60th Anniversary Dory Races,2012 Lunenburg N.S. Recap From Erik Dombrowski

Saturday August 25th 2012 at 10 AM, teams representing the US lined up against competition from Nova Scotia , Canada to determine the finest dory rowers in the world.  The weather was perfect with bright sunshine and a light breeze.  The docks of Lunenburg were filled with dory enthusiasts from around the Maritimes and a contingent from the US .  Picturesque Lunenburg Harbor was the perfect backdrop to set the scene for some athletic competition on the water.


Although there was no US team for the Junior Division, Senator Bruce Tarr teamed up with Canadian Dory Association President Kelly George to row an exhibition race against Canadian Juniors Nathanial Beck & Jorgan Martin.  The Canadian juniors won, but Bruce held his own handling the oars like a veteran with the help of a little coaching from Kelly.  The next race on the half mile course was the Mixed Doubles Division, where the flamboyant pair of Elin di Angelo & Mike “Gappa” Frontiera lined up against veteran rowers Tim Mair & Dorothy MacDonald.  Elin & Mike displayed a perfect combination of raw power and technique quickly pulling ahead of the Canadians.  The lead steadily increased with the help of perfect course navigation by Mike, ending with a decisive win for the US !  The Women’s Division presented a rematch from June with Denise Desautels & Edie Wald-Smith from the US taking on Gail Atkinson & Pattianne Verburgh of Canada .  Gail & Pattianne won the race, but Denise & Edie significantly improved their technique and course navigation while swapping bow and stern seats a few weeks before the race.  The Over 40 Division offered another rematch, but from last August where Mike Harmon & John Scola took on legendary Walter Nickerson & his long-time partner Danny Moody.  Mike & John rowed them line-to-line loosing only a couple of strokes at the turn, but unfortunately that made the difference in the race.  Walter & Danny enjoyed another victory in their storied career.  The last race of the day was on the mile course, where Joe Sanfilippo & Erik Dombrowski took on June Over 40 Canadian Representatives Joel George & David Croft Jr.  Joe & Erik overpowered and outlasted their hard-trying opponents and cruised to a sizeable victory.  A special thanks goes to our American Rowers who traveled the grueling 13 hour drive to compete, as well as our Committee Race Officials who helped out at the races: Rick Medico (chase boat), Ron Woodard (timer), and Hilary Dombrowski (start boat).

The hospitality shown to the IDRC members by the Canadian Dory Association was extraordinary once again this year.  The festivities started off at the Fire House with a Welcoming Reception where David Croft Jr.’s band was the entertainment.  The CDA hosted a sailing cruise on Friday exploring the sights around Lunenburg Harbor .  And, of course we were welcomed to an Awards Banquet at the Oven’s park after the races where scallops, chowder and celebratory drinks were abundant.  There was a lot of talk about enduring friendships and camaraderie built on dory rowing competition, and it was personified in this 60th year. 

Dory Races This Saturday- Great Family Fun On Niles Beach!


We are anticipating some very exciting races this Saturday at Niles Beach for the International Dory Elimination Races!  Many former championship teams will square off to find the best pairs to represent the USA against Canada in the upcoming International Races on June 23rd.  The Over 40 division looks like a rematch of August Champs John Scola and Mike Harmon against former US Champs Len Billante and Jay Prince which was a photo finish in August.  The Men’s Open division pits August International champs Glenn Harrington and Erik Dombrowski against 2009 champs Jimmy Tarrantino and Tom Jarvis, 2011 June champs Joe Sanfillippo and Mark Duval, Oarsmaster’s cup winner Len Robertson and partner Jeff Muise, and other crews rumored to be competing former champs Mick Cote and John Swift from New Jersey, as well as Mike and Scott Morrissey, and Joe Cominelli with recent partner Ray D’Amico.  We may also have some surprise entries.

We are still looking for more entries in the Women’s, Mixed Doubles, and Junions (18 and under) divisions!

Race sign-ups are Friday at St. Peter’s Square at 6PM.  (If you can’t make it down and your membership dues are paid you may email your entry to me before 6PM on Friday)

Races will begin at 8:30AM at Niles Beach Saturday.  Final Eliminations (if necessary) will be the following Monday night at 6PM also at Niles Beach .

Best of luck to competitors.

Don’t miss it!



Wooden Boat Enthusiasts: Boat Building Session with Craftsman Geno Mondello!!!

From the IDRC-

The GMHC is offering a boat building session with craftsman Geno Mondello for high school students (see attached flyer with contact information).  Please contact Tom Balf if your students would be interested in this unique opportunity!

Thanks, Erik Dombrowski

Maritime Gloucester Offers Teen Boat Building Course

Beginning on Tuesday, April 3rd, Maritime Gloucester is offering a new session of its boat building course for high school students. The course runs for eight weeks with classes scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m – 6p.m. at the Dory Shop. Taught by Geno Mondello, the program gives participants hands-on experience in laying out, lofting and making full-sized patterns, making full-sized pieces and assembling and finishing a skiff. No prior experience necessary. The fee is $50. The course is limited to six participants. To register, call (978) 281-0470.


Thomas Balf
Maritime Gloucester
Phone: (978) 281-0470


Hurry, Space is limited!!!!!!

International Dory Racing Committee News

As I’ve said in the past, the paltry amount of money it costs to join the International Dorys is the best value to get yourself on Gloucester Harbor all year long.  There is nothing like the oneness with the harbor that you feel once you pull away from the berth and all you hear is the woosh of your oars in the water. Check out the website here for more info


Hope your offseason workouts are going well!

It has been a great winter for rowing enthusiasts with the weather offering little cold, snow or ice to deal with.  The dates are set and the schedule is posted for the 2012 Season with our first boat maintenance date on March 31st.  We have also planned a 60th Anniversary dory fundraiser & Season kick-off party at the Legion on Saturday, May 12th, so save the date!

