Exclusive Breaking New Bulletin: Bikini Speedo Dodgeball World Championship Controversy Erupts


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2015 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge

2015 Rocky Neck PlungeSarah Grow for the Open Door Food Pantry

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge ©Kim Smith 2015With below average temperature and wicked wind, the 2015 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge Open Door Food Pantry Fundraiser was a plunge to remember. Dru, pictured above and below, reports that it wasn’t too bad running towards, or even diving in. The worst was running back to the beach against the bitter biting blast that had picked up during the event, and the fact that he couldn’t feel his feet!

Hats Off and Congratulations to All You Brave Polar-Plunging Souls!

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge  Dru Anne Malveaux©Kim Smith 2015

Dru and Anne Malvaux

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge -3©Kim Smith 2015

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge -2 ©Kim Smith 2015

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Emma Duckworht ©Kim Smith 2015Emma Duckworth

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Meadow Michelle Anderson ©Kim Smith 2015Michelle and Meadow Getting Ready to Plunge

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Emma Nicole Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2015Emma, Nicole, and Jude

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Michelle, Chris, Atticus, Meadow ©Kim Smith 2015Michelle, Chris, Atticus, and Meadow

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Donna Ardizonni Pete Lovasco ©Kim Smith 2015Donna and Pete

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Nicole Jude Emma Ben ©Kim Smith 2015Emma, Nicole, Ben, Jude, and David Calvo

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Nicole aand Jude©Kim Smith 2015Nicole and Jude

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Catherine Paul McGeary Karen Ristuben©Kim Smith 2015Karen Ristuben and Catherine and Paul McGeary back at the Cultural Center for hot cocoa and cookies.

Vote For My Boy The Rabbit To Make His Documentary Dream Come True (No Cost)


Two weeks he won’t get paid paid for by the Govt of Thailand to shed light on the diminishing population of the Asian Elephant. 

For More Info Click Here and Please Giver Him Your Vote


to learn more about the Rabbit you can find past GMG posts on him here

GloucesterCast 2/14/14 With Joey C and The Rabbit Day II From Mexico

 gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast 2/14/14 With Joey C and The Rabbit

Second Podcast In Two Days With The Rabbit (Audio is messed up from 5:20-9:34) so fast forward it to 9:34 to get back to the audio.  We’re taping with a simple iPad so I don’t have my editing tools.

Topics: People who use coupons at restaurants and don’t tip on the full amount, The Rabbit chatting up 23 year olds on the beach (and how that went), results of the snow shoveling poll, thanks to Kim Smith, Sista Felicia banging out the Valentine recipes, LMGTFY, Shout Out To Nephew BJ, De-Clawing Cats vs Cutting The Vocal Chords Out Of Yapping Dogs, The Bear Necessities.

podcasticon1 (1)

2014-02-12 14.20.24

Boston Derby Dames June 16th, 2012 vs Main Port Authority Slide Show From The Rabbit

Click the pic below for the slide show-


Outside of The Greasy Pole and Seine Boat Races, Boston Derby Dame Roller Derby Is The Best Entertainment Value In Boston.

Check out http://www.bostonderbydames.com/

The Rabbit’s Team Photos and More From The GMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament

My boy The Rabbit posted over 8 pages of photos from our event which benefitted www.nextstepnet.org Click here to see all the photos


We’ll Never Forget- Ricky- Fiesta 2007

Fiesta 2007

Pow Wow, Syd, Ricky, Magic Joe, The Rabbit, Joey C, DK


That look





Getting After It- Always




Get back here!  Are you a man or a mouse?

DSC02708Memories Bro- They’ll Never Take Them From Us

Rest In Peace

More Halloween Party Pics At Jimmy and Kelly’s Joint From The Rabbit










Patrick Ryan Getting all Crazy On A Plastic Witch (this was nothing compared to the beat down his wife would later lay on him)image










The Shocker- Mark Pramas and The Rabbit as The Gay Blade




Sunny D and Rum Call Out To Restaurants

Once new GMG contributor Patrick Ryan turned me on to this video my life hasn’t been the same since.

