Poll- Should Dogs Be Alowed Off Leash On Gloucester Beaches From Sepember 16th To April 30th?

In light of the petition to allow dogs off leash on Gloucester public beaches how do you feel about the subject?

Below the poll is the petition and where you can go to sign it.

Toby and I discuss it in this week’s podcast. You can listen to it by clicking on the icon here-

Please note: we have just been informed that the City of Gloucester will not accept the online petition. We therefore are asking that people take the time to sign paper petitions which are available in Gloucester at the following locations:

Animal Krackers


Last Stop Variety

Paws at Play

North Shore Veterinary Hospital

Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital

The undersigned hereby petition the City Council as follows and request changes to the beach ordinance 4-16a.
Currently it reads:

Sec. 4-16a. Dogs prohibited on beaches at certain times.

Dogs shall be prohibited from public beaches from May 1 to September 15, annually. Dogs shall be allowed on public beaches from September 16 to April 30, annually, and shall be under the control of the owner or keeper.
(Ord. No. 95-1998, § I, 7-7-1998; Ord. of 7-23-2002, § I)
We hearby petition to amend ordinance 4-16a to include:
Dogs may be permitted, during the above mentioned dates, on City of Gloucester beaches, off-leash and for the purpose of exercise.
A. The dog must be under visual and voice control by owner/guardian at all times.
B. All dogs must wear a collar with current tags.
C. All dogs must have current vaccinations and licenses.
D. As a condition of admission to beach areas, the owner/guardian of such dog shall use a suitable container or instrument to remove dog feces and shall dispose of it in waste containers provided for that purpose.
E. Aggressive dogs are not permitted. Owners are legally responsible for any injury caused by their dogs.
F. Dogs shall not be left unattended.
G. Female dogs in heat are not permitted.

H. Use of the beach by the dog shall constitute implied consent of the dog’s owner/guardian to all regulations and shall constitute a waiver of liability to the City of Gloucester and an agreement to protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Gloucester, its officials and employees for any injury or damage caused by a dog.

Read The Gloucester Daily Times Editorial Here-

November 5, 2013

Editorial: City’s dog restraint laws need fresh and thorough review

Gloucester Daily Times

Dog Park Sign Installation

Chris Fogarty of CF Carpentry, Inc., a building committee member of Gloucester Dog Park, getting some encouraging words of support from his two co-pilots Addison and Griffin as he puts up the Future Home site sign for Gloucester Dog Park

Co-founders Judi Masciarelli and Mary Lou Maraganis with Marta, Mary Lou’s foster dog(who is still looking for her forever home) in front of the just installed Future Home site sign of Gloucester Dog Park which will occupy an untilized section of stage fort park behind the basketball field.

Visit www.gloucesterdogpark.org to volunteer and/or make a donation

sign 008sign 012

A Video Shoot for the Gloucester Dog Park for YOU and your DOG!


Samantha Dennis writes-

Hi Joey,
I hope you are doing well and having a great weekend!
Great news! The Gloucester Dog Park has moved on to the 2nd round in the Bark for Your Park contest from PetSafe to win $100,000 toward the dog park! Now we need to record a 2-minute video to make it into the 3rd (and final) round for voting again.
We are recording the video at Stage Fort Park on Tuesday and I’d love it if you could post this note below for anyone to come out with their dog and be in the shoot?

Thank you all for your votes last month in the Gloucester Dog Parks entry in the PetSafe Bark for your Park contest for $100,000. We are pleased to update that we a semi-finalist and have moved on the 2nd round and we’d love for you to join us "in the the movies"! We will be filming our video for submission to the Bark for Your Park contest on Tuesday, June 28, 12:00 noon at Stage Fort Park and need people & leashed dogs to participate.
We have ordered red bandanas with our logo for everyone to wear. In the event that the shipment is delayed please wear (you and your dog) a red bandana or something RED for the shoot.
Once we submit this video we hope to move on to the 3rd and final round where we’ll need your votes for the prize of $100,000 to build the dog park! We hope to see you on Tuesday, June 28th at NOON sharp at Stage Fort Park!

Click the pic for the Gloucester Dog Park website-

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 7 Taped March 27th


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In this episode- Who Got Joey Fired Up?- Joey is getting Fat, Groupon, Restaurant Talk, Obnoxious Foodies, GMG Topside Grill Art Show, Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings, Twitter, Lactose Intolerance, Kenny’s Insane Vegatrian Eating Rules, Local Artists, Dog Park, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Jalepenos, Lakay Island Restaurant, Topside Grill, Top Dog of Rockport, Bean and Leaf, Moovision Cookoff, Paul Ciaramitaro, Melody Phaneuf, Carol Loiacano Watercolor, Bob Aiello, Natalie Nordstrand, Jeff Weaver, Patty Sullivan, Debbie Clarke, Paul Frontiero, Micah Dean, Aron Leaman, Rachelauren Somers, The Hive, Heather Atwood

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