Megan Burtt @ Old Sloop on Saturday April 5th

Every year or so, Megan Burtt comes to Gloucester to visit her good friend and Berklee chum, Chelsea Berry — and to treat us to her thoughtful, moving, gorgeous music at local venues.  This time she’s at Old Sloop on Saturday, April 5th with Boston singer/songwriter Danielle Miraglia.  This will be an excellent show!



Megan Burtt is Back

Every year or so, Megan Burtt comes to Gloucester to visit her good friend and Berklee chum, Chelsea Berry — and to treat us to her thoughtful, moving, gorgeous music at local venues.  This time she’s at Old Sloop next Saturday, April 5th with Boston singer/songwriter Danielle Miraglia.  This will be an excellent show!


In celebration of Megan’s return, we’re reprising her show on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes this week starting tomorrow (WED) at 6:30 and again on Friday at 1:30pm and Sunday at 6pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  Here’s a taste of  that show:

“Songs are these great recipes of inspiration and torture.”

Megan Burtt on Local Music Seen

That’s what award-winning, Denver-based singer / songwriter Megan Burtt, says on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes, which premieres tomorrow night at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.

Megan was kind enough to stop in and tape a show last week after having played to a sold out crowd at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse.  Her writing is straight from her heart and gut. Her songs take you away and when you return you’re a different person. You don’t want to miss this show!

Those of you familiar with Local Music Seen know that Allen starts every show with a song, and for this one, he premiered a brand new song that doesn’t even have a title.  (Megan told me her idea for a name, but we won’t reveal that until after the show airs.)  Here’s a video of that song.  Leave a comment using the link below to share any ideas you have for a name (See more videos by Allen Estes here)

You can see Allen at Jalapenos tonight sitting in with KBMG for Dan King, who’s in Seattle.

More excellent music all week long.  See the complete live music Schedule here.

Last minute chance to be in a TV audience on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes & Megan Burtt Today at 1pm

Colorado Singer/songwriter Megan Burtt will be taping a show today at Cape Ann TV that will air on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes sometime this month.  Megan is visiting her friend, and Berklee classmate, Chelsea Berry for a few days as part of her Northeast tour.  After her excellent show on Saturday at Old Sloop, I asked Megan if she’d be in the area long enough to tape a show and she agreed!  So we scrambled our crew.

If you’d like to be in the audience, come to the Cape Ann TV Studio in Blackburn Park (directions here) at 1pm.  Ring the doorbell and say, I’m here for Local Music Seen.  Don’t worry about what you look like, you won’t be on camera.  Your presence allows the performers to connect with a live audience, which gives the show an added dimension.  And your clapping, cheering, whistling, etc. will be captured on the soundtrack.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also get to hear a brand-new song from Allen Estes that I haven’t even heard yet (we missed his show at Rhumbline on Sunday because we can’t be in two places at once).  Here’s a taste of what you can expect from Megan:

And don’t forget to vote (if you’re not sure why, check this out).  Might as well stop by your polling place on the way to Blackburn

Cape Ann once again featured in The Noise ~ Rockport Show Recommended for This Saturday

Last month I pointed out that The Noise Magazine recommended two Gloucester shows for the week of Oct 22, putting us on par with Cambridge (see post here).  Well there’s a new Noise issue out and this week they recommend a Rockport show (see here) specifically Amy Black with Megan Burtt at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse.  Congrats Amy Black, Megan Burtt, Old Sloop (tickets here) and Rockport!  Oh, and I guess I have to congratulate myself on being right again.  I picked this show in this post .  Here are two more videos from these rising stars, just in case you weren’t convinced by the ones I posted last week.

More Megan Burtt videos here.

Now for tonight, there’s a special treat at Minglewood: Tony & Samantha Goddess will share the stage with KBMG.  You don’t get to see all these talented artists sharing the stage very often so take advantage.

See this weekend’s complete live music schedule for Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

Old Sloop brings top talent from Boston and Colorado to Rockport on Saturday

The Old Sloop Coffeehouse is known for bringing rising stars to Cape Ann — a risky business since rising stars, by their very nature (i.e., still rising) don’t have the draw of a more established artist.  Even falling stars draw better because people know them, and their names ring a familiar, sometimes nostalgic bell.  But that doesn’t stop the Old Sloop from booking rising stars and taking the risk.  And all of us benefit.

