Chickity Check It- Damn it McKinnon- From My FavoriteTattoo Artist

The most angst ridden young person I know (well from her twitter feed that’s what I glean anyhow) and also the most talented tattoo artist, Molly McKinnon has a brandy new blog-

Damn it McKinnon

She’d be the one I would go to if I ever got the lobster tattoo that I’ve been dreaming of for years.


This is the tattoo I’d like on my forearm-

lobstershadow (2)

Bu if you know me you know I’m a hairy freak and I’m not sure that tattoos are all that attractive on a hairy arm.  So I put it off………..

in case you are new to the blog you can check out this link for the fishermen tattoo picture series I’ve taken from our local guys-

Chickity Check It!- Gloucester Times Reporter Steven A. Fletcher Blog The Convergence Point

He writes-

This week, I’m writing a series on newspapers, social media, and their communities.

Check out his post in which he mentions GMG here-

A less public pint; at the social media tap.



Henry Allen TheatreWorks & Cape Ann Art Haven present:


Henry Allen TheatreWorks and Cape Ann Art Haven have teamed up to offer a unique and exciting summer theatre and art camp, with workshops for ages 6-18!

The sky’s the limit on what magic can be spun out of the imaginations of young people! In our unique Summer Playcamp, students of will engage in the collaborative art of crafting then performing a short play, including the design and creation of their own sets, costumes and props! Each session will culminate in a staged performance for family and friends. These original short plays will be inspired by the folklore of Cape Ann. Playwriting and practice will take place in the TheatreWorks lab at The Cape Ann (or ‘The Annie’ to her friends), and the art classes will take place at Cape Ann Art Haven. Regstration is OPEN. Call Cape Ann Art Haven to register today! 978.283.3888




This is an iPhone photo taken by holding the phone to the eyepiece of a 90 mm ETX Meade Telescope on Andrews Point pointing due North. What is it? Be specific. Send your answer in a comment but also explain why the telescope trained on the same spot in the middle of the night sees absolutely nothing.

Come up with the two part answer you get a crumpled Red GMG bumper sticker and the accolades of GMG fandom.

Shooter Shot Shooting

Eastern Point Light from Magnolia behond crashing waves on rocks
Photos by Cynthia Kennedy Sam and E.J. Lefavour

On Saturday, friend Cythia Kennedy Sam took me on my first excursion to Magnolia.  She shot me (above) while shooting the shot below of Eastern Point Light from the rocks.  On this same outing, we stopped at the Causeway and had their fish chowder.  I can now say without hesitation, that Causeway’s fish chowder is the best I have ever had.  I also can’t wait to go back and explore more of Magnolia.

E.J. Lefavour


Pathways Cape Ann Families is offering a free six-part parent workshop series presented by The Family Network, Inc., open to all parents & educators, every Wednesday, staring March 23rd, from 6 – 7:30PM at Pathways Cape Ann Families located at 28 Emerson Avenue, Gloucester. 
Topics to be discussed include why do children do the things they do?;  listening;  getting the message across;  positive discipline that works;  building self-esteem;  putting it all together & making it work.  The facilitators are Cynthia Griffin & Evelyn Lawnsby from The Family Network, Inc.  Dinner, child care & transportation assistance (if needed) are included.

To register or for more information contact Amy Larsen 978.281.2400x120 or by 3/16.

Gloucester Bytes’ Tim-The Man!

Tim and his company Gloucester Bytes bid on a link in the GMG Blogroll at the annual Chamber of Commerce Auction a couple of years ago.  Working out of his house and frequently making house calls, he came over to replace a busted keyboard on the Mrs’ laptop.  A big time GMG fan, I can’t say enough nice things about the man. Cheap, efficient and he even installed some neat utilities for free while he was at the homestead. 

If you need computer repairs do not hesitate to call him.



That Time Of Year- International Dory Race Season To Get Under Way


A Note From Jimmy T

This is going to be a big year for the International Dory Races! Looking at the Schedule of Events for 2011 Erik sent out a few weeks ago, we’re only a week and a half away from Dory Prep Day on March 26th, 8 a.m. at Eastern Ave Self-Storage! This year our practice boats are last years race boats!!! I intent to take one of these in the Essex River Race and encourage all members to participate in the local season opener as well! Anyone interested should contact me asap to start planning logistics.
But first we need your help. Anyone who can give just an hour or two ( everyone has an hour or two to spare!) next Saturday, to help scrape and paint, or the following Saturday, April 2nd to help launch!!! Let us know.
Please, we NEED help, those of you who never make the time to pitch in can turn over a new leaf this year, you’ll be glad you did!
See you down the dories!

Click Here For More Info On How You Can get Involved-

Fly Amero and Special Guest ~ J B Amero ~ Tonight

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, March 16th
Special Guest: J.B. AMERO!

