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The Mail Must Go Through, Part 3

I just finished having a long, really lovely conversation with Sylvia DeBoever, niece of Sarah Lawrence (known as Aunt Settie), of FDR memorial stamp letter fame.  Sarah lived at 121 Leonard Street, not 123, which was her husband’s house, Leonard Lawrence, also known as Richard L. Sears who died in the 1970’s.  Sarah then moved from Leonard Street to Heart Street in Gloucester to take care of her aging mother.  Sylvia said she spent a lot of her time at the Senior Center, bringing arts and crafts for the seniors to do, and was much loved by everyone who knew her.  She died at the age of 98 on August 22, 2001.  She was an avid stamp collector, as was FDR, who was considered the greatest stamp collector that ever lived.  Sylvia’s husband Tom, also an avid collector, owns some of FDR’s personal stamp collection.  Sylvia grew up in Gloucester, but moved away to Michigan 51 years ago, after she and Tom married.  She loved to visit Aunt Setti in Annisquam, then walk to the lighthouse to rendezvous with her then boyfriend, Tom who was in the coast guard.  She would then walk home to Heart Street.  Aunt Setti instilled in her a love of stamp collecting, which Tom also shared.  After talking with her, I am so thrilled that she will be reconnected with something that was her aunt’s and meant so much to her. 

Sylvia found out about the stamps by reading the Gloucester Times, which she does every day on line, to stay connected with her beloved Gloucester.  I have sent her the link to Good Morning Gloucester, so she can subscribe, and now stay connected in the GMG family way. 

E.J. Lefavour

Joe Testaverde Sends In Dolphin Photos From When The Boys Brought the Midnight Sun Up From Texas

Hey Joe, bet you didn’t know I took some pictures of you steaming across the harbor Monday from the roof of the Coast Guard station did ya?  Look for the multi-part series starting Friday on the Coast Guard Boats, Inside the Station, On the Roof, The Can Do Café (where they eat) and more.  They were great hosts and gave Manny and I incredible access.  It should be a great series.


Joe Testaverde writes-

Joey I took these pics. between Cuba and Key West while we were bring the Midnight Sun home from Texas, I saw many sightings of marine animals on our 9 day trip ; mostly in the middle of the Gulf stream which gave as us a 3-6 knot push home. Also we were  "Red Sox Nation" from the time we left dock in Texas till we got home.  Joe T.

Thanks for the pictures Joe!!!!

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 7 Taped March 27th


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In this episode- Who Got Joey Fired Up?- Joey is getting Fat, Groupon, Restaurant Talk, Obnoxious Foodies, GMG Topside Grill Art Show, Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings, Twitter, Lactose Intolerance, Kenny’s Insane Vegatrian Eating Rules, Local Artists, Dog Park, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Jalepenos, Lakay Island Restaurant, Topside Grill, Top Dog of Rockport, Bean and Leaf, Moovision Cookoff, Paul Ciaramitaro, Melody Phaneuf, Carol Loiacano Watercolor, Bob Aiello, Natalie Nordstrand, Jeff Weaver, Patty Sullivan, Debbie Clarke, Paul Frontiero, Micah Dean, Aron Leaman, Rachelauren Somers, The Hive, Heather Atwood

Please leave comments or questions on which topics you would like to hear more about on The GloucesterCast or how we could improve. Thanks for listening.

Check Out Kenny’s Blog-

The GloucesterCast Theme Song Gloucester Til The End Music is from Earl and Arch- you can download it for free at GimmeSound here

Did You Know? (The Mail Must Go Through, Happy Ending)

That the intended recipient of these FDR memorial stamps was Sarah Lawrence, an avid philatelist and regular customer of Mr. Grimsland. 

Henry Grimsland became interested in First Day Covers during the depression when his firm, The Artcraft Engraving Co., needed additional work. As a topnotch steel and copper plate engraver, Grimsland was dissatisfied with the current cachets and felt that a steel engraving, printed on a high quality envelope, would be of interest to philatelists. He produced his first cachet for the Peace Commemorative stamp issued at Newburgh, N. Y., April 19, 1933 and made one or more cachets for each United States stamp produced until the American Chemical Society stamp issued in New York City, Sept. 4, 1951.  He was born in Risor, Norway on January 16, 1889 and died in Chicago, Illinois on January l3, 1957, just three days short of his 68th birthday.

I received this email a short time ago from Sylvia DeBoever, niece of Sarah Lawrence:

Dear Ms. Lefavour: I am Sylvia DeBoever of Grosse Pointe Woods, MI who is the niece of S.E. (Sarah) Lawrence now of the “Grimsland” cover fame!  I have contacted both the Gloucester News writer (Francis Quinn), as well as the USPS representative in Boston (Mr. Tarmey) with the evidence of death of my aunt Sarah E. Lawrence (2001) in order to obtain receipt of the long lost mail that ended up in England 66 years ago. Mr Grimsland was well known to us as the stamp dealer (professional philatelist) of whom my aunt was a regular customer.  I have not yet contacted Mr. O’Keefe who presumably holds the item in question.  I assume he will get contacted by Mr. Tarmey of the USPS.  We (my husband and I) were thrilled to get this bit of info as we are active philatelists ourselves, and had acted in the 1990’s as agent for my aunt to sell her stamp and cover collections for her then needed cash.  I’m sure we will be getting further information in days ahead. 