Every month, you can be sure that even though you may never have heard the names of the artists, just the fact that their playing the Old Sloop means they’re top talent.  These people do their homework.

It will be a long time before you can see Amy Black and Megan Burtt on the same stage again so close to home.  And when you do, it just might be in a big theatre with expensive tickets — not a cozy, intimate setting in our own backyard.  So as the song says, “get it while you can!”

Two rising stars coming to Rockport next weekend

Colorado native Megan Burtt returns to Cape Ann to perform with Boston-based Amy Black at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse next Saturday, November 3.  I could tell you how good they are, but I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

As you’ll see in this video I shot last year when Megan performed with Chelsea Berry, her stories are as entertaining as her songs — and this song will send chills up your spine!

More Megan Burtt videos here.

Over 3 dozen live shows to choose from this weekend (see complete live music listings here).  Better get out there before the storm hits!

She’s back … and she brought a friend. Let’s welcome Chelsea & Megan tonight at the Brew Pub @ 5pm.

Last month, one of our favorite local artists, Chelsea Berry brought a friend to town: Colorado singer/songwriter Megan Burtt — and now she one of our favorites too.  Here are two videos from one of last month’s concerts.

Powerful story of friendship and adventure followed by a song full of wisdom that seems far beyond her years (see more videos from that concert here.)

One  of our favorite Chelsea Berry songs that we think she should sing at every gig!

There’s music all day today.  It’s going on now at Alchemy and continues into late in the evening at Dog Bar, where Ryan Alto starts at 9.  See the full music lineup here.

“I never knew the thief in me, ’till I took what was not mine”

Looks like Megan may already be a bit more edgy than she thinks.  Watch this video and see what we mean.  If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about, watch yesterday’s video and all your questions will be answered by Megan’s very funny intro to her song Pay It Now.

Lots of music posters adorn Gloucester windows and websites and we think this is the best one we’ve seen in a while.

Bandit Kings are always fun and their sound is becoming known as the Gloucester sound.

No reason to stay home tonight with all the good live music about town from Celtic to Zydeco to good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll — see full lineup here.

What’s Edgy? Nose ring? Purple hair? Bangs? Electric?

gimmesound Artist of the week, Megan Burtt reveals her identity crisis and explores ways to be more edgy — and less folk — in her very funny intro to Pay It Now, the first song on her CD.

Then she plays the song with a sultry, edgy feel for an enthusiastic crowd at Sunday’s house concert.

After you watch the video, above, check out the edgy band version here.  Which do you like better?

A full weekend of music starts tonight with plenty of choices for early birds and night owls alike.  See lineup here.

Brute force string recovery @ Alchemy

Chelsea Berry broke two strings last night at Alchemy.  That’s unusual for her — she must have been excited by the packed house.

In this video, her good friend Megan Burtt’s brute force helps Chelsea recover and continue the song.

Also notice how they tease Andrew & Clayton.  A splendid time was had by all!

Lots to do tonight: folk, rock, blues, DJ Dancing and open mic.  See full lineup here.

“You think that it is a safe place to hide – But I’ve already been there”

Lyrics like that are why this song will be a HIT.  Then there’s the haunting melody, full of gorgeous melismas, sung perfectly by rising star Megan Burtt, who’s visiting her friend Chelsea Berry in Gloucester this week.

You can see the two of them at Alchemy tonight at 7pm.  Might be your last chance to catch this Denver native for a while, unless you want to follow her on tour — see dates here.

If you can’t get in to Alchemy, there’s other great music in town (see full lineup here).  And you late-nighters can see Dennis Monagle hosting The Dejas starting at 9pm at Minglewood.

Oh yeah, she can ROCK too!

Yesterday we introduced you to Megan Burt, the gimmesound Artist of the Week, and featured a video of her solo delta blues hit — and the story behind it (click here if you missed it).  Today, you get to see her ROCK.  Check out the video above.

Tomorrow you can see her live at Alchemy with her good friend and Gloucester singer/songwriter Chelsea Berry.

It’s Tuesday in Gloucester.  That means KBMG or Henley Douglas Jr.  Details here.