I paid more to get less (light)

So I went to the hardware store to buy a bulb for a blown out shower light fixture.

I see the curly ones that are listed as using way less energy but giving off the equivalent light as a 100 watt bulb. They cost about three times as much as a regular bulb but I figure because they will be hidden behind a light fixture I’ll give them a try.

The curly bulb was to replace a 75 watt bulb. So I screw it in, turn on the switch and the curly expensive light that is supposed to be equal to a 100 watt bulb gives off way less than the 75 watt regular bulb it replaced.

That’s what I get for buying into another green scam.

I am so blessed

My darling daughter is home from grad school for a few days during spring break. I adore her and we just have the best time together.

iPhone 4s photo ~ Liv and Rosie

My husband gave me a new iPhone for my early birthday present, while Liv is home, so that she can show me how to use it. My previous phone, a fossil from the Stone Age (as my son Alex often referred to it as) was not fun to use. When Siri started talking to us, I was just on the floor laughing in amazement.

iPhone 4S photo

Sista Felicia Does St. Joseph’s Day Pasta For The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times

From The Gloucester Daily Times-

When Felicia was growing up this special recipe was prepared by her Aunt “FeFe“, Vincie and Uncle Mike (Militello). Now she makes it herself and passes along the family’s recipe secrets. The main ingredients are cauliflower, fava beans, and the ferns on top of the anise bulbs. In fact, since the grocers and supermarkets typically throw away this part of the plant before even putting it on the shelf, Felicia goes around each year to remind them to avoid that for this special week of St. Joseph’s Day so that she and others can properly make the dish.

Her aunt and uncle FeFe and Vincie used to create an alter every St. Joseph’s Day and that became very big, so big that many people came each year to pay their respects and eat some of the special pasta dish. The pasta sauce was served over home made St. Joseph fettuccini pasta. What made this St. Joseph Pasta is that all the flower used to prepare the feast was blessed by a priest the day before St. Joseph day. It was done, in fact, at a very special mass in Aunt FeFe and Uncle Vincie’s home in front of her alter. You cannot get much more authentic than that.


You can read my buddy Heather Atwood’s article about Felicia and St Joseph’s Traditions here-

Feast of St. Joseph fare celebrates workers

REAL Irish Music from Michael O’Leary

gimmesound Artist of the Week Michael O’Leary sings the traditional Irish song Welcome Paddy Home with David de la Barre and Steve Levy using traditional Irish instruments and harmonies.  This song was filmed as part of the Cape Ann TV show Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.  You can see the entire show here.

What a Wednesday!  Sing-a-long, open mic, Gloucester faves ~ and Rockabilly up from Boston.  See full music lineup here.

Thursday Night Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line to host Evan Goodrow

Thursday -3/15/2012 – 9:00 to 12:00 ~ Dave Sag’s Blues Party

Dave says.

We have a white knuckle situation this Thursday as we drag in that maniacal mentor of the blues: Mr. Evan Goodreau. He’ll be tickling your earbone all night long with his belt-sanding glitar and smooth creamy vocals. clothing optional. Backing him up will be that Irish instigator of the drums: Mr. “Molto: Benny Benson. Of course, Greg T. and myself complete the roundup. We’re alpha and omega free. Bring your defibrillator!
  And I’m gettin’ sick and tired of sayin’ it, but Sunday sees the triumphant return of the GEEZERZ up at Glenn’s in Nbpt. Boo-hoo…nobody from Globster ever shows up. So, screw it!
  Also , Mon. afternoon at the Rose Baker Senior Center, the Old Saltys are at it again from 1 to 3. You should see these people dance. Put you to shame! It’s free, too. Smelling salts recommended.


O’Brien’s Boru @ The Rhumb Line ♣ This Saturday ♣ 6:00pm until 11:30pm

It’s that time of year again and it’s on a Saturday night!!! Come Celebrate St. Paddys Day with O’Brien’s Boru. Come early for Corn Beef and the Guinness will be flowing. We have been playing Irish music at the Rhumb Line for over 20 years. Make it a point to come on down to the Rhumbline for a great night of music, food and drink!!!

