The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 7 Taped March 27th


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In this episode- Who Got Joey Fired Up?- Joey is getting Fat, Groupon, Restaurant Talk, Obnoxious Foodies, GMG Topside Grill Art Show, Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings, Twitter, Lactose Intolerance, Kenny’s Insane Vegatrian Eating Rules, Local Artists, Dog Park, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Jalepenos, Lakay Island Restaurant, Topside Grill, Top Dog of Rockport, Bean and Leaf, Moovision Cookoff, Paul Ciaramitaro, Melody Phaneuf, Carol Loiacano Watercolor, Bob Aiello, Natalie Nordstrand, Jeff Weaver, Patty Sullivan, Debbie Clarke, Paul Frontiero, Micah Dean, Aron Leaman, Rachelauren Somers, The Hive, Heather Atwood

Please leave comments or questions on which topics you would like to hear more about on The GloucesterCast or how we could improve. Thanks for listening.

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6 thoughts on “The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 7 Taped March 27th

  1. This is the first podcast I sat down and listened to. I wish you could take Phone calls. It’s great to hear Joey get wound up on a subject. I can picture him stomping back and forth in his office. Kenny does a great job!


  2. hey, this is the first one i also listened to. it was the names of the artists that caught my attention.

    btw: i had no idea that there was older artist/younger artist tension in gloucester. surprise to me. age is no matter when it comes to art.

    the key question? AHHT? not art?



  3. heheheheh…just remembered an encounter with a well known established member of an unnamed local art association that kept rejecting my work. this well known artist was looking at work in Local Colors. he said: I don’t know why you keep applying, your art is not the kind of art we want.

    heh. that was the last time i ever paid any association to view my work for participation.

    when i took a long hard look at the work i was doing to get into the association, i realized i was not living up to debbie clarke potential, i was working down to try to meet the acceptable standard for membership.

    if you’re an artist, meeting resistance from the greater community, my advice is to just put on the blinders and ear plugs and just keep on keeping on.


  4. OK, my only rant of the day: Groupon sucks. A restaurant gives you a coupon for $100 worth of food and you pay only $50. That $50 is then split 50/50 with the restaurant and Groupon. So the restaurant only gets 25 bucks for a hundred dollar meal. Cool, but who really pays? You do because over the long run the cook has to get paid so prices go up. And the poor fool like me sitting at the next table pays even more since I’m not in on the deal.

    Groupon reminds me of licking Green Stamps and filling books after coming home from the A&P when I was a kid. Or the silly store cards that we are supposed to carry around for every single store we visit.

    No, screw you CVS and all the other stores with those dumbass cards. If you ever don’t swipe the store card hanging on the rubberband to give me the cost savings that is the last time I will ever enter your store.

    Computers, the internet, ATM cards, electronic banking, all of these things were created to make our lives simpler. I need a car key and a credit card or some cash when I leave the house and I can do anything. Telling me that in order to tread water, break even, get the same deal everyone else is getting I need a coupon or a store card you may as well tell me to go lick a book of Green Stamps. Sorry, you lost my business if you make me.

    Groupon is going IPO soon and it might be valued at 25 Billion dollars. Just say no. Kill them now. It’s a Ponzi scheme that does nothing but funnel 25% of a local retailer’s dollars to idiots in Chicago who thought this thing up.

    What is worse: there is going to be a second internet bubble pop soon nearly as bad as the 2000 pop and Groupon is going to lead the way circling the drain. Or at least I hope they lead the way.


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