Dues letters will be going out soon, but you can save us a stamp by logging on to our websitewww.internationaldories.com, printing the membership application and sending it in.  While on the website, check out our virtual store link for dory apparel and our new facebook page that is also linked.  We are trying to organize a youth/novice program for the Spring for any new rowers that you know.  And, we are always looking for volunteers to help man our events and programs, so please let us know if you would be interested in helping out!

Gloucester IDRC

Board of Directors

Check out the Dory Slide Show-


International Dories Off-Season Update From Erik Dombrowski


Winter is upon us!

You’d never know it the last couple of days, but its time to get the dories on dry land for the off-season.  We will be removing 2 dories this Sunday morning if we can get a couple trailers and a few volunteers to help haul, nest and put them away.  We are planning to meet at 9 am at the High School landing with trailers or 9:30 am at Eastern Ave Self-Storage to help move them.  Please let us know if you can help.

2 dories will remain in the water for your use through the winter to be hauled in the Spring for maintenance.


Mark your calendars for a fundraiser at Jalepenos in Gloucester benefitting the IDRC with a percentage of the night’s profits!  Thursday, December 22nd…get your Christmas shopping done and stop by for dinner & drinks with your fellow dory rowers.

Hoping for a large turn-out and competitive races in June, so keep rowing through the off-season.

See you Sunday!

IDRC Board

Lunenburg International Dory Race Results from Erik Dombrowski

The results are in!!!!

After a long drive to Lunenburg, NS the competitors and fans of the International Dory Racing Committee enjoyed a great day of racing last Saturday, August 27th.  The day began with bright sunshine and little wind as the junior tandem of LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi cruised to victory with a powerful stroke and a perfect course.  Next, the women’s crew of Heather Fraelick and Karen Conant (fitness women from Crossfit in Gloucester) after only a few rows battled through the ½ mile course but came up a little short against a much more experienced Canadian crew.  In the mixed doubles event, the infamous Jimmy T. with his new partner Linnea Williams rowed stroke for stroke with a Canadian husband and wife team but were edged out just at the finish.  Now, with the wind picking up considerably as the day went on, Mike Harmon and John Scola took on legendary Walter Nickerson with his partner Danny Moody.  Walter and Danny took a lead at the start but Harmon and Scola battled back closing at the turn. In the end, the Canadians took full advantage of their experience in Lunenburg harbor compensating for the wind and pulled out the victory.  After an early victory and 3 straight losses, it was up to the tandem of Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington to quiet the exuberant 200+ Canadian fans celebrating on the docks and boats of Lunenburg harbor.  And, that’s exactly what they did!  After a couple false starts in the excessive wind, the Americans got an early lead in the mile course and powered home to victory.

The day was capped off by an awards ceremony with our Canadian friends where Senator Bruce Tarr delivered an amazing speech reminding all of us how important this event and the 59 year tradition are to the people of Gloucester, Nova Scotia, the US and Canada.

Official times of the races were:
Randy Parisi & LJ Robertson (U.S) – 6:22.88
Stefan Nickerson & Joshua Atwood (Can) – 6:34.70

Gladys Collicutt & Patianne Verburgh (Can) – 6:50.68
Heather Fraelick & Karen Contant (U.S) – 7:07.31

Over 40’s:
Walter Nickerson & Danny Moody (Can) – 6:25.58
Mike Harmon & John Scola (U.S) – 6:33.50

Cara Ross & Gary Sears (Can) – 6:48.34
Jimmy Tarantino & Linnea Williams (U.S) – 6:50.23

Erik Dombrowski & Glenn Harrington (U.S) – 10:52.05
Kenny MacDonald & Tim Mair (Can) – 11:04.26

Time To Start Rowing! US International Dory Eliminations Are Only Weeks Away!

Erik Dombrowski writes-

Ladies and Gentlemen:

US Elimination races are only 2 weeks away!  Still looking for women and junior crews to participate, so dust off your oars, find a partner and get in the dories!  New race dories are in the water and will be at the town landing next week to be rowed, fit your gear, etc.

Let the season begin.


Schedule of Events for June Races

Friday, June 3rd, 6 pm – US Elimination Race Sign-up

At: St. Peter’s Square

*All committee members are welcome to participate.

Saturday, June 4th, 8:30 am – US Elimination Dory Races

At: Niles Beach, East Gloucester

*Open to the public.

Monday, June 6th, 6 pm – US final Eliminations

At: Niles Beach, East Gloucester

*Open to the public.

Note: Please be courteous and respectful to our neighbors here at the town landing and do not leave any lines on the dock, take care coming and going as not to damage their boats, and do not leave any trash or other items on the dock or in the dories.

Thank You!

Your International Dory Committee’s Board of Directors

Hey look- in the picture that Erik are the new dories named- The Elsie, The Dauntless, the Catherine and the Thomas Gorton (thanks Damon for the other names)dories

for more info check out the International Dory website- http://www.internationaldories.com/index.html

International Dory Race Results From Jimmy T

Erik Dombrowski & Jimmy T, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Junior exhibition race- Joe Harmon and Ben Favazza def. Kyle Edmonds and
Joe Ciolino
Note: Kyle Lucido and Randy Parisi won American eliminations
but were unable to race due to medical concerns.
Women- Canadians Natalie and Nicole Jones def. Americans Katherine
Richmond and Laurie Fleming
Masters- Americans Mark Duval and Joe Sanfilippo def. Canadians Tim Mair
and Kenny MacDonald
Open- Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington def. Canadians Wylie Blades
and Donny Mahanney
Mixed- Canadians Nicole Jones and Trevor Swim def. Americans Laurel and
Jim Tarantino