Corrigan – Pet of the Week


Corrigan – Pet of the Week
My name is Corrigan!  I am a sweet mannered
three-month-old boy Norwegian Buhund/mix pup.   I have
a handsome black-and-yellow coat and will be small to medium
in size when I am fully grown.   I am happy, I love to play and
wrestle with my puppy friends.
I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at 260 Main
Street in Gloucester.   Please know how much we appreciate
tax-deductible contributions to our Building Fund and gifts of items such as
paper towels, large trash bags, postage stamps for our
mailings and gas cards for our shelter van.
I just can’t wait to have a forever home and
family to call my own.  I know on the way home from
being adopted, my family will want to take me shopping for
some toys, treats and more toys!!

Did You Know (Statue of Freedom)

Collage by E.J. Lefavour

That the statue at Gloucester City Hall is a version of the Statue of Freedom and was dedicated September 11, 1879?¬† It is bronze on a base of Rockport granite.¬† She stands 6′ tall and the base is 9.6′ tall.¬† Erected by Col. Allen Post 45, GAR¬† (in memory of the Civil War soldiers and sailors).¬† It was created by an unknown artist using an unknown model, and was a mass-produced item for just such memorials.¬† I personally like the version we have, where she is holding her sword in one hand and a broken shackle in the other.

The original Statue of Freedom was designed by Thomas Crawford and installed on top of the dome of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC late in 1863 (small photo to right).¬† Crawford died before she was completed.¬† She is a female figure whose right hand holds the hilt of a sheathed sword while a laurel wreath of victory and the Shield of the United States are clasped in her left hand. ¬†She wears a military helmet adorned with stars and an eagle’s head which is itself crowned by an umbrella-like crest of feathers.¬† She looks overly encumbered, and not very free to me.

E.J. Lefavour

Blue Shutters Inn Food & Wine Tasting — March 19 and May 7

From The Blue Shutters Inn Blog

Food & Wine Tasting Updates — March 19 and May 7

Check out the update below for details on our next Food & Wine Tasting, on March 19. If you can’t make it this weekend, you’ll have another chance later this spring — and we wanted to let folks know that there’s been a date change for this next event. We’re moving this second tasting to Saturday May 7 — it had been scheduled for April 30, but there were too many conflicts. We’ll still go with our Cinco de Mayo theme, featuring a selection of red and white wines and food items from Chile, Argentina and other countries south of the border. That’s also Mother‚Äôs Day weekend, and we thought this be a great way to show Mom how much you care. Think about it — bring her along so she can wake up Mother‚Äôs Day morning to the beauty of Good Harbor Beach, after tasting great food and wine the afternoon/evening before. There will be time to enjoy walks on the beach, and we‚Äôll also have menus and recommendations for those interested in dining at one of Cape Ann‚Äôs many restaurants ‚Äď and a guide to some of our favorite spots for drinks, shopping and entertainment.
For both of these events — around Saturday March 19 and Saturday May 7 — you can make it a weekend getaway and get a special Blue Shutters discount: book a room Saturday and get Friday night at half-price.
Call us for more details…and to reserve a room and a spot for one of these food and wine tasting events.

ID dolphin/porpoise/whale For Bill

Hey Joe,

We had a little dolphin/porpoise/whale in the cove on Thursday. Whatever it was it was definitely a cetacean. In this shot, it was only about 50 feet from shore, and the water was only 5-6 feet deep, so I‚Äôm thinking it was a lost pup that got separated from it‚Äôs pod.  I‚Äôm not sure what species it was ‚Äď but its color was very dark ‚Äď almost black, the dorsal fin was swept back and pretty small, so it could be a pilot whale pup.  As far as I could tell it was only 4-5 feet long with not much body mass.

Does anybody want to help identify it?

Here’s a pilot whale image for comparison:

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


I believe it‚Äôs a harbor porpoise.   There‚Äôs been one in the harbor all fall and it can bee seen swimming up and down the inner harbor in between Rose‚Äôs and Cape Seafood.