J.B. is the hottest thing going on Cape Ann right
now.  He has much new material for us all to see
and hear.  Come and get it!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
host and perform as always
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
*Comfort food dinner specials from Dave Trooper
s kitchen
*Sponsored by Shipyard Ale
Great fun!
Food is prepared fresh by “Troop” and is always good!
Fred features special discounted entrees with half-off
on a Shipyard every week!
I hope to see you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

1 Day Until St. Patrick’s Day!!

People of Gloucester and Cape Ann! It is time to put down the panini press, put the homemade pasta & gravy off for one day and get out there and help bail out the lovely country of Ireland. Every pint of Guinness will help!  Here are a few places I found featuring great St. Patty’s Day events. Post any others in the comments!

Michael O’Leary with Roaring Mary, 3 to 7 p.m. @Seaport Grille
Traditional Irish songs and tunes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The Richard James Band @ Minglewood
The Ultimate St. Patty’s Day Party Band!

Saint Patrick’s Day happens to be our favorite holiday at the Farm. So, in celebration of this holy event we will be opening the bar up at 8am for a traditional Irish Breakfast. Throughout the day we will be offering food specials (boiled dinner, Guinness mac and cheese, Irish bread, bread pudding, etc), music, games, tomfoolery, contests, dancing, celebrating and other various shenanigans.

St. Patty’s day with the Tom Obrien Band @ The Rhumbline
Joey C says it is something that needs to be on your life list.

I am also sure that, if you are doing a crawl, something will be going down at Stone’s Pub as well.

Sláinte – Patrick Ryan

GMG Tech Talk- Last Night’s Social Media Presentation At The Cape Ann

Henry Allen has taken the space that used to house The Blackburn Tavern and turned it into a cultural activity center in which he has so much stuff going on it would make your head spin.  Henry’s deal is a whole ‘nother post- or ten posts.

Anyway in his space the Gloucester Destination Marketing organization led by Linn Parisi invited Art Haven director and good egg Dawn Gadow and I to come and give a presentation on Social media for tourism related business.

There was a good amount of people that showed up of all levels of sophistication as far as the web goes and how to use it but most of the folks that attended would probably admit that they are in the dark about how to use such things as twitter and Facebook to promote their business or organization.  After all that was why most showed up.

The key observation from the meeting to me was that the biggest obstacle for people getting started is some type of fear that they are going to somehow screw up and it is somehow too complicated.

Now I don’t know that I’m any kind of “Guru” on this stuff as Linn tabbed me in the promotional material but if anyone considers me somewhat competent at blogging or tweeting they should know that I only started three years ago.  Granted I am intensely committed to GMG and learning the ways to make it better and push the boundaries further but I didn’t know about any of this stuff three years ago.

You want to know how I got started?  I didn’t take a class or go to college in it.  I’m a dumb ass lobster dealer for Christ’s sake.  I just signed up for a free blog account on WordPress and filled in the blanks where they asked questions like username and password.  If there was something I got stuck on I didn’t call a help desk, I clicked on the support button that allows you to type in a question or keyword and they give you the answers.  Trial and error and tweaking and reading feedback and looking at statistics to see what worked and what didn’t.  It didn’t cost a dime initially.

So I started out the presentation talking about Trip Advisor and a story about how when we went to St Lucia we used Trip Advisor to determine what activities we were going to do on our vacation.  The number one thing listed in the area of St Lucia where we were staying was this Segway tour.  The Segway tour was lots of fun and at the end of it the tour guides reminded us a couple times very subtly that if we enjoyed ourselves to please leave a good review on Trip Advisor.  It was brilliant.  It cost the tour operators nothing, and it boosted their tour to the number one spot on an international widely used travel site-Trip Advisor.  You can’t pay for that type of positive exposure in the tourism industry.

The point was that all kinds of people are using social media to get their message out there and if you aren’t then your competition has a huge leg up on you.

I spoke about twitter but really Facebook is the monster right now.  It is taking over the way people communicate world wide.  The numbers are astounding.  Ideally if you own a business, you have a Facebook page where you upload photos or post specials or interesting stories about what is going on in your industry.  Then you link your Facebook page to your twitter account so every time you post to Facebook, the title and link back to your Facebook page gets listed on your twitter timeline.  Also when you post you should include keywords or hashtags so that search engines will pick up those areas of interest and like minded people or potential customers can find your information.

You don’t want to be perceived as spammy and just continually beat people over the head with products you are trying to sell.  Being somewhat funny helps and when you create a Facebook update or Tweet, try to think of the end user and make it worth their while to read what you are writing.  People love visuals.  Pictures can be taken with any new smartphone and uploaded directly to twitter or Facebook in mere seconds.

