How to save for Topsfield Fair: buy discounted ride tickets, don’t forget your kids’ Library Read & Win rewards, note active military and senior discounts


FREE admission for all active military on Tuesday October 4th, 2016.

Senior Citizens discounted entry on Monday October 3rd, 2016.

You can purchase advance discounted tickets from Topsfield Fair on line or at the fairgrounds. Ace Hardware in Gloucester has discounted admission and ride tickets for sale. Discounted admission tickets are also for sale at the Gloucester Daily TimesAnd Groupon.  Thank you Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library for participating in the Topsfield Fair Read&Win summer reading prize packet incentive which contains free entry, 2 rides and 1 yummy meal!

The 2016 Topsfield fair opens September 30th and closes October 10. Discounted ticket sales are limited and stop September 26.


Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library one of many that partners with Topsfield Fair Read & Win — great kids reward packet for their summer reading


No- Brainer! Go See EJ and My Two Buddies Show and Get Half Off At Alchemy With This Groupon (there’s only two days left to get this deal)

EJ and My Two Buddies Show is hanging at Alchemy through January 4th.  Why not buy this groupon that has two days left to get before it disappears, head to Alchemy to see the show, get one of their INSANE KOBE BEEF Burgers and if you like one of our pieces buy one which 10% of the money goes to the Gloucester Education Fund.

Wins all the way around!!!

Click here for the Alchemy $30 for $15 deal


Alchemy Kobe Beef Burger-  The Best Burger In Gloucester


alchemy exhibit two buddies

Deal of The Day Cape Ann Whale Watch $29- Normally $48

I’ll be honest I’ve never been on a whale watch.  It sounds crazy all these years in G Town and never going on a whale watch but the reason isn’t because I don’t want to, it’s just that whale watch season happens to coincide with the most insano crazy time of year at work for me, a time where we just don’t have any days off to partake in a whale watch.

I will say this however-


It’s like you are seeing something like real life dinosaur monsters right up in your grill.

So take your pick.  Go on one spur of the moment and pay what the noobs pay, full price, or buy this groupon and save a buttload of money and see the ginormous monsters of the sea.  Easy choice if you ask me.

here’s the deal at Groupon


The No Brainer of All No-Brainer Groupons The Thomas E. Lannon

Now Just last week I was telling you that the number one thing I would tell anyone that they had to do on a 70 degree plus day in G Town was to go for a sail on the Lannon, and lo and behold BAM!  A groupon for half off.  These don’t last long and usually they shut it down half way through the day because they only release so many to groupon.  Don’t be a dope, get yours for 45% off now!


The Fine Print
  • Expires Oct 8, 2012
  • Limit 4 per person, may buy 2 additional as gifts. Not valid until 5/12/12. Reservation required; 24hr cancellation notice required. Reservations are held until 10 minutes before scheduled sail time. Subject to weather. Not valid for Feature Trips.
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.

Here was what I wrote on April 22,2012-

The Schooner Thomas E Lannon Hauled Out At Rose’s 4:45 AM 4/19/12

Posted on April 22, 2012 by Joey C

It’s almost that time of year when all the really cool stuff around happens.  At the Top of my list for anyone coming into town on a nice day is a sail aboard the Thomas E Lannon.  Bottom line if a tourist had one thing to do and only one thing I’d tell them on a nice day to take a cruise aboard what I consider to be the most beautiful ship in the harbor.

Not only is the ship beautiful, but you also get to experience the warm genuine hospitality of some of the finest representatives our city has to offer The Ellis family. Captain Tom, his wife and sons are just the nicest most sincere, fun loving people you’d ever want to meet.

There is hospitality that is, you know, kinda forced, which in my book is fine because in the absence of the warm fuzzy true genuine friendliness I’ll take a forced friendliness over bad or rude service any day.  But from the minute you enter the booking office and you meet Kay you realize there is nothing phony about the Schooner Lannon’s operation.  They just happen to be really good at what they do, they love it and they provide a great experience genuinely and naturally- the best of all worlds!

This is not to say there aren’t a bunch of other very cool things to do around town like whale watches, deep sea fishing, Visiting The cape Ann Museum or The Heritage Center, coffee at one of our great coffee shops, breakfast at our many awesome breakfast joints, ect, ect.  I’m just saying, you give me a sunny 70 degree day and I have folks in from out of town, A guaranteed great time is to be had aboard The Thomas E Lannon.

Here are some early morning photos I took of her on the blocks at rose’s Marine where she is being sanded down and getting freshened up for the fun season ahead!

We will be having our GMG Folly Cove Rum and Old Cuban Cigar Co cruise this summer, as soon as Kay and I lock down the dates I’ll let y’all know.

View album

Schooner Thomas E Lannon Hauled Out At Rose’s 4:45 AM 4/19/12


Here’s a direct link to The Lannon Deal

I’m All In On This Sushi Tasting Platter Deal At Lat 43

I just bought two!!!! Here’s the deal


Japanese cuisine takes its visual inspiration from the natural world, designing sushi rolls, for instance, to perfectly mimic the sleeping bags where fish curl up each night. Dive into dreamy marine combinations with today’s Groupon: for $25, you get a sushi-tasting platter at Latitude 43 in Gloucester (a $54 value). Platters can serve as dinner for two or as appetizers for four, and groups of more than six can use two Groupons per table. Each platter includes:

  • One salmon roll (an $18 value)
  • One Samurai tuna press box (a $15 value)
  • One veggie harvest roll (a $13 value)
  • One california crab roll (an $8 value)

Latitude 43’s sushi-tasting platter beckons chopsticks to dive into a feast of fresh fish caught by local Gloucester fishermen. Salmon and wasabi goat cheese lie at the heart of the salmon roll, balanced by artistic flourishes of avocado, enoki mushrooms, and mango wrapped with daikon radish. In the Samurai press box, spicy tuna, tempura flakes, salsa, and micro greens perch neatly atop rectangles of rice, like the fancy lid on a Christmas gift filled only with packing peanuts. Latitude 43’s fishermen take a well-earned rest as diners sample a veggie harvest roll bursting with asparagus, avocado, shishito peppers, mangos, and mixed greens. California crab rolls traverse the West Coast, collecting palatable postcards of Alaskan snow crab, yuzu-teased aioli, cucumber, and avocado along the way.