GARFISH will be performing at the GLOUCESTER HOUSE RESTAURANT, Rogers Street Gloucester, this Saturday March 19th from 8:30pm to 12:30am for a good old Rock-n-Roll Dance Party! The event will be held in the function hall, and best of all, NO COVER CHARGE! For directions or additional information please contact or call 978 283-1812.

Garfish will be performing classic rock-n-roll from the 1960’s,¬†70’s¬† and 80’s along with some current hits that will surely get the crowd to its feet and onto the dance floor. The band performs their own renditions of songs from the likes of: Elton John, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Gordon Lightfoot, Styx, Lionel Richie, Dropkick Murphys, Moody Blues, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel an others.

The band consists of Kevin Lopes on lead vocals, along with fellow musicians: Walter Piscitello on drums & vox, Doug Comeau on guitar & vox, Gary “Gar” Hiltz on bass & vox¬†and Jeff Worthley on piano, saxophone, guitar & vox.

Hope to see you their. All the best…….Gar


Beautiful piece of driftwood on GHB last night. Driftwood really is a natural blank canvas. I should’ve brought it home and made a “Welcome Pirates” sign like I used to do with my Dad when I was little. Glue some seashells, a little marker, add some old line, hang it by the front door and Voila, ¬†instant Pirate greeter!

(If you look closely you can see my polar bear playing in the waves.)

Lake Tung Ting Shrimp at Midori iPhone Photo From William Fonvielle

People have been raving about Midori.  Don‚Äôt judge this place by the location as if it were ‚Äújust another Chinese food joint‚ÄĚ  We‚Äôve had a couple of fantastic meals there. 


Henry Allen and Dawn Gadow Talk About Their Collaborative Cape Ann Summer Playcamp Video

Henry Allen TheatreWorks and Cape Ann Art Haven have teamed up to offer a unique and exciting summer theatre and art camp, with workshops for ages 6-18!

The sky‚Äôs the limit on what magic can be spun out of the imaginations of young people! In our unique Summer Playcamp, students of will engage in the collaborative art of crafting then performing a short play, including the design and creation of their own sets, costumes and props! Each session will culminate in a staged performance for family and friends. These original short plays will be inspired by the folklore of Cape Ann. Playwriting and practice will take place in the TheatreWorks lab at The Cape Ann (or ‚ÄėThe Annie‚Äô to her friends), and the art classes will take place at Cape Ann Art Haven. Regstration is OPEN. Call Cape Ann Art Haven to register today! 978.283.3888

Fred’s Fluke

Good one, Fred! 

Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-2524 (888) BodinArt 

Bodin Historic Photo is an art gallery on Boston’s North Shore. Here, photographer Fred Bodin displays and sells prints from his collection of over 9,000 glass and film negatives. Fred hand prints, sepia tones, and frames each photograph himself, using archival museum quality materials. Subjects include beaches, hotels, landscapes, people, and the famous sailing schooners of New England. Although concentrated on Cape Ann (Gloucester and Rockport), the collection covers a wide variety of locations, including the great National Parks out west in the 1920’s and Hawaii in the late 1800’s.¬†In addition to the historic photos, Fred also exhibits his large format landscapes, schooners, and Polaroid to watercolor transfers. New images are added every week. If you see a photograph you like on my web site, please call to order or for more information. We accept all major credit cards and are happy to ship your picture to you.¬†If you’re up on Cape Ann- come and visit. We’re open Monday through Friday 11AM to 6PM, Saturday 10AM to 8PM, and on Sunday from 12N to 5PM.

Cape Ann Twitter Folk and Joey’s List

Here is a list of local twitter folk. (another attempt to pull our community kicking and screaming into the current century)

I’m determined damnit!

If you have tried twitter but just don’t get it, it may be because you may have set up an account and don‚Äôt follow anyone and no one was following you, in which case then twitter is basically useless.¬† That would be the equivalent of screaming in the forest and no one hearing you.