History of Boru

King Brian Boru

The History of Boru

Brian mac Cennétig, called Brian Bóruma, Brian Boru, Emperor of the Irish (c. 941–23 April 1014), (English: Brian Boru, Irish: Brian Bóraimhe), was an Irish king who ended the centuries-long domination of the Kingship of Ireland by the Uí Néill.

Building on the achievements of his father, Cennétig mac Lorcain, and brother, Mathgamain, Brian first made himself King of Munster, then subjugated Leinster, making himself ruler of the south of Ireland.

O’brien’s Boru
March 17, 2011
St. Patty’s Day at The Rhumbline
Gloucester, MA. 01930

The day warmed up nicely. The sun shone bright and the snow, from the hardest winter in recent memory was almost gone. Spring seemed to be just around the corner.

By 4PM March 17, 2011, O’Brien’s Boru had arrived at the Rhumbline
to set up shop at this famous Gloucester, MA landmark.

The band’s first CD “O’Brien’s Boru” was heard on the sound system.
It was St Patrick’s Day and the band was performing their special brand of Irish music for the 20th year.
If you’ve never been to the Rhumbline on St Paddy’s Day you’ve missed a special celebration.

“Viva St Patrick” was the cry as a full house joined in the singing and dancing.
The aroma of corned beef and cabbage filled the air and the Guinness flowed freely.

Besides friends and fans from the Gloucester area, people from all over joined in the celebration.

From Tacoma, Washington to Portland, Maine, folks were in town for the show.
From Taiwan came a young lady who requested songs by the Saw Doctors.
From Scotland it was “Scottish Joe” who got up with the band to sing a rousing version of “The Wild Rover”.

The music began at 6PM and lasted until past midnight.
The band performed classic Irish songs from their first CD and added many more from their new CD (due out soon).

One of many highlights was the first live performance of an original song, written by the band, entitled “Hills Along The River Shannon.
As usual, the band finished up with a last set of songs by the Pogues, Drop Kick Murphy’s, Saw Doctors, Van Morrison and U2.

The band wants to thank all their friends who attended on the big day.

Why not check out the schedule and have a night out with the band?We’ll be expecting all you back, all you “Cailins” (girls) and “Garsuns” (boys)
to join us Saturday, March 17, 2012 for our very own
St Patrick’s Day celebration at the Rhumb Line.

Affection Letters- Missing Homie

R. Duck writes-

Dear Homie,

You left me and the peeps out on Milk Island while you ran off to play with your high school buds. The anniversary of our first meeting is coming up on April 18th and I hope you have sown your oats and we can get back together this spring. I am fermenting your favorite, rotting pollock guts, for you.

Yours forever,
Rubber Duck

Winter – Not Over Yet!

After the Storm, Long Beach, 1931   Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
In early March of 1931 a severe winter storm traveled across the United States. Chicago endured the second largest recorded snowfall in its history, up until that date. When the great storm reached the East Coast, it pummeled the shores of New Hampshire and Massachusetts with huge waves and extremely high tides. On Cape Ann, the 25 year-old Dog Bar Breakwater experienced 12-ton granite blocks tossed into Gloucester Harbor, and the severing of the cable to Breakwater Light. Long Beach, located in Gloucester and Rockport, had its boardwalk washed away. In the photo above, the Long Beach Hotel sits on the left. Below, the photographer shot toward Rockport in the opposite direction.
After the Storm, Long Beach, 1931   Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
As a result of the March 1931 Storm, Dog Bar Breakwater was reinforced with rip-rap on its ocean side, and Long Beach’s wooden boardwalk was replaced with the concrete boardwalk we use today.
 Hampton Beach, NH, March 1931
Printed from the original 4×5 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image #8345-041 (Long Beach showing hotel)
Printed from the original 5×7 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image #88657-134 (Long Beach looking toward Rockport)
Photo of Hampton Beach from the Lane Memorial Library collection, Hampton, NH

Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

chickity check it- evie’s 366 day sketch project

Hey Joey!
This is Evie from the tea co. I’m doing a sketch a day project for a year (or in this year’s case, 366 days) and at the end will take said sketches, turn them into a postcard book and start my snail mail revolution that I’ve been blabbing about forever. To you I ask, can I put up my sketches on the good morning gloucester blog?
Hope all is well,