless you want to follow her on tour — see dates here.

If you can’t get in to Alchemy, there’s other great music in town (see full lineup here).  And you late-nighters can see Dennis Monagle hosting The Dejas starting at 9pm at Minglewood.

Anybody excited to see somethin happenin in the old office supply store?

You may have noticed they’ve been putting new windows in the old office supply building on Pleasant Street over the past couple months, but did anybody notice all the folks in there taking down ceiling tiles this morning??

Well…. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Art Haven signed a lease for the space at 11 Pleasant Street last Friday and is going to be EXPANDING to have high school and adult programming at the new space! Kids from the RAYS program were there this morning starting the first step of development: taking down ceiling tiles. Work is underway, and the planned open date is EARLY MAY with studios for rent, an art materials thrift store, classroom space, and a multi-use room for all kinds of events!

If you’d like to know more or even want to help out, you can call the Main St. studio at (978) 283-3888 or email (Or just stop in and say hi!

A Train Orchestra At Ryles Jazz Club and iTunes

From, David “DOC” Vincent;

“Come celebrate with us..this is a great venue..Rik and I performed at Ryles for 10 yrs..w/Megawatt Blues we are back.. w / A. T. O. We need your support..lets fill the room.”

Also, You Can Now Purchase their Music on Itunes:

There’s something fishy about this snow storm…

Being in March, these fish don’t seem to think the snow will last long.

They've been out of water so long, they'll take anything they can get...

It looks like they’re lifting up their heads to drink in all the snow they can, while it lasts.

From the lovely fountain in front of the Sawyer Library on Dale Ave.

Heyday of East Gloucester Square, 1930

East Gloucester Square, 1930 Anonymous/©Fredrik D. Bodin

I’ve been saving this photograph for a blizzard. Nary a snow storm’s come along, so I’m posting it now as a reminder of what winter could have been. The camera lens is pointing down East Main Street, with Highland Street in the center left, and the curve on the right at the telephone pole leads to the current laundromat and Duckworth’s Bistro on East Main. The store on the extreme left is J.C. Dade’s Hardware. The view is remarkably similar today. At one time the Square had three markets (Dutch’s, Powler’s, and First National); Wishnick’s barroom, Kirby’s pharmacy, Mrs. Fine’s seamstress shop with pants pressing, Jensen’s Shoe Repair, and two physicians (Doc Quimby, with Doctor Torrey next door). I’d like to thank Paula Parsons and Deb Callahan for this negative, and the East Gloucester fisherman who shared his childhood memories of East Gloucester Square. Please comment with your own remembrances.
Printed archivally from the original 6×7 centimeter film negative in my darkroom. Image # A9267-056.
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Spin For Hope

Hi Joey

At Transform Fitness Studio in Essex Ma, 30 of us rode a three hour marathon spin along with many other clubs in New England. We raised $4000 and all together $265,000 was raised to find a cure and create more birthdays.
AND we had a lot of fun.

Donations can still be accepted at

Jean Grobe


28 Minutes Of GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Dodgeball Love From Kim Smith

You see, when you think about how long this must have taken to edit and how great it is you know why we have the most dedicated team in the business!
If you attended the event of 2012 chances are you’re in here!

I literally had tears watching this,thank you Kim!