Start out by following the tweets of the people listed below. You enter them into your follow list and  then you can get an idea of what is going on around you.  Engage the people on this list if you have questions or want to give them props for a service or meal or activity they provided.  If you don’t already have a twitter account go here- and get one for free.  Then add in the users you see below.  You will have a great idea of what is going on around you and when there is some type of emergency around town 9 times out of 10 you will get the answer on twitter before you will anywhere else.  That is if you are following a bunch of local folks.

My suggestion is to follow all of these people even though they might not seem to be in your particular line of work or seem to have the same interests as you.  To have only 3 or 4 people in your twitter universe is pretty pointless.  you can always unfollow people if their tweets are boring to you or obnoxious.


@Joey_C  @DscvrGlstr   @WickedLocal  @Gloucester_MA  @CapeAnnsFinest @blue_shutters  @7SeasWhaleWatch   @EssexCruises  @MayorKirk @Woodmans_Essex  @AlchemyBistro  @captbillandsons @JoeB_Hemoglobin
@CapeAnnBrewing  @CapeAnnArtHaven  @minglewoodtav @TriAndDuit @melissaabbott @NSMusicTheatre @audreysflowers  @USCGNewEngland @NorthShoreDish  @WhaleCenter  @gpgloucester  @TheActiveDad @Paulinesgifts  @TSapienza  @schmap  @BostonArts  @masscultural @BeanLeafCafe  @freshnewengland  @DawnTheresa@HA TheatreWorks
@GDTnews  @MLayneCreative  @CovetedYarn  @DogBarGlo
@CapeAnnLanes  @MassWhales  @CapeAnnOnline @glazedceramics @FarmBarGrille  @RockportMusic  @SeaportGrille  @CapePondIce @CaptJoeLobster @EssexHeritage  @YankeeCapts @LaProv @againandagainbags  @BostonLogan @latfortythree  @CapeAnnCinema @HistoricNE @SEASIDECYCLE  @CapeAnnSymphony  @EssexMusicFest @VisitMA  @SchAdventure  @bostoncalendar  @PlacesMA @SamOnTravel
@HuffPostTravel @Braincandyproj TheCapeAnn EJCIII

BWilliamsStudio KgentileRoberts charlesdgb

rlsartsECGreenbeltStevenFletch @JMcElhenny @NorthShoreDish @@kidns @SamanthaRSPR @LocalGingerNS @heather_atwood @lilylinqs @mkpfilos89 ArtsGloucester @TheRovingHome @5thjoy @baitandtackle @2palaver @glosta @laurielufkin @MoneyMindfulnes @AliciaPensarosa @mbcf @vintagerockport @andreasoldier @abbielundberg @rlsarts @ryanpjm @Toodeloos @debclarkeglosta @kathleen01930 @capeannpainter

If anyone has been left out it is not by design.  This is basically a copy and paste job from the twitter list of Linn. let me know if you want to be added and I missed you and I’ll add you right in ASAP.  You can always unfollow people so my suggestion to you is to follow all of these people and if the tweets that they put out are of absolutely no interest to you simply unfollow them with the click of a button.

You can also very easily look at my list of local Cape Ann Twitter Folk here and simply go down the list and click on their names and then click follow- Joey’s Local Twitter List If you don’t see yourself on my local list tweet me and I’ll add you in.

Song of the Sea: the first original work of Henry Allen TheatreWorks’ Young Playwrights Series.

Song of the Sea: the first original work of¬†Henry Allen TheatreWorks’ Young Playwrights Series. Here some of the young playwrights, in the early stages of the development of their show, discuss the general theme and how they are enjoying working with Mr. Allen. You can read the full synopsis of the show at¬† Registration is still open for this workshop, so contact Henry Allen TheatreWorks to join!¬†

Jalape√Īo’s Patrons ‚Äď Support Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse

Jalapenos donates a percentage from all dinners served Wednesday March 16th to the Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse.  Watch  the faces of  some of all the supporters on the slide show, by clicking on photos below.