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Caffe Sicilia
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360 panorama if your camera has this option


That wonderfully talented painter Debbie Clarke has but out a “call for Glosta paintahs! Preference given to ahteests without a wall to hang on. I will be curating the wall at Zeke’s (restaurant in East Gloucester). My work is there until July 31st. Send me some shots.”

You can contact Debbie at: or at facebook


“Captain Joes Towards the Paint” by Debbie Clarke


Debbie_Clarke_3.jpg.500x310_q85Drawing workshop with Debbie Clarke 9-11am Saturdays beginning March 5th.

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, Studio Gallery.

Learn how to see as an artist through the basics of observational drawing.

Space is limited, pre-registration encouraged.
$35 per class, pre-paid contact Debbie Clarke via phone 978-652-8273 or email at for material list and additional information.


Debbie giving a workshop at the Cape Ann Museum

Images courtesy Google image search


“A Tale Of Two Paint Brushes” from deb Clarke

“A Tale Of Two Paint Brushes”

From deb Clarke;

“My David was good friends with Armand Sindoni and received one of Armand’s paintbrushes, along with a giclee print of one of Armand’s last paintings as a remembrance gift from Armand’s family.  The brush was proudly displayed above Armand’s print, until we moved.

A few months back I was painting when David took the brush from my hand, claiming it was Armand’s.  I said:  “Well, you better put it someplace safe, because if I need a brush and find a brush, I use it.”  and that was that,  until yesterday.  Yesterday I cleaned a flat brush when I realized the handle was encrusted with chrome green, a color I do not use.  The handle was used to mix a vat of paint (something I have never done). The ferrule encrusted with old oil.  I checked all of my paintbrushes. The ferrules of all of my old brushes were scraped clean. of encrusted paint.  A former studio assistant used a razor blade to clean my old brushes (a practice I put an end to…the bristles were getting shaved in the process).    I showed the brushes to David, told him that chrome green was a color commonly in use by painters of Armand’s generation, then showed him my greens based on veridian and thalo…my greens lean towards blue. David agreed.
The flat is the Armand Sindoni brush, the bare ferrule bright brush is mine.”

Another Sidoni Painting:

Deb Received the random email from a Sidoni connection;

To Debbie Clarke,

This is so random, but I was scanning old family photos and came across this old double exposure.  The painting is an Armand Sindoni portrait
of my uncle Richard Duncan, who was a friend of Armand’s in Lynn.  So I googled Armand to share information about Armand with family on facebook and saw your
paint brush story.  Unfortunately the portrait went missing from storage unit during a move so very long ago.
It’s just a snapshot in time (& not a very good one) but I thought you’d appreciate seeing it.

love your magpie nest!!

Elizabeth Chapman

Show me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine! a call to Artists

Show me Yours and I’ll Show you Mine!

A call to Artists!

Deb Clarke shares her paint box with us. If there are any painters out there that would like to share their Paint box photos with us please email with a Photo and info like Deb has done. Also include anything you’d like to share. Such as; Your website, facebook page, exhibits etc. Email me at

From Deb Clarke;


“This was my father’s french easel, now it is mine. it was pristine when i got it a few years ago, now it is broken in.

my colors:
cad yellow light
cad yellow medium
lemon yellow
yellow ochre
burnt sienna
grumbacher red (napthol red)
alizarin crimson
pthalo green
winsor blue (pthalo blue)
cadmium blue
ultramarine blue
grumbacher pre-test white original (titanium)

a few big brushes, mostly flats, a few rounds, maybe a filbert or two”.

Deb Clarke

Deb’s Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=1582751786

What Do You Consider Art? Deb Clarke Asks the Question


 Deb Clarke Asks the Question:

What Do You Consider Art?

Audience Participation Required!

Don’t be Schlub! Share your view.

definition of “Schlub”:

Check out Deb Clarke’s art by clicking the link below

Banana’s Window Display Tribute to Liz Taylor


From deb Clarke;

Liz Taylor Tribute Window, Bananas

Liz Taylor Tribute Window
78 Main Street
Gloucester MA
Concept:  Richard Leonard
Design:  Debbie Clarke
Structural Design: Katherine Worth
Katherine changed the windows to a spring medley last Monday.  Richard dropped a note to find some photos of Liz for the window.  I found the pics, framed them, draped the window base in black, found some white diamonds and a horse for our Velvet Brown.

Equinox Egg Balance! from deb Clarke


from deb Clarke;

Equinox Egg Balance!