$6 For A Family Pass To The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center On Groupon

I think I’ve written and told more people in the past that The Heritage Center along with a whale watch, a sail on the Thomas Lannon and stop at Cape Ann Museum are all must-do activities for any tourist as well as locals when in Gloucester MA.  Here is an opportunity to get your whole family in to see all the cool stuff at the Heritage Center including the touch tanks, Geno’s Dory Shop which Marty highlighted yesterday, the Dive Locker, the exhibits, the docks, the list goes on and on.

Do yourself a favor and instead of getting pounded for $20 plus at the New England Aquarium per person plus parking or the over $10 per person at The Peabody Essex Museum spend a measly SIX DOLLARS for your whole family for an experience where you get to touch fish right down on the docks!

Click here for the deal


Here is some of the cool stuff you can see there-

Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery At Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Getting pictures of stuff behind glass is a challenge, especially without a tripod and with funky lighting but this gives you a little glimpse of some of Gloucester’s fishing past which has been preserved and displayed here.  You just gotta go check out the exhibit at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.  These are original advertisement and packaging from Gorton’s back in the day.  There’s just a ton to look at and discover here.

If you are looking for a Mother’s or Father’s day gift with a Gloucester flair, look no further than the GMHC gift shop. There are literally hundreds of Gloucester themed items for sale.

click on the picture to view the video-

Here is one of the many displays at the GMHC.  Depicted is a schooner fisherman in a bosun’s chair.  The Bosun’s Chair is what would get hoisted up to work on the rigging up on the huge schooner’s masts.

Click The picture to view the video which was filmed a couple of yeas ago-

Here students and visitors can touch marine life and get interactive. It’s a great way to bring kids that don’t have any interaction with marine life into the fold.

There are many interesting activities for children and families at the GMHC.

The Thomas Lannon Groupon Deal $22 for Up To A $40 Excursion!

Click here for the Thomas Lannon Groupon

There’s not a much more beautiful way to enjoy Gloucester Harbor!  If you haven’t been then here’s your chance to go on the most beautiful boat in G-Town and if you have been then you know what a ridiculous value it is to be able to go on the Lannon for $22!!!image

Click the picture below for the Thomas Lannon Slide Show

Interview With Tom Ellis-

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 8


In this episode- Posting while on vacation, Groupon Screw-Job, Earth Day, Kenny’s Vegan Betrayal, Eastern Point Lighthouse with FOB Dani Lubbers, Cigar Joe Tapes, Kenny’s New Camera, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment

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$15 For $30 Of Food At Cala’s

Our Groupon/Get My Perks/Local Ginger tally- Groupons from Lat 43, Hale Street Tavern, and a couple for Jalepenos.  We’ve used them also for  Bisuteki, Zoots Dry Cleaners, Duckworth’s Bistrot and The Ice Cream Club of Naples and I have two that I plan to use at Alchemy.  Guess we’ll be heading to Cala’s sometime soon honey.  Cha-Ching!  When we can feed ourselves cheaper than eating at home, you betcha!

Click the picture to get the latest deal  but be aware that this one needs to be used by June 15th, 2011


The Fine Print
  • Expires Jun 15, 2011
  • Limit 1 per person. Limit 1 per table, 2 per table of 4 or more. Limit 2 per visit.Dine-in only. Not valid for the purchase of alcohol. Valid for dinner only.
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 7 Taped March 27th


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In this episode- Who Got Joey Fired Up?- Joey is getting Fat, Groupon, Restaurant Talk, Obnoxious Foodies, GMG Topside Grill Art Show, Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings, Twitter, Lactose Intolerance, Kenny’s Insane Vegatrian Eating Rules, Local Artists, Dog Park, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Jalepenos, Lakay Island Restaurant, Topside Grill, Top Dog of Rockport, Bean and Leaf, Moovision Cookoff, Paul Ciaramitaro, Melody Phaneuf, Carol Loiacano Watercolor, Bob Aiello, Natalie Nordstrand, Jeff Weaver, Patty Sullivan, Debbie Clarke, Paul Frontiero, Micah Dean, Aron Leaman, Rachelauren Somers, The Hive, Heather Atwood

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$10 for $20 Worth of Comfort Fare and Thirst Quenchers at The Farm Bar & Grille

So Far we have used Groupons from Lat 43, Hale Street Tavern, and a couple for Jalepenos.  We bought some for Bisuteki and Zoots Dry Cleaners.  If these joints want to give stuff away for half price and I go there anyway I ‘m gonna partake.  Money in our pocket baby!

Click below for the deal.

$10 for $20 Worth of Comfort Fare and Thirst Quenchers at The Farm Bar & Grille


The best Nachos anywhere and killer pulled pork sandwiches-


Beat Down At The Farm Bar and Grille Video The Farm Is Rabbit Approved-

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 5

The Farmer’s Market, The DTF Burger Challenge, New Gloucester Restaurants,Palermos, Essex Seafood, Alchemy, Hale Street,Boston Derby Dame Roller Derby, Groupon,  Real Estate, The 4 worst mistakes you can make when selling your home, New CSA in Town With Joey and Kenny

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