GloucesterCast With Guests Peter and Vickie Van Ness and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/12/14


GloucesterCast With Guests Peter and Vickie Van Ness and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/12/14

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Topics Include: Peter and Vickie Van Ness, ,Seafood Throwdown at The Farmer’s Market, Mercedes Flavin vs Rosalie From Rosalie’s, Niaz Dorry, NAMA, Fisherman’s Wives, Robin Williams, Everybody’s Life Is Hard For Them, Celebrate Gloucester Series, Cape Ann Marina Waterfront Pavillion, Kudos To Tobin Dominick and Joe Liacono, Gloucester UU, Top 4-10 Must Do Things In Gloucester, John Sebastian, Block Party This Weekend, Kudos To The Current Block Party Committee, Henry Smith, Schooner Festival, Maritime Gloucester, Tracy Arabian, Props To Tom Ellis and Harold Blackburn, Sea Shanty Crazies, Cape Ann Museum, Cape Ann Whale Watch, Seven Seas Whale Watch, Gloucester Restaurants, The Atlantis for Breakfast, Duckworth Bistro, Passports, The Studio, GMG Mug Up Saturday This Week, EJ LeFavour, Lady Jillian Harbor Shuttle, The Other Cape, Peter Paul and Mary, Shout Out To Aurelia Nelson from 104.9, Curtain Up with Aurelia Nelson, Cape Ann TV, Being a Perfectionist With Online Media vs Creating Content Naturally, Realism vs Perfectionism, Putting The Content Before Advertising, GMG On Facebook, The Need To Respond To People’s Requests, An Idea For The Holistic People, Cape Ann SUP, Cape Ann Harbor Tours, All the Ways To Get Out On Gloucester Harbor.


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Rainbow Comes Out For EJ’s New Gallery Opening and It Leads Right To Madfish Wharf!


Uhmmm, coincidence that EJ opens Up her new Gallery On Madfish Wharf- Hobbit House II and at the very same moment a Rainbow magically appears?  I think not. 

Come out for Mug Up Sunday Morning!


Also featuring Anne Malveaux’ Belle and Me Line of Beautiful ScarvesDSC06760



Click Map for Directions-


She Always Returns

better late than never

Normally winter is my time to be creative.  My life’s path took me on some unexpected twists and turns this fall and winter, which made it impossible for me to get into my creative space.  As I’m sure all creative people can attest, sometimes the muse goes away for a time.  I used to fret, believing she might never return; but in her own time, she always does.  She unexpectedly re-emerged a couple of weeks ago, and took me, as she always does, in a new direction.  These are a few new pieces I have completed.  This series is old and new.  It is a mixed media combination of my abstract photos of last year, coupled with the glass painting of the prior year.  While sorting things at my mother’s house, I came across a container of unused glass slides, which have and will make their way into many of these pieces.  I have never worked in a square format before, which I am really enjoying, having been inspired by my artist friend, Tom Nihan’s work.  All pieces are 8×8 multi-layered photos and glass paintings, and are whimsical and fun – just what I need now.  In addition to brushes, I am using rubber ducks and ear plugs to paint with.   Yes Paul, RD was instrumental in getting me going, although she has gotten a little messy with paint all over her bottom.

You can see some of my new work at the Spring Art Show at the Magnolia Historical Society Friday, April 11 from 6 till 9pm Opening, Saturday, April 12 2pm till 8pm and Sunday, April 13 Noon till 4pm.  More details coming soon.

E.J. Lefavour

For those who think the Blog has gone soft – here are some Nude Photos for you!

Me nude bathing and nude horseback riding.  How’s that for hard core GMG.

nude bather

nude horseback rider

Found these and many other great old slides from the 50’s and before while visiting my mother this weekend.  I didn’t know I had been photographed nude so many times!

E.J. Lefavour

Annisquam Light in Chains

annisquam light in chains

The 29th Annual Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show is coming up Saturday and Sunday, October 12 & 13 (Columbus Day Weekend) from 10:00-5:00 at the Annisquam Village Hall.  It is always a wonderful show with over 40 artists and craftspeople, and great reason to take a trip to Annisquam.  Look for some of my photo montages there.

E.J. Lefavour

A Huge Thank You To Our Buddy EJ and The Castle Manor Inn

EJ put on a spectacular show at Castle Manor Inn, curating the East Meets West show showcasing 8 of of fellow East Gloucester artists traversing the Great City and showcasing in West Gloucester’s castle Manor Inn.

First off the castle Manor Inn might be my first choice for a summer soirée out on that back covered deck.  the views, the set-up, the food- all spectacular.  Joey C A+ recommendation.

But on top of that I can’t thank our buddy EJ for all the hard work she put in curating this show.

I don’t sing her praises nearly enough.  But she really is one very special lady for all she does not only for herself but for everyone around her.

Thanks Laura Baker from Castle Manor and Thanks EJ

You rock!

Killer Beer Battered Fish Tacos at The Castle Manor Inn


Well Lookey Here- Our EJ Is seARTS Artist of The Week!

seARTS Bass Rocks Art Loan Program

An interview with our Artist of the Week, E.J. Lefavour

How do you feel about being chosen for the Bass Rocks Art Loan Program?
Very excited.  This opportunity is allowing me to exhibit my work in a venue and to a segment of our population that I may not have been able to reach otherwise (unless they are regulars to Rocky Neck).  It is an honor to be in such great creative company, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Pebble Beach through the Rearview Mirror, Mixed Media Photo Collage,
16" x 20". Click to enlarge.