Yours truly, Sylvia A. De Boever

I responsed to her:

Hi Sylvia, Nice to make your acquaintance.  It must have been even more surprising to you to learn of its existence than it was for us to see it, after it floated around who knows where for almost 66 years.  At this point, I believe Mr. Tarmey at the USPS is in possession of the envelope and who you should be in contact with.  It makes for a very nice end to the story to know that Mrs. Lawrence has family that are also philatelists, and that you will now have in your collection something your aunt obviously wanted to have in her’s but never received.  I wonder if she wondered what ever happened to them.  Just out of curiosity, how did you learn about it?  Do you read Good Morning Gloucester?  Thanks for contacting and best wishes, Ellen

Nice ending to a very fascinating story – thanks to Good Morning Gloucester spreading the word.  I’m just sorry that Tom O’Keefe won’t have the stamps and envelope for the Annisquam Historical Society.

E.J. Lefavour

Roger Babson Riddle Video From Thomas Soucy

Thomas writes-

Located in Cape Ann Massachusetts there exists a ghost town called “Dog Town”. In that wooded area there exists an unusual hiking trail that includes viewing about 30 boulders that have carved inscriptions.

Roger Babson (1875 – 1967), a descendant of the Dog Town hamlet’s earliest settlers was a founder of three colleges, eccentric and moralizer. He even spent time trying to discover ways to defeat gravity…

Source: Dog Town a Village Lost in Time by Thomas Dresser

As a ‘moralizer’ Babson hired out of work quarry people to carve sayings on boulders in Dog Town. The appearance of the carved boulders seemingly has no pattern. But after some thought we discern three groupings: ideals, ideas to implement them and truths.

  • The ‘ideals’ are: Integrity, Loyalty, Industry, Spiritual Power, Initiative, Intelligence and Kindness.
  • The Ideas put forward to implement the ideals are shown after each Ideal boulder.
  • Also the truths, when appropriate, are shown.

As a ‘moralizer’ Babson left us with a riddle. What is he telling us by his legacy of boulder inscriptions in Dog Town (a modern day ghost town)?

During his life he tried to find ways to “defeat gravity”. Hatred is gravity. Hope, faith and love are uplifting or anti-gravity (as are his wonderful sayings)!

What follows is a video that depicts the Babson Boulders:

here is a pdf to go with it-

Roger Babson Riddle PDF






Here’s a photo I just so happened to have taken from the roof of the Coast Guard Station yesterday of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church steeple.


The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is inviting nominations from the public for its 2011 Community Recognition Awards. The church seeks to recognize up to 10 individuals for the contributions they make to their community – people who do what they do without thought of any remuneration or recognition.

The men and women who receive these honors will come from all walks of life. Some are known for simple deeds they do for their neighbors; others are honored for giving generously to the entire community. All have made a mark on Gloucester and will be chosen because their actions embody the best of the spirit that guides Unitarian Universalism: open-hearted giving to others, solely for what those gifts mean, for no pay, and often with little or no public notice. There are no age limits.

Nominations are due no later than Friday, April 15. They must be in writing and include the name of the nominee, why this person should be honored, and the name and phone number of the person making the nomination. They should be sent to the Gloucester UU Church, 10 Church St. , Gloucester MA 01930 , or emailed to

Final choices will be made by the church’s Social Justice Committee. The awards will be made at a public event at the church on Friday, May 20.

Beth Williams Studio Lobster Bead

Beth Williams of Beth Williams Studio created this lobster bead after I read her tweet that she had just made a fish bead and I had suggested she make a lobster one.

The power of Twitter I tell ya!

So now I plan to head over to her studio and talk to her about the lobster bead.  Why?  Because I learned about it by casually following her on Twitter.   Funny how that works, huh?

Check Out and Follow Beth William’s Studio On Twitter-


Dory Prep Day- Under 32 Degrees But These Great Community Folks Got ‘Er Done!

Thanks To Laurel and Jimmy T For Getting Us The Photos-

The Dorys don’t just maintain themselves.  It takes a group effort to keep these boats in racing shape.  The email was sent out last week to all the members of the International Dory Race organization and I’m sure when they sent out the invitation to join in and sand, powerwash and paint the dorys that no one imagined that it was going to be under 32 degrees at the end of March. But that’s what mother nature dealt.

