Midsummer Night’s Dream at the East Gloucester School Photos From James Dowd

Hey Joe, enclosed are some stills from the dress rehearsal of A
Midsummer Night’s Dream at the East Gloucester School.

A couple of fun things to note:

1. As you can tell from the photos, all the costumes and set are
recycled and re-purposed. We used leftovers from home remodeling
projects, bits from other productions, an old fishing net for the
backdrop and the costumes are 100% attic and back-of-closet (Made
AWESOME by the extreme talents of Kelly Montagnino!) In fact, my
daughter Rebecca, the girl in the middle wearing white, is sporting a
rig made from components that includes a dress my wife used to wear
when we were in college. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that long ago.

2. As you probably can’t tell from the photos, a solid number of
adults went irretrievably insane putting this thing together. We had
every imaginable challenge, practically no budget, not a lot of time
and a school built during a period where postwar scarcity meant
exactly zero frills. I swear that the Globe Theater in London where
Shakespeare performed his plays in 1600 was more technically advanced
than EGS (though we have notably fewer plague rats). Remember that
scene in "Shakespeare in Love" when everything goes wrong but the
director says that it will all work out, even though he doesn’t know
how. "It’s a mystery," he says. It’s totally like that. In the end it
turned out way past our wildest expectations. Teamwork, time and crazy
amounts of talent were brought to bear. Incredible. The costumes and
set are almost as cool as the kids.

3. But OMG, the kids. They, on other hand, have been nothing but pure
amazing. The language, the emotion, the physical comedy. They just
picked it up and ran with it. Kids who you thought were quiet
wallflowers are up there belting out 400 year-old lines, calling
people "knaves" and just generally bashing this thing out with pure
style and grace. The play deals humorously with relationships- a
father wants his daughter to marry the guy he favors, but she wants to
be with a "bad boy", there is magic and tricks and every kind of
hilarious mix-up and our Gloucester public school kids just go totally
all-out with it. One kid said to me, "We get it. We totally get it. I
don’t know if our parents will, but we do." Oh those kids with their
hip-hop and their Shakespeare.
Anyway, shows Thursday and Friday at 7pm and the Saturday Matinee at
2. for tix email egsfifthgradeplay@gmail.com


Berklee College of Music Comes to Gloucester

Don’t miss the first public concert in this extraordinary series featuring Berklee professors, alumni and students to benefit a new scholarship fund that will help send a Gloucester student to music school.  See details here.

Listen to some of Ed Saindon’s music here.  This show features a special tribute to Herb Pomeroy.

Berklee Jazz & Roots in Gloucester is sponsored by gimmesound.com.

You don’t get to see jazz of this caliber very often, so don’t miss out!

FOB Kyle Edmonds Honored At The Bruins Game!

From the Bruins Website:

The Boston Bruins organization is proud to announce the 2012 recipients of the Boston Bruins Ice Hockey Sportsmanship Medal. These student-athletes were selected for best exemplifying a commitment to the ideals of sportsmanship throughout the season. These young men and women demonstrated a tremendous commitment to teamwork and exhibited respect both on and off the ice. For 10 years, the MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association) and the Boston Bruins have partnered to honor one worthy student-athlete from every boys and girls ice hockey league statewide. Boston Bruins Hall of Famer and hockey legend John Bucyk will present each of these deserving athletes with their awards.
WHEN: Tuesday, March 27 during the second intermission of the Bruins/Lightning game beginning at 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: TD Garden, 100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114 (on the Bruins bench)
BRUINS PARTICIPATING: Hall of Famer and hockey legend John Bucyk

From the Rockport High School Website:

RHS junior Kyle Edmonds was named by the Commonwealth Athletic Conference the winner of the 2012 Boston Bruins – MIAA Sportsmanship Award winner! Congratulations Kyle. The award is given annually to one individual from each league who best exemplifies the highest standards of fair play and sportsmanship in high school ice hockey. Kyle will be presented his award on the ice on Tuesday, March 27th at the TD Garden during the 2nd intermission of the Boston Bruins game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Congratulations Kyle we are all very proud of you!