What is your medium or area of creativity?  I am a painter, photographer, writer, illustrator.  Most recently I have been working with the over abundance of wonderful photos I have taken over the past few years and incorporating them into unique, three dimentional photo montages, which people are really enjoying.  I created about 50 of them over the winter, and the series is called "Gloucester: The Grit and the Glory", since most encompass images of rope, chains, rusted hulls of boats, nets and other images from the working seaport aspect of Gloucester, combined with the glory of that industry and of the natural beauty that surrounds us here, as well as the history.
How long have you been an artist?  I have been a working artist since 1991 after leaving the corporate world and making the decision to pursue my art full time.
Where do you get your inspiration?  Anywhere and everywhere around me.
Other than the  Bass Rocks Golf Club, where can we find your works? At my galler(ies) on Rocky Neck. Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3 from May 15 to October 15, and at my winter gallery, up the stairs at 1 Wonson Street (behind Sailor Stan’s) from October to April.
What else would you like us to know?  I passionately love Cape Ann, Rocky Neck where I now reside year round, Annisquam were I lived in the winter for three seasons, East Gloucester and the Backshore, Eastern Point, paddleboarding, Good Morning Gloucester and all the people associated with it, and all the wonderful people I meet and have met since moving here.  I feel very blessed to be here.

Cape Ann going’s on and opportunities for the week…

Call to Artists, Designers & Creatives

seARTS Wearable Arts Group invites you to submit ideas

for this fall’s "Celebrate Wearable Art II!" runway show.

Click here for an application. Deadline is now June 1, 2013.

Opening Reception of Visitors’ Center, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, May 23

Opening Reception of Rocky Neck Gallery, May 25

Cape Ann TV Annual Meeting, May 28

Cape Ann Artisans 30th Annual Studio Tour, June 22-23

Very Excited For The Khan Studio GMG Gallery Opening At Madfish Wharf

EJ hung my pieces and I’ve never been prouder of the body of work I’ll have on the walls than this year.  The Gallery just got a fresh coat of paint and we’re gonna have a ton of fun down there this summer.  And just wait til you see the totally cool, totally Gloucester, totally unique work EJ made this year.  WOWZERS!  Even if you don’t buy anything, its worth a trip just to see the beautiful work on the walls.


EJ Rocky Neck Photo update From Fred Bodin

Fred writes-

Hi Joey, 

EJ asked: Who Remembers This? | GoodMorningGloucester, and I commented about a photo I have of the same building in 1929. So here it is.


The building on the left became the first Rudder restaurant in 1957, and later became the Joan Kerry studio. It has been replaced by a new house. The building on the right has been owned by the Sibleys since 1919. It is now the residence of George and Ellen Sibley. The photo was taken from the vicinity of Sailor Stan’s restaurant.

Fredrik D. Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo

Here was EJ’s original post-

Who Remembers This?

Posted on January 29, 2013by E.J.

rocky neck

and have you been to Rocky Neck recently to see what has gone up in its place?

E.J. Lefavour

Self-publishing Event at the Sawyer Free Library

Self-publishing event sawyer free 2012Self-publishing event sawyer free 2012-1

The Self-publishing Event at the Sawyer Free was packed. Ironically, when the program was held two years ago, moderator Susan Oleksiw said that there were more people in the panel than in attendance, which speaks to the overall dismal state of traditional publishing houses versus the growth of the self-publishing industry. Susan did a great job moderating and each panelist brought to the discussion a different approach based on their individual experiences with self publishing. The sheer range of options is fascinating and anyone facing the challenges of self-publishing would be well served to thoroughly research all.

Tom Hauck Self-publishing event sawyer free 2012Editor and Author Tom Hauck

EJ Lefavour’s opening at Alchemy

On Thursday night, I joined the other GMG contributors, FOBs, local artists, friends, and passers-by at EJ’s show opening at Alchemy.  I got there right at the start.  Of course, EJ was there with her radiant smile, putting the last touches on things.

Wine and munchies were served, with Alchemy’s usual aesthetic and culinary flair. was a good turnout of people, and EJ made a number of sales in the time I was there (including a print that I bought on the spot and another I ordered in a custom size…). Not surprising, given the beauty and uniqueness of her work. illustrious visitors:

Go down and check out the art! Maybe you’ll find just the right painting, photo or print to give to a family member or friend for Christmas.

Fr. Matthew Green

View from my Studio? Can’t be, Could it?


View from my Studio? Can’t be, Could it?


YES! Thank You EJ!



The Gloucester Daily Times Cover’s Well Traveled Letter that EJ Broke The Story On Today


Chickity Check It-

This piece of mail gets through – 65 years later

By Francis X. Quinn Staff Writer

History buffs in Gloucester have turned up a decades-old mystery involving the U.S Postal Service.

As amateur sleuth E.J. Lefavour posted on the GoodMorningGloucester blog over the weekend, a correspondent named H. Grimsland of Chicago mailed a First Day of Issue Roosevelt Memorial envelope and 1-cent stamps to Mrs. S.E. Lawrence of 123 Leonard St. in Gloucester on July 26, 1945.

That may not seem too remarkable — but the envelope only arrived in Annisquam last week, more than 65 years later, according to Lefavour.

For the rest of the story click the highlighted text to see it on the Gloucester Daily Times website