I remember that morning wondering if they were going to cancel and reschedule but as you can see from the following photos- the work took place.  Those who showed up should be applauded for their efforts! Photos and captions from Laurel Tarantino-

Nice Stern Gina!-  Gina Lampassi

dory 007

Marge Robertson & Patti Page

dory 015 (2)

Joe Novello & Keith Palazzola, Volunteering isn’t all work!  It’s smiles and friendly bantering.

dory 017


dory 020dory 021

Bottoms Up!  Leo LaRosa on Roller, Jeff Muise on Cutting

dory 026

Ray D’Amico caught Working!

dory 028

Erik Dombrowski sands the bottom

dory 016

Laurel added in a new email-

We only got the bottoms painted on Saturday, as the temperatures were too low for anything other than that.  Boats are all sanded and ready for “Dory Buff” which we hope to slap on tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll get it done, because we want to launch them asap.

and another Report From Jimmy-

Once again we were pleasantly surprised by the strong showing on Boat Prep Day. Unfortunately, it was too damn cold to paint the boats! So…. we’re going to do that *tomorrow at 4 p.m.* Anyone who can spare an hour or two, we’ll be at the Eastern Avenue Storge facility from 4 to 6 p.m.. *Come on down and lend a hand.*
All the hard work got done, thanks to Erik Dombrowski and Damon Cummings bringing all the tools and supplies we got all the boats scraped, sanded and bottom painted.  Now all we have to do is slap a little paint/linseed oil on the decks and roll the buff on the outsides. Should have it done tomorrow and ready to launch this weekend!

Thank you all! Joe Novello, Kieth Pallazola, Marge Robertson, Laurel Tarantino, Patti Page, Leo LaRosa, Jeff Muise, Gina Lampassi, Nancy Dudley, Mike Harmon and Ray D’Amico. Forgive me if I left anyone out. All the elbow grease and good MoJo is appreciated.

Fly Amero with special guest ~ Katrin

Now Serving, Wednesdays Only:
Prime Rib Specials!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, March 30th
Special Guest: KATRIN!

a rising star in North America and Europe, hails
from the Boston area. She is the embodiment of pure
talent… the likes of which we have not seen in a while.
Katrin weaves together an awe-inspiring voice, unbelievable
guitar skills (that are definitely not reflective of the self
taught musician that she is) and thought provoking lyrics
to captivate her listeners. Together, KATRIN and her band
consistently deliver on a promise: Audiences will be fixated
to a powerful, pure voice; tight and distinctive musical
arrangements and a group of friends that, bottom line,
just have a BLAST on stage together!  Read more…
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –
$9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
I hope to see you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

Help Celebrate the release of the Bandit Kings New Album ~ Live From Los Angeles

Gloucester’s own Bandit Kings have new live CD to celebrate about. If you feel like going over the bridge I am sure they would love to have you come and join them. This has to be one of the most liveliest bands that I have ever seen. Entertainment from the get go. They have some new songs that I love plus I got to here them do a great cover by The B 52″ Roam if you want to. Then Dan King blew my mind with “Shake your hips baby”  Written and sung by Slim Harpo. It is a very rare occasion that there is not someone on the floor dancing to all these songs they put out. Just sitting there watching AnnMarie and Renee on stage is an invitation in itself.

The Gloucester Daily Times Cover’s Well Traveled Letter that EJ Broke The Story On Today


Chickity Check It-

This piece of mail gets through – 65 years later

By Francis X. Quinn Staff Writer

History buffs in Gloucester have turned up a decades-old mystery involving the U.S Postal Service.

As amateur sleuth E.J. Lefavour posted on the GoodMorningGloucester blog over the weekend, a correspondent named H. Grimsland of Chicago mailed a First Day of Issue Roosevelt Memorial envelope and 1-cent stamps to Mrs. S.E. Lawrence of 123 Leonard St. in Gloucester on July 26, 1945.

That may not seem too remarkable — but the envelope only arrived in Annisquam last week, more than 65 years later, according to Lefavour.

For the rest of the story click the highlighted text to see it on the Gloucester Daily Times website

Topside Grill GMG Art Show This Season- David Cox

Doug Silva who has been making some fantastic changes as manager at his father’s Topside Grill invited our posse to fill the newly renovated space with our photos.  If you haven’t heard by now from Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings list,  The Topside will be opening April 1st.

We stopped by Saturday morning to drop off our work and I’ll be posting some images of each of our contributors with their pieces all week long.  You can check it all out for yourself (and get some great grub) on the 1st at Topside grill.


Banana’s Window Display Tribute to Liz Taylor


From deb Clarke;

Liz Taylor Tribute Window, Bananas

Liz Taylor Tribute Window
78 Main Street
Gloucester MA
Concept:  Richard Leonard
Design:  Debbie Clarke
Structural Design: Katherine Worth
Katherine changed the windows to a spring medley last Monday.  Richard dropped a note to find some photos of Liz for the window.  I found the pics, framed them, draped the window base in black, found some white diamonds and a horse for our Velvet Brown.

Chickity Check It!- Kat Valentine Digs Up A Great Piece On How To Blog

click on the graphic below to check it out-


Click here for the post-which Ket highlighted at

7 Dos and 7 Don’ts for New Bloggers

Nathan Bransford has spoken. He says it’s never too early for writers to start using social media. Perhaps one day we’ll all be issued Twitter accounts in the womb.

Since Nathan is a Thought Leader in our industry (according to Klout) I have a feeling a lot of writers are scrambling around this weekend, trying to set up blogs.

If you’re a non-geek who doesn’t have a clue where to begin, I wrote a post last December on How to Start a Blog that people have found useful..

Here are some further dos and don’ts for creative writers who are thinking of plunging into the blogosphere.