The quest for Sunny D and rum was never quite fulfilled Saturday night.  We were shut out at Walgreens (no Sunny D) and Market Basket was closed up tighter than a frog’s ass when we swung by.

So here’s the deal-

The first local bar that offers to stock Sunny D and Rum for one night in an email to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com will get Mr Patrick Ryan,The Rabbit and I to come by and do a full on GMG feature on your joint.

We will come in with the cameras and video and take pics of your food for all of the 12-20,000 daily GMG readers to see.

It’s that simple.

An Open Letter to CBS Casting For Survivor On Behalf Of My Boy The Rabbit

There are a handful of people in my life that I consider my brothers.  Special people that no matter what I’d have their back and I know they would have mine- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE-Under ANY HARDSHIP- WITHOUT FAIL.

There are about five of these guys in my life and I could write novels about each one of them but right now I want to talk about The Rabbit.  I’ve known the Rabbit for over 20 years when we were running hard in Beantown tearing shit up in our single days.

You’ve seen pictures here and many videos with my boy The Rabbit but what many of you may not know is that he has applied for every single season of Survivor without fail.  EVERY SEASON.

We had dinner with one of the creators and director of Around The World For Free Zsolt who speaks seven languages and has worked as a cameraman on The Amazing Race when they came to town this week.  I stated at dinner that even after taking into account the incredible number of people that apply to go on Survivor (like Gloucester’s favorite son Jimmy T) and taking into account how many people that apply to go on Survivor that posses extraordinary physical condition or mental power that the casting people are crazy not to put The Rabbit on the show.

Let me be clear.  I’m not stating that the Rabbit is a genius by any stretch of the imagination (actually quite the opposite).

I’m not stating that The Rabbit is a physical specimen to behold (he clearly isn’t).

But let me get to the reasons I think the Rabbit would be perfect for Survivor.

  • The Rabbit thinks he is really smart and will go on and on without any filter about random nonsense.  If you watch the show you know that you can get pretty far in the game by being a wallflower.  Working hard and keeping your mouth shut so you won’t piss off any of the other players. If every contestant played this type of wallflower game the show would be boring as hell.  The Rabbit simply doesn’t have it in him to keep his mouth shut.  He will ramble incessantly and try to strategize right from the get go.
  • I know of no one that loves the game more than him.  Let me give you an example.  We go to Vegas every year and every year we get into Vegas on Thursday night.  What do you usually do when you get to Vegas the first night?  Go Hard, right?  Not the Rabbit.  He would stay in to watch fucking Survivor the first night we get to Vegas!!!! He also has applied to every season-  That’s something like 20 seasons or something!
  • The Rabbit Is Spontaneous- no matter the time of day- how far he has to drive- if there is something interesting to do the Rabbit will jump to it without any hesitation.
  • The Rabbit is an independent thinker.  He may not be brilliant but he does follow his heart and will not be put into a box or confined by conventional wisdom.

I don’t know if this post will ever find it’s way to the right people at CBS Survivor casting but I know with all my heart that The Rabbit would be a fan favorite in the mold of a Rupert but in a sort of inane crazier type of way.  If they want ratings and someone that will make things interesting, they should want the Rabbit.

I Love You Man.

The Rabbit All Busted Up

Man vs Burger

Rabbit On The Greasy Pole

In Vegas

The Rabbit At Fiesta

God Only Knows


At The Pole

Rabbit Hit The Windshield

The Rabbit Sausage Casing Shirt

Bachelor Party In Tampa

Ron Jeremy On A Bad Day

The Rabbit Shows Jeff Schroeder From CBS Around The World In A Day How To Walk The Greasy Pole

In This Video The Rabbit and Jeff Get Up On Gloucester’s Greasy Pole In Their Skivvies For A Test Walk

Good Times In Gloucester As The Sun Was Setting and We Just Managed To Catch The Light

For All The Jeff Schroeder Around The World Coverage In Gloucester So Far On These Pages Click Here