From the MIAA Website:


For the tenth consecutive year, the MIAA and Boston Bruins have partnered to honor a student-athlete from every boys and girls high school ice hockey league in the state for best exemplifying a commitment to the ideals of sportsmanship throughout the season. These student-athletes were selected by representatives of their league according to the following award criteria:

· An exemplary record of complying, both in spirit and letter, with all league and MIAA rules and regulations during the season.

· A demonstrated record of respectfully accepting the rulings of game officials during the season.

· A record of conduct, on and off the ice that brings honor to self, team, school, and community.

· An exhibited commitment to teamwork by providing all members with recognition of their talents, an opportunity to contribute them to the team, and a spirit of camaraderie.

· A demonstrated respect for opponents before, during, and after games.

These student-athletes were honored on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at the TD Garden during the second intermission of the Boston Bruins game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Kyle Edmonds (Gloucester, MA)

Rockport High School

Commonwealth Athletic Conference

A junior defenseman, Kyle served as a captain on the Rockport team that advanced to the semi-finals in the MIAA Division 3 North Tournament this season. Rockport Head Coach Derek Papalegis says, “He is adisciplined player. That’s why we put the ‘A’ on his jersey. He’s not a vocal leader but he leads by example. The way he plays is the right way, he always gives 110% and he does the little things. He makes smart passes, he will give up his body to make a play. You don’t necessarily have to be vocal to be an on ice leader, he does it by doing the right things.”

011 (2)016 (2)017 (2)018 (2)

Woot!  Kyle’s a great young man!  Congrats!

Here’s Kyle with Joey Ciolino in the International Dories-

Bailing out the practice dories-

Passports Wine Tasting Diner Tomorrow! Thursday March 29

Rubber Duck checked out the Passports Wine Dinner last month and she is still flapping her rubber wings about it.  Passports does it again tomorrow and you may still have time to get a reservation. Well worth it, 978-281-3680. Tell them Rubber Duck sent you.

Last month:

Chili Sullivan leads you through the courses and the wine pairings. I know what you’re thinking, some hoity-toity dude to tell you how to breathe and snort when you taste the wine. That’s not Chili. He tells you where the wine came from, describes the environment so you can imagine the fog rolling over the hills cooling the Grüner Veltliner as it grows to a crisp, tasty grape. He also throws in a little history. Don’t worry, it’s short, painless and you don’t have to put your fork down. And speaking of Grüner Veltliner, which was paired with the Cajun fluke last month, it’s the reason why I’m late with this review. I wanted to add where you can get some in Gloucester but I keep forgetting to check out the white wines when I’m in Sea Breeze picking up my Knockabout Gin. The Grüner Veltiner that Chili served was from Sepp Moser, Austria. Tasty. Rubber Duck wants some more.



Join us as the Docksiders share the stage with some of Cape Ann’s finest talent. Hosted by Allen Estes, star of “Local Music Seen with Allen Estes”. Special Guests: Dan King, AnnMarie, Renee & Joe, Dennis Monagle (looks a lot like the Bandit Kings!) and Mike Lindberg on saxaphone.

Wicked Tuna

The F/V Hard Merchandise from the National Geographic Channels Tv Series

“Wicked Tuna”


You can see the boat in person down on Rocky Neck just a few steps away from the

 Kahn/ GMG Gallery on the Madfish Wharf.


Spring Fling

If the Spring Fling, Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 6:00 pm, at Fred Bodin’s is half the fun of the Christmas party..  be prepared to laugh and have a good time, also do not forget to run to CruisePort to take part in the auction for the Horribles Parade .  That starts at 7:00..  lots of fun   

Don’t Miss Monty Python and the 21 Chickens!

This is an article from Chicken, Mary Colussi, 8th Grader, St. Ann School.

“The Coupe’s at it again. The last time our fabulously theatric faces graced the pages of the Gloucester Daily Times, we were saving Sherwood. But that was so Renaissance. We’ve traveled even farther back in time, still in England, to the mystical and bumbling land of Camelot. And let me tell you, “Monty Python and the 21 Chickens” is not your average King Arthur story. Mostly because King Arthur is… wait for it… a girl! Scandalous, no? It is precisely this kind of innovation that should motivate you to immerse yourself in culture and come and see one of our three performances. Hey, why don’t you come to all of them? If not, the French Taunter will be very put out, and trust me, he is not the kind of guy you want to make angry. I called his mother a hamster once, and I still have the emotional scars.             

Anyway, the shows are on Thursday, March 29 at 7:00 P.M. and Saturday March 31st at 3:00 and 7:00. The Chicken Coupe is still stationed at the fantastically wonderful Unitarian Universalist Church at Rockport. The shows are free, but donations are gratefully accepted; they will benefit Dona Lambert’s Summer Playhouse, a theater program I myself am going to participate in. On a partially solemn but mostly giggly-in-an-excited-way note, allow me to say this. This is an immense project, far larger than we anticipated, and I have never been more proud of the Chickens. The show is set to a soundtrack of the Beatles, Star Wars, and our own delighted heartbeats. Even King Arthur would be satisfied. Hope to see you there!” 


Homeward Bound ~ Gloucester

Homeward Bound ~ Gloucester, circa 1930 Chester Walen/©Fredrik D. Bodin
This dory fishing schooner is racing to market in Gloucester. She’s wearing her winter rig: Topmasts removed with no upper canvas to improve stability – a requirement in fall, winter, and spring, when gale force winds and mountainous waves in the North Atlantic are typical. The rig, along with distant patches of snow in Stage Fort Park, suggest to me that this is springtime. Her crew is assembled on deck, preparing for docking, and probably quite glad to be home. Off the schooner’s bow is the Fort. The two large buildings were fish processing plants, sitting on what are now empty lots.
Image printed archivally from the original 5×7 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image #A9157-420
Hope to see you at our Good Morning Gloucester/Bodin Historic Photo Spring Fling this Saturday. Starts at 6 pm!
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

East Gloucester Residents Please Note

I received a flyer in my mail basket this morning that Americold is closing it’s lot to public access by adding a complete perimeter fence around their parking lot. There is a meeting tonight at at 5:00 pm at City Hall, first floor conference room, to discuss the imminent planned project. Councilor Paul McGeary is expected to attend the meeting along with representatives from Americold.

Gloucester Harbor January Sunset

Although it is Americold’s property and it is their lot to fence, many in the neighborhood enjoy access through the lot to watch the sunset, observe the harbor, and more. Americold cites debris and trash, boat trailers, etc. left in the area by the public as the reason for erecting the fence. This is true, however it is the hope of neighborhood residents that the trash problem can be resolved cooperatively rather than blocking neighborhood access to the lot. The access will be lost if the fence is installed.

Please attend this meeting. Being present will show community strength.

Gloucester Harbor November Sunset

FOB Deb Clarke Gallery Demonstration At Cape Ann Museum Saturday March 31st

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present a gallery demonstration with artist Debbie Clarke on Saturday, March 31 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, April 1 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Clarke’s residency will take place in The Rule of Four exhibition gallery where her verre églomisé fish are on display.

Also available for visitors will be a related self-guided tour throughout the Museum that highlights the artwork that has inspired and influenced Clarke’s own work. Families are invited to attend and to participate in related activities in the CAM activity center.  This is an ongoing drop-in program that is free with Museum admission.

Debbie Clarke, Merluccius Bilinearis –Whiting, 1995. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

Debbie Clarke 3

Video- Leeny’s Stinky Diaper At Giuseppe’s Ristorante

Leeny performs one of The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad’s Favorite Tunes at Giuseppe’s Ristorante 2 Main Street Gloucester MA.

Every Sunday afternoon Giuseppe’s has a fantastic children’s sing along around their piano

KIDS EAT FREE! (all night)

with the purchase of one adult entree


pasta specialty

and enjoy the kid’s piano bar!! 4:30-5:30


Community Stuff


Don’t know if anyone asked you to help us publicize our upcoming 2012 Volunteer Day Mug-Up scheduled for Saturday March 31 from 10:00 to 12:00 noon at the museum 66 Main Street, Essex, MA 01929.  I’ve attached our volunteer application as well as our poster for this event.  We need volunteers!  Anything you and GMG can do to help spread the word would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jim (Penn State) Diedrich



Judith Montferrante writes-

Attached, see info about the new Wicked Tuna TV show premiere based on the Gloucester Tuna fishing industry – with some segments shot at the Topsider Bar & Grill – bar area. Some of my photography may be on view (I had to sign a National Geographic release).  Stay tuned.  Thanks, Judith