The rumor is you can only balance an egg on the equinox.  not quite the equinox, almost. this egg balanced until  the dishwasher changed cycles to rock’n roll.

can you balance an egg?  no salt.  this is not a bar trick.

GMG Questions and Answers–Debbie Clarke


How long have you lived in Gloucester?  born here. lived in Los Angeles for 5 years as a child (dad was in the navy); returned to northshore (manchester, wenham, essex for 7 years), gloucester high school, san francisco for a year, art institute of boston 4 years (brookline, allston, somerville, west stockbridge, cambridge), gloucester for a few years, rockport for 2 years, nyc 22 months, magnolia 15 years, west gloucester 2 years, east gloucester 6 years.  i’m a glosta gal (mom born in rockport, extended finnish family in gloucester).

What is your favorite season In Gloucester?
all of them.

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?
  magnolia beach to the nature trail behind clark’s pond to the coolidge reservation.
What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester? sebastians

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?
mike’s place

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?
my house

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester? don’t do bars

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester?
two sisters

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester? fiesta, gotta get my blessing and ambie’s sausage sandwich.
In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat?   beach
Who is your favorite local artist?

The first Cape Ann artist that I have always admired is landscape painter Ken Gore (1911-1990).  Ken was a member of the Northshore Art Association and The Rockport Art Association.  He had a studio and gallery on East Main Street across from the The Beacon Marine where he taught painting on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. My father, a student of Ken’s, arranged for me to have lessons with Ken.    My paintings were not very good, but Ken saw ability in my drawings and encouraged me to seriously pursue art.  I was 13.

Attached is a photo of Ken’s painting "The Willow" that was auctioned through Blackwood March Auctioneers a few years ago.  I chose this painting to accompany this post because of the sheep, as well as his trademark use of the palette knife. Ken told me that when he was first learning to paint he was given a 2" brush to paint and 3 colors: red, yellow, blue and white.   The subject?  sheep.  He  could paint them in his sleep.  Ken said that anything one could do with a small brush,  could be done with a big brush; but, a small brush cannot do the work of a big brush.  This advice has guided me through 40 odd years of painting,  My preferred brushes are 1-2" bristle chip brushes that can hold alot of paint.

btw:  my first lesson was to draw a portrait of another student’s husband, then to paint his portrait.  the drawing was true to the man’s age.  the painting made him look so much younger that his wife bought it.  i didn’t get the money, it was paid to Ken for my very first lesson. In exchange for future lessons, I posed for Ken’s classes.

Which is your favorite local beach? coffin’s beach
Who has the best chowder in town? connolly’s

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog?  i know, a bit egocentric, but in a good way.  if i’m not for me, who is?

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder? haddock

What is your favorite Gloucester neighborhood? all of them.

What is your favorite local band?  A Train

As A Reward For Filling Out The Form For Use On GMG Feel free To Provide a Link Here to Any Business, Band or Website You Would Like Promoted

it’s ZAZZLE!, it’s clarkeAHHT!‏

Deb Clarke at her December Art Exhibit

Click on the Link below to see Debbies Zazzle Ahht Store
Design a personalized gift at Zazzle.

from: deb Clarke,

EJ’s recent post about her use of the art licensing site inspired me to give it a try.  I haven’t tried to sell my artwork on-line, but the ease of using zazzle to put my art on hundreds of products drew me right in.  My zazzle store ‘clarkeAHHT’ is in a testing stage.  I’ve designed some button badges, refrigerator magnets and one poster. 
My friend Paul isn’t crazy about the idea of his mug on a poster (it’s a small poster), but his face on a button makes him beam  with the words “I am somebody!”.  Yes, Paul, you are somebody and here’s your mug on a button.  It’s a 2″ button for 2.45.  my royalty?  a quarter on each button sold.  not enough to make me rich, but enough to make me want to have fun designing these things. 
maybe I’ll design a sneaker with his mug on it next.  I’m amazed at how many items are offered through this site.  everything is printed on demand and is advertized as ‘ready to ship’.
EJ’s advice:  work those tags.  I’ve applied ‘glosta’ and ‘goodmorninggloucester’ and ‘paulie walnuts’ tags to my items.  if you go to the link you will see Paul’s badge and lots of other gloucester items created by other folk.
thank you gmg for putting together such a great site.  it not only keeps me up-to-date on the uniquely ‘glosta’ doings, but is helping me to step-up my marketing efforts through the generosity of other folk sharing their tips and experiences.  