Here are examples I would use in each industry off the top of my head

Whale Watch-

every day the naturalist or captain takes a 20 second to 2 minute clip of whales breaching and uploads it to Facebook.  Your customers, people that love whales would have a reason to come back to your page every single day.  you will be present in their consciousness and when they are sitting around with their thumbs up their ass trying to figure out what to do in August because they’ve already been to the beach 30 times it might just click with them, hey, lets go on a whale watch.  I saw this cool video and every single day you get to see these real like monsters of the ocean just yards away from you.  Boom!  Sales!

Video gets uploaded to Facebook and linked to twitter account


Daily specials, pictures of any new dishes and new seasonal menus posted to to Facebook with a direct automatic link to Twitter. See The Farm Bar and Grille, or Minglewood Tavern for very successful Social media campaigns.  The farm Bar and Grille has over 2200 Facebook followers.  That means every day when they talk about 35 cent wing night on Thursdays every one of those 2200 followers gets reminded.  Not to mention their twitter followers.  Now even if they only converted 10% of those people into customers isn’t that an incredible bang???

Deep Sea Fishing-

Every Trip a mate or Captain takes a photo of the largest fish caught that day with the person that caught it holding it up and post it to their Facebook page.  Believe me when I tell you that everyone loves to see their picture taken with a huge fish.  You hand a sheet of paper to each passenger as they leave the ship with your Facebook page web address and tell them to look for pictures from that day.  I am fucking telling you, you will have an incredible amount of people checking out your page from the customers and family members that they want to brag to all their friends about the huge fish they caught and forward the pictures to them.  Link the Facebook page to the twitter account for automatic updating.  If any unusual fish are caught highlight those.  If you have some regular funny customers do little video clips with them that are like testimonials as to what keeps bringing them back to your deep sea fishing operation.  also fishing reports as to what kinds of fish is being caught.


Any new works, several updates as to the work in various stages of completion.  Any art shows that the artist will be showing at or local events.  Links to twitter account automatically.

It was great to get to talk to these folks. I hope we made an impact as if you’ve been reading these pages you know I’m committed to getting people involved in promoting all the cool stuff going on in our city.  I told these fine folks that once they get themselves set up with accounts that I would highlight them here on these pages as an incentive to get off their ass and make that first step. So expect to see more promoting of local twitteratti soon.

You gotta start somewhere.  Take the leap into the Cape Ann Social media pond, the water’s just fine.

I know most people don’t give a crap about yarn but please listen to Robert talk about his success at local yarn shop Coveted Yarn which has a global reach and how social media has helped him gain instant sales for no money at all-

Please watch the video and if nothing else from the five minute mark when he talks about how big Facebook is for his business and how it has led to his recent expansion.

Chickity Check It!- Broadcastr- sent in by Jo-Ann Castano


Hi Joey,

Got a story?

This looked like it might be right up your "port" and may interest your readership.  It’s a fun site to globally

explore peoples stories. I love hearing people tell stories. From New York City, I’ve listened to a group of poets

who broadcast their readings.  I’ve traveled to India and listened to writers sounding much like one of

those NPR life stories from each place traveled along the road, telling a story, an experience in  an exotic

place maybe experiencing a culture shock.  Those can be pretty wild and eye opening.

Seems like a great place for poets, writers, musicians, artists, cultural groups and individuals to establish a station

and tell stories of Cape Ann, places to visit, food to eat, cultural adventures, history and life on Cape Ann.  Your

account (free) lets you upload an image as well as broadcast list and link to your web site or social media. It’s still

in beta but I’ve had fun exploring it. 

Here’s the content from their "About" page: 



is a Social Media platform for location-based stories. It enables the recording, indexing, listening, and sharing of audio content. Just like in human memory, every story is bound to a place.

Whether dishing last night’s details to friends, uncovering local lore, perusing restaurant reviews, listening to travel guides, tuning in to citizen journalism, contemplating oral histories, or sharing hilarious anecdotes, Broadcastr amplifies all our voices. Users can take a GPS-enabled walk as stories about their surroundings stream into their headphones, like a museum tour of the entire world. Users can record their own content, create playlists, follow their friends, and share on Facebook.

Broadcastr is currently in beta. The beta will allow us to optimize the application’s performance, streamline the interface and design, and incorporate your feedback to ensure that Broadcastr creates an excellent user experience.You can help us by notifying us of bugs or glitches. Email us at or give feedback at our Beta Blog.

Need some help? To view instructional videos on how to use Broadcastr, click HERE.

Broadcastr, Inc.

Best to you Joey and all your good GMG  crazy cast of contributors,


Jo-Ann Castano

Castano Design Associates/ArtsGloucester