Aron Leaman Fine Art Glass



Gloucester Fine Art, formally the Ortman Gallery has undergone some changes this cold winter. Carl Ortman has brought some friends in to add even more to the Gloucester art scene. The gallery is now representing four artists: painters Carl Ortman, Cody DeLong, and Josh Been, and local glass artist and sculptor Aron Leaman.

Please join Aron and Cody for Gloucester Fine Art’s Spring Preview Opening, as they have been busy this winter creating new work and it is time to showcase their craftsmanship. Cody just flew in from his gallery in Arizona and is ready to paint this week in lovely Gloucester; we will see what his hand can capture! Aron has been working on a spring line of small works, as well as his Cape Ann inspired sculptures. Carl and Josh are in Colorado painting away, and plan to be out in May and June.

Hope to see you this Saturday, March 26th 5:00 pm to whenever.

A grand opening will take place some time in June with all the artists.
For more information on the artists participating in this event, please vist:

Keep Those Tight Calf Muscles Stretched Out!

Harmeling Physical Therapy Tip of the Month From Tom Faulds MSPT

A great way to help prevent many foot injuries is to keep your calf muscles flexible and stretched out. This is especially important for running athletes where you execute thousands of high impact strides in any given workout.

You have two calf muscles, the soleus and the gastrocnemius. These muscles attach to the back of the heel bone (aka the calcaneous) via the achilles tendon. When you walk or run these muscles contract with great power to propel you forward helping you push off on your toes.

Often when these muscles and the achilles tendon are tight, it can put extra stress on other areas of the foot. This can cause painful injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis. 

So spend a minute or two twice a day stretching your calf muscles! This is especially important before and after exercise. The common runners stretches most of us know will do the job nicely; below are some pictures.

In the first, Kelly is stretching her back leg; her heel stays flat on the ground and her knee and leg are straight. She gently lunges forward until she feels a stretch in the gastrocnemius muscle in the upper calf of the back leg.

The second stretch starts in the same position but this time Nikita bends her knees and drops her butt straight down toward the floor. Keep that heel flat. You should feel this stretch at the base of the calf or in the second of your two calf muscles, the soleus. Hold these stretches for 20 – 30 seconds and repeat it 2 times each side.

To advance these 2 stretches you can put a small folded towel under the toes to create your own stretch board.

Happy Calf Stretching!




Harmeling Physical Therapy Tip of the Month

Now offering Free ACL screenings and Sports Injury Evaluations Every Monday Night in Our Gloucester Office, 8 Blackburn Center @ 6:30 pm. Call 978 283 0888 to find out more.

Did You Know? (Eastern Point Light)

waves crashing on rocks of Magnolia with Eastern Point Light in the distance
Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That Eastern Point Light, a 30 foot high stone lighthouse erected at a cost of $2,450 to help fishermen and others entering Gloucester Harbor, was first lighted on January 1, 1832?  The new lighthouse’s ten lamps showed a fixed white light and were fueled by whale oil. The first keeper was Samuel Wonson, who was paid an annual salary of $400.

With the arrival of the railroad in Gloucester in 1847 the fishing business exploded into one of the world’s largest, and Eastern Point Light assumed new importance.

A whistling buoy was installed near Eastern Point in 1883 to provide additional warning and guidance to the harbor. Some of the summer residents objected to their summer quietude being shattered.

Because of the complaints of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, a well-known local writer who claimed she suffered from a “nervous ailment,” the United States Secretary of the Navy ordered the buoy removed from May to October. Later Ms. Phelps was married to the Reverend Herbert Ward and the Boston Record reported, “Since her marriage Mrs. Ward is much better, and the officer who had to remove the buoy has put it back with the assurance that next summer he will have no orders to disturb it.”

The third and present Eastern Point Light was built in 1890 on the old foundation of the 1832 tower. The 36-foot brick lighthouse was attached to the keeper’s house by a covered walkway.

The station is closed to the public, but there is a parking lot nearby and the breakwater next to the lighthouse is open all year, with good views of the lighthouse. There are “private road” signs posted in the Eastern Point neighborhood, but visitors are permitted to drive to the lighthouse.  (

This photo of Eastern Point Light was taken from the beautiful rocky shoreline of Magnolia.

I want to apologize to Joey and GMG readers for being so sketchy in my posts recently.  I am in the final push to get the Did You Know? book to the printer next week, so have been in the weeds a bit. 

E.J. Lefavour

Seasonal Openings 2011: Part II

Friday, March 25, TODAY, Nate’s of Front Beach Rockport opens. What’s better than fluffy pancakes and a walk on the beach?

Friday, April 1, Topside Grill opens. The dining room is completely renovated but the martinis have not changed. Opening Day party with music by John Jerome. Then Tuesdays are always Oyster night.

Saturday, April 2, Top Dog of Rockport opens for the eleventh season. A clam roll at a picnic table outside. That is my official start of the season. Or a Bad Dog with Chili Cheese Fries.

Those are the only three I have definitive dates. Last year’s announcements included, The Rudder: April 15, The Cupboard: May 6, Popo’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Nate’s at Front Beach, Surfside Subs on Thacher Road, and Capt Carlo’s all around April 27 with Lobster Pool of Rockport and Lobsta Land both sometime earlier. So is Lobsta Land year round forever now? Don’t you wish all of these places did that?

Now let me talk to restaurant owners for a moment. Look outside. What do you see? What I see is the 21st century. What that means is when I go to your website or facebook page of your restaurant I should not see: “Fall hours” or “we will be closing for the winter soon” or “we will be opening in May.” What a buzzkill. Spring has sprung. Crank up the anticipation for your restaurant opening. Cast some bread upon the water and you will be repaid. We’re starving for the season to begin. Give us a sign.

Add a comment to this post when your restaurant, sub shop, ice cream parlor will be opening and I will include it in the next seasonal posting. Or even if you are just a patron, if you have heard when a place is opening, help them out and send that date in.



Back in January, thirty-three members of the YMCA Teen Leaders Club embarked on their annual "Rockathon to Feed Cape Ann’s Hungry" – with each member rocking in a rocking chair for 24-sleepless hours from 8am Saturday through 8am Sunday.  Each Y Teen Leader committed to solicit and collect a minimum of 230 cans.  Youth spent weeks soliciting and then collecting donations of non-perishable food items.  In order to accommodate prospective donors who might have difficulty carting caseloads of cans, the club established a "two-for-a-dollar" rate for financial donations for Open Door.

Through the efforts of this fantastic group of local youth, 7749 cans and other non-perishable food items were earned and distributed to the Open Door, St. Vincent DePaul Society and directly to local families in need.

On March 10th, the YMCA Teen Leaders Club welcomed special guest Julie LaFontaine, Executive Director of the Open Door to attend their weekly meeting.  After Julie thanked the teens for their consistently strong efforts year after year, club members proudly presented a $2075 donation – the fiscal culmination of the groups’ collections.  The YMCA Teen Leaders Club would like to officially recognize our top three solicitors:  Alex Jones-770, Steven Verga-554 and Shannon Gallagher-536.  We would also like to extend thanks to our families, friends, neighbors and the community for such a tremendous outpouring of support for others in need. Also, special thanks for donations to Dominos Pizza and Carroll K. Steele Insurance for our meals.

Other participants include: Noah Ashe, Paul Bondarev, Heather Boudrow, Cheyanne Fanala, Colby Ferris , Victoria Flannagan, Alex Henry, Katt Kariores, Sofia Lane , Ardrianna Lombardo, Rosie, Luce, Jared Marshall, Christian O’Donnell, Lindsay Parrish, Matt Pastagal, Kevin Redmond, Nathan Rubin, Jeff. St. Peter, Brandon Stewart, Breanna Silva, Antonio Saputo, Andreaz Saputo, Tiffany Sonia, Danielle Thibodeau, Keith Todd, Molly White, Zach White, Andrew Widtfeldt, Nikki Williamson & Robyn Wonson.


Karen Pischke Moonrise Photo 3/21/11

Hey Joey.

Here’s something for GMG.

(I am supposed to travel to Japan next week. If I do, I’ll be sure to take the GMG logo.)

Photo: Moonrise 3.21.2011. As I watched last night’s moonrise I was reminded of a childhood song- “Let There Be Peace.” The lyrics are below. The moon reminded me of Japan’s flag. We ask people to continue to send healing thoughts, prayers, and relief to those affected by the latest natural disasters and political turmoil around the world. Together we can do so much more. Hoping for a more peaceful plant.    ~ Karen Pischke

Things To Do- Geology Walk at Dogtown Sunday, March 27

Hi Joey,
Wondering if you might post this great free Essex County Greenbelt walk on
your blog?
Sunday, March 27, 1 – 3 p.m.
Geology Walk at Dogtown
Carter Reservation, Gloucester
Led by Greenbelt’s Executive Director Ed Becker and Greenbelt staff member
Cathy Lanois
The landscape and legends of Dogtown have inspired naturalists and writers
for centuries. On this walk, we’ll focus on natural history, with an eye to
the many interesting geologic features of this unique area. Registration
required, please email
Directions: From Route 128 North, take the third exit off Grant Circle, the
first Gloucester Rotary, onto Washington Street, Route 127. Drive 2.2 miles.
Just after the causeway that crosses the outlet for Goose Cove, turn right
onto Dennison Street. Drive to the end of Dennison Street and park at the
Greenbelt sign.
Thanks, Jill Buchanan

Wachusett Green Monsta IPA at Stone’s Pub


I wonder if the Red Sox will go after Wachusett Brewing for the obvious play on the Red Sox left field wall or if they got the blessing from the team first.  I doubt they would just let them use the name without getting something in return, unless they got around it by calling it Green “Monsta” instead of “Monster”  Interesting

New iPad Layout For Good Morning Gloucester

For those of you with iPads this is what your browsing experience will be on GMG. If browsing on an iPad, go ahead and click on the menu button in the top right corner and it separates the categories out nicely. It’s more of a magazine style layout. I like it! Do you get it?

One Hour At A Time Gang Notice From Donna Ardizzoni


Looking to make a huge impact with a bunch of like minded folks who love our fair city?  What a fantastic job that this group does each week by picking a section of the city and meeting to spend an hour or so picking up trash  together.  If you are new to town or are a long time resident, you can’t help but love the positive energy you will glean from this group of Gloucester’s finest.

Date:                    Saturday March 26, 2011

Time:                    8:00

Where:                 The high school parking lot

                              Because of the Home and Business Expo, think it would be a good idea to make sure the field, entrance and parking lot is clean for the show.

                              If some want to go to the Boulevard, I can leave the bags on my car in the high school parking lot.

Thanks again all, Donna