Model In The Studio, From Deb Clarke

From Deb Clarke;

from the archives: Model in the Studio copyright 1997

I think this is Brenda Tredwell. She was my model and studio assistant for several years. This drawing is turpentine wash on acid free paper. Use blotter paper or absorbant cardboard as a palette, this will reduce the linseed oil. The reverse of this drawing has one small bleedthrough, with no sign of decomp. This drawing pleases me.
Brenda grew up on Monhegan. Her hair flames. She calls herself a rock rat. She modeled for Jamie Wyeth. I recognized her knees and hair that matched the color of Jamie’s ‘burn barrel’.

Deb Clarkes Art Show Opening Reception Sunday!


Debbie Clarke’s Art Show and Sale is now Open to the Public at the Random Arts Gallery on Lexington Ave. in Magnolia.

Debbie will also be having an opening Reception On 

Sunday December 12, 2010 between 5pm and 8pm

Drop in and say hello, share some cheer. (usual artist offerings: wine and cheese)

Artist in residence Sunday-Monday 1pm-5/6/7pm ish throughout December
For a private viewing or for more information call:  978-652-8273

You can check out more Photos of Debs Art that will be for sale by clicking the Link:

Deb Clarke’s Art Show and Opening Reception Sunday Dec 19th

Debbie Clarke’s Art Show and Sale is now Open to the Public at the Random Arts Gallery on Lexington Ave. in Magnolia.

Debbie will also be having an opening Reception On Sunday

December 19, 2010 between 5pm and 8pm

Drop in and say hello, share some cheer. (usual artist offerings: wine and cheese)

Artist in residence Sunday-Monday 1pm-5/6/7pm ish throughout December
For a private viewing or for more information call:  978-652-8273

Looking through the window of the Random Arts Gallery at Debs Show
One wall of Debbies Art show
Some of Deb's Sharpie Drawings only $25. signed. What a Deal!

You can check out more Photos of Debs Art that will be for sale by clicking the link:

Deb Clarke Gets Her Winter Art Show Ready!

Gloucester Artist and Regular Contributor to GMG, Deb Clarke will be having an Exhibit and Sale of her Works at The Random Arts Gallery in Magnolia during the month of December. Here are a few Photos of the set up. More Photos and Information coming soon!

$25 drawings. will remove these from the wall and sell them from clipboards. signed, no frame, no mat.

This is what I accomplished yesterday at Randomarts in Magnolia.  Today I will re-hang and adjust the lights.  the wall space gets smaller and smaller everytime I look at my work.  the backwall has my ‘new’ work:  the drawings from this past year.  need to get some putty to keep some of the work from ‘moving’ on the wall.  small detail of my favorite work follows.
4 mixed media ‘drawings’ with oil and leaf on 5×5″ panels.  definitely need sticky putty to keep these from wobbling.  selling all work unframed.  folk can spend as much money or not on frames.  and get the art at a very affordable price.  these panels will be under a hundred.  still working out prices.
best to all,
For more Information Go to:

Sketchbook Project Update, from deb Clarke

here’s the ‘back’ of the sketchbook with the necessary barcode. i wonder if they will be able to scan the code. better get out the iron and try to clean it up.

and here is the front:

i may/may not share the contents here.  ready to ship at any time.  unless i change my mind.

best, deb

It’s AHHT! by deb clarke


light art!

 every once in a while my work catches me off guard with an inner certainty that i am on the right path. the sun hit this painting yesterday. that ‘light patch’ is flattened out in this image. the reality of the reflected light is that it existed in space, sort of like a hologram. damn, if i could paint like that, But, I don’t know how to. Yet.


a Short Walk on Short Street. a Life Cam Video

From, Deb Clarke;

Short Street Walk to Work


Take a short video of yourself at a favorite Location around town, from your home Doing what you love doing, Promoting your Business, a short Bio on your Life or whatever you like.

Have fun! We will post it up here on the pages of GMG! If you have a digital camera you have the ability to take video. NO EXCUSES!

It’s time to be a part of the GMG Community.

Submit your videos to;

Paul at


deb at



“Sarto Shoes” by Clarke

from Deb Clarke;

Shoes by Wyeth:  “Trodden Weed” 1951
Shoes by Van Gogh:  “Shoes 1888”
Shoes by Clarke:  “Sarto Shoes”  2010
the wyeth and van gogh paintings are 2 paintings that i subliminally reference every time i draw some shoes.  wyeth’s work is egg tempera, van gogh’s is oil, clarke’s is mixed media:  drawing materials/oil paint/aluminum leaf.
c’est finis!

Van Gogh "Shoes" 1888

"Sarto shoes, a drawing" by Deb Clarke c'est finis.


"Sarto Shoes" by Deb